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Found 254 results

  1. Was there ever a project you had to do for school which counted for a good chunk of your mark, but you hated it with EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING? And you HAD to do this, otherwise you might fail the course. I just finished up a project just like this yesterday night... or rather, 2:30 AM in the morning. Got only 5 hours of sleep. It basically involved me wiring things to a breadboard, distinguishing the wires from LEDs, adding ground wires, and so forth. It was... I don't even want to think about it, but I felt like burning down my school and throwing molotovs at crowds of people. I hadn't felt that much rage or frustration in a long while.
  2. Which class(es) did/do you struggle with the most in school? Whether it be middle school, high school, college, etc.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Forum Homework Help Thread. Here you can ask someone to PM you one-on-one to get the help you need. MLP Forums does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of the help you receive. If you are a student in need of help or just want to learn something new please post the topic or specific issue/subject/question you need help on, and someone will be able to help you, either in PM or in the thread. NOTE: When giving assistance it is HIGHLY suggested that if you supply an answer, you give a thorough explanation of how you derived your solution. Without that information it is difficult for someone to actually learn and improve, which is really the most important aspect of education. -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Helpful Sites: Good for beginner-intermediate coding Good for Science, Math, Economics and Humanities. Free online college courses. (No credit) Great for aspiring students wanting to learn something new. Has a wide variety of subjects.
  4. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  5. Are there any subjects you always struggled with in school? Things that you always had trouble understanding? I'm curious to hear from you about it, because I'm planning to make some educational videos in a near future and it makes me wonder what are the things people always wanted to learn but encountered problems when trying to study them. Therefore I'd like you to be more specific than just "I always hated math" or "my chemistry teacher was mad and ugly" because that wouldn't really tell me anything new – I already know that schools suck I'd rather like to know the details – what exactly was difficult for you to understand and why. E.g. "I struggled with history because I couldn't memorize all those dates", or "I had trouble with physics problems because I never knew which formula should I use" – stuff like that. Stuff that could help me figure out what exactly causes problems when people try to learn different things, so that I could try finding some better ways of explaining it. You can also just write about some stuff that you always wanted to learn / understand, but couldn't find any good sources of knowledge about that subject. That would be helpful as well Another good idea would be to show some example problems that you couldn't solve or didn't get.
  6. Have you ever overslept for school. I don't know if this counts, but about a week ago I woke up late and only had 5 minutes to get ready for school. I made it alright, but it was a scary experience.
  7. Have you ever skipped school(or tried)? When I was little, i tried to fake sick so I didn't have to go but failed miserably. When you did it, how did it go, did you get caught(if so, explain the consequence)?
  8. August has started and summer is almost finished in the Northern Hemisphere, so my school and part of the school district will begin on August 24th as the first day of instruction. Hopefully I'll study again and perform at the string orchestra concert in December and May. You can share your thoughts here about when is your school start? Hopefully you're going to resume your studies in school until you're finally 18.
  9. You know, how many of you think that sometimes in life you're doing something wrong. Like me, for example. I can't seem to make any more friends at school anymore. I've only got one friend at school, but I can't seem to be friends with any of the other girls in my school. Then I start getting the feeling that maybe I'm not trying hard enough, or I shouldn't say what I say or do what I do...or anything like that. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  10. I've just been wondering. I know that the brony population is huge, but I don't know how huge. I hear stories about how someone "came out" as a brony and all of a sudden others did too, but I feel that's not really likely. Anyways, I'm 16, which apparently accounts for almost the highest percentage of bronies. I just want to know the odds of there actually being some others at my school. My high school has around 1000 people, so I figure there might be. So have any of you just found or figured out that someone else is a brony? Whether you know them or they're just an acquaintance, doesn't matter. And if so, how did you do it? I feel like maybe just gauging someone's reaction to an obscure reference might be the way to go, such as "Yeah, that one's pretty sweet. Probably 20% cooler than that one." Just looking for some advice or some stories, thanks!
  11. Stories that are embarrassing Share all your embarrassing school stories here^ Just remember that was like ALOT of years ago You can also see if you relate to other ponies RULES!!! No laughing at stories No spamming Stay with the subject _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you enjoy!
  12. I'm not exactly a "straight A" student , and lately I've been losing my determination in studying , so I've been wondering how you guys handle it. to put my two cents in, My study habits are...well right now...I have none , I wait till the last minute , then panic o_o What are your study habits? and if it applies, what motivates you to study?
  13. How much did you hate middle school? I've been out of middle school for a while now and am a month and a half into high school. Middle school was just 3 long years of hell. 6th and especially 7th grade were the worst.
  14. I was just curious how open other bronies are about their brony-ness. Do you walk around proudly displaying it or is it on a strictly need-to-know basis? Personally I'm completely open about it. I'm wearing a Princess Luna shirt from WeLoveFine right now (it was a gift from my little sister. She's so sweet. ). I don't randomly bring it up or try to shove the show down other people's throats or anything, but I'm not afraid to say I like it if it comes up or someone asks. How about you all?
  15. Hi! I'm an incoming junior in highschool, and I'm really interested in biology, and language.... that's beside the point kinda xD. I'm planning on going into pre med in college. I know the basics i think... i'm taking classes that coincide with what i want to do, and i'm currently working on getting my EMT, I'm also going to shadow my uncle (who is a pediatric surgeon) in Korea during winter break (at least.. that's the plan). Since junior year is coming, im supposed to decide on several colleges... yay?.... I'm thinking University of Iowa, or UCSD... Do any of you know good schools that have a good medical program? Or just, good schools in general XD Thanks for your time
  16. About how many hours of homework do you get? (That is if your still in school) For me here's the breakdown for this semester, I'm a freshman in highschool Art: 15 to 30 min Health: 15 to 30 min English 9: 1 hour Physical Science: 1 hour French : 15 min Total About: 3 hours 30 minutes What about you guys?
  17. I know theirs a lot of us out there, so state your major, where your studding( if your willing to share) ,and why u picked it. I originally wanted to be an architect since i was 5, but i switched majors during orientation cuz turned out its just 4 years of art classes and i was more interested in the engineering and physics portion. So i switched to civil engineering. Much harder classes but i see if i stay with it. I'm a freshman at Iowa State University. GO CYCLONES
  18. So, what are they? When I went to public school, I loathed Gym with every fiber of my being, but adored Science. But, now in online schooling, I don't hate any class (despite being awful at Algebra ) and I love Physical Science and Creative Writing the most. How about you all?
  19. Everyone has a liking and a hatred to their school. Like, I love to see my friends, and see my favorite teachers, and sometimes the assemblies, events. And our school is not AS strict as most schools. Some schools don't allow many things. My one friend said at her old school, no one was allowed to wear make up, wear fingernail polish, fake nails, and many more thats not make up related. I dont really wear much make up or wear fingernail polish, but that's strict. Anyways, like my school allows gum, I pods, phones when teachers are not teaching, and many more. But, we ALL have ONE thing or two that we hate a lot. Like, I hate the fact that out P.D.A is outrageous this year. We cannot even hug family or friends....really? And we can only hold hands. It will be an automatic detention. And many other strict crap. I also hate my Principal, he is NO help at all and annoying. Some of the teachers are just too....OMG strict. I do hate a lot of people at my school, and also the homework as well What is ONE thing, maybe two, three or more that you hate about your school? Many people have at least ONE thing. Dont try and say that your school is perfect, this is not what this thread is about.
  20. After recently earning my bachelor's, I found my way into a nice entry-level position in a firm that i like, and am going to start working quid pro quo, none of the low-wage student position i had to do till now. Real work. As much as i'm happy with my accomplishments, i really did enjoy a good laugh or a nice group of colleagues to chat with as i work. I guess i'm a little nervous moving away to work with a team, which i know no one of. How about you? How do you feel being the new guy / girl?
  21. Some people see it as a waste of time and money, others see it as a necessary requirement for success, and some people just don't have the money for it, even if they wanted to go. What do you think about college? Are you planning on going to one? Do you think it's worth the investment?
  22. What was/is your high school mascot? My high school mascot was the Lincoln Way Central knight
  23. Everyone has a plan, some change their minds in the middle of their life. Some follow their plans all the way through. So as far as education goes, what is the highest level of education, that you plan to finish or have already finished? Or perhaps What KIND of education do you plan on doing or have completed already. Did you plan to go to college for an Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree or a Doctors/PHD? Perhaps Certifications are your style? Did you graduate high school or go for that GED exam? BONUS: Also did you win any awards during your time in school? I am talking about awards that came from high school, college, trade school and so on, so let's hear about it. I will start this thread with myself... 2005 = Graduated high school 2005 - 2009 = Graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Bachelors of Science) 2010 = Trade school (Became COMPTIA A plus, Network plus, and Security plus certified) 2011 - 2013 = Graduated with my Masters degree (MBA) (Masters in Business Administration with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) AWARDS.... Toastmasters Club – Competent Communicator Award (I Joined a public speaking club and became the first student on my campus to complete 10 speeches before graduation, which earned me this reward.) S.T.A.R (Students Taking Active Responsibilities) – Platinum Level Accomplishment (Helped out with volunteer work on the schools campus.) Future Business Leaders of America – Certificate of Appreciation (College Business club, won this award by helping out people who were struggling with on campus issues.) The Future... I plan to go ahead and try to get the following.... CCNA Cert. (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification) ACMT Cert. (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification) (Working on this NOW) ?MCSA Cert (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) That's it for me, what about the rest of you bronies and pegasisters?
  24. What is your favorite school subject? Mine personal is art and creative writing.
  25. For me, Music and Food extend my attention span, I have no patience when my parents are talking to me. However during school, I fall asleep when the teacher starts to lecture, like within 5 minutes of the talk How about you?