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Found 6 results

  1. It is summer again. That time of the year where we eat ice cream, go swimming, go camping...or we just waste it by playing video games on our PCs and Laptops. So, does anybody have any plans on what they will get? I don't have planned much, just wanting more pinball machines for Pinball Arcade and also planning to buy Turok 2, one of my favorite FPS's. "Eventhough I walk through the valley of the overpriced games, I don't fear for my wallet, for You are with me; Your Sales and Your generosity, they comfort me." - Gaben 23:4
  2. Okay, i just overheard the hasbro investor meeting that just happend about an hour ago. I will give a quick summary of the pony stuff that was happening and talked about. Not much to say, everything is going fine, Pony declined slightly due to Hasbro transitioning their products, EqG dolls declined but was offset by EqG minis that sold well. Boulder Studio means a focus on internally produced, high quality animation for Hasbro animated series. Pony movie is coming out in October 2017 (we already knew that). It was an investor conference call, can't expect much beyond finding out the current financial state of pony and EqG really. Whatever you have to say, say it down below.
  3. So, it looks like MLP as a brand has experienced A drop in sales in the third quarter, according to the last investor meeting. Ponies themselves (FIM) still showed some growth but Equestria girls dragged the franchise down due to negative sales, making the brand itself less profitable. (though they blamed that on them using a Single movie a year format instead of an ongoing series) What are your thoughts on this? Think it bodes poorly for the series, is just a hiccup, is meaningless, ect?
  4. The one other video game sale besides the great time when Lord Gaban visits us with many great sales and gifts for us to enjoy, from probably one of my favorite video game companies around CD Projekt Red, most noted for the Witcher series and their DRM free policies and GOG website is having their summer sale right now. I just bought the following: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, Total Annihilation Commander Pack, Red Faction ll, FTL Advanced Edition, and Oddworld Abe's Exodus. Hurry and go on to the following link as you can enjoy some absolute classic video games that were tested to work with windows 7 and solutions for others and even some modern video games that are DRM free! Add Tales of Monkey Island pack, a 35 dollar deal for 3.50 for me
  5. Okay, I had a post that i'd be typing carefully for the past 20 minutes trying not to leave myself open for attack and then Google Chrome stopped responding and i lost it all. I have neither the patience or motivation to re-type it so i'll sum it up below in the fastest, least defensive way possible so excuse the mess. Do you honestly believe the decision to transform Twilight into an Alicorn was driven by the thirst for increased Toy Sales? It's complete rubbish in my opinion and is the result of Anti-Twilicorn enthusiasts trying to bash poor old Twilicron and Hasbro into the ground with anything they can get their hands on. Has Hasbro even release Twilicorn toys yet? I've not been able to find a single Twilight Alicorn toy on the Official Hasbro MLP toy site. Wouldn't they have toys everywhere if it that's what it was all about? What evidence do people have to even say this in the first place other than that "Hasbro always does this". I don't hate people who are Anti-Twilicorn but i can't stand it when they, and i know it's not all of them, are making up things like this. Particularly just to throw Hasbro under the bus. Thank Hasbro for being so money hungry otherwise they might not have wanted to produce FIM in the first place. LOVER HER
  6. It's something that's really galled me the last five or so years. I don't mean to say commercials were all so great when I was a kid. They had a lot of annoying ones then, too. But it seems so much worse now. They all seem really condescending and snarky, like they're trying way too hard to be funny and link their products to a lifestyle I don't identify with. I'll give you a few examples. I don't watch a lot of current television; I've never seen Lost, 24, Jersey Shore, Revolution or other popular shows. But I do watch football and I see a lot of commercials for DirecTV, Geico, and NFL merchandise. So I'll stick to those. DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that competes with cable, Geico is an insurance company. They both have a bunch of gimmicks they put in their commercials (Geico has the lizard, caveman, and like a dozen more), and everyone else seems to think they're hilarious. News flash...they're not. http-~~-// This stuff is just lame. It generates no interest in the product and it's wearing out the "mute" button on my remote. Never--not once--has one of these ads made me want to buy satellite TV service or a new insurance policy, and I don't see how such hollow gimmicks could possibly work on anyone else. But I'm a tad more cynical than the average person, and since I was a kid I have seen commercials for the calculated money grabs they always are. It just seems that in recent years, their calculation has been poor. They can't just come out and say what's good about their product anymore, they have to make every ad into a bad comedy sketch...and since the 90's, there's been way too much bad comedy in this world already. So I'm not really wowed by this kind of approach, but it seems to be more popular than ever. Anypony else think this style is getting old?