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Found 41 results

  1. When delving into the realm of science fiction, there is one thing about that genre that's pretty much common. Robots. The sci-fi genre loves robots. So, it prompted me to ask this question. What is your favorite robot or robots? Even though the prefix is Movies/TV, robots from games will also be accepted.
  2. So, I'm just being a bit curious here, but is anyone else on the forums going to conventions later on this year? And I don't just mean things like Bronycon and the such, but also stuff like ComiCon and things like that. I currently am looking forward to attending Midwest Brony Fest and the Anime Festival that we have in my hometown. How about you guys? Anything cool you want to or are going to attend?
  3. Just a question I am thinking about lately. Do you believe in the existence of aliens? Do you think there maybe any intelligent life-forms like us humans or maybe higher? If higher then how do you define higher? What about their physical appearance and abilities? Do you believe they'd also have religions and beliefs like we do? What's your general opinion about them?
  4. This is the main story that I've been working on, and I finished re-writing the early chapters recently as the quality wasn't quite on par with my more recent writing. I tried mixing in a few humorous scenes to keep the fic from being too dark, but it's still not exactly a happy story. There isn't much fighting until the last few chapters, but hopefully that's not too disappointing. It's almost 85k words long, and parts two and three are going to be about the same, so keep that in mind if large reads aren't your thing. Anyway, here's the synopsis from FiMFic. I think it's fine to post this here as long as I don't link directly to the story, but someone let me know if it's not and I'll edit the post. It's rated M, so you'll need to turn off the maturity filter on Fimfiction to view the story. My account is linked in my signature here, so you can find it from there.
  5. People talk about about how legendary Star Trek is, how Star Wars is the standard bearer, and how much of a masterpiece Firefly is. But during the 90's, another sci-fi space opera was carving it's own niche. Babylon 5. I remember watching this show as a kid. Where Star Trek was too much talk and Star Wars seemed too cheesy, this was what was blowing my mind. And the show only continued to surprise me further when I rewatched it years and years later, and began to appreciate both the complexities and subtleties told within. For those who saw it during it's initial run, what do you remember best about B5? What was your favorite episode or moment? Who were your favorite characters? What impressed or wowed you about the series? And for those who don't know, here's a short video to give you a good introduction.
  6. Hey you! Yes you! Do you like ponies? Do you like robotic-ish things? Ever want to see them come together or have seen them and want to chat about it? Welcome to the Mecha-Ponies Fan Club! A club dedicated to all posts and discussion about our favorite pastel equines in a roboticized, mechanized, cyberized, digitized or generally futuristic & Sci-fi manner. Crossovers w/ other sci-fi media are even welcomed. Now with any of our fine clubs, there are some rules, so prep yourselves. Rules: 1. Don't spam. Try to keep things relevant (It's robot ponies, how hard could that be?) 2. (This really should go without saying) Don't post images that are graphically violent or NSFW in nature. Let's keep the images to an all ages (or at the very least TV-14) level. 3. Don't come here to post negative comments. (If you don't like sci-fi cyber ponies, then I'm pretty sure you have better things to do with your time than to be here talking smack about them). 4. Forum rules still hold application here (Don't see why or how that would change now). Abide by the rules, and we can keep this club going for a nice long while, and everyone can have a good time here. With the requirements and protocols stated, we can now have some fun. The possibilities for you are near infinite in scope. For a few examples, you can post ponies as: Let your imagination & curiosity run wild! As of Universal Century 1-10-15, the future is now in your hooves. But first a word from our sponsor Now then Run [command] Get to posting my friend's! [/command] .EXE
  7. This Derpibooru screencap of a 4chan thread and Cloud Atlas inspired this idea, which is horrible but fascinating. Say, either Hasbro or an affiliated company produces humanoid clones and models them on characters from "Equestria Girls", and sells them as living, breathing dolls for little girls, either to babysit them at home, or entertain guests at parties. What do you think of that scenario? Do you think it would be interesting, especially to see how would life be like for an EqG clone, and how would the clone live as a runaway? Or would it be too horrible?
  8. This is a show that recently came through my mind and that i haven't seen in almost 2 decades. Starship Sagittarius (in japan called Uchusen Sagittarius) was a sci-fi anime that aired in 1986-1987 for 77 episodes. The series depicts the adventures of four astronauts who travel through space and visit many planets. On each planet they have an adventure. Each adventure seems to have a sort of morality, like the importance of friendship or about the state of the enviroment. It had alot of humor in it, but it also dealt with very mature themes at some points. like war, the dangers of nuclear wars, protection of the enviroment, slavery, alcoholism, etc. This all sounds very serious but it*s done in a way that kids can still watch this. I just recently found the japanese dub with subtitles on it on Youtube with all 77 episodes. It's a very interesting show to say the least.
  9. Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering. But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right? Greetings, everybrony! We are happy (and just a little bit terrified) to introduce the English translation project for The Broken Toy! What is The Broken Toy? The Broken Toy (orig. "Сломанная Игрушка"- rus.) is an epic dark novel by DarkKnight, who is well known and appreciated throughout the Russian-speaking brony community. The story takes place in the future of the Earth, where advanced genetic engineering allows humans to mass produce sapient technicolor ponies synthetic living beings with programmable minds and memories. If you want to get the basic understanding of what this novel is, just imagine the crazy mix of Do Hippoids Dream of Electric Parasprites by Filly K. Buck and Who Framed Roger Pegasus film. The novel contains 150K words, has been published as a book with an art-book, there is an audio version and also a spread of fan-made artworks and fics. Warning! Novel contains scenes of violence, coarse language, adult themes, and random combinations of the foregoing! Rated “M”: appropriate for mature teens and older. What’s our plan? Basically, our goal is to adapt and translate the original novel for the English-speaking community, chapter by chapter. We are also working on an English audio book and a set of illustrations for every chapter. Check the links below! In the longer term, we plan to publish the novel as an illustrated book. The Broken Toy team There are currently four of us, in alphabetical order: 1. Cerulean Starlight, editor of the English version. 2. Icy Shake, editor of the English version. 3. Slaaneshi, translator and charismatic PR-managing guy. 4. V_Korneev, one no fun jerk. Does: • Editing and adaptation of Russian version in coordination with DarkKnight; • Rough English translation; • Voice-acting and sound-editing for novel's audio version; • Artworks; • Whine. Links to the story • Project web-page • Illustrations on DeviantArt • Audiobook on YouTube • The Broken Toy on FIMFiction
  10. The Brave One or How Earth Ponies came into Existence by Phosphorous Dr. F. Goodblood, a worn down mechanical engineer, was sitting with his two great-grandnieces and his great-grandnephew. “Do you want to hear something interesting?” He asked the fillies and colt. “Of course.” Miss Purity, the oldest of the three cousins, replied. “Once upon a time, there were no Pegasi, no Unicorns, and no Earth ponies. Life was difficult. Ponies toiled through their days. Colorful manes and fur did not exist; everypony was a shade of drab brown or grey. Cutie marks were a term that was never heard of before. Ponies, in all of their suffering, were unkind to eachother. It wasn’t like anything anyone nowadays can imagine; the situation was worse than anything anypony can dream up in their worst nightmares. Beyond the daily aches of daily manual labour, the weak-bodied ponies were placed into conflict against eachother over trivial things such as the shade of their fur. There was no energy left for mercy. If someone had a poor harvest, they would be left starving. There were few ponies which challenged the way that things were. The ruler at that time, a cruel stallion named Ironhoof, was intolerant towards the intellectuals that toiled their minds daily, searching for solutions that would make the world a better place. The tyrant knew that his power was walking on thin ice. He was an intelligent, but evil stallion. He knew that the new technogies and ideas being developed by the intellectuals posed a risk to the current state of the world, and his own powerful seat. One of the brave ponies that stood against him was Alloy. Alloy was a student of Proffesor Openheart, the pony who pioneered a new field of enginnering that involved modifying heriditary material. His proffesor was regularly brought into question by Ironhoof’s accomplices. Labs were broken into, materials unlawfully seized, and research was destroyed. Several weeks after Alloy was granted his doctorate, Openheart gave him a box in secret. ‘I may not last much longer in this cruel, harsh world. Everyday, I am tormented and threatened by Ironhoof’s ever growing grip on society. But, deep in my heart, I know that this regime of fear and hatred will not last. All is not lost. I need you to continue the research in a safe space.’ Inside the box, there was a key and an adress. The address led to a secret, but high-tech laboratory in a remote area of Metallia. There, he continued the research, the hereditary material splicing which resulted in the creation of the first earth pony.” The little filly, Rose Copper, raised her hoof. “In school, we were told that earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns have always existed. There was never a first earth pony.” Dr. Goodblood laughed. “In school…” He adjusted his glasses. “What incentives do the teachers have to give you information that even they don’t have, information that has been supressed by Celestia.” He recalled his memories. “When I was much younger, several of my fellows found ancient artifacts of Alloy’s notes, Ironhoof’s correspondences, and etcetra. They even found Alloy’s lab by piecing together different hints found in various places. Celestia eventually caught ahold of us.” Goodblood took took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. “That tyrant! She had her cronies infiltrate our homes, seize all of the artifacts, and burn them to dust in front of our eyes.” Tears pooled up in front of his dark chocolate eyes. “I’m so sorry.” Rose said calmly. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. That tyrant felt that her power was threatened by the same technology that once led to the overthrow of another tyrant. Neither I, nor my fellows have visited the lab since that incident, for fear that the location might be revealed, and Celestia would order it to be demolished. Anyways, on to what happened with Alloy. Alloy was succesful at making the first Earth Pony. She was a darling that resembled most ponies back then; with a brown fur, mane, and eye combination. Her name was Steel Alloy. Dr. Alloy kept the creation of this filly a secret, but Ironhoof somehow suspected what was done. In reaction, the Ministry of Propoganda pumped out novellas and short stories ‘exposing the danger of creating a pony powerful than most’.” “Can you tell us what was in those stories?” Bronze, the colt, asked. “In one of those poorly-written, mass produced propoganda pieces, a stock character mad scientists makes a group of enhanced ponies. The enhanced ponies then destroy everything in their way, capture the world, and enslave every other pony. These stories were only made to distribute negative perspectives on pony improvement to everypony. They are not worth any merit. However, luckilly, the regime’s plan failed, for it is impossible to cover up the truth no matter how many words are published. Steel was far from the stock enhanced ponies portrayed in the dime novellas. She had a generous heart, When other ponies lacked the strength to do a task, she would aid them. I guess she had to do this, because, sooner or later, the truth about her origin would be revealed. When Ironhoof’s accomplices attempted to capture this ‘artificial freak’ by offering peasants piles of gold, the peasants refused the offer. Steel had helped them in times of need, while Ironhoof’s regime stood voluntarilly ignorant to their suffering. If it weren’t for Steel’s intuition regarding the ideal location of where to plant seeds, the labour of the peasants would have been fruitless. The peasants paid their dues by protecting Steel. They secretely snuck her and Dr. Alloy outside of the county. As he was running outside the county at the middle of the night, Dr. Alloy carried a metal box with himself. Back in the county, many peasants were slaughtered by Ironhoof’s accomplices for refusing to cooperate in the search for the ‘dangerous monster’. The two Alloys moved to and lived comfortably in a province on the opposite side of Metallia. In that other province, Steel also helped many ponies using her intuition and Earth Pony strength. Dr. Alloy offered to give many mares a foal that would have Steel’s abilities.” “Wouldn’t the stallions get angry at Alloy?” Miss Purity asked out loud. Goodblood laughed. “At first they did. But he proved himself to be a good pony. The proto-foals which were injected into the mares were stored in a frozen state within Dr. Alloy’s metal box. The foals which were born to these mares were the ancestors to all Earth Ponies. After several years, Ironhoof’s regimes caught wind of where Alloy and Steel were. The duo then fled once again, but to a place in the central region of Metallia. This time they were more inconspicuous. It was safe this way, since Steelhoof’s forces were battling a war against fellow Metallians on two fronts. The central province was a clear, safe place. Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, the Earth Ponies became mature. Suddenly, Ironhoof’s regine suffered a large blow. His forces weren’t strong or numerous enough to withstand the sheer power of a thousand of Earth Ponies stampeding upwards from the south. The tables were turned. It was time to strike. Steel herself found Ironhoof. Guess what her last words to him were.” The colt and the two fillies shrugged. “It was ‘Steel is stronger than Iron.’”
  11. I have started to write a story, which I have published the first chapter of. I was wondering if anyone would mine taking a look at it a give there opinion of it (note the first chapter has not much ponies in it at all, it is mostly there to set up the story, put it into context and to have some exposition) Link to post on FIMFiction It has not been approved yet, so here is a link to deviantart
  12. ^ When I submitted this story the moderators didn't upload till like 4 in the morning eastern time. Which is around a time in which hardly anyone is on, therefore, hardly anyone noticed it and I wasn't able to acquire much feedback.
  13. Sporemane

    Ask Spore

    Hi Spore here I got into MLP when season five started so I'm kind of new. A few things about me. I like music, sci-fi, literature, and gaming(who doesn't). So ask any thing you might want to know about me.
  14. I want to talk to someponies about the latest Doctor Who Epispde, and the love/hate relationship with Steven Moffat all Whovians can relate to.
  15. So I drew this for a comic page I was making, and I decided to put the image itself up on its own. Hope you like.
  16. The Park Opens June 12, 2015 So, who here's excited about the new Jurassic Park movie coming out? In this thread, I hope to establish conversation, speculation, hopes, wants, and especially news regarding the new film! For those that have yet to see the most recent news on the film, I'll list it out here so we can discuss about it! Directed by: Colin Trevorrow Starring: -Chris Pratt ...."Owen" -Bryce Dallas Howard -Jake Johnson -Vincent D'Onofrio ....:Patel" (villain), owner of Patel Corporation (source) -Irrfan Khan The rest of the Cast/Crew: Filming schedule: Leaked script pages: Open casting for Jurassic World: Leaked Set construction photos from Kauai:
  17. So, are there any other Stargate fans out there? My personal favorite was Atlanits, though SG-1 was great as well. While I'm on the topic, has anyone seen any good Stargate-MLP crossovers? -Z edit: misspelling
  18. Hello, this is a simple thread where I would like to know what are your favorite sci-fi TV-shows[partly because I am looking for one to watch and partly because I just thought this would be a good thread to start] . I hope I don't have to explain the term "science fiction", so lets get this started! This is the answer template, please share! Favorite Sci-fi TV-show: Why is it your favorite: Favorite character from it: How much of a fan are you exactly: ______________________________ Favorite sci-fi TV-show: Battlestar Galactica Why is it your favorite: It has some nice backstory to it and action, and the characters feel very real. Also it has epic space battles. Favorite character from it: Captain Apollo How much of a fan are you exactly: Well, I am the casual fan. I am not part of any forums or anything, and I do not go to any conventions based on it. But if I ever go to comic-con I am surely dressing up as a Battlestar officer. ^-^
  19. The contents of this post have been redacted pending future developments, and I don't want google spoiling things for me.
  20. Anyone write for the SCP Foundation site? I'm looking for some people to collaborate with.
  21. Prologue Thousands of years ago, our ancestors came to this planet. Using mighty technologies and awesome magics, they bent it to their will, transforming and molding it as they would. The air was pure; the animals, docile; the seas, a glistening blue expanse. It was a paradise. Five thousand years ago, war came. We don’t know who it was fought against, or why; we only know that it destroyed their Eden. What life wasn’t blasted apart by the power of the weapons deployed against our world, enough to shatter continents and rearrange seas, died in frozen cold from the choking, opaque dust filling the skies. But our ancestors had planned ahead. Shelters, strong enough to survive even weapons that could change the face of the planet itself, kept millions alive. Other, subtler technologies and magics went to work once the dust began to settle, revitalizing the air, reintroducing life, damping down the cauldrons of volcanic activity, restoring the world to habitability. But these technologies had their limitations. When our ancestors emerged from their shelters, they found not the paradise they were promised, but a harsh and barren world. Jungles, forests, and grasslands which had teemed with life all too eager to please its masters were now plagued by horrors and monstrosities which ignored every plea made by ponykind, even as they feasted on it. Lands where crops had covered the earth and mines had extracted vast mineral wealth now lay under miles of saltwater. Seas where fish had swarmed now rose above the waves, high, dry, and infertile.Tensions between the survivors over access to the remaining resources of the planet grew, and a second war was fought. This time, there were no shelters to save the population from the brutality of battle, no machines and magics to try to clean up afterwards. This time, civilization ended. But not ponykind. Though reduced to primitive savagery, we remembered, in legends and tales, the heights from which we had fallen, and we yearned to return to them. It was not easy--nothing worthwhile ever is--but eventually we did. Eventually we once again sailed the seas, we once again hurtled through the air--of course, the pegasi had never stopped--and, at long last, on pillars of fire we ascended to the very heavens, journeying into space. At home, we were making our own discoveries. For so long, our past had been a mystery. There were tales and legends, true, but before a few thousand years ago, even the most diligent archeologist had to admit there was nothing. Then we discovered one of the shelters, deep underwater, still functioning after thousands of years. Within, we found more than just the remains of millenia-dead ponies. We found ourselves. In the genetic code of our long-dead relatives. In the reams of documents preserved in the dry, dead atmosphere. Eventually, in data baked into ancient computer circuits. It was a long and painstaking process, but we learned we were not indigenous to this planet. We learned that we had a home--a homeworld--out there, among the stars. We learned we could get there, if we tried. That was the most unexpected discovery of them all. A device--a hyperspace core--deep within the core of the facility. Something with the power to move things. Thousands of light-years, in mere days. We researched, we copied, we thought. We decided. We were going to return to our homeworld. Every mind, every effort was put behind the great project. A vast colony ship, able to cross thousands of light years and reconnoiter new worlds, was designed and began to be built. Hundreds of thousands volunteered to spend years frozen, in hibernation, waiting to cross the void of space to a new planet. New industries and technologies were created, and old ones reworked. Sacrifices were made, too. Those working on the project spent years, decades in space, away from their homes, sacrificing their family for the sake of the project. Millions lived and died never knowing whether their effort had, ultimately, made any difference--never knowing whether the grand project succeeded or failed. But among these sacrifices, there was one pony who undoubtedly did the most--who put her life entirely at the service of the cause. The young unicorn scientist Twilight Sparkle had herself permanently integrated into the ship as its living, breathing, thinking core. She is now Fleet Command. Equus “—so production is 12% short of where they were supposed to be by this cycle—“ As his adjutant droned on about the present state of Mothership construction, Shining Armor found his attention constantly drifting towards the clock mounted high up on the wall directly behind his aide. In his head, he compared it to the timetable he had memorized months ago for the imminent shuttle docking. They should have just entered the approach pattern; another fifteen minutes to dock, then two for post-docking checks and transferring her… “—since the system is automated, we are not sure that allocating additional ponypower will do much to help—“ He grimaced. For all that he had spent the last two decades of his life in space, away from all of his family, the next seventeen minutes promised to be the longest waiting period he had endured in…quite a long while. “—could jeopardize launch schedule significantly. At this late date—“ “Captain Triplicate,” Shining Armor interrupted. The captain peered through his thick glasses at his commander, sheaves of paper and tablet computer momentarily left hanging, forgotten, in his green magical aura. “Sir?” he responded. “While Production’s shortfall is a serious problem, the admirals are more concerned with Fleet Command and seeing whether she can live up to her promises at the moment. Right now, my concern is to ensure that she is safely transferred to the bridge, whereas even if we discovered how to solve Production’s issues right this instant, it will take days or weeks to actually fix them. If we might review possible remedies later…?” As oblivious as Triplicate Forms might sometimes be, even he wasn’t blind enough not to see what Shining Armor was trying to tell him. “Ah. Yes, sir. Perhaps…” he waggled his head, consulting an internal calendar. “Today, at fifteen fifteen? As I recall, you have nothing scheduled for then.” Shining Armor nodded. “Fifteen fifteen it is, then. See you then, captain.” Realizing he was dismissed, Triplicate Forms quickly gathered up his notes and slid them into the saddlebags draped across his back, then rapidly trotted across the gleaming white composite deck plating and out of Arrival Control, leaving Shining Armor and a bored clerk alone to wait out the remaining—he checked the clock again—thirteen minutes until his sister arrived. As the clock ticked away, Shining couldn’t keep his hooves still. He checked, then rechecked his uniform, adjusting it so that the toughest petty officer in the fleet would have congratulated him on the sheer pinnacle of perfection he had achieved. He examined his hooves in minutest detail, seeking out any imperfection. He reviewed, then reviewed again the exact schedule he had planned out for Twilight’s arrival. If he stopped, he might start thinking about his relationship with his sister. And if he did that, then he might start wondering what effect twenty years in space and twenty-five years in the military might have had on that relationship. And if he did that, then he, the newest commodore in the Equestrian Space Forces and the Commanding Officer of Mothership Assembly might just turn tail and flee rather than confront her. Well, he might, but only if he allowed himself to take the first step, of wondering. So he made sure his uniform would pass the strictest inspection, rubbed his hooves on the deck to wipe out the slightest scuff or mark, reviewed his schedule, even, when his imagination finally failed him, counted his breaths as if he was a hermit perched upon a mountaintop. Behind the desk, the intake clerk slouched, completely uninterested in Shining Armor’s anxieties or his methods of relieving them. Unlike Shining Armor, restrained by his sense of propriety and position in the fleet, the civilian clerk had long since resorted to the ubiquitous phone as a distraction during the long wait for the shuttle. Shining Armor’s perpetual motion only stopped when the sound of docking latches engaging and hatches mating echoed through the chamber. Taking a deep breath, he turned to face the docking tunnel as the cacophonic clanging of the docking mechanism reverberated through the reception hall. A moment passed, then another, then a blur of purple flew out, smashing into him and wrapping itself around his chest. After a moment during which he seriously feared for his ribcage, the purple blob spoke. “Shiney!” “Twily!” Out of the corner of one of his eyes, he saw the shuttle attendant flash a quick salute before turning back into the cabin. After the too-tight hug, Shining pulled back from his sister. He had seen what had been done to her, of course, on video calls home, but seeing your sister’s transformation into a cyborg on a screen and experiencing it at first hoof were completely different. Black lumps of plastic, metal, and microcircuitry jutted out of her skin and coat at dozens of points, concentrated largely along her spine and around her horn, with several much larger ports along her barrel. Her mane had long since been shaved away and her tail cut back to the dock to allow unhindered surgical access. Patches of distinctly lighter coat were present around the most recent surgical sites, although the older implants were snugly embedded in her coat, almost as if they were meant to be there. Whatever his feelings about what she had done to herself, though, he was counting on her to do everything she said she could. Everypony was counting on her. So, instead of attempting a futile last-ditch effort at talking her out of becoming the core of the Mothership, or even trying to talk her into waiting a few days before integrating, he simply said, “You need to register with the clerk over there,” and led her towards the desk, where the clerk sat slumped in her chair. Once they reached her desk, she reluctantly put down her phone and pulled herself upright, positioning her hooves over her keyboard. Looking Twilight in the eye, she asked “Name?” “Twilight Sparkle” “Date of birth?” “July 7th, 1131” Shining slowly tuned out of the exchange between the clerk and Twilight. Even if was the same procedure that every other pony boarding the Mothership had to go through, it seemed vaguely ridiculous; after all, she was going to become, quite literally, part of the ship. There was no need to take into account her boardings or departures, no worries that she might stow away somehow. Nevertheless, it was procedure, and it was, in no small part, his job to uphold procedure. Distracted, he didn’t break out of his reverie until Twilight wrapped her hooves around him again. He returned a brief but potent squeeze before asking, “I take it you’re done?” “Yep!” she smiled. “Dotted all the i’s, crossed all the t’s”. “To the bridge then,” he said. “To the bridge,” she agreed, and followed him as he stepped out of Arrival Control. --- “--so then she said, ‘Ensign, is that a--’, and he said, ‘Yes, ma’am’ and she said ‘Well, Ensign, would you mind explaining where it came from?’ “Now, at this point he knows he’s in deep trouble no matter what he does, so he decides that he might as well go out in a blaze of glory. So he says, ‘Yes ma’am, I would mind explaining where it came from.’ “Well, the good captain did not expect that from a wet-behind-the-ears ensign, I can tell you that! She had this kind of blue coat, see, so her face turned this purplish color as she got more and more angry at him. Given how quiet it was in that room, we could hear her teeth grinding together, too. I think most of us were wondering how long it would take for her to lose it. “Fortunately--or unfortunately, I’m still not quite sure which--she had the good sense not to explode in front of a roomful of junior officers. She just said, in this low, quiet, but utterly dangerous voice, ‘Ensign, I expect you in my office the moment this meeting is adjourned.’ “He just said, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ “Well, he didn’t take it off for the next week. We never did learn the details what happened between them, though.” Shining chuckled a little more at the thought of it. That had been a good prank. His sister just smiled, a little wanly, as if she understood how funny it was but didn’t quite have the energy to work herself up to laughter. “So that was probably the most interesting thing that’s happened the whole time since I came up here,” he offered after they had walked along in silence for a few moments. “But you! Presidents and chancellors and princesses and kings! You have to have more interesting stories than I do, Twily.” Twilight smiled a little more, but rather with the air of somepony feeling obliged to smile than somepony genuinely flattered by the compliment. “,” she responded after a brief silence. “None of that was nearly as exciting or interesting as, well, this,” she waved her hoof around. “You’ve told me a lot about what’s happened, but not much about what it’s like.” He must have looked confused, because a moment later she clarified, “What it’s like being in space. Being on the Mothership. Being in charge of building it. All of those, maybe. You know how much I wanted to go into space when I was a little filly,” she reminded him. He smiled as he remembered. “Yes ma’am Spacepony Twilight ma’am!” For the first time since she had arrived, she laughed, a rich, genuine sound that lost little from bouncing off the white composite paneling of the brightly-lit corridor they were walking down. She shoved him, just a little, still laughing as she did. “Shiiiny,” she whined. “Yes, Spacepony?” he replied, struggling to keep a straight face. She shoved him again, a little harder. “You know what you did,” she accused him. “You laughed, though,” he observed. “Even so,” she said, then paused for a moment before adding, “You still haven’t answered my question.” He thought for a moment. “Well...” --- As they finally approached the doors to the bridge, both Shining and Twilight paused. “So…” Shining was the first to break the silence. Before he could say or do anything else, Twilight again leapt up to give him a tight hug, face buried in his shoulder. He wrapped her in his own forelegs, trying to hold on even though he knew he couldn’t. “I love you, big brother,” she said into his ear. There was really only one reply for that. “I love you too.” For what seemed like an eternity, they simply held onto each other, unwilling to stop. Finally, Shining let go. Twilight reluctantly followed. Together, they stepped up to the bridge’s doors and pushed them open. Within, the dozen ponies of the integration team were already waiting. Half wore the light green bands of medical, the other half the gold of engineering. Behind them, the doors to the innermost sanctum of the bridge were already open, the dark, metallic, machinery-filled room behind a stark contrast to the clean, smooth white composite of the antechamber they were standing in. No words needed to be said. The integration team led Twilight into the sanctum and positioned her on a broad raised dais in its center. Then, they began the lengthy process of connecting her to the Mothership’s computer systems. Each port connecting to her nervous system was checked, rechecked, and hooked up to its appropriate wire. Shining just watched. Technically, he had no further role here. He had delivered Fleet Command to the bridge, and now it was the Chief Surgeon’s duty to see her sucessfully integrated. But he’d be damned if he didn’t at least watch as his sister was--executed. The systems that would allow her to eat, drink, and eliminate waste while embedded in the bridge were attached to their corresponding implants. During the whole process, little more than whispers passed among the crew and between them and Twilight, simple commands such as “try to raise your left front leg” or “try to wiggle your tail” to verify proper functioning. Finally, the technicians left the dais, and up from it came a smooth, transparent tube, which quickly raised itself to the ceiling, sealing Twilight within. It was as if they had just strapped her down for the needle, he supposed. Just one more step, and she’d be the ship, forevermore. Now sealed, the chamber began to flood with a transparent liquid, the breathing fluid that would be used to provide Twilight with oxygen during the voyage. Calmly, Twilight waited with her eyes closed as it topped her fetlocks…her knees…her withers…finally, the top of her head. It was funny, how his terrors graded themselves to attack weakest to strongest. First, it was hearing of her project. Then, it was waiting for her arrival. At last, it was actually watching. After a moment of hesitation, bubbles flooded from her mouth and nose as she began to breathe the liquid. Finally, the entire chamber filled and she floated freely within it, suspended within by an explosion of wires and tubes. The doors to the inner bridge snapped shut and sealed with a burst of light. A sexless voice sprang to life over the antechamber’s loudspeakers. “Beginning integration of subject Twilight Sparkle…in progress…in progress…complete.” For a brief instant, there was silence. Then, in a moment which Shining could never decide was heart-wrenching or heart-warming, the voice was replaced by his sister’s. “Fleet Command is online and waiting for orders.” --- The visitor looked more than a little lost down in the boiler room of the Mothership’s life support department. Her immaculate uniform, forelegs banded with blue stripes marking her as a member of the science department, was clearly out of place among the pounding, clanking, dirty machinery and squishy, squelching, filthy biology that kept fifty thousand ponies alive. Applejack caught a sight of the visitor and sighed. Another pony with no business here? Somehow, every day more ponies wandered down into the life support department, hopelessly lost. She didn’t know how; it wasn’t exactly easy to find life support even if you were looking for it. Nevertheless, anypony who got that lost needed help, whether or not she was a little tired of giving it. “Hello, sugarcube,” she addressed the newcomer as she drew nearer to the butterscotch yellow pegasus mare. “A little lost, am ah right?” The newcomer seemed to retreat in on herself as she noticed the chief approaching. She softly answered “Um, yes. This isn’t the science wing...” Applejack laughed at the mare’s statement of the obvious. “No it ain’t, sugarcube, this is almost the other side of the ship! This here is Life Support. Ah’m Applejack, Chief of Life Support Operations.” She stood a little taller, a little prouder at that statement of her title. And why shouldn’t she? The Apples didn’t have fancy connections or political might. There hadn’t been any backdoor deals pushing her up the ranks. No, she had earned her place aboard with raw talent and hard work, and she wouldn’t ever forget it. The subtleties of her stance were totally lost on her visitor, who wailed, “Oh no, there’s a biology team meeting in ten minutes! How am I ever going to get there in time?” Applejack’s heart melted at the sight of the mare’s quiet breakdown. “Hey, it ain’t that bad. Here, ah’ll take you to the G-14 transit tube. You can get a direct shot to the science wing from there, it won’t take more than five minutes to get over there.” The mare looked up at Applejack. “Really?’ Applejack smiled and offered a hoof to her. “Sure as mah name’s Applejack.” She explained even as the two mares set off at a brisk canter, Applejack leading the way: “The G-14 provides service to the engineering, production, and science facilities, but not the dormitory levels. Hardly anypony uses it to move around, so there’s never any jamming or congestion.” Halfway to their destination, she suddenly realized that she had no idea who she was helping out. “Ya know, ah don’t think ah caught your name earlier...?” “Oh, I’m Fluttershy. I’m in the Biology Department,” the yellow mare replied. “And what do you do in the Biology Department, Fluttershy?” Applejack asked, more than a little curious about what the ponies outside of engineering actually did on a day-to-day basis. Between how busy life support had been for the past month or two as new ponies had flooded aboard, and the lack of social options aboard, she’d hardly met anypony outside of the department. “Well, mostly we’re there to research any xenobiological—I’m sorry, I mean alien life forms we come across,” she explained as they neared the transit tube. “We also have a secondary job of looking at ways to improve the efficiency of the on-board biological systems, which I’m sure you’re very familiar with. My specialty is zoology, I work with birds and mammals and insects and, well, with all the cute little critters out there.” As she said that last part, her voice softened and her face split itself with a quiet but satisfied smile. “Huh,” Applejack said. “That sure sounds interestin’. A lot more than mah job, at least. Most interestin’ thing happens to us is when the sewage system backs up...” Applejack shuddered at the memory. “Don’t sell yourself short!” Fluttershy interrupted. “Managing the bioreactors themselves is a complicated optimization problem, to say nothing of coupling them to the inorganic processing systems! When you add in managing industrial waste flows and dealing with external contamination, you probably have the most dynamic job on the ship!” Applejack just stared at the pegasus as if she had suddenly grown a second head for a moment. Nervously, Fluttershy added, “um, but whatever you think is fine, I guess.” After a few moments of uncontrolled laughter, Applejack managed to get enough control of herself to begin speaking again. “Sounds like we both think everypony else’s job’s got to be more interestin’ than ours,” she chuckled. “Ah don’t suppose you’d be up for swappin’ ‘war stories’? Pretty much everypony ah know on board’s an engineer themselves, so ah don’t get much of a chance to share.” “I…suppose,” Fluttershy said. “Well then! How about we meet for lunch on a regular basis? Say, every Tuesday and Thursday, maybe? Ah eat from noon to one, most days, in the engineering mess.” “I...guess that would work,” Fluttershy said after a moment of thought. “Well, that’s settled, then,” Applejack said, slowing to a casual trot. “And here’s the transit tube. G-14, as ah said. Now, git to your meeting, and remember, next Tuesday!”
  22. Star Wars: RE-CAST! - A Round Robin Fan-Fiction What we will be doing: We will be taking the longstanding script of Star Wars and making out own little creative edits to it. How, you ask? We will be recasting the Titular Characters with ones from other sources of fiction of course! Imagine if Anakin Skywalker were instead Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender? How would that alter things in the storyline? We could of course try to keep true to the whole “Anakin falls to the dark side over time” and still “romances Padme” while letting our own creative influence flow over the work in its entirety. What is a “Round Robin”? A “Round Robin” is a story that multiple authors participate in. This ranges from chapters, to stories, and most times, little collaboration on an overall storyline. Surprises await at every corner! How will we do it: Simple. I will be posting the first “chapter” and it will only encompass a small area of the story. A few scenes here and there. Then, whoever is interested in taking the story over from that point will voice their interest in this thread by saying “I will take Chapter 2! Or Chapter 3!” And each person will be given their scenes in which to use for their chapters. Some simple rules to follow: Please only post your chapter once you have been approved to do so. You have as much time to work on it as possible. New chapters won't be given out until a prior chapter is posted. Don't be greedy and let other authors try their hands at it. We're looking for both inexperienced and skilled writers for this. Do not change characters another author has selected! Do your best to write for the characters provided. HOWEVER, if in your chapter a new character is introduced, feel free to replace the CANON characters with whomever you like! As this is a challenge and an exercise for all of us, we must keep what we are given and add where we are able. If someone has already introduced Fluttershy as Yoda then that is how it shall remain throughout the story (and coincidentally all of the films, if we make it that far. We can hope so!) Keep your characters “in-character” while being “in-character”. Confused? My apologies. In the previous example, Fluttershy need not speak in riddles. She might still retain a lot of her “shy, adorable” qualities while still attempting to be a mentor to other Characters. Follow the format! The format will be as such and placed at the beginning of each chapter: Chapter Author: (This will be your username of course) Previous Chapter Author: (The author of the previous Chapter) Original Cast Introduced: (Original characters from the scene) Replacement Cast Introduced: (Characters replacing those in the above- mentioned spot) (Do try to keep them in order) Replacement Cast Info: (Links to an informational page regarding the new characters so other writers can understand how they may act.) Be courteous to your fellow writers! We'll be working on this together. Don't force the character to run away or get killed just because you don't approve of it personally. Give it a shot! We'll see where it goes and enjoy it! If you don't know how the character would act, just do your best! This is an exercise in creative and spontaneous writing! Have fun! That's why we're doing it. We're not going for a prize, we're not doing it to get published, we're doing it for fun. Enjoy writing and enjoy being part of a magnificent team of writers whose skills vary from novice to experienced! How do we get started: As I have mentioned earlier, I will post the first chapter. Then, whomever posts their interest to take on the next chapter will receive a message from me with what their chapter should encompass. Your chapters can always include as much as you want to, but they must never jump ahead in the story to a point in someone else's chapter. Use your fellow writers' previous chapter as an example and go from there. Wherever your scene ends, make sure to wrap up your chapter appropriately. I will be here to field any questions we may have about the process~!
  23. Hey Everypony I found a crazy comedy Pop Culture cartoon you should watch called Mort and Ricky episode "lawnmower dogs" why well let's just say it has something do with 80's horror movie anyway enjoy ?
  24. Choose??? No way! It's a tie between Star Wars, Warhammer, Star Trek, Stargate, and Dune. Add Babylon 5, The Xeelee Sequence, and the Culture.
  25. First off, it's not pony porn. I'm sure that answers a lot of questions already for many people. What it is, is a story that takes place in an alternate universe. An alien warp gate opens up that leads to a section of space called the Koprulu sector. The sector is filled with technology from long dead alien races. The ponies use this technology to advance themselves technologically, and for a while things were good. They build ships, colonize planets, etc. But eventually that warp gate is destroyed, leaving a number of Equestrians trapped in the sector without Celestia's guidance. Free of her rule for better or worse, the inhabitants start drawing borders, building armies and fleets, and prepared to challenge one another for the right to rule the sector. Some fought for faith, others for thrones, and others simply for greed. After three hundred years, the violence hasn't seem to have ceased. The universe aside, it follows the more personal story of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They had a fairly decent childhood growing up, having the usual adventures children have. But in this story they are now reaching adulthood, and they are about to experience first hand just how horrible life outside of their sheltered colony can be. If you are interested, the story can be found here