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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, now is time for a second try. I'm sprite artist and I can draw faces on my base. And I can draw it for RPG Maker faceset type. Original size - 48x48 VX / VX Ace size - 96x96 MV size - 144x144 Now I made that bases: And I can draw your ponies (from show or your OC): About emotions: You can choose eye state: and mouth state: And you can combine it Eye types: And for finale I'll show you completed faces:
  2. Hi, please help. I am looking for a Princess Celestia and a pony guard of hers' pony sprites that are available for RPG Maker VX (the normal version.) Does anyone have sprites that I can use to make a game on? I know I am asking for a lot of requests lately but this one is urgent as I only have found Princess Luna so far. Update 07/01/15: Got RPG Maker VX! Now I'm gonna have some fun! If any administrator would like to close this topic, please do.
  3. I have a few ideas for fan-games involving MLP FIM, but I need some assistance. At the moment, the main assistance I need is tutorials for the RPG Maker VX program, and figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask around here and see if anyone here has either any experience (and might be able to help me learn how to use it) or if anyone can point me to a tutorial that will help me learn (preferably one that helps walk you thru creating a short generic rpg) Once I figure out how to actually use the program, the only think I'd probably need help with would be sprites for all the overworld ponies, and probably vectors for cutscenes, character mugshots, and enemies. to share a few of the ideas I have; Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders: This game would focus on the CMC, with occasional bits from some of the other canon foals and some oc foals. It'd be a short game, likely ending with them either A)getting their cutie marks, or B)Going on an actual real adventure to help save Equestria The Misadventures of The Great and Powerful Trixie: This would game would, obviously, focus on Trixie as she gets swept up in an grand adventure that ranges from finding a foals lost doll to stopping a cult from releasing Discord to preventing a war with the neighboring Griffon Kingdom. and my last idea I have at the moment Return of Discord: Starring the Mane Six (with most play being done as Twilight Sparkle) It starts out like most episodes with Twilight helping her friends and trying to learn more about the magic of friendship. But then, while helping the Apple Family with some of their chores (big mac hurt himself...again) AJ and Twilight hear Apple Bloom and the other crusaders shrieking. The three foals were helping out by making blueberry jelly, when all of a sudden the jelly turned into slime monsters and started chasing them! This event is followed by several others, with seemingly no source for their cause. But after solving some of the strange occurances, things go back to normal for a month...and then all tartarus breaks loose as a wave of chaos erupts across Equestria. This time, its clear whose behind things, for his signature cotton candy clouds raining chocolate milk leave no doubt in their minds. Discord is back. Rushing off to Canterlot, they find it horribly twisted, the palace transformed into a fortress of chaos. Inside, they find Celestia and Luna trapped in a cage, their forms reverted to their days as filly's. Discord informs them that this time, he's come prepared, and that if they want to stop him, they'll have to go retrieve the Elements of Harmony from his own six element wielders, who carry the Elements of Disharmony. This would be the second half of the game, where they must venture forth to find and defeat their opposite elements, retake the EoH, and stop Discord. Anywhosit, I appreciate any advise or assistance anyone is willing to lend me. I'd really like to be able to pull at least one of these off!