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Found 19 results

  1. To satirize of "Evil Empire" Nation X's propaganda (e.g. "we have become what you fear"), Nation Y adopts a pink pony (one of hundreds of modern icons symbolizing Nation X's enemies) as its national emblem, using it in counter-propaganda to represent "themselves" against Nation X's "evil army". After Nation Y wins the war by defending itself, Hasbro sets up its business in Nation Y's capital. The whole nation celebrated to thank Hasbro for that same pink pony, now being used as a national icon in Nation Y*. They have even saved thousands of dollars just to pay Hasbro, in case if Hasbro will ever sue (and bankrupt) the national economy. What will Hasbro do? * Sue the government. * Accept its culture, and even promote various products (not just MLP, but everything else) under Nation Y's native culture(s). * P. S. Nation Y did not become "effeminate", nor did it submit to "Bronyism", after adopting the toy; it was shortly abandoned after much controversy, and reverted to the classic "three soldiers". But this particular incident haunted the nation's popular culture, to even mock the government itself! C'mon, everypony, I need some help!
  2. DDLC is an American-made "anime" dating sim (where anon guy tries to romance cartoon girls), but it's also one of the better ones I've played. The writing is really funny and clever, somewhat MLP-like. In fact, even though there's only four girls, they remind me alot of the Mane Six. The game drags at first, but it gets pretty story heavy later on. Also, there are major spoilers floating around online so it's best to play it flying blind to get the full effect. Even if you're not into anime or dating sims, it's still pretty funny, downright hysterical at times. Also, if you're worried about inappropriate content, it's pretty PG-13. No sex/nudity, etc. You can actually download it for free but I'm not gonna post the link here cause reasons. Minor spoilers below:
  3. "Idiocracy" is a science fiction movie set in a commercialised world where most people have become very unintelligent to an amusing and catastrophic extent. It involves two or three people trying to survive in that kind of world and its dirty, broken society. Due to the future society's ridiculous behaviours, I really enjoyed this movie very much. What about you -- what do you think of that movie?
  4. Ganondox

    Deleted Topic

    So recently I made a satirical thread about Stellar Eclipse in response to what I found to toxic attitudes which are apparently somewhat widespread and popular in this forum (and others) regarding disability (as well as LGBT) headcanons. After all, satire is powerful means to make a point, especially after I found a direct approach failed. The topic got deleted only a couple minutes after posting, though it explicitly no rules, probably either being seen as trolling or as a low quality post (which I think its the most likely because it got deleted without notice). Now, if it was taken at face value, the topic would have *extremely* offensive, but it was satire. There is also a fine but very real line between satire and trolling. Regarding the quality, the topic name was intentionally low quality, but the contents were of significant quality to get a bro-hoof in it's short life span. So I agree the topic may very well have been in appropriate for the board/forum. If so, were would be the appropriate place for such content? It does have value. Second, there are technical aspects of deleted topics which are annoying. First, the topic remains in the recently commented on topics list on the main page, even though it is inaccessible. Second, the deleted page says "You do not have permission to view this topic." I realize this is a technical aspect of how deleted threads are dealt with on an administrative level and it's because I'm not part of the correct userspace, but it comes across as rather silly because I created the topic, I should have permission to access it's contents. It would also be nice to be able to access it's contents so I could copy it to a more appropriate location like a blog or something.
  5. Since I got a lot of posative feed back the last time I posted here, I will post my new video here.
  6. I made a commentary reaction video. I've never posted any of my videos here before, but it's worth a shot
  7. This is a video I co-wrote (and co-star for one section) with my friend GeekySteven. It's a mixture between being a parody of the famous Krusty Krab Training Video from Spongebob as well as being somewhat of a satire on the Bronalysis Community (people who review/analyze MLP). We look over the basics of what it takes to become a part of the bronalysis community and poke fun at it while doing it. We spent a good chunk of time working on this, so I hope you guys enjoy! Please, let me know what you guys think!
  8. Without any prior experience on how to write a list of episodes that look like actual episodes, I made up a list of My Little Pony episodes for Season 6? As you may be able to tell, I'm not good at this. Are there any episodes that look like they would work in the show? I know none of these will ever exist. I just wrote a fake list for the hay of it. I know season 5 isn't over, but I know what the rest of the episodes will be. If you hope it's fake, it is. I won't pretend to work for them. (It would be nice, but that would never happen.) 1. Breakout: Part 1: The monsters of Tartarus break out, and it's up to the Mane Six to stop them. 2. Breakout: Part 2: The Mane Six have to get all the monsters back to Tartarus without using the Magic of Friendship. 3. Sparks of Interest: Twilight tries to find a new hobby to occupy herself when there are no new books to read. 4. A Markless Wall: The Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to help a stubborn colt gain his cutie mark. 5. Cheaters and Liars: The map sends Applejack and Rainbow Dash to Fillydelphia to make sure the Hoofball teams play fairly. 6. The Search For Aid: Fluttershy searches for somepony who would understand how to care for an ill jackalope. 7. Family Feud: Sweetie Belle struggles as she tries to stop her parents from fighting the day before her birthday. 8. The Brand New Dragon: Spike takes on a new identity hoping that Twilight would care about him more. 9. Unbreakable Bond: Scootaloo has a nightmare that Rainbow Dash leaves her, so she does whatever she can to stop it from coming true. 10. Paradise: The map sends Pinkie Pie and Rarity to Pony Paradise, but they discover that it's anything but a paradise. 11. The Dark Morning: When Princess Celestia no longer feels like raising the sun, Pinkie Pie helps her in any way she can. 12. Doctor Fluttershy: Fluttershy bites off more than she can chew when she tries to resolve issues that her animal friends have. 13. The Raging Storm: Rainbow Dash's impatience causes weather problems throughout Ponyville. 14. The Handy Draconequus: Discord tries to take care of everything in Ponyville to prove that he can be responsible. 15. Country Mare: Applejack tries to do whatever she can to prove that she's not just a stereotype. 16. Princess Lousy: Twilight feels that she’s a terrible princess, and Rarity does what she can to prove otherwise. 17. Temptations: Spike faces constant temptation when Twilight Sparkle puts him on a strict diet. 18. Strong as Diamonds: Diamond Tiara finds herself in hot water when she tries to do favors for every filly and colt. 19. Fashion Biz: Rarity refuses to raise the price of her dresses as fabric prices increase causing her to lose a lot of money. 20. Ponyville Cheers: Pinkie Pie ignores her own happiness to make sure that everyone else is happy. 21. Deep Isolation: Twilight Sparkle locks herself away when she believes that she's sick after reading a medical book. 22. Such a Foal: Princess Cadance finds out the hard way that raising her own foal was different than foalsitting. 23. Early Bloom: Apple Bloom stops hanging out with her friends and starts trying to act like an adult. 24. Derbyshy: Fluttershy makes up excuses instead of telling her friends that she doesn't want to go to a roller derby. 25. Memories of Friendship: Part 1: The Mane Six lose a lot of their memories after one of Twilight Sparkle's spells go wrong. 26. Memories of Friendship: Part 2: Ponies who the Mane Six helped in the past return the favors by reminding them of their past. The names are probably the worst. I suck at coming up with names. That's another reason why I don't want children. (I have other reasons.)
  9. Sometimes, the fandom itself is a faulty one, faulty enough to become its own barrel of laughs and even a show of its own, if possible. From clumsy, cringeworthy bronies to drama and overreactions over pointless things (such as Equestria Girls and how certain toys appear), such episodes can be entertaining to watch. And there are also some bronies who will immediately attempt to defend the show if anyone dares criticize, troll, or mock it, and they would even launch attacks against such people who are responsible. These very "defenders" would end up bringing in even more attackers instead in the process, and some of their fellow fans to leave the fandom (invoking more of their wasterful wrath). So, in light of all this, do you honestly think that it is alright to enjoy mocking the fandom and the show, or do you think the furious "defenders" are right, in that any form of mockery or criticism against both is downright wrong?
  10. These videos, which mock a community of rabid gamers and gaming clans, tend to have a lot of flashy colours, repeated usage of memes, "smoke weed everyday", and screaming: What do you think of them?
  11. "Subnormality" is a Canadian webcomic revolving around weird phenomena, supposedly to make fun of the current trends that many of us have been facing Some of its recurring plots include: the adventures of a man-eating Sphynx, her odd friendship with a pink/brown-haired girl, time-travelling Nazis, and many deconstructions of various tropes. (Careful with the looong lines of text, though.) Whatcha think of this masterpiece?
  12. Sometimes I like to make fun of: the Quenya Elves' obsession with stars, the Rinnarits (in my sci-fi works) and their penchant for irony and hatred of cliches, and the Imperium of Man's over-reaction to HERESY. What do you think of it: making fun of fictional cultures, of cultures that have never existed? Is it wrong, or is it just OK?
  13. I used to positively associate horses with the past or warfare. Nowadays, after MLP:FiM, I tend to make fun of horses and ponies, depicting them as disgusting or ridiculous. This is especially after I watched various GMod videos, and were influenced by those ideas. Here's an example of these influences: I sometimes imagine a fat Shetland Pony in place of the Heavy in the video. Do you make fun of horses? If so, how do you depict them as?
  14. "Do you have any OCD like habits?" "Rarity's OCD about her art makes her not generous" "I suppose I'm kinda OCD!" Instead, how about "Sometimes I feel so stiff and sore! We're all a little arthritic, huh?" "When my leg falls asleep, I totally get what it's like to be in a wheelchair." "Urgh, I've got a lump on my face. Stupid cancer." If you're going to trivialize serious problems that haunt people and hurt their everyday lives, go all the way.
  15. WARNING: If you are a brony and you tend to take things personally, this article will probably piss you off. A lot. If that sounds like you, I recommend either not reading the article, or first reading about who Matt Labash is and sampling some of his other stories (such as his last essay, Going Dental) before reading this one to get a feel for his style, which tends to be acerbic, cynical, and acerbically cynical. Some context may help. Or it may piss you off even more. You have been warned. The August 26, 2013 issue of The Weekly Standard features an article about bronies by senior writer Matt Labash. When the subject is bronies, most commercial media journalists are all over the map, typically unsure of who or what they're covering, or why, but with an overall bias that's at least mildy negative. There's usually a baseline level of gratuitous smirking and eye-rolling, slight head shakes, subconscious dismissal and the well-worn reporter tropes we know so well. That's not the case here. Matt Labash didn't just broach the subject of bronies for a quick human interest chuckle at the end of the evening news. He did background research at BronyCon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this month, spending three days amongst the Herd, studying the assembled bronies in a manner not unlike a patrician British anthropologist amongst "primitives and savages", or perhaps a field biologist studying herd behavior in bipedal equinoids. His findings are, to understate things tremendously, somewhat controversial... The Weekly Standard: The Dread Pony by Matt Labash (click to read the article) Characterizing the story as "unsympathetic" would also understate things tremendously. It's downright hostile and calibrated for maximum negative effect. It's crystal clear that Mr. Labash is not a fan of bronies and sees the fandom as pathological, a subject worthy of utmost derision and ruthless deconstruction. So why am I bringing this up here, in these forums, and before this community? Because I think it is good for Pony fans to know how people like Mr. Labash see them. Because underlying every insult is an insight, a kernel of truth, and it is only that which gives it the power to cause pain. Because The Weekly Standard is a well-known magazine that influences popular opinion -- even the opinions of those who don't read or agree with its editorial positions -- and that means this story will get around, and it will get attention. Because in seeing how others see us, maybe we can better understand why they see us this way. And most of all, because if we understand why they see us this way, then we can use that knowledge to make things better, and making things better is at the heart of what this community is all about. Again, I don't recommend that anyone who is emotionally sensitive or prone to rage read this article. It's okay to ignore it, move on and let it go. But for those of us willing to face it and consider what it has to say, I think this article and others like it can teach us many important lessons about ourselves and others, and with that knowledge will come the power to promote positive changes, not just for us, but for everyone around us. Or so I hope.
  16. Has anyone read this book before? I just finished reading it for Advanced English 10 class two days ago. It was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It was satirical, insightful, deeply ironic, disturbing, and thought-provoking. I don't like the ending, or the overall dark/pessimistic nature of the book. But, I'm glad I read it, because it discusses some very important ideas. I'm also glad to hear that Aldous Huxley wrote it when he was a young man, and when he was older he searched for spiritual transcendence in a much more positive manner. If you have read the book, what did you think of it? Did you like it? What did you think of its messages?
  17. HELLO PPL my name is PONESLAYR i hate PONEIS but IM also a TALNTED ARTST so pls c my comx ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 SPECIAL ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 ISSUE 23 ISSUE 24 ISSUE 25 ISSUE 26 ISSUE 27 ISSUE 28 ISSUE 29 ISSUE 30 ISSUE 31 ISSUE 32 ISSUE 33 ISSUE 34 ISSUE 35 ISSUE 36 ISSUE 37 ISSUE 38 ISSUE 39 ISSUE 40 ISSUE 41 ISSUE 42 ISSUE 43 ISSUE 44 ISSUE 45 ISSUE 46 ISSUE 47 ISSUE 48 ISSUE 49 ISSUE 50 SERIES 2 ISSUE 51 ISSUE 52 ISSUE 53 ISSUE 54 BRONEY COMIX SERIES 1 HELLO PPL my name is now PONELUVR i luv PONEIS ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 MLPFORUMS BIRTHDAY SPECIAL ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 I MAK MOR REGLARY SO CHEK BACK PLS *So this is an idea I got a while back but finally went through with. All over the internet, we see haters, sure. But what if there was a person who hated ponies and bronies so much that they actually spent all their time in a festering pit of rage? And this person focused his hatred into making pony hate-comics? Behold, this thread. In it, I play the role of an over-the-top hater. This is just satire. I really don't mean to offend anybody, since I highly doubt anybody like the star of this comic actually exists. Any time I don't act like PONESLAYR in this thread, I'll mark it.
  18. If you spend alot of time on Youtube, then you should be aware of the growing trend of Equestria Girls parodies featuring (intentionally) poorly animated character cutouts and synthisized voices. If you're not, then here's the video that started it all: I think they're pretty funny, for the most part. They do a good job turning the idea of a humanized teenage MLP into a fit of sheer randomness, but still have enough of a structure to keep from becoming YTPs. Currently, the three biggest artists doing these parodies are ZXInsanity (the originator), Blarghart, and JakeWhyman, but more are likely to jump in on the bandwagon in time. Check 'em out, share your favorites, all that great stuff. Lemme know what you think.
  19. GUYS, WE HAVE A MAJOR ISSUE! A brony has done something wrong!!! Man 1: The horror! How dare a man have transgressions whilst being a part of our fandom?! Surely our good name will now be ruined, and the brony colony will be ridiculed and despised for all time! Oh, why can't everyone act the same way?! Man 2: Bullshit! He didn't do anything wrong at all! You're completely ignoring the other side of the issue: that bronies are awesome and incapable of wrong-doing. If you think a brony could ever act like a jackass, then you're a filthy troll and I hope you rot in hell. Love and tolerate. <3 Man 3: Yuck. This is why I cannot respect anyone who would apply the term “brony” to themselves. A true fan of MLP does not associate with degenerate “bronies”, and only enjoys their ponies in moderate doses. Anything other that is disgusting and should be shunned. Uh... you guys? Don't you think you're overreacting? Men 1-3: NO. Okay, I'm sensing some drama brewing. Let me just try and see if I can defuse this situation before it blows up the whole fandom... again. Man 1, are you almost done crying? Man 1: I think I may have one or two sobs left in me. Okay, just keep it quiet so you can hear me. No matter what, you'll always have people ridiculing the brony community for various reasons, most of which aren't even worth mentioning. While it's cool to be a part of a community you enjoy, you shouldn't associate yourself so much with a label that you become personally offended by every little remark someone makes. You are more than just a label, and anyone who would try to tear you down for having a harmless hobby probably isn't someone you should bother acknowledging. It's impossible to expect everyone to act with love and tolerance, and that includes people within the brony fandom as well. Which brings me to you, Man 2. Man 2: Don't you dare argue with my infallible logic, or I'll cut off your head and shit down your neck! <3 Sending some mixed messages my way. Let's see if I can squeeze between these bars you've set up between you and the rest of the world. I appreciate that you are trying to see both sides of an issue. It's true that we shouldn't blindly accept as fact everything that we hear. But your opinion is completely inadequate in all discussions of right and wrong when it comes to a matter which you yourself are not a part of. Do you know the party who was wronged, or the person who did the wronging? No? Then there is approximately 0 reason for you to involve yourself. Save your breath, for your sake and for the rest of us as well. Man 3: Well said. Show that basement dwelling brony his place. Don't think you're out of the clear yet, boyo. You're just as out of line as the others. “Brony” isn't a dirty word. It means nothing more than “an older fan of My Little Pony”. You cannot pick and choose which aspects of the fandom fit a label which, by its very nature, is extremely inclusive. By trying to change that definition to something offense or distasteful, you are committing the same sin that other brony haters are committing: judging people by how they choose to define themselves. No one is going to force the brony label on you just because you enjoy the show. You should feel free to exercise your individuality, and live your life however you want. But don't scorn the people who don't have a problem with the brony label; they just want to feel like a part of a group. And don't we all feel that way sometimes? Men 1-2: Hear hear! Okay! Now, what have we learned? Man 1: That it is our divine duty to crusade against those like Man 3, who would try to give all of bronydom a bad name! Man 2: Yeah, show those Mitt Romney supporting bastards that this fandom has horns! <3 Man 3: I've learned that I hate these two even more than I did at the start of the day. Ugh... hold on, let me just get some aspirin. Be right back... Man 1: So did any of you gentlemen see the season 3 premier yesterday? Was it not the best possible thing? Man 2: Yeah, it was okay. But I really had fun bucking with the trolls in the live-stream chatroom. <3 Man 3: I'll watch it whenever I get around to it. Unlike you two, I have a life. Okay, I'm back. Hope a triple dose will be enough to get me through this conversation. Now, I brought up this point earlier, but it seems my words have fallen on deaf ears. What do each of you expect to do by voicing your opinions so loudly over the internet? Do you truly think you can change anyone's opinions? Men 1-3: YES. Well, maybe if what you had to say made sense, and if you stated it more eloquently and kindly, then people would be more responsive to your words. But honestly, judging from what I've heard you say so far, I doubt any one you would be qualified to try changing people's opinions. You're far too harsh and emotional to be taken seriously. Man 1: Are you qualified, then? Not particularly, but a guy can hope, right? And I wouldn't even try speaking with someone who was steadfastly opposed to the pony fandom. That would be like walking onto a firing range with a target on my chest. You have to be very brave, or very stupid, to try a stunt like that. Man 2: Hah! I fit both those descriptions! <3 Probably shouldn't go bragging about that. Man 3: I suppose I see your point. If nothing else, you don't act like the “bronies” I've been complaining about. Just goes to show you that everyone is different. And that's the key thing to take away from this lesson. Everyone will do good things, everyone will do bad things, and everyone will do stupid things. Take it in stride, and deal with it maturely. There's no need to get upset over matters that, in the end, have very little to do with you personally. Wouldn't you rather do something fun with your time, like watch My Little Pony? Man 1: Sounds delightful! How about “Lesson Zero”, or perhaps “Over a Barrel”? Man 2: Without being in a live-stream room? I guess I could try it. Man 3: Heh... it's actually been months since I saw an episode... might be fun... Awesome. I'll go get the popcor- THUD Man 2: Holy Celestia, he's dead! Man 3: No, just passed out. Must have been all that aspirin. Man 1: … So, are we watching Pony or not? Man 2: Yeah man, stick that DVD in! <3 Note: Okay, I had a bit more fun writing this than I planned. Just to let you know, I'm not insulting anyone in particular. Men 1-3 on not based on actual persons. They are just highly exaggerated amalgamations of harmful/detrimental mindsets I've seen pop up all over the brony community. If you think one of those fake persons resembles you in any way, then it might do you a little good to take into consideration the words you've read here today. Then again, I'm just some dude with an opinion, same as everyone else. Take what I have to say in stride, say whatever you are gonna say (free speech, after all), and live your life however you're gonna live it. No one should be able to change your mind for you. That decision is, and always will be, up to you. Also, you may be wondering why I've even bothered making this article if I don't think it will change anyone's mind. Uhm... good question! I sort of wish you'd ask me before I was three pages deep into writing it... honestly, I just needed to get all the thoughts out of my head, and I thought I might as well do it in an entertaining/semi-instructional way.