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Found 33 results

  1. Sometime in the future (centuries from now, or next Tuesday), the human race comes into contact with a space-faring alien civilization. After the initial shock, an agreement for a cultural exchange is made, in which members from both societies have the opportunity to spend a period of time on the other's planet, in the effort to further understand the other, and to foster a spirit of friendship. If you choose to take part, you may either sign up to be transported (via space travel, wormhole, etc.) to the alien home world, where you are tasked with learning about their culture, and to provide a positive representation of Humanity. Alternativly, you may sign up to have one of the aliens to come and live in your home for the same purpose. Your job is to act as a guide in helping them understand human culture, history, and diversity. Should you wish to sign on, which would you choose, and how would it impact your life? For the purpose of this hypothetical scenario, feel free to presume and conditions or complications, such as the physiology, ideology, theology, etc. of the alien race. I have recently been thinking about such a situation a lot, so I thought I would share it here and see what you think.
  2. I thought this idea would be funny -- our cool kitty Capper ending up with Jon Arbuckle, and in his place with the ponies at Klugetown's slums the lazy little lasagna-eating tiger of American newspapers. What do you think it would be like, and how would things be different, if Garfield and Capper switched places? Also, would that sound like a good idea? "Why me?"
  3. To satirize of "Evil Empire" Nation X's propaganda (e.g. "we have become what you fear"), Nation Y adopts a pink pony (one of hundreds of modern icons symbolizing Nation X's enemies) as its national emblem, using it in counter-propaganda to represent "themselves" against Nation X's "evil army". After Nation Y wins the war by defending itself, Hasbro sets up its business in Nation Y's capital. The whole nation celebrated to thank Hasbro for that same pink pony, now being used as a national icon in Nation Y*. They have even saved thousands of dollars just to pay Hasbro, in case if Hasbro will ever sue (and bankrupt) the national economy. What will Hasbro do? * Sue the government. * Accept its culture, and even promote various products (not just MLP, but everything else) under Nation Y's native culture(s). * P. S. Nation Y did not become "effeminate", nor did it submit to "Bronyism", after adopting the toy; it was shortly abandoned after much controversy, and reverted to the classic "three soldiers". But this particular incident haunted the nation's popular culture, to even mock the government itself! C'mon, everypony, I need some help!
  4. I remember that I had posted two questions regarding alternate settings for the Equestria Girls movies, one in mediaeval Japan, and the other in ancient Greece: So, if you directed the Equestria Girls movies, what kind of setting would you use for the "mirror Equestria", instead of that cliche high school setting? Would it be from a historical era, or a futuristic Equestria (as an antithesis for the magical fantasy Equestria), or something else?
  5. Hello everypony! This is the Birthday Scenario Game. All you have to do to match your birthday month with your birth date and see your results! Post them below.
  6. This game is similar to "What would you do if" games, but in this version, you use an OC instead of yourself! This is a good way to get in a little RP practice, too! The rules are simple--answer the question above yours, (quote it please) then ask a question of your own! Just remember that the questions are directed towards OCs, not real people! The questions can be as mundane or as crazy as you'd like! Try and keep it SFW, though. You can answer in-character with dialogue, if you want. Your questions can also be in-character. I'll start with this: What would your OC do if... somepony whistled flirtily at them as they walked by? ~♪
  7. Sometimes I enjoy writing stories, especially making own my own mythologies, even though I am a Christian myself. One of my own myths, for some of my fictional stories' backgrounds, goes like this: "Once upon a time, God creates a man and a woman, and places each of them on the opposite ends of an island. Both of them start off knowing nothing, not even of their creator, but they eventually learn to create their own clothes and language(s), and survive on their own. They meet each other one day. Both of them thought that they were the only human in existence, although they sometimes imagined other humans and beings as they felt lonely, until they noticed each other. Each of them thought that the other is a strange animal that looks somewhat like them ... " Do you think that either: both the man and the woman would be fascinated at each other, and would even fall in love and reproduce? the man would hunt the woman as though she were an animal (or vice versa)? something else?
  8. Say, you are being elected as the President of your country, and you had to deal with a nation that is like the "Uh-merica" of the movie "Idiocracy". That country is extremely notorious in that most of its people are absolute fools whose commercialised culture and devotion to crude, excessively-vulgar entertainment have ruined their miserable nation. How would you deal with that nation? Should it be left alone, or should someone take action in case if they bring trouble to your country? EDIT: That nation is not under your control, but is a foreign state.
  9. You have only 1 bit on hoof, and 1 bit can be used for 1 kiss. With ONLY 1 bit, which pony would you pick? Note: Any pony can be picked: Mane 6, background, side, and princess. But no OC's. (Basically any pony seen on the show).
  10. well a house out of rock's rock's 3.have fun in the low gravid plant 4.sleep 5.DANCE YOUR TURN!! :3
  11. Write a war speech for the scenario above you and then write a scenario for the next user. Example: [previous post] You are a general and king, you are leading an army of 1000 soldiers, men and women, against an army of 2000. Your soldiers are all militia and your enemy's army is a professional army. You're armies are separated by a frozen lake. You must defend the retreat of your allies, for if they die, your kingdom will be destroyed. [my post: Speech] "Ladies and gentlemen... Today I do not stand here as your king, nor your general, but as your brother in arms. Our enemy out numbers us 2 to 1. You may be scared, and I do not blame you for it, for I am scared also. But we must be brave, for being brave is not being without fear but going even though you are scared. I can promise you that our enemies are scared too, for they are humans just like you and me. I can not promise you victory, but because of our efforts today, we will all be remembered in song and stories because of our valor! With blade and bow in hand, we shall march forward to our enemy, so they can hear our battle cry and fear us. Let the screams of their dying drown out the clashing of steel! So onward to battle and to glory!!!!" [my post: Scenario] You are a British general from Virginia during the French and Indian war. You and your army are on a hill over looking a french fort. You are outnumbered but your Native American allies are approaching from the East. The french have not noticed you and you are under the cover of night. Your soldiers are all colonist militia that are not well trained and their moral is low.
  12. What would it be like if MLP:FiM also attracted an audience of actual horses and ponies, instead of bronies, all because the main characters are horses like them? Also, would horses and ponies enjoy, or dislike the show? And why?
  13. Let's say this is a scenario where you magically wake up, only to find a clone of yourself (NOT A TWIN) with the same mindset, looks, and clothes as you. When I mean mindset, on that very day he/she will have exactly the same skill sets of your entire life up to the very day your clone appears. There is an interesting thing that happens though. At the end of each day, when you get home and ready for bed, you somehow absorb all the memories of that clone for that particular day. That way you have an idea of what happened to your other. So what would you do with a clone? For me, I'd get him to collaborate on projects. Things like simple chores can get done much faster. Because I can absorb his knowledge at the end of the day, I can have him learn how to fly a plane while I go do schoolwork, or vice versa. Or I can prank people in hilarious ways. Or I can attend two different parties at the same time. It'll be fun. There's still the drawback of having to feed the clone like a normal person, and this lasts until I sleep. It'd be an interesting scenario - what would you want to do that you couldn't do alone?
  14. Say, for example, a psychopathic hater has been arrested after murdering Lauren Faust or anyone working on the FiM show. Now that he/she is under trial, how would you react to his/her killing(s)?
  15. this is only a scenario this cannot become true because of the 1st Amendment so don't worry The 28th Amendment states that MLP is banned in America and all Brony and Pegasister will be exported from America and sent to a country which speaks the individuals primary language 1) What is your reaction? 2) How greatly will this effect you? 3) What would you do?
  16. I don't know if I put this in the right forum or not. It's meant to be a hypothetical, not a roleplay. Personally, I'd look for food, water, shelter, etc. and hope it doesn't run out, because otherwise I'd be sorely tempted to have steak cooked medium Rarity.
  17. Seeing that the both of them are Twilight's worst rivals (and Sunny wanting to be princess instead of Twily), I came up with this idea: * Celly refuses to turn Twily into an alicorn, after she lets Sunset (again) and Trixie become her students. The two/three of them bicker over being a princess to govern the land. * Or, if Sunset and Trixie became Luna's students, they can be a challenge against Twily. Now, what would you think they will do if Celly/Luna became unwise enough to grant both of them alicorn status? Oppress Equestria (and its parallel universe?) Oh, and don't forget Twily also being very humble/bitter in remaining a unicorn ... would she be plotting against the two new princesses?
  18. Read the top and tell us what pony will have a strange day with you. (AKA, your birthday)
  19. Scenario: There was one journalist in Ponyville who wrote so much sensation articles, that he accused Flash Sentry of seducing Princess Twilight Sparkle on one occasion. What will Flash Sentry do? And how should he deal with the journalist?
  20. A new planet has just been terraformed, and the Colonization Office is flooded with requests for permission/access from various subcultures to colonize and create new countries there. What subcultures are more willing to colonize the new world?
  21. Scenario A: If, in the future, the Americans find several nations on another planet, which already know that they are descended from American fanbases who "illegally" escaped Earth centuries ago, how will the actual Americans treat their "descendant nations"? As renegade countries that need to be conquered back into American authority? Or as already-independent nations, even if they haven't sent their diplomats or any messages to notify the arriving Americans? Scenario B: There is already an ethnic group that addresses itself as "Americans". Unlike most other groups who settled on the planet, this particular group of Americans chose to retain their original culture and identity (even if it appears "anachronistic", e.g. 1950's-influenced, but not in an "isolated" level that they reject all modernized technology). How will the spacefaring Americans treat their "anachronistic", nativized counterparts/cousins? And likewise, what will the "settled" Americans view their looming counterparts from the spaceships? (I am doing this because I am writing a semi-military science fiction story; and I'm curious)
  22. All the Pinkies and Bubble Berries (males) exist in the farm only to survive, talk around, play, and breed. They are stripped of their powers (except their Pinkie sense), and they're all miserable, doing the same things (and raising their foals, if any; if not fighting over what little things they have) again and again. If you buy one (or a couple or a few), how will you treat your "Pinkie"/"Bubble Berry" clone? As a pet, or as a companion? Would you buy one, a couple (a male and female), or several (of the same gender)? P. S. Never, ever, mention or show anything to do with "fun" or "partying" within the farm: you can do it at home to put them to mood-lifting work, but in the farm, it will create an unpreceeded disaster!
  23. When "commercialized", the ponies act like as though they all approve. I wonder how will the following ponies react to themselves being commercialized, and realized the "consequences" (with examples, also come up with your own!) : Twilight Sparkle: Alicorn Twilight, Equestria Girls (+ movie, and comes complete w. fanbase drama) Pinkie Pie: herself showing up in so many commercials, brushing hair Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Applejack Rarity (Mane 6: Rainbow Power, the "punk outfits", the "Hasbrocs" - similar-looking ponies) Celestia: hair brushing, punk Luna: ditto (as Nightmare Moon)
  24. By the time this was happening, the Horse is completely unaware of this. Even if his Masters, a farmer and his family, noticed this weird phenomenon on its poor flanks. What will its Masters say? Will the Equestrians abduct it and take it into their world? And what if some Brony of Pegasister suddenly chanced upon this poor creature?
  25. Where the "Mane 5" show this face, and you're still a normal-coloured Human, wearing the exact same clothes you wore on the very moment you landed in Pony Equestria. "This Face" :