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Found 10 results

  1. According to Latin America's voice of Fluttershy (mainly) and voice director in that region: Maggie Vera, tweeted her astonishment in working on an in universe fan convention. Is a convention of an in unviverse fictional work, or it's a mane6 convention? One thing for is sure: they'll make jokes at our expense (let's face it, we give them tons of ammo for such things anyway ) "I can;t believe it! In one ep, they are going to a convention!!! And there are pony-fans!! They talk about their cosplays jajaja this is incredible" -Above twitter translation It wouldn't be first time we get jokes at our expense in MLP, but this would be the most blatant if this turns out true . Remember an ICarly episode with the same premise ? Name of a new character by the same source
  2. There are some rumors about the 2017 movie that it will contain another Draconequus named 'Longma'. According to some anons it is very likely to be Discord's mother. This is of course based on the leaked Emails and it could be already discarded but who knows? Thoughts?
  3. Saw this on reddit. Really hope like hell it isn't true. If it is, there are spoilers in it for season 3 so keep that in mind if you intend to read further:
  4. So today when I was surfing through the Internet and visiting the Equestria Daily website at the same time. And I found an article on SDCC 2015. Well, according to some user named: The_Pointillist and said that DHX Media might end G4 after the movie in 2017 before moving onto Generation 5 or spin-offs follow from there. It looks like we might get some news on the 2017 movie, Late Season 5 or Season 6 and of course the new Friendship Games movie in the Equestria Girls trilogy. BUT...I don't want G4 to end, I want G4 to live on forever and ever. I mean why not split G4 into G4.1 or G4.2 for example and use the same art style like they did it in the show and the Equestria Girls movies too. Plus I'm hoping they would announce the future of MLP:FiM...I'm hoping that they could announce a CMC spinoff series, BUT this could be awesome! If they do that, I might be a showrunner and end up working with Jim Miller and Jayson Thiessen at DHX Media Vancouver, that would be 200% super cool. THE POINT IS: Why not DHX expand its staff? That would a great idea, that way: DHX can let one group on MLP, another on EG as well as the upcoming 2017 movie and the would-be CMC spin-off series (set in the same time, I meant present time as blank flanks though) G4.0 = Main series and movie G4.1 = Equestria Girls G4.2 = CMC spin-off series (MAYBE) So our Educated Guesses from The_Pointillist at SDCC 2015 might happen or NOT happen: --Hype for Late Season 5 Episodes. Hints of an "Everything Changes" Scenario moving into Season 6. --First official announcements concerning the 2017 movie, and whether or not there was any truth to the leaked Sony emails. --Then a little bit of "slipped" begrudging commentary concerning Season 6. The goal will be to have everything but the animation for it done by the end of Season 5 so that there's a minimal hiatus. Minimal meaning "not none, but not years and years worth of it either". --Some animation for Season 6 will be done before the end of Season 5, lending more support than usual to a "2 to 3 week hiatus/cliff-hanger" scenario. --DHX will actually say FiM/Gen 4 ends with the 2017 movie, and that Gen 5 and/or spinoffs follow from there. (We'll have to wait and see then) --A more casual, up-rated take on FiM appears on a new network, that isn't on Discovery Family. Link to article on the SDDC 2015 MLP panel:
  5. So I've been hearing some season 4 rumors lately. Also, I keep hearing that they might change the intro since Twilight has wings, and before I forget, Hasbro is going to take our beloved Derpy off completely, taking her off the merch as well. Is all this true?
  6. According to Kotaku two new sources have added credence to the rumors, with one stating that the console will only allow players three minutes offline before it quits the game. Also, courtesy from NeoGAF: Make that what you will but the Bane .gif below pretty much made my day!
  7. I have heard rumors that David Tennant was going to be having a speaking role in a future episode of MLP:FiM as Doctor Whooves. Is this true, or is it just a rumor? I know I would literally lose all semblance of self control if I found out it were true. And on a similar topic, which famous actor/actress would you like to see make a guest appearance on the show?
  8. Yes, I can't post the images right now since I am on my iPhone, but they are mind blowing! Keep in mind they are rumored/leaked and could be fakes until confirmed by the Hub, the studio, or Hasbro. Anyway, the images include a landscape of the Crystal City, two shots of a rundown abandoned Carousel Boutique, a shot of a dead Sweet Apple Acres, and a turn around series of images, of none other than The Great and Powerful Trixie! Wearing some weird necklace too! I don't know but this looks seriously intense and awesome for a little girls show, and can't wait to see if these are legitimate and what they have in store for season 3. So, what do you guys/girls think? Check them out on EqD for yourself!
  9. Take a close look at Scootaloo on the sign in this video. It looks to me like she's flying! And for those of you that have issues with Youtube, have a screen cap!
  10. Ok ponies, gather round. I heard a rumor recently. That in the finale....of Season 2.....of My little pony.....friendship is magic....that.......