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Found 15 results

  1. Yo I just realized...THERE ISN'T A SCISET FAN CLUB ON HERE GFHKDGFHJGY WE GOTTA GIVE THIS BEST SHIP SOME MORE LOVE AM I RIGHT? mkay so here are some rules: 1. no trashing other sunset shimmer or twilight ships in here 1a. no trashing other ships in general 2. i guess keep things appropriate just in case for younger viewers 3. ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SCISET 4. HAVE FUN! here's some sciset pics to start y'all off can't exactly blame twi- BACK OFF TREE BOY KJHSADHGASK LOOK AT SUNSET'S AWKWARD BODY LANGUAGE WHEN SHE'S LOOKING AT TWI THE BLUSHING JGJASHGFJH twilight practically confesses her love for sunset here AND DON'T FORGET THE RARIJACK IN THE BACK LOOK AT THIS AWKWARD LITTLE BEAN anyways guys HAVE FUN HERE
  2. So, here's a question: Which of the two do you like better, princess twilight sparkle, or the version of Twilight in equestria girls? The two have notably different personalities and group dynamics (Most probably to make room for Sunset in the group while she doesn't exist in FIM), so they're functionally very different characters. So, which twilight is your favorite and why?
  3. The names "Twilight Sparkle" and "Equestria Girls" are two names that have become very divisive amongst members of the Friendship is Magic fandom since the year 2013. Some say, that Twilight Sparkle became bland after she earned her wings while others have said that they like her even more in her new role as the Princess of Friendship. On the other end of the fandom, you have a group of people who dismiss a series where our favorite ponies are portrayed as Kool-Aid hued high school students and in particular, a timid glasses-wearing girl who represents the human universes version of the very Princess of Friendship whom the fandom had become split on. This my friends is "Sci-Twi" the subject of my blog, a character that on the surface may look like a simple "Twilight Sparkle with glasses." but in reality is someone who is similar to Princess Twilight while also being slightly different from her at the same time. For example, while Princess Twilight Sparkle may rule over an entire country her human counterpart has to deal with far more mundane activities such as homework and the awkwardness of a first date. There are many things to like about both versions of Twilight Sparkle but the one thing that sets them apart in my opinion is the ability to put yourself in their shoes. One battles mythical creatures while the other worries about deciphering text messages, one barely entertains the idea of relationships while the other has a steady boyfriend, one has a puppy dog while the other one has a baby dragon...You get the idea. In conclusion, there's so much more to the human world's version of Twilight Sparkle besides a pair of glasses, you just have to look a little to find it. Thank You *so* much for taking the time to read this!
  4. i think i'm obsessed with her.. OUO her glasses are so ADORKABLE... LIKE HER. xD
  5. You’re invited for a sleepover with Sci-Twi and the human Mane 5. As a prank Sci-Twi gets you into a deep sleep, then dresses you in her uniform, down to knickers, vest, and socks. Experiencing a weird feeling, you wake up the next day and discover the prank. Reaction?
  6. As we know magic doesn't work the same way in Equestria. So in Equestria Sci-Twi would be who Princess Twilght originally was and the portal and magic can tell the difference making Sci-Twi a unicorn. But in the human world the element of magic ID'd Princess Twilight and the other bearers as their current pony forms and so the friendship magic that stayed in the human world have ID'd Sci-Twi as the same Twilight and as so gives her wings.
  7. All of these are commissions I've done in the past. #1- Original character reference sheet #2 and 3- MLP/Gundam 00 crossover. Making gundam armor fit pony bodies is rather difficult, but I managed! #4- Some Equestria Girls stuff. All the outfits are my design (except Rarity's). This one was rather fun; super0girly and all that (note: the Twi-Twilight here is "Sci-Twi")
  8. one thing I find interesting about sunset's home is how it looks like a tiny apartment (I guess she lives alone after all and is 18?) and her house looks kind of jury rigged and kind of junky; she uses christmas lights for light and her clock is duct taped together and cracked.
  9. I'll be posting here and updating the first post here and there with new art. Comments and critique or character requests will be accepted! Art from my Request thread will also be brought here.
  10. (The picture above did not Included Human Twilight Sparkle) “The Stellar Six” is a group consist of six characters who had shared many encounters with each other to varying extents. Some of these characters have went on to have bigger roles in the show and Equestria Girls films, while others have faded into obscurity. However, they all have enjoyed a degree of popularity with some of the fan-base. Not to mention that they all have astrological based Cutie Marks and all are respectively unicorns and/or alicorns in the case of Human Twilight’s ponied up form, and as such these characters tend to be collectively grouped together in many fan works. Princess Twilight Sparkle: A gifted unicorn who was tasked by her mentor Princess Celestia to moved in to Ponyville to befriend 5 other ponies and become the bearer of the element of magic and the leader of the Mane 6. she was later transformed into alicorn after completing a one of Star Swirl's spells and was crowned as the new princess of Equestria, obtaining the title of "Princess of Friendship". Sunset Shimmer: Former prized pupil of Princess Celestia who abandoned her studies to pursue her own ambitions and ran off to the human world where she was eventually shown the error of her ways during her encounters with Princess Twilight Sparkle. She would later become a staunch friend to the Human Twilight Sparkle. Trixie Lulamoon: Famed illusionist and notable braggart with a tendency to annoy Twilight Sparkle. She once enslaved Ponyville and banished Twilight while being possessed by the alicorn amulet. However, after being tricked into removing the amulet, she begins developing change of heart in spite of her struggle to earn and win back the respect of others, especially and ironically Twilight herself. Luckily, She was able to later befriend Twilight’s student Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: Former believer in equality without Cutie Marks who sought revenge against Twilight and her friends after they exposed her for who she was. However she was reformed in her process of her attempt revenged and later became Twilight’s reluctant student in the lessons of friendship. Moon Dancer: One of Twilight’s Canterlot friends who was devastated by Twilight’s actions when Twilight did not attend her party, and became a shut-in who refused to value friendship until Twilight came back to amend for her past actions for being a bad friend. Human Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi): Former student of Crystal Prep Academy who shared many similarities in comparison to her pony counterpart, except her experiences during the Friendship Games where she was transformed into Midnight Sparkle in pursuit of her interest in magic while taking a dark path. She was later reformed but her regret over the incident continued to alienate her from her new friends, as she kept things to herself. luckily, she managed to pull it through after saving Camp Everfree and overcoming her alter ego. This is an idea that me and a few other people came up and would like to ask that you can support the new Mane Group. More Images:
  11. Me and a few other members from came up with an idea of creating a new type of mane 6 called the Stellar Six/Stellar Mane Six. and we would like to ask if you could support our idea and help us spread the word across the community. READ THIS TEXT AND SPREAD THE WORD: P.S. if this wrong place to post this please let me know about it
  12. Say, we host a cooking contest, in which the Two Twilight Sparkles and Sunset Shimmer got invited to attend. Each contestant may cook any dish, but it has to involve at least something and eggs, eggplants, and bacon. Which of the three do you think will win this contest, and what kind of dish do you think she will create? And would you, or the other two, enjoy the winning dish? Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone, I've decided to make this post because of...issues I'm having. A year ago, like many of you, I tuned in to watch EQG: Electric Boogaloo...I mean, EQG3: Friendship Games. For the most part, I enjoyed it like mostly everyone else as well. Except, there was something about it that has made me feel so...I don't know, uncomfortable? Confused? Annoyed? Frustrated and Angry? All of those apply I believe and I have reached a point I don't really know what to do to deal with it. Maybe airing my thoughts here can help somehow. Spoilers ahead for EQG3 and potentially 4 (on that note, please do not give spoilers on EQG 4, I haven't seen it yet, but intend to. If anything in it happens that should help me resolve my issues though, you can at least mention as such, just not what exactly it is.) So, my issues that stem from this film revolve around Human Twilight. To be frank, I do not like how she was treated. At all. Especially what happened to her at the end. I mean, here is the alternate human version of a character who we've seen save Equestria many times, has generally positive relations with everypony else (even before moving to Ponyville and especially after) and has confidence in herself but without ego. Yet, while the rest of the Mane 6's human counterparts in the EQG verse are practically humanized teenage versions of the originals with no real difference other than their species, age (possibly) and current life setting, Twilight seems to get the short end of the stick by going to a school where shes's surrounded by assholes, (a little spaceballs reference for anyone looking), having an insipid, vile monster as her principal/mentor replacing Celestia who manipulates Twilight for her own ends and lacks a lot of the confidence that her pony version has, making her out to be this meek, nearly Fluttershy-esque distortion of what she normally is. What? Why? I thought the difference behind this universe was that the ponies were humans, not "the ponies are humans and Twilight is miserable." If I wanted an imperfect version of any of the mane six, I rather go to a custom made universe for that, or even their mirror universe. Now I could accept that if that was the end of it, If the movie ended with Twilight breaking away cleanly from Crystal Prep. I'd still be a little annoyed, but not so much that it bothers me. But instead, we get Twilight becoming Midnight Sparkle and it just... I didn't like it. It just feels wrong. She didn't deserve that to happen to her. She already had enough bad stuff happening to her but that was a step too far. I mean, the idea of Twilight turning into a villain, at least for a while, isn't a bad one. Hell, I'd actually be quite interested in it if this had been in the show itself with Pony Twilight or any of the Mane Six there. I mean, this kind of thing has happened in other shows, movies, games, books etc many times before and I usually find quite exciting. With the hero corrupted and its up to the hero's friends or even former enemies to rescue them, that an exciting concept that flip the status quo on its head! But I feel that the way it was executed here didn't work. This wasn't the main Twilight who already has plenty of experience and goodwill built from her past adventures or some dark, evil reflection of Twilight from the mirror Universe that you could expect to become Midnight Sparkle. This was a version of Twilight who we've never met before, has never had any of the adventures Princess Twilight has had, nor does she have the kind of experience dealing with friends or being part of something strange and amazing and bigger than her. Yet she's still as good a person as her pony counterpart, she just happens to be human, living in a human society and sure, like I said earlier, less confident. So to have this happen to her, to have this be her first step in her story, it just isn't right and I need answers. Was Twilight's mind being corrupted by the magic? Was it amplifying her negative emotions, essentially forcing her into thinking more darkly and impulsively, whilst suppressing her positive traits and her conscience? Was it basically a form of mind control altering her mind and that, once lifted, Twilight's natural morals and way of thinking kicked in and she realised what she was doing, making her horrified by her what she had been doing? I would much prefer that to be the answer, rather than the alternative. That Twilight....gave in basically. That just having power and knowledge in and of themselves made her willingly think, of her own volition, "Well this is actually pretty cool. I think I'll just start punching holes into another dimension just to satisfy my own curiosity, even though I was begging Cinch just a minute ago that something bad could happen. Sure I didn't want to hurt anyone earlier and I do have family that I cared about, but they don't matter to me anymore, now that I've got these nifty powers and knowledge filling my brain, they can go suck it!" That's horrible, that feels like character betrayal to me. It would be the same as how Anakin Skywalker turned to darkside, not all that believable. I don't think Twilight, even this version, would get corrupted by just having power or knowledge, not immediately anyway. If that was all that was happening, no mind alteration involved, I'd think she would've been just floating up in the air thinking "Oh god, what's happened to me? Why can't I stop ripping holes in the reality with only my hands? Someone help me!" As such, to me, the only way things could have unfolded the way they did was if Twilight's mind was being forcibly altered in some way, there can be no alternative. Since then, the whole thing has just kept bugging me. I don't like thinking about it but I can't seem to get it out of my head. Even if I try to distract myself doing something, anything, like playing video games, talking with friends or focusing on work, the thought of it just strikes out of nowhere. Every time I see Twilight, even Pony Twilight who wasn't even involved in this, I get somewhat uncomfortable now, like anything to do with her has been tainted somehow. I just have to ask, is there anyone else who feels like this, at least somewhat? Maybe not with Twilight but with others characters who turned bad guy for a while? Like Rarity into Nightmare Rarity in the comics, or Fluttershy in to Flutterbat, or even anything unrelated to MLP? Please, say, I'd really like to know how you dealt with it and if you found a way to move on from it. I also would like to get some answers, perhaps from the crew on the movie themselves. Are there any quotes or sources where they discuss what happened to Twilight when she became Midnight? While I do believe that her mind was being tampered with, no one in the movie said anything to support or deny this. Maybe getting some solid, definitive evidence from the people who wrote it could help. I just want to finish by saying I don't blame anyone for this giving me issues. I'am not angry with anyone who worked on EQG: FF or anything like that. You did something you thought would be interesting and that's it. And normally, I'd be quite happy with this kind of story. But in this scenario, I'am not. And its left me in a weird spot I'd rather not be in. So sorry for this rant and all but yeah. If any one could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. She only sang in the middle of the season in season 1, and at the beginning of the season in season 3, but in every other season, Twilight only sings at the very end. Yeah she's part of the chorus during certain episodes, but no solos. It's really weird. I mean the possibilities could be that EG is so much for Rebecca for voicing Sunset and singing for two characters, but a quick solo wouldn't hurt. Would've been nice to see Twilight have a quick solo in Hearth's Warming Tale or something. Twilight BARELY sang at all in season 5! Just one little part in the finale. Recently, it seems Sci-Twi is singing more than Twilight herself! EDIT: Uh oh! Duplicate posts! Triggered a bug!
  15. In the third movie, Sci-Twi wanted to be accepted into the Everton Independent Study program because she thought she would be able to expand on her education and current research. She believed that Crystal Prep was too easy of a school for her, so she wanted to explore what more that was out there by upping her game. Instead, she transferred to Canterlot High which was well-known as being worse academically than Crystal Prep. Why would she transfer to Canterlot if isn't going to help out her education much? I know she wanted to learn more about friendship, but she doesn't necessarily have to go to a worse school to find friends. She could probably still learn about it regardless. Those are my thoughts - what are yours?