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Found 40 results

  1. Emotional turmoil and sensitiveness can make a person cry easily. Add in snowballing effects of problems, and you have a very volatile combination. Some people handle it better than others, holding back the tears, but others just release their emotions right away. Just now I cried for about a minute until I stopped. Over the past view weeks I've been building up some negative feelings about myself and my life, and finally let it all out. The actually crying wasn't strong, as tears just fell out of my eyes, but the sobs were rather loud... that and the Celtics losing to Miami (an emotional loss, mind you - but we won't get into that), and the fact that my mom yelled at me (we won't get into details), and later sympathized with me let me release the proverbial gates. Rarely do I ever cry, but I do feel emotions and sadness more than the average person. The past three years have been rather emotional for me and my friends, so there's that too. The last time I cried was late March where my mom and I got into a fight, and I ended up saying some stupid things. Realizing the error of my ways, I let my emotions go, to which my mom sympathized. Anything before that? Early April of 2010. Life was getting sort of tough for me, and I let it all out after being accused of hanging around somewhere after school (my mom saw me exiting the school a different direction, so she thought I was doing some bad things). That year in particular looked like it was spiralling out of control, but I ended up discovering what friendship meant a month later. So yes, that's some of my stuff for you. Post yours.
  2. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  3. What are the songs from the show (anything MLP related really: the show, movie, etc) that made you ponies rather sad and/or cry? Doesn't really have to be a sad song either, the Smile Song that Pinkie Pie sings in season 2 seriously gets me near the end, like I'm talking having to use a tissue box levels of tearing up x3 Also I think I speak for almost everyone that has actually watched the finale...
  4. Hi everypony ! So recently I've noticed that I'm not the kind of person that opens up about his feelings, even to my closer friends I basically hide them ! I personally keep all of my feelings, problems and insecurities inside of me till It becomes too much to handle and really hurts me... So my question is, are you guys open about your feelings/problems to your surroundings? Tell us all ! Brohoof /) [PS: Not seeking any advices or anything !]
  5. We've all had those times. When we feel at the end of our rope, bottom of our hole, out of hope. We all have different ways of dealing with the sadness that finds its way into our hearts, minds, and souls. What are your ways of dealing with the blues? Watching T.V? Listening to music? Laying in bed while staring at the ceiling?
  6. How old are were you when your first memory/memories took place. Thinking back to those moments, what do they evoke in you now.
  7. Thilipsophile (a word created by me) is a short word for those people who likes to be sad purposefully. In other words they find sadness more pleasurable. I sometimes really love to be sad. When there is no reason I tend to read tragic fictions to feel sad. (I know I'm wierd) So I was wondering if there is anypony else on forums has experience something like that in his/her daily life.
  8. Just to put this into a bit of context, when I came out as transgender, my mom didn't want to have anything to do with me. I still try to contact her and talk to her but she won't let me. When she turned her back on me, I felt like I wasn't deserving of my indigenous heritage, so for a long time(and sometimes still) whenever I so much as think about going to a pow-wow or learning the culture/language of my people more, I feel like I'm not worthy of those things. Like those things don't belong to me anymore, like I'm a separate entity from those things, I'm not supposed to be a part of them anymore. Now I know I shouldn't feel that way, what my mom did to me was separate and not even related. I can still and should still pursue what I want to or take up learning Ojibway language because I want to or take a moment and appreciate the music that my culture creates because I like it. Part of me still feels hurt when I do those things though and that's what stops me from doing those things. Anyways, I just wanted to get this out there... I'm part of a mental health group that likes to make lunch when we get together, the woman that is leading the group figured we should all bring in recipes to make and a girl in the group is also from the same reservation as my family is(I'm guessing that she's actually a distant cousin because she was talking about her family today once I'm thinking about it) and she brought in a recipe for how her family makes indian tacos, which is pretty much like a taco except you make fry bread and lay all of your delicious ingredients on top of it it's pretty good and there's many ways to make it! It all made me feel sad because I still feel like what happened between my mom is unresolved but at the same time it reminded me about all the things we did with fry bread. Whether it be driving around the rez during the summer, going to people's indian taco sales and driving to the graveyard to have them with my grandparents or to one of the parks and just watch the river or the ferry. Or watching my mom make the fry bread recipe that's been in the family since her great grandmother, like the times she would add garlic to the recipe and the whole house would smell of garlic. From my understanding, making fry bread could be a very tiny form of resistance. Allow me to explain. From what I've been told, fry bread hasn't always been a "traditional" recipe. It comes from the time when indigenous folks were forced onto reserves and the government were trying to beat the native out of the indigenous by controlling what they eat. The indigenous were limited in what they received: flour, lard, powered milk, you know, very basic things. The government were trying to starve the indigenous people so they began to make fry bread as an "F U" to the government and they were too stubborn to die of starvation. It made me sad thinking about all that while making my own indian taco but thankfully, the lady leading the group knew that I felt that way and was there to let me ramble on about my emotions at the time, it was helpful for me. I probably looked and sounded like a mess but I got through it. Unfortunately, my mom never shared her recipe for fry bread with me but now that I have a different fry bread recipe to use, maybe things aren't so bad. Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me that I need to move on with my life, my mom is her own person, whether I agree with what she does or not that's her decision to make. A part of me wants her to be a part of my life but if she feels I'm not up to par with what she expects of me, it's better that she isn't here for me. Maybe it's better that way, maybe it's better that we're apart so that I can finally be the person that I want to be, be someone that I can wake up knowing is doing the right thing for his own future. So yeah, my rant on fry bread, there you go...
  9. Her eye is literally peeling off. I don't know what happened. Has this ever happened to you and how can I stop AJs eye from peeling off!! P.S. It is a Funrise 20 inch plush.
  10. "Hurry up and get your Jumpsuit on!" The Guard yelled as Twilight hastily buttoned up her prison issued orange jumpsuit. She then looked at herself in the mirror, and her heart sank as she saw herself wearing what was basically a badge of shame. Her tacky garment felt snug but made it a little difficult to move her limbs. The fabric was also stiff and not very flexible. It felt as though her body was imprisoned and restrained. Next, she was taken to what was the booking room where she had her hoof prints and mugshot taken. When she looked at her rapsheet, it reminded her that she was no longer Princess Celestia's Star Pupil and was now a lowly criminal. At that point, she began to tear up and started sobbing, but the guard's expression remained unchanged. "This way prisoner." He ordered her in a deep authoritarian voice. The moment he referred to her as prisoner and not ma'am or miss, Twilight's heart became heavy with sadness and guilt. The thought of being called Prisoner was unbearable to her, but she would have to accept that's what she now was, and would be living like that for the next two years. The guard led twilight down a dimly lit corridor with rows of steel doors on both sides. Finally, they came to a door on the left. The guard inserted one of his keys into the keyhole and with a loud click and thud, he opened the steel door. "Get in", He ordered Twilight. She did as she was told, and entered a damp, dark cell with a weathered cot on the right with a a toilet on the left with no sink, and it cold despite it being in the middle of spring. "Welcome to your new home little girl." the guard taunted before slaming the door shut and locking it. When the door closed all of the light suddenly disappeared, and with it all of Twilight's hopes and aspirations as well as her old life. She collapsed on her cot and began to sob and cry. Tears poured across her face, sadness took complete control of her heart and mind. She had been betrayed and abandoned by her former teacher who had condemned her to this dark pit of despair. She missed Applejack and her delicious apples. Rainbow dash with her talk of how she was going to be the best flyer. Rarity and her beautiful dresses. Fluttershy and her cute cuddly animals. Pinkie Pie and her fun parties. But above all, she missed spike, the baby dragon she had raised since he was an egg and considered her little brother. She would never see any of them again until she was released, which seemed like centuries, rather than two years.
  11. This is a drawing of my oc, Amethyst Pages, in one of the rooms of Twilight's castle. Basically, she was a human that was turned into a pony and became one of Twilight's student's, but she can't remember anything about her life as a human or her transformation.
  12. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  13. An unrefined version of my Vinyl Scratch piece after I decided to try something new. It may or may not end up on my Deviantart. If your interested, you can find a preview of the new style I'm trying at the bottom of this post. Click to enlarge Preview of the new style.
  14. So.. I see around the internet that a lot (I mean a LOT) of people don't like balloon boy! Now I'm not so sure where this goes or rather but.. Here's a sneak peek of my drawing.
  15. Since it seems I have lost a truly special friend today as of stupid actions, here is my emotional piece to accompany it. I honestly do not feel well or right at all, and hope that this serves as a reminder to me as how not be towards a friend, even in rage. My OC crying in pain.
  16. I drew this in response to how one of my recent mornings began. Funny how emotion can inspire things like this to occur. I'm fine now. I just needed time to calm down and realize I can always move on. Life is both up and down. You must learn to live with them both, and find balance.
  17. Hey everypony, just wanna tell that from this point on l am not going to be logging onto MLPForums again, l'll miss you all, but l don't feel like thisis a comfortable place for me anymore, sorry. l wish all of you ponies the best and will be with you in thought. You were all very awesome, take care!
  18. All right, I'm in that mood of rambling about stuff again, so here we go. You might have realized from my more recent posts that I have come to some realization that I may have a slight inferiority complex. I try to not feel jealous of others who have done more successful things than me both on the forums and irl, but there is just something in the back of my head just asking, "What have I done that's so great?" When I see how people on here can easily make so many friends well it took me around 2 years to even make one. It's perplexing that I'm even relevant here at all anymore. I may seem nice and friendly on the inside, but on the outside I can actually be pretty angry and cynical. At school, people can inwardly piss me off to the point of anxiousness to get out of there. Online, some posts people make could get me angry to the point of feeling in the bad mood as the thought of it seethes through my brains for a few hours. And don't even get me started on when I play video games. I really do wish I didn't get like this. I'm trying to improve myself as a person, but they still come up every now and then. Leading to me writing a blog like this.
  19. So my boyfriend suggested I upload another blog today, so I might as well try to make this a daily thing. To have a way to write out my feelings and all -_- To pretty much give a rundown on my day, started out okay, I talked to my boyfriend and felt pretty happy, and now I'm feeling like crap all over again -_- Today it's the loneliness pretty much doubled. Since it's my mom's birthday I feel extra sad that I can't have her here with me. We never celebrated birthdays, and we never even said Happy Birthday to each other. I just told her I was happy to have her with me for another year...and unfortunately I can't do that this time around :( So today's gonna be pretty rough, with my family doing their own thing and me just hanging by myself on my laptop, I have no one to talk to or receive physical comfort from, something I really need right now But I'll keep going and try to remain strong as best as I can, and just like I always do, remember the good times I shared with my mom. At least she lived to be 44, if only she could have made it this far to be 45... Well anyways, that's my blog for today. Hopefully tonight will be easier, just gotta get through the next few rough hours
  20. Hey much as I try to maintain a positive attitude when I'm on here or elsewhere, I haven't been doing too well lately As much as I enjoy talking to friends here or on Skype, there's this overwhelming loneliness that takes hold of me alot. The thing is, while I appreciate and enjoy having people talk to me on Skype so I'll at least have someone to talk to...the physical loneliness that I feel is unbearable. My grandma gets mad that I ignore her and I don't talk to her alot, but how can I talk with my greatest enemy in life? I don't get along with her, most of the time when we do talk we're fighting. I can't live like this I miss the days when I went to school and I had my friends to hang out with and talk to, and then when I got home I could talk to my mom and tell her about my day and spend time with her When my mom got a job that kept her away from home for most of the day, during summer it was pretty difficult. As much as I enjoyed having freedom in our apartment, and being on my computer longer than usual, playing games and watching movies, I missed having her around. Even when we fought and I couldn't wait for her to leave, eventually I missed having her presence around. The thing is, me and my mom always managed to make up and be happy again no matter how many times we fought. No matter how severe she treated me at times, she still loved me and apologized. We could go back to our normal lives by the time night fell. I have that freedom I wished for alot back then, except now I can't wait for my mom to come home because she never will.... I'm the kind of person who can't hold a grudge. I can be extremely mad at you if you drive me to such a point which is pretty difficult, but then after a few hours or after I've listened to music or watched a video to calm myself down and think, I'm back to my cheerful self. Me and my mom were both like that and that's why we made up so easily. However I do that with my grandma here after we fight and just come up to her and ask what's for dinner, or say something else in a semi cheerful voice, and she just doesn't talk to me. She stays angrier for longer than I do and it's tough to live with that sort of person Since I can't get along with her and just live in peace, and I also don't get along with my cousins that much since they're always doing their own thing in their rooms, I feel this unbearable loneliness almost daily. Some days it's not too bad, but then there are days when I'm not absorbed in making something on my laptop, when I'm not talking to anyone and just trying to figure out what to do with my life when it gets worse. Heck, sometimes when I'm talking to friends on Skype or when I'm chatting with my boyfriend, I feel this loneliness that I just can't shake off. As much as I enjoy having friends here in this digital realm, it's not the same as having someone right beside you that you can talk to while you work. Someone to physically give you a hug when you need it. I love virtual hugs, but what I wouldn't give to have one of my mom's warm hugs again... Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and it's gonna be a pretty sad day for me for the most part. She would have been 45....and we would still be enjoying each other's company if her fight with cancer hadn't brought her to the brink :( So thank you to all of my friends who have stood by me and given me support when I need it. But if I'm still feeling sad after we've talked for awhile, please don't feel bad. It's not your fault, it's mine You guys have friends you can hang out with at school or after, I don't. I need physical interaction with people or I'm gonna go insane *sigh* That's all I have to say. Sorry if this was so long, I had alot to let out Thanks for reading...
  21. This is basically a thread of nothing but pure sadness. Post any stories, pictures, or copypastas of anything related to sad MLP. NOTES: -No My Little Dashie -No "You will never" crap -Play the saddest song you can find -Think of this show ending -Find the most feelful content related to the show!
  22. Ohaidere! So basically to play this game is to rate the profile picture of the user above you in sadness! Its on a 1-10 scale! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO May the saddest picture win! NEXT POSTER STARTZ! Oh man im such a klutz!
  23. Today has been a very unusual day. I guess I have no one to blame but myself but I came home from a long day of work and the first thing I did was search for literary agents and research The Matrix film series. Those two are not a good combination. Destiny has always been important to me, because believing my life has an ultimate goal keeps me going. But, there has been very little in my life that suggests I have a destiny I was meant to fulfill. I want to make it as a fiction writer, but the business does not seem to agree with my train of thought. But more to the point, breaking into the business itself is a very difficult process and I've been thinking for a while that all my works are trash. I'm not just saying that either. My books sometimes feel disjointed because I'm good at making stuff up as I go, but that doesn't mean I always get it right. Other people giving me feedback and don't seem to realize these mistakes like I do. I feel right now like life has lost its meaning and I shouldn't care what's right for me or not; but maybe I'm just tired. Somewhere down the road I hope somebody can teach me what I need to do more of or what I need to do less of. I don't know why I perceiver, but maybe I was visited once by my future self who convinced me I would make it and then disappeared. Writing is very rewarding, but trying to impress someone when there is nobody to impress makes no sense. This has been an existential-moment-of-the-day-moment. I guess it's not exciting to read about, but that is what this blog is all about.
  24. Now I love 'Filli Vanilli' as an episode by itself, I had no problems with Pinkie's characterization or anything, but my enjoyment of the episode has recently diminished. I was watching the review of Mr. Enter's (who I recommend you go check out) and he was very angry at how Pinkie was portrayed. I was going to leave a comment on how I respectfully disagreed, but then I read the comment section (bad idea in hindsight, it is YouTube after all). I was disgusted with the comments telling Mr. Enter and Amy Keating Rogers to "fuck off" and in at least one case "to kill themselves." I'm not sure why, but something in me snapped, not in a "I'm pissed off now" kind of way, more like a "I don't want this to happen ever again" depressed kind of way. Just the raw anger in the video, in the comments, on tumblr were too much for me. I didn't realize at the time, but after watching Mr. CobaltSky's commentary I realized that I can't rewatch the episode without getting depressed at how many people were angry to the point of ridiculing others, insulting others, and even telling them to kill themselves. I really don't want the writers to write Pinkie this way again, solely because of this. I know that was a wall of text, and I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but I'm fairly certain it has. I just needed to get this off my chest and I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience before that just makes you stop and question why? Why do people get that worked up? I completely understand emotional attachments to fictional characters (hell I'm getting really attached to Holo and Lawrence from "Spice and Wolf" as I am watching it for the first time), but why wish death upon another over it? This happened with 'Equestria Girls' too, but this time it REALLY got to me.