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Found 7 results

  1. How did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself to save Twilight from turning into a statue? All things that happened was unexpected for me. First Princess Cadance, then Princess Celestia Princess and Luna and finally Twilig-nope Derpy with her horn hat. She sure fooled Grubber though. I felt both honored and sad when Derpy was the one that turned into a statue. At the same time, I was also in quite a shock and had chills all over my body when that quick chaos happened. I knew if Discord was here (not the balloon version that Pinkie Pie made), he would snap all the villains but what Derpy did, was amazing. Finally, MLP movie gave a very special role to Derpy, although she is not from mane 6. I, myself do not love Derpy the most but I was too emotional on that part. Also, I was sad when we only see cutie mark crusaders only in one scene with no dialogue. Fluttershy's dialogues were so few too and she was my favorite out of mane six. Afterall, I loved the movie, it was more than I expected and it was sure surprising and amazing. So, how did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself?
  2. Would you offer a sacrifice to become a pony? You meet Princess Celestia (a somewhat evil version of her) Who basically tell you to: "You must kill an innocent human being of my choosing. Said human, never done harm to anyone, but you must offer him or her as a sacrifice to me. Only then, will you prove your loyalty to me and Equestria. Once done, I shall turn you into a pony with my magic." If you refuse to do it she just teleports away.
  3. Cheerful topic is cheerful. Somewhat tapping into the forum's seeming preoccupation with death: Would you give your life for the "good" of the fandom? "Good" is in quotes because one pony's good deed is another pony's, "I didn't want to cross the street in the first place!" And then you get hit by a purse? saddlebag. I look forward to whatever answers you could possibly have to this question. Please keep in mind that this is entirely hypothetical.
  4. If you were given an option for a guaranteed world-peace, end to plagues, poverty, war and famine, a true utopia - at the cost of your life.. would you take it? As a situation would have it, you have it on absolute certain to happen immediately - a perfect world - only you cease being a part of it. What would you do?
  5. So here is the scenario. Your pet/family member/significant other is in mortal peril, but you can only save them by doing one thing. You must kill Fluttershy. With an ice pick. (edit: granting if she was real) What do you do?
  6. This is my first story ever, aside from a few D&D background stories. I want it to be an organic process. The story will grow and mature as I do. I don't know where the story will be headed. It is an adventure for me, as much as it will be for you. Chapter One Prologue They came from the starry night skies. A village burning. Panic. A small girl sat on the streets amidst the fires. A tear flowed down her cheek. Her mother had perished, just like her spirit. A tall, dark figure was approaching and she clung to the doll in her left hand. It was a doll made by her mother when she was still a baby. She had cherished the lifeless object as if it was her little sister. "Everything is going to be alright, Sora," she whispered. The tall figure now stood right in front of her. She closed her eyes. It seemed time in the valley stood still for just a moment. It was in that very moment that the five year old girl accepted the fate that stood before her. She could hear the roaring noise of the blazes surrounding her. A swift sound reached her ears, before everything went silent. The doll fell on the cold stone ground. Far to the east, a Samurai wakes up from a nightmare.
  7. This is a pretty morbid question but if you were in Equestria and the Mane 6 were going to die but you could save them by trading your life for theirs would you? My personal answer would be yes but I'd like to know yours.