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Found 7 results

  1. So it looks like the map of Equestria has been updated again to include places they'll presumably explore in the MLP movie. I have to wonder though. WIll we see these places in S8 too? For that matter, what about all of the unexplored locations that were already on the map? Will we finally see them in S7 and beyond?
  2. So, do you think the finale for this season will air before the movie comes out, or do you think it'll end up being pushed back past the movie's air date?
  3. So, here's a question: with the Guardians of harmony toys being a big part of the christmas toyline for this year, and apparently selling pretty well, do you think Hasbro will ask the writers to put more adventure/action episodes into the show to tie into/promote the more action focuses toys they'll presumably be selling from now on?
  4. So, not much new info, but it says "mane six". As to whether or not that means less starlight glimmer is hazy, as this IS corporate Hasbro talking, and this is more or less just buzzword jargon, so "mane six" could be misleading. Not much more from the meeting besides Non-FIM seasonal stuff, though it does confirm we will be getting it in the spring like we already knew. "Most exciting season yet" is pretty vague and just them building it up, so who knows what in store? Sadly, not much info from the quarterly report about FIM
  5. So, lets get some theorizing and discussion here: How much starlight glimmer do you think we'll get in S7 after the S6 finale and S6? Do you expect her to be made an official mane seventh, be a secondary character, supporting character, minor character, shunted off into oblivion, ect?