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Found 11 results

  1. Note: This is discussion for the S8 premiere, and as of late, some content originally leaked (e.g., the School Six's names) have been officially revealed. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) Title: School Daze, Parts 1 & 2 Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): March 24th at 11:30am (Pt. 1) & 12 noon (Pt. 2) Writer(s): Michael Vogel & Nicole Dubuc Summaries: Part 1: "When the Friendship Map grows bigger to reflect the world beyond Equestria, the Mane 6 realizes they'll need a way to spread the message of friendship far and wide. Luckily, Twilight Sparkle knows just what to do -- open a School of Friendship!" Part 2: "When the School of Friendship is closed by Chancellor Neighsay of the Equine Educational Association, Twilight Sparkle must reunite her students, inspire her friends and buck the rules to stand up for what she knows is right for everycreature, pony or not." Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on! DailyMotion: Part 1: Part 2: Hey, Season 8, bring it on!
  2. During the song in the season 8 premiere "School of Friendship" there is a part where the book is levitating but Twilight's horn is not lit and in the season 8 finale there is a pink stream of magic going into Pinkie. Is pinkie levitating the book? Does one of her parents have a kind of genetic disease that keep the horn from growing out but still exists, Marble and Limestone might be earth ponies but having Maud and Pinkie will explain "some" of their abilities with Maud's super speed and strength from "Maud Pie", and Pinkie's ability to teleport in "Party of One" and "A Friend in Deed", and being able to keep up with Rainbow Dash by using a speed spell in "Party of One". P.S. Please don't say that this was just an animation error in the first picture, i know it is, unless the writers go back to this in season 9.
  3. Having Starlight and Trixie together in the movie means it has to take pace after "No Second Prances" sense that's the first time they met. Not having the Royal Guard would explain why Celestia had Flash Magnus be the new drill sargent after season 7. Having it take place then would also explain why the changelings and the Pillers of Equestria were not in the movie but I'm not sure about the yaks but if the movie takes place after "No Second Prances" the mane 6 haven't been to Yakyakistan yet, unless you count Pinkie kinda. But griffins probably wouldn't want to help, and sense Ember just became Dragon Lord she probably needs to impose her rule, and that I don't think the ponies would trust all the dragons yet to listen to Ember. As for the map expanding, remember the map was broken after "The Cutie Re-Mark", which would also explain why it took so long and that Mount Aris needed to be repaired and the new train station there. As for Twilight saying "This happened while we were gone?" could be when they went after the Pony of Shadows instead of the Storm King. Why Sandbar mentioned The Storm King but not Queen Chrysalis nor the Pony of Shadows is that no pony would probably know that Chrysalis replaced the mane 6, the princesses, etc and that the Pony of Shadows never appeared in public, and why Apple Bloom was recapping the movie in "surf and/or Turf" was because The Storm King was what directly affected the hippogriffs. This I the best I can do saying it takes place between season 6 episodes 6-7 and explaining how. But there is one thing that contradicts all of this unless you can help me, the new throne room, it is possible they were working on a new throne room for a while and was finished in the movie in a different part of the castle and was going to turn the old throne room into something else but for what happened to the new one in the movie they had to go back to the old one while that was being repaired, but the whole of Canterlot got repaired when they retuned all the magic at the end of the movie? Write below if you can think of any reason why Celestia and Luna would still be using the old throne room until season 8.
  4. Season 8 Episodes 1 and 2 "School Daze" Review by EpicEnergy Season 8 Episode 1 “School Daze Part 1” Review Episode 1 Opening: Normally, I don’t have an episode’s opening as an individual category in my reviews, but this is an exception because this opening is the first scene we see of season 8, containing much information right off the start. Since this is the first episode of season 8, this episode indeed has a connection with the previous MLP Movie, but not with season 7. First and foremost, I don’t expect S8 ep1 to take place right after the events in the MLP Movie, which is the Storm King’s defeat and the celebration of a certain festival afterwards, since the occurrences taking place in season 8 indicate at least a few weeks have passed since the events in the MLP Movie. Anyways, we are reminded of the incidents that took place during the MLP Movie and the new areas explored. The recollection in this episode of the MLP Movie incidents serves as a crucial component in establishing a firm foundation for future season 8 episodes because it reminds us that the MLP Movie and what happened in it is canonical; moreover, since most of the places there that were visited will be revisited in season 8, knowing about where they are located, who lives there, and what happened there is highly important. Additionally, the dialogue each character gives in this opening of episode 1 is very informative of what happened after the MLP Movie ended, such as where Tempest Shadow went. Very well handled, writers, I couldn’t ask for a better reminder and account of the MLP Movie, what a way to start an episode with. Moving onward. A good portion of season 8 is about the School of Friendship which reaches out to all creatures. Another portion is about adventuring to those places beyond Equestria on friendship quests. Both mainly originate from Twilight’s decision to start a school. It is this decision that lays the path for many Season 8 episodes, and this decision originates from the MLP Movie itself. This opening tells us about the lake from where a good amount of season 8 flows from. We know why there is a school, why Twilight founded the school, why creatures who are not Equestrians attend this school, why we see more of other lands outside of Equestria, and how these lands were found in the first place. The only issue I have with the opening is the fact that the map expanded without explanation. This map remains a contrived and arbitrary plot-device, which is a large problem to have in a narrative, and having it expand for no given or indicated reason makes this even worse. Consequently, I must subtract a few points for this poorly designed and improperly used plot-device that will most certainly affect future episodes until fixed or removed. Characters: The leaders of the nations outside of Equestria all have excellent personalities and play a great role in this episode, so thankfully there is nothing to criticize here. The mane six are also used and depicted fantastically, the only problem is Twilight Sparkle in a particular scene. The mane six approach Twilight to tell her that going by the book simply isn’t working. It is here that Twilight acts severely out of character, which is somewhat irritating because Twilight has set the book as the ultimate authority instead of her own as the Princess of Friendship. I must take off some points from the rating for this incident being illogical, as Twilight completely ignores all her friends and ignores the disastrous effects of following the book that are clearly evident throughout the school. New characters: The EEA scene is where we see the main antagonist of episodes one and two, Chancellor Neighsay. Neighsay has a somewhat arrogant and very serious personality which seems to be present in the entire EEA organization. This arrogant personality is what fits with his speciesism, which means that he thinks that ponies are higher and more important than any other creature/species. Next characters. In this episode, we are introduced to the student six. Their personalities are quite likeable. The student six are comparable to the mane six, but not to the point where they have completely identical characteristics, personality, and/or appearance. They are well-balanced characters. Plot: Overall, the plot is great in this episode; however, there have a few problems in some scenes. The first scene I shall address is when Twilight and Celestia in Celestia’s school talk about how to run a school. This where Celestia reveals that she and no one else has no authority over the EEA in academia despite her standing as a princess or any other standing whatsoever, like a princess of friendship. I suppose the EEA is some sort of independent organization that somehow manages to be the ultimate authority when it comes to academia, but this area remains unclear. The writers could have made it clearer as to why and how such an organization rose to power. Such a restriction has not been seen in Equestria up until now either, as far as I remember that is, though I won’t take off any points since this doesn’t appear to be much of an issue anyways. I must move on. Next, we see the School of Friendship itself for the first time. I don’t like that it is just there. The writers could at least have somepony say when it was built instead of just having Twilight announce ‘I’ll make a school’ then proceed to have it partially accredited, and instantly afterwards we see a fully operational school building. Hence, I must deduct a few points from the overall rating of this episode. Now I will critique the “friends and family day” scene. It’s good the writers gave us that reason for every leader to be there, because this makes the next scene seem hardly contrived and arbitrary at all. I’m referring to the scene where every single leader hears Neighsay make racial comments. During the chaos beforehand, I noticed Gallus just dropped Sandbar for no apparent reason which knocked over the leaders like bowling balls. Sorry to be so critical of what is meant to be a humorous moment, but Gallus just dropping Sandbar for no reason makes no sense, and Gallus wasn’t even upset or showed any sign of doing that purposely, yet he threw Sandbar very tremendously anyways. Also, Derpy causing both Smolder and Silverstream to crash out of the sky into the food/desert stand even though Derpy didn’t appear to touch them at all makes no sense either. What’s more is that Ocellus destroyed a good and sturdy tower as a large, flying insect, which also makes no sense how she managed to do that. Therefore, I must take off some points. Now for the final scene. Neighsay shuts the school down at the very end of this episode, and then the “to be continued” image pops up, which leaves us with suspense. Nicely done on this scene. Moral: There is no evident moral in this episode yet, because it is only part 1 of 2. Episode Rating: 8.5/10 Season 8 Episode 2 “School Daze Part 2” Review Characters: The characters are well-treated in this episode, so there is no problem here. We also see more characteristics and personalities of the new characters. Plot: The general plot of this episode is well designed as usual, but there are some aspects of it that fail to be genuine. To begin with, the opening of this episode, the usual part 2 MLP opening, consists of a summary of the previous events that took place during part 1. I appreciate this, because sometimes people can’t watch both episodes back to back on certain occasions, and this opening type assists by helping us to recall those events. Next scene, we have Twilight, who has entered a temporary yet severe state of depression. She acts severely out of character here and even entirely ignores her friends, but the real question I’m asking is whether this is reasonable. My interpretation, based on the previous occurrences in part 1, is that going into this depressive mood is in fact reasonable and not illogical since Twilight just had her dreams crushed and her friendships with other nations seemingly ruined, and that Twi tends to overreact; thus, no points will be deducted. The next scene I want to address is the potential world war scene. As a large part of the plot that exists to stir up suspense in the viewers to this episode, this subplot has a few issues that I must mention. The major problem is that all five nations instantly threaten each other that will result in a world war if not dealt with, and that every nation’s reason to start such a disastrous incident is that the leaders simply don’t know where each one’s student went. I find this highly unreasonable, since war, which should be used as a last resort, is used as the very first resort; moreover, we don’t even have any reason why the six students are highly important to the leaders to begin with, except for Sandbar (being a pony) and Silverstream (being the Queen’s niece). For these two reasons, I must deduct some points from the episode rating. Oh, by the way, what also makes no sense is that only the mane six go searching for the students while no one else does anything despite the threat of a world war. Moving onward to the next scene I will address, Silverstream says that she has never seen stairs before, and that this is her first time seeing them. As funny as it is, this is inconsistent because Silverstream was at a school with plenty of stairs to be seen. A simplistic, minor error on the writers’ part, but I still must count off a few points. Next scene. We are now introduced to a strange, new critter species. I would call them the correct name, but since I don’t know how to spell it correctly, I will refer to them as the colorful porcupines (I know, very creative). These creatures are obviously used for plot-convenience, because they suddenly appear right on time to threaten the student six so that the mane six can rescue them, and these critters disappear right after that. Since this plot-convenience is at least slightly subtle, and an attempt was made to make it completely subtle, I will deduct a very small amount of points. The remainder of the episode is great, and I have nothing to criticize in it, so I shall end this section and proceed to the moral. Moral: One may argue that there is no moral in “School Daze”, since it is a two-part episode, and most of those episode categories focus more on the story aspect rather than the moral aspect. I would disagree with that. The major moral is that all creatures are equal. This is symbolic of the modern-day issue of racism. Neighsay enforces the morally wrong idea that ponies are superior than any other race. Twilight demotes this by promoting the morally right idea that all creatures should be treated equally, and that friendship should be available to everyone. It isn’t pleasant when writers force modern-day issues into movies because we have seen enough of it in real-life and because the writers usually force it in there and ruin the narrative, but this modern-day issue is symbolized, and it don’t feel forced at all. This symbol fits perfectly into the theme and context, and it teaches us a very valuable lesson. Episode Rating: 9/10 Additional Areas (if applicable) I’ll be speaking of both episodes 1 and 2 as one episode in this category. Humor: The humor is excellent and solid! I am glad the episodes aren’t overflowing with it, nor are they kept at a too serious level either. It’s the perfect balance for this episode, and it is thoroughly enjoyable. Aesthetics: It’s pleasing to see that MLP S8 keeps the traditional 2D animations despite the movie’s animations. G4 is better off continuing what they started than switching over to 3D animations suddenly, though it wouldn’t bother me if G5 had them. Overall Episode Rating (parts 1 and 2): 8.5/10 Conclusion: There are minor problems in both episodes. The map is of course introduced once more, which a very contrived and arbitrary plot-device; however, it doesn't really play a part in "School Daze" so it hardly affects the rating. There is a plot-convenience in part 1 at the end where the students suddenly become extremely clumsy to further the plot, but the context makes this problem rather miniature and insignificant so this also hardly affects the rating. The second part has an illogical subplot, which is the only major problem out of both parts. Aside from those minor problems, the amount of good content in "School Daze" outnumbers the amount of bad content by far. Therefore, this entire episode is rated 8.5/10, unless you round it off to the nearest whole number which would give it a 9/10, Rating Scale: 0 = the worst of the worst, an absolute failure 1 = an extremely horrible disaster 2 = very dreadful 3 = terrible 4 = bad 5 = mediocre 6 = good 7 = great 8 = very fantastic 9 = extremely amazing 10 = an absolute perfection
  5. I've been trying to watch the Season 8 Premiere on YouTube, but most of the videos are blocked. Any videos that aren't blocked are heavily edited, skipping certain segments. Plus, I didn't watch the streams, because I don't like sitting through commentary between commercial breaks. If this has something to do with the leaks from before, is Hasbro doing post-leak damage control again or something?
  6. IF you recall at the end of School Daze, Twilight Sparkle would defy the E.E.A.'s rules and make her School of Friendship independent, even going as far as to shatter the lock that kept her school closed. This infuriated Chancellor Neighsay, and not helping was Princess Celestia's decision to side with her former pupil on the school. But in my mind, by doing this, both Twilight and Celestia are risking their Princess title just to expand the magic of Friendship. Not long ago, Canterlot was invaded by the armies of the STorm King, who is considered a Non-Pony creature by Equestria's standards. This winds up justifying Neighsay's stance against other creatures like Griffins, Dragons, Changelings, Yaks and Hippogryphs. But imagine if there was another invasion by another Non-Pony creature(Or maybe the return of Tirek). That would give Neighsay's argument enough power to demand not only Twilight losing her status as the Princess of Friendship, but also Celestia losing her status as the Prime Princess of the Sun. How would you all feel if both Twilight and Celestia were no longer considered Princesses by the Equestrian Parliament because of their decision to cater to non-Pony races?
  7. MLP is back! Will we both love the season premiere, or has the show seen better daze?
  8. Hello, everypony- err... everycreature (shudders)- err... everyONE! And welcome, to RHYTHM RED'S RADTASTICAL REVIEWS!!! On this blog, I'll be talking about what I like and dislike about the newest episodes of MLP. And now that I'm finally all caught up, I'm going to give my late (but hopefully great ) review of episodes 1 and 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 8! Let's get right into it! So first things first, I love the way the episode starts. Move references EVERYWHERE. That's awesome to see. I'm glad they're treating the movie as show canon. Next, we dive right into the friendship school idea, which, as many of you know, is something I wasn't all too thrilled about. However, I've decided to keep an open mind about it, so I could give the new season a fair shot. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised! First off, the song was great! Funny lyrics, the story was told quite well, and the alternating vocals were fun to listen to. Not anything incredible, but I still liked it! Now, on to perhaps the biggest positive for me: I LOVE the new characters! They're all immediately likable, and their interactions were both hilarious and realistic! I TOTALLY get them when they were talking about how bored they were. As of right now, my personal favorites are Sandbar, Ocellus, and Yona. If you take my personality, and copy it onto a pony, you get Sandbar. He's literally me in pony form. Well, technically, that's my OC, but you get the point. I like Ocellus for being a cute lil changeling version of Fluttershy (which was an awesome idea!), and Yona is insanely funny. I could rant about the characters all day, but we have other things to get to, right? Which brings us to the episode's main villain, Chancellor Neighsay. I think the way he was used in this episode was PERFECT. MLP just talked about racism. Racism is definitely a huge topic in our current day and age, and I think it's a great idea that our little show is finally mentioning it. I definitely want to see more of Neighsay in future episodes, as he has a lot of potential as a villain. He kinda reminds me of pre-reformation Starlight. He's just a simple unicorn, but he has a messed up mindset. Everyday villains like him could make a bigger impact than big baddies like Tirek or the Pony of Shadows! Let's move on to the part I was most nervous about: the idea of a school in MLP. This is one of the reasons why I dislike EQG. To me, school is an overused, boring, and terrible setting for a cartoon. But MLP did it again. They made the impossible possible. This school idea has me very, very excited. It's not some boring ol' high school. It's a FRIENDSHIP SCHOOL! And they're not teaching boring school subjects. They're teaching relevant lessons revolving around their elements! That's awesome! I'm also really looking forward to seeing Starlight in the counselor role. That's got a lot of potential to be great. Part two opens with a crying Twilight Sparkle (and when ponies cry, I cry ). She's sad because she believed she failed as princess of friendship. I can relate to that feeling of failure. After Starlight helped motivate her again, she sent the rest of the mane six to find the students, who are all missing! But wait- there's more! They're missing TOGETHER! They don't want to stop being friends, despite all their differences! After the mane six, Starlight, and Spike rescue them from those little hedgehog things, they immediately go back to the school to open it back up. After convincing all the guardians (except that stubborn old gryphon) to let them stay at the school, the seal is broken, and the school reopened, though Neighsay didn't like that. He left via portal, and class was officially put back in session. After another great song, the episode ends on a happy note with a picture of the teachers and students together. That's a lot of positive stuff! But what about the negatives? While I love that the show is finally talking about racism, I think it's a very tricky subject. The people making the episodes will have to be very careful not to say anything that could be taken the wrong way. Heck, even mentioning it in this blog makes me uncomfortable! However, if this subject is properly addressed, then it could be huge. I'm sure it will be handled well. I HATE the term 'everycreature'. It sounds terrible. I much prefer 'everypony', though I completely understand why they aren't using it, given the show isn't all about ponies anymore. Still though, why couldn't they just say 'everyONE'? It means the same thing, and sounds sooooo much better. Though it's still not as fun to say as 'everypony'. I know that's just my opinion, but the word 'everycreature' is going to take a lot of getting used to. Overall, this episode was pretty good, though! I'd give it a 7/10! Good songs, GREAT new characters, and an interesting new storyline, but overall, it's nothing all that special, in my opinion. There have been much better episodes in MLP. Well, that's all I really have to say, I'll catch all you crazy ponies later, in the next RHYTHM RED'S RADTASTICAL REVIEWS!!!
  9. Guyss!! I just watched the new episode that was just released yesterday: School Daze! The plot was really interesting and a big step forward for the big 6, opening a school was really brave of them. I believe the 6 students who made friends in the end will help them spread friendship to all the other lands! p.s that school rule pony triggers me
  10. This blog post contains spoilers for "School Daze" (Season 8, Episode 1-2). I am not sure if the intended lesson from "School Daze" is "ethno-nationalism is bad; do away with national barriers and unite!" on the one hoof, or "a monarchy has the right to bypass any bureaucracies it pleases" on the other. Then again, they are not mutually exclusive. I originally intended to post this as a status update (hence the initial zinger-y phrasing), then realized that it is probably a major spoiler. So I thought, "Why not do a full blog post?" As in my teleology post, I assume that if the protagonists of a show explicitly believe in an ethical idea, their antagonists explicitly believe the opposite, and the protagonists win in the conflict between them, then the show is teaching that those ideas are correct. I begin by discussing Chancellor Neighsay's ideology, and then Twilight's, concluding with implications. Disclaimer: I am not intending to cast any value judgments in this post about the episode, its themes, or their implications. School Daze used the character of Chancellor Neighsay to represent a whole bundle of -isms: traditionalism, nationalism, racism, and bureaucratism (if that is a word). Regarding traditionalism, he considers it crucial that ponies are "prepared to defend our way of life" [pt. 1], and traditionalism attempts to preserve a cultural group's way of life. For nationalism, he shows outrage at Twilight because he thought she was "opening this school to protect Equestria!" [pt. 2] from other nations -- and other races. MLP:FiM has used species as an analogy for a racial or ethnic group to teach lessons about race and ethnicity in the past, e.g. in Over a Barrel and Bridle Gossip. Note that the first thing Neighsay says in his outrage is call the incident an "act of aggression against ponies" [pt. 2], showing that he sees "ponies" and "Equestria" as interchangeable. He also wanted Twilight "[t]o protect ponies from... dangerous creatures who don't have our best interests at heart!" [pt. 2]. His view of the other species as "dangerous creatures" is speciesest (read: racist) and recognized as such by the adult characters representing the other nations/species (let's call them "diplomats") when they become angry at him. When Neighsay yells at the diplomats to "return to your kind" in pt. 1, Ember is immediately offended by the term your kind because she recognizes that it was intended as a speciesist slur. Regarding bureaucratism, he leads an institutional review board that makes the rules which Twilight has to follow and is introduced while at the head of what looks at first like a trial. He also is insistent about following "the rules," which causes the main conflict of the episode. Why call him an ethno-nationalist specifically, though? Wikipedia identifies the "central theme of ethnic nationalists" as the belief that "nations are defined by a shared heritage, which usually includes a common language, a common faith, and a common ethnic ancestry." Since MLP:FiM is already a world where nations are defined by species, it is difficult to distinguish a nationalist in MLP from an ethno-nationalist. But when Twilight says, "Friendship isn't just for ponies!," Neighsay replies, "It should be." Neighsay's logic begins with species identity, which then proceeds to nationalism and traditionalism. His value of traditionalism causes his bureaucratism, since he is averse to "changing the rules" [pt. 2]. School Daze pt. 1 began with an expanding map, and with Twilight proclaiming that the Mane 6 need to spread friendship "beyond Equestria" by bringing new friends from distant lands into Equestria. This need stems from her realization that "the world is full of so many different creatures who know nothing about friendship" [pt. 1]. Twilight's line that "different creatures" from beyond Equestria "know nothing about friendship" is strange in an episode where the antagonist represents racism, since it implies that the ponies as a species have a very basic socio-moral cultural element that others lack. Still, her solution is to bring in foreigners that the bureaucrats deem dangerous, ultimately using her royal authority to circumvent the bureaucrats' opinions. The clearest ideological statement Twilight gives is in her hearing in pt. 1: "If we want to keep our land safe, and create a friendlier tomorrow, we need to teach the Magic of Friendship far and wide." She agrees with Neighsay in holding national safety as a goal, but wants to achieve it through international cooperation. At first I was very confused how to reconcile the vilification of nationalism with Twilight's use of royal authority to bypass a bureaucratic process, since valuing monarchy often implies valuing nationalism. However, I think some of that can be explained by saying that the episode supports globalism. I should define this ideological term, since it is often thrown around as an angry buzzword. By globalism here I mean support for globalization, the process of politically, economically, culturally, etc. integrating nations and cultures around the globe. Traditionalism, nationalism, and racism are each opposed to at least some form of such integration. If Neighsay as a character is taken as a Strawman Political symbolizing nationalists, the episode is making the controversial (but not uncommon) claim that nationalism stems from racism and should therefore be condemned because it stands in the way of international cooperation. I found it so interesting that the villain represented bureaucratism because I have seen certain conspiracy theorists lump bureaucratism and globalism together as one big enemy. However, I found an ideology that approves of globalism even though it is averse to bureaucracy: neoliberalism. While it has been thrown around as a vague and vitriolic buzzword as well, neoliberalism generally implies support for free-market capitalism and a government with only the functions needed to ensure that the market runs effectively. It favors unrestricted movement of goods and people across borders in a global capitalist system. A common complaint among free-market capitalism supporters is that government bureaucracies impose too much regulation, which was reflected in this episode. My only reservations calling the episode "neoliberal" are that Twilight's bypassing bureaucratic authority with royal authority is still government action, and that there is no kind of capitalist free market prominent in this particular episode. To the extent that globalism implies centralization of power, there is a possible but weak explanation that the episode's globalism makes it support that the chief executive of a government use executive orders to overcome bureaucratic opposition. However, it is clearer that the episode's characterization of nationalism and racism in the villain, the implicit condemnation of nationalism through association with racism, and the explicit support for diversity and multiculturalism (e.g. the "overcoming differences" mentioned at the trial) as well as for the immigration of "dangerous creatures" show support for globalism. I considered naming this post "Does School Daze Promote Neoliberal Globalism?," but then overcame my temptation to commit the sin of egregious clickbait.
  11. I talked about this in the MLP Season 8 School Daze Discussion, but I want to take this to the forefront. As you are aware, Hasbro released an Animatic on the upcoming Season 8 Premier featuring a vocal appearance by Chancellor Neighsay. However, the biggest surprise isn't the Chancellor's role in the story, but who voices him. It was confirmed by Jim Miller on Twitter, but Chancellor Neighsay is voiced by none other than Animaniacs actor Maurice LaMarche, also known as the Brain(The main Lab Mouse who wants to take over the world), along with Squit the Goodfeather. Outside of Animaniacs, Maurice was also known as Dizzy Devil on Tiny Toon Adventures(Along with an Orson Wells-like character named Orson Whales Mr Freeze on the Batman Arkham Video Game series Yosemite Sam on Tiny Toons, Looney Tunes Show and New Looney Tunes Nightshift on Skylanders Grand Master Wizard, plus other characters on Adventure Time Dr Egon Spengler on the Real Ghostbusters General Var Suthra on Star Wars: The Old Republic Inspector Gadget on a number of small projects, including the Super Mario Bros Super Show(Live Action scenes) Mortimer Mouse on Mickey Mouseworks and the House of Mouse Sleet on Sonic Underground Took over as the voice of Destro on GI Joe Six-Gun on the Transformers And Chief Charles Burns, and a number of other characters, on Transformers: Rescue Bots. So what's your thoughts on Maurice LaMarche getting a voice over role on My Little Pony? One who's do alot of voices in our childhoods? Personally, I was surprised when I found out that was his voice. On Equestria Daily, fans were also cheering the addition of a well-known LA Actor(Who also came from Canada, surprisingly).