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Found 30 results

  1. I know, I know, the title is a bit weird; but think about it: death scenes are supposed to play a huge role in the story, by motivating the remaining characters one way or the other, or just to make us cry, really. So, what's your favorite deaths in fiction? By that you can answer either by the death itself (how violent, unexpected, or poetic), or the aftermath (like the characters' reactions to that event, that sort of thing). One of my latest favorite ones has to be I'm curious to know about your favorite death scenes in fiction guys. EDIT: As said by @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ , just don't post gory stuff, alright?
  2. As I recently re-watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 for the millionth time, I was wondering what scenes/songs are everybody's favorites? In each option I've included the name of the song, the composer, and a brief summary of the scene. I remember the last post I saw about a Disney-related topic was pretty well received...Please vote!!
  3. And why is Pinkie raging away so angrily there?
  4. so a while ago, I was thinking, "that wind rider guy didn't get much fan art, some artist somewhere should make fan art of him." and then I remembered that I'm an artist. so I was making fan art of him and I was like " he looks lonely, I should put more in the picture." And it took forever and now it's done.
  5. A sp00ky Halloween scene I made in Blender Cycles. I've been thinking of doing a MLP version by replacing the pumpkin faces with MLP villains. If you'd like to see that, just comment that you'd like to
  6. About 44-45 min into the Friendship Games movie, Pinkie stands by a door as Raindbow Dash talks. In the most creepy fashion, her eyes slowly focus apart from each other. (Like crossing your eyes, but backwards.) Any thoughts about this? To me it seemed too much to be an animation error. But it seemed too random, even for a "Pinkie is so random" joke. I love the randomness of Pinkie, but I just thought this was odd, misplaced, and out of character. I just didn't get it. Any opinions about if this was intentional or an accident? And if intentional, did it seem "normal" or out-of-place to you? If you need help finding the scene:
  7. Source: Chase Scene Short Film Assignment (with MLP IRL) [Now Playing]
  8. UPDATE (April 17, 2015; 11:06 EST): The link to my recent post with the short film will be linked on this sentence. I hope you enjoy it. I'm "nervousited" to announce that I am working on a project that I am honoured to do. It is a college assignment for Video Capture 1 (one of my courses), and it's so far on the pre-production stage (storyboard making and such). Hopefully this weekend I will get to the production stage (Video Capture, etc). The professor who has assigned it to me and the rest of the class has permitted me to hand it in by my last day of the semester (April 17th) the latest. And so I hope that I will have everything done by then (or earlier (God willing). ). This video here below this sentence is NOT MINE! It's only an example I have found that was already done by someone else (though not good production-quality wise imho) is this here: However, for my chase scene, I will incorporate multiple shots and angles (compared to the first-person camera perspective from the example above) so that my chase scene will truly feel like a professionally produced short film. When it comes to production quality, I will look at examples from LittleshyFiM and StormXF3 (as well as examples from other people of course). And that concludes the announcement. Any thoughts and questions? Feel free to make a post.
  9. For a moment, David stopped and hesitated as he and Diana were now facing the back gates of their village. The tall oaken gates were notable for their sheer prominence; they were among the most massive structures in the entire village, standing at least twenty feet above the dirt foundations. At a width of 5.2 feet, a clear view of the outside could only be provided through a few drilled-in holes that were no wider than the average human fist. Beyond these gates, was an uncharted land―acres of soil that no soul had ever laid a foot upon. It was a foreign land whose scenery struck the two with fear, curiosity, and awe. They could only get a limited glimpse of the surroundings, but even a peak of what lied beyond was more than enough to ignite David's curiosity and eagerness by tenfold. Diana, however, saw little point in breaking one of the village's most important rules for the sake of searching for metal scraps in what appeared to be nothing more than a wasteland of dirt and rocks. The mysterious and eerie atmosphere that the land emanated also gave Diana the uneasy feeling that they wouldn't be safe out there. Although David was momentarily intimidated by the towering gates and the uncertainties it guarded, he proceeded to reach for the handlebar of the gates when another hand suddenly took a hold of his wrist, preventing David from reaching anymore further. He turned to face the possessor of the intercepting hand and to his unexpected surprise, he saw that the hand belonged to his now nervous friend, Diana. "Are you sure about this?" She asked apprehensively with great concern for the uncertainties lying ahead. "You know that we are prohibited from leaving the village, right? David, I'm not sure if you understand-" "Diana," David interrupted as he began to respond. "To be honest with you, I am not sure about this ... I mean, how can I be sure? I'm unable to determine the future; I have no idea where my destiny or fate lies. But I have questions. Ceaseless questions that have been haunting me for the past several months. I'm tired of these questions. I'm tired of this place! This place is riddled with questions that everyone keeps avoiding. For once, I want answers. Is it wrong to pursue what a person wants in life?" "There is nothing wrong with pursuing what you want in life, David. But is lying to yourself worth putting you and your dearest friend in trouble? Your theory of earth is a complete fallacy supported by nothing more than your dreams and some folklore legend!" David glanced at his friend with a determined look on his face before responding. "You want answers? Then search for them! Who knows what awaits us in those strange distant lands. No one, that's who. We'll never know as long as we're still here. The journey towards truth can only begin with one curious step." Diana couldn't argue against her friend's straightforward and valid point with which she reluctantly agreed. "Yeah, you're ... you're right." David then gave her a subtle smile and offered an open hand. "Do you trust me, Diana? Will you embark on this journey with me?" Diana's emerald eyes lit up with excitement as she happily took hold of David's hand―trying her best not to blush. "I-I do trust you. I would go anywhere with you, David! Our bond is far more important than this village. Wherever you go, I go. And I'm sorry for my skepticism. I know you, and I know you haven't lost your mind. Not yet at least." She giggled. David's smile grew wider upon hearing Diana's uplifting response. He took a deep breath as he reached for the handlebar of the gates and attempted to push the massive doors apart using all his strength. To his surprise, the gates were lighter than he initially thought and it wasn't before long that he―along with some help from Diana―managed to push the doors apart to make enough space in between for the two to just barely pass through. David felt an immediate surge of freedom as he dashed out the open gates, dragging Diana along, who was laughing as her adrenaline and excitement immediately took effect. Just moments ago, they were both apprehensive, scared, and unsure about what lied ahead, but now they were both laughing, screaming, and running hand in hand towards the unknown. There were several moments when each of the two tripped and tumbled into the soft clay-like dirt, only to get back up and continue running, laughing even more because of those funny moments, not caring about the dirt that stained their clothes. What they were beginning to experience, was the ancient and yet timeless thrill of adventure.
  10. So for me, it's the scene where Twilight ordered 12 cupcakes, but instead gets 13 from Mrs. Cake. Instead of just, you know, eating it herself or something, she gets paranoid that if she gives someone an extra cupcake that they'll think she's playing favourites. So instead of doing the logical thing and eating it, she messes up 13 perfectly good cupcakes by removing almost all of the frosting!!! I was like noooooooo xD BUT then of course afterwards there is (some) redemption because we see that the frosting hasn't gone to waste and Spike pulls a tazmanian devil and noms it all up...which spawns one of my favourite Twiquotes "Very efficient!....and a little bit gross" lol What if anything bothered you guys? PS now thinking back, I also don't like the episode where Fluttershy sings with the ponytones and Pinkipie goes way out of character, constantly making fun of her, I thought that was super weird.
  11. This is Wolf is she dressed scene-like.
  12. While watching Cutie Pox again, I noticed something in the Apple family home. On the wall behind Applebloom, you see a painting. It is probably just an Equestrian version of "American Gothic", but it could be a portrait of Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom's parents. What are your thoughts?
  13. I live in Dublin, Ireland. The city has a surprisingly strong presence of skateboarding (so much so that there's even a movie about skating in Dublin); multiple parks, shops, and skaters of course. Only recently have I realized how lucky I am, for many cities have no parks at all, not one. I am wondering what the skate scene is like where YOU live. I amn't really talking about longboards, however. I am referring to the the basic skateboard; You do NOT have to skate yourself, (mainly because the chances of another Brony skater finding this thread are minimal) I am simply curious. Thanks for your time!
  14. Knowing the internet, I'm almost a 100% sure you can find your favorite movie scene in less than a minute. So go ahead and post your favorite scene.The Godfather- Favor KungFu Hustle- Opening/Axe Gang Dance
  15. Alright, I absolutely LOVE Low-Poly artwork. So I went and learned how to create it myself, and here is what I came up with. A low-polygon mountain scene, that was created in Cinema 4D. The resolution of this image is 1920x1080px so you can use it as a background.
  16. You might have or have not seen the "Benny Hill" show, but it's famous for its "chase scenes" that have inspired similar chase scenes (with similar music) in other TV Shows, including in the MLP episodes "The Ticket Master" and "A Bird in The Hoof". What's your favorite "Benny Hill" chase scene? If you never saw the show, tell us what your favorite parody "Benny Hill" chase scene is? Not sure if this is my favorite, but here's one I like : And if you like talking about this, check this out too:
  17. They can be cute, funny, touching, etc. This is one of my favorites from Oreimo. I get that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I watch it. I love the music, the setting, the dialogue. It's all so cute. :3
  18. Here's a little fun thread I decided to make. It's simple. Post your reaction to something. It can be anything from current events to things that happened way back in the past to just random things that happen in your life. For example My reaction to the old MLP: or My reaction to CISPA trying to come back: Your turn!
  19. To clarify, do you want to see more of this? (The style, not the characters) I do want to see more of this type of animation. Although, if it isn't considered to be "Fabric," please say so. I don't really know of anything special it could be used for, but it appeared once in A Friend In Deed and wasn't used since. I don't really know why, but I do kind of want to see it again. What about you?
  20. My favorite was when Pinkie Pie (human) tells about her "hunch". My theory is that it wasn't just a hunch, but that she actually reached through the fourth wall and read the script... or ya know the writers wanted to do something funny with Pinkie. Either way, after that, I literally Rolled On The Floor Laughing.
  21. I do not have a pic or video to show you. But the most awesome scene was, well, for me, was, when you look behind the CMCs dancing, you see.... GangnamStyle Not really a scene, but it shows a guy doing Gangnam Style! Hasbro, you made my day.
  22. This is simply a game where you can continue the lyrics of a song, scene of a movie, and such. If you are not familiar with the scene or song, you can say you don't know. After you answer it, put a new scene or song lyrics to continue. Example if one knows: Example if one does not know: Alright, so continue the one I put in the above quote. Do you know what they call a quarter pound of cheese in France?
  23. What would you really want to see this movie? As for me, I would want to see Derpy Hooves (Hands?) being tormented by a bunch of bullies, and then Twilight bursting in and coming to Derpy's side. That would make this whole movie a good movie. In my opinion, at least. It would make sense for a mentally impaired person to be bullied in a high school. It is unfortunate, but true...
  24. Lately I've been hanging out with Pinkie Pie too much I think... My latest works have been pretty much ALL breaking the fourth wall. Enjoy!
  25. Canterlot was beautiful any time of year but there are always moments filled with a greater beauty that stick out in Rocket's mind even today. Moments that beg to be noticed like a glistening pool catching the sunlight at just the right angle, beckoning you to come closer and investigate, then relax in its shimmering allure. The time she spent as a filly in Canterlot was always with one purpose, to be with her Father, Tempest Valor. Benig a captain in Celestia's Royal Canterlot Guard, he had many responsibilities that kept him from Cloudsdale almost year round. But all that time apart vanished in the cooling breeze when she got to visit him. Those times she remembered as well as a crystalline dream, the sights, smells, sounds.... almost tangible even now after all this time. - - "Dad!" She screamed with excitement, no sooner than her hooves began to move her with as much speed as she could muster, tearing through a patchy crowd with little regard. She had only one thing in mind and the chastising remarks of any other pony fell on deaf ears and beneath the clatter of hoofbeats on the stone passing under her. The same as every visit, she raced from the train like a bolt of white hot lightning, locking on the single target she spied from the window whilst pulling into the station. She dashed as quickly as her hooves could carry her, excitement mounting with every step and, the same as every visit, tried her hoof at tackling dear old dad, only to succeed in staggering herself for a moment. The same as every visit. "How've you been, Gracie?" Valor asked, smiled and laughed, just as excitedly as his pint-size assailant, pulling his cherished cargo close to him in an embrace that melted her cares away. The trip, the tough days at school, the countless stormy nights, none of that was even there anymore, none of it was real. Here she felt safe, and he felt whole, just as it ought to be. After some time, the two began walking. Or rather, Valor began walking while Grace spent her time bounding around him in a circle, excitedly retelling a dozen stories that melded one into the next with the slightest turn of events - and never taking a breath between. - - Those were the moments that made everything alright. Those were the moments that made her smile, both then and now alike. Those were the moments she held onto the tightest. The moments where no matter what happened, she could always hear her Father's voice echoing across the distance as clearly as though he were standing directly in front of her. His message, always so clear, always the same and always exactly what she needed.... "Everything's going to be okay, Gracie. Everything's going to be just fine."