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Found 7 results

  1. Nothin' too terribly special or unique with this. It isn't even a unique pose by any means but hey I drew it today when I was truth be told about to kill myself for being a "worthless piece of crap" and while it isn't anything great it has some worth to it I guess. I dunno from my own point of view it looks... alright but it lacks the special flavor that I think a great piece of art should have. It's just too terribly bland and ugh. Oh yeah, and there are some issues with the hair and I think the shading is meh and there are some line issues. I think it only took me about... thirty minutes to do? I can't remember.
  2. You know what I mean... This is the source of all Hnnng. Ponies in sweaters are just too adorable, wouldn't you say? If she was able to get paid for being adorable, she would easily become a millionaire.
  3. So I went into 's vector request thread and since it was in the middle of the night, I had nothing better to do so, evil as I am, I stole a request. (He's ok with it though.. At least he said so... I hope so ) Anyways the OC is @GaleFenrir's "Curious" He provided a color palette but I hate those things cause I'm lazy and shit so I hope this will do. This is a vector of a drawing, btw. And here's the HQ version... usual
  4. Well this is derpy/Ditzy Doo whatever you like the most Well this is the first drawing I ever made of Derpy and also the first drawing I ever made of a character that is actually in the show As usual fellow bronies I used Paint tool sai and only a mouse Really hope you like it and remember friends enlarge is win EDIT: guys I just want to be treated then someone with a pencil or tablet
  5. this is little rain bird yet another tumblr pony which i wanted to draw fan art for, i could have improved the nose a little bit cause it looks like she's hiding in the scarf XD which is adorable if you ask me, what do you guys think?
  6. hi i was wondering im looking 4 a good music software i was thinking using Fl studio or Sony Acid Music studio 8 i need something that is easy to use and cheap
  7. Derp. Just drew this and decided to see what y'all here on the forums think. Drawn with pen. yay.. she's wearing a scarf, fyi. PS: Sorry, it has a crease in it, and the scanner scanned it in.. v.v;