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Found 26 results

  1. I think we've needed this for a long time, especially since the new Twilight Zone series came out this year. A question for everyone here: What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes? Personally, my top 10 (All except 1 are from the original series): The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Time Enough at Last A Stop at Willoughby To Serve Man The After Hours Walking Distance Long Distance Call A Traveler (2019) Living Doll The Obsolete Man I'd also ask what your favorite series is, but I feel like there's not really going to be basically anyone who isn't going to say the original anthology's 5-season run, because there is not really much denying that that is better than most of the Twilight Zone series from after that... Well, of course other TZ related discussions can go here too.
  2. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  3. "Idiocracy" is a science fiction movie set in a commercialised world where most people have become very unintelligent to an amusing and catastrophic extent. It involves two or three people trying to survive in that kind of world and its dirty, broken society. Due to the future society's ridiculous behaviours, I really enjoyed this movie very much. What about you -- what do you think of that movie?
  4. Say, if you are the king, prime minister, or president of your country. And in your country there are people who either have romantic relations with extra-terrestrials, or who married and had offspring with extra-terrestrials. My policy for this would be to restrict it only to aliens that are more "human-like", and only to their existing communities within my countries (if they were around for at least a century or more, and if they were already doing human-alien romances and offspring not with force). All other aliens would be banned from romance or offspring with my human citizens, as I consider that to be closer to disgusting bestiality. What about you? How would you deal with human-alien romances, if you became the rule of your country?
  5. This Derpibooru screencap of a 4chan thread and Cloud Atlas inspired this idea, which is horrible but fascinating. Say, either Hasbro or an affiliated company produces humanoid clones and models them on characters from "Equestria Girls", and sells them as living, breathing dolls for little girls, either to babysit them at home, or entertain guests at parties. What do you think of that scenario? Do you think it would be interesting, especially to see how would life be like for an EqG clone, and how would the clone live as a runaway? Or would it be too horrible?
  6. My uncle texted me this morning, saying that a great kids show from the 90's, the Magic School Bus is being put up on Netflix, so I thought I'd make a nostalgia thread for it. Anypony else remember riding along with Mrs Frizzle back in the day? Heck, even a few celebrities have shared a ride with her, such as Dom DeLuise, Matt Frewer, Wynonna Judd, Robby Benson, and legendary Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino.
  7. CLEARANCE: TIER ONE Enter Password: ************ ACCESS GRANTED Connecting to Network Connecting... Connecting... Connecting... CONNECTION ESTABLISHED New File Opened: preface.pfx Send To: Nanotrasen Corporate Headquarters Subject: Preface THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE EYES OF THE NANOTRASEN EXECUTIVE BOARD AND OTHER TIER ONE EMPLOYEES UNAUTHORIZED VIEWERS MUST ADMIT THEMSELVES TO THE NEAREST SECURITY OFFICER FOR IMMEDIATE LOYALTY CHIP IMPLANTATION To whom it may concern, As per instruction by the Executive Board, I have begun efforts to record and transcribe the interactions of the Heads of Staff aboard Nanotrasen Space Station 13. No members of the crew are to be notified of this development, and all items referencing this have been heavily encrypted. Passkeys have been distributed to those who may need them via standard means. All transactions considered to be objectively important to the interests of the Executive Board shall be forwarded directly to them. I share the hope that the corporation will profit greatly from this endeavor. Sincerely, NAI-13 Nanotrasen Administrative Intelligence-13 Saving File As: preface.pfx Saving File... Saving File... Saving File... File Saved Disconnecting Console Shut Down. CONNECTION LOST Author's Note CLEARANCE: TIER ONE Enter Password: ************ ACCESS GRANTED Connecting to Network Connecting... Connecting... Connecting... CONNECTION ESTABLISHED New File Opened: staffmeeting1.pfx Send To: Nanotrasen Corporate Headquarters Subject: Staff Meeting One To whom it is concerned, The following is a transcript of the latest weekly meeting of the command staff aboard NSS-13. Relevant physical actions have been denoted, as well. For the purposes of preventing clutter, Captain Carnelian Clout shall simply be referred to as Captain, Head of Personnel Proud Ametrine as HoP, Research Director Soft Zoisite as RD, Head of Security Aegis as HoS, Chief Engineer Bronze Bulwark as CE, Chief Medical Officer Succulent Scent as CMO, and Quartermaster Low Key as QM. This format will be used in further transcripts, so please refer to this transcript if you become confused. NAI Nanotrasen Administrative Intelligence Captain: "It's seven, begin the call." NAI: "Right away, ma'am." *Connected to holographic conference call* Captain: "Ah, good, everypony is here except for Ametrine. Perhaps we might be able to accomplish something here. To start off, I'd like to congratulate everypony for yet another boring workweek where nopony of importance died. I'll be sure to ask our pleasant Head of Personnel i-" HoP: "I'm here." Captain: "Oh, there you are, dear. Sleep well?" HoP: "**** off." Captain: "Lovely as always. Have the custodial technicians managed to scrape the rest of that engineer out of the disposal tubes?" HoP: "They're still working on it." Captain: "Still? Ametrine, do your job and make them work faster. I don't care how. The longer that segment of pipe stays closed, the more waste that backs up, and need I remind you just how much waste this station produ-" HoP: "I know, okay! They've been working as fast as they can, but do we really need to scrub out the entirety of the disposal system? It's a ****ing disposal system! It has **** flowing through it every day of the week!" Captain: *Heavy sighing, commences rubbing at her temples* "Ametrine, allow me to remind you of something: I am your captain, and you will do as you are told. Since it is no secret at this point, let me also remind you that I am your mother, and you have me to thank for getting you this job in the first place. My patience is reaching its end, and I am this close to sending you back to Nanotrasen on the next supply shuttle. I don't need to explain how easy your job is, as anyone could do it. At least your brother has qualifications for his position." RD: "To be honest, I was much happier a-" Captain: "Anyway, with that diatribe out of the way, Ametrine, I expect you to motivate the custodians by any means necessary to finish cleaning that disposal pipe by Friday. I also want to hear a public service announcement later today explaining that the disposal system is not an amusement park ride, and the next crew member to do it will be...I don't know, you figure that part out." HoP: "Killed?" *A few members around the table begin giggling* Captain: "Cute. Speaking of Zoisite, do you have anything new to tell us?" RD: *Clears his throat* "Right, erm, science team has been conducting more observations on the gelatinous life forms the mining team brought back. We have concluded that they are plasmodial in nature, sensitive to heat, and that we will need a new xenobiology department." Captain: *Is silent for exactly three seconds* "Please explain that third detail, Zoisite." RD: "I will need five new xenobiologists to replace the five that were lost Thursday evening." Captain: "Zoisite, actually have some damn intuition for once and explain everything that I would want to know WITHOUT waiting for me to ask for it!" RD: "I-I'm...sorry, Carnelian. There was a containment breach around 5:40 PM on Thursday, a laboratory technician accidentally opened all the cells and the slimes escaped. The xenobiology department was locked down, and everypony who could not get to safety was glomped to death." Captain: *Is once more silent, this time for five whole seconds* "Pardon me, but could you run that word by me again?" RD: "Which one?" Captain: "You know exactly which one." RD: "Xenobiology. It is the study of-" Captain: "I AM TALKING ABOUT THE GLOMPING, YOU DAMN AUTIST!" RD: "I-I...I'm sorry..." HoP: "How DARE you! He's ju-" Captain: "Shut up. You can yell and scream all you like AFTER this meeting is concluded. Also, I no longer have an interest in what that word means anymore. Succulent?" CMO: "Oh, right, well, we've integrated that new operating system we received on Saturday into our diagnostic machines, and the results couldn't be better! I didn't even know that the entire Medical Department had pancreatitis, and even the surgeon couldn't see any signs of it!" Captain: "I what was your conclusion?" CMO: "The obvious: we replaced everypony's pancreas!" Captain: *Grinds teeth* "Succulent, organs do not grow on trees, and the amount of time and resources required to grow one in a test tube does not make this economical in any sense of the word. If a surgeon cannot confirm it with his own two eyes, then disregard the software. Also, please tell me you saved those pancreases." CMO: "Why would we save a bunch of defective pancreases?" Captain: "...Next on the list is Security. Aegis, what do you have to report?" HoS: "Everything's peaceful, ma'am. Nothing to report." Captain: "Oh, thank y-" HoS: "Hold up." *Puts a hoof to his ear piece* "On my way. Sorry folks, seems we got ourselves a domestic dispute in the dorms. Somethin' about a level five wizard tryin' to cast a level 11 spell? Hell if I know, but the place is gettin' torn up pretty fierce, so I'll get back to y'all on that when I've got more information." *Leaves call* Captain: "Alright, okay, not that bad. We've been through worse. On to Engineering, then." CE: "Righty-oh. Singulari'y's wehw wivin optimahw parame'ers, Atmospherics is doing a bang-up job, and we just set up a new solah panehw." Captain: "Excellent." *Silence for five seconds* "Nothing else?" CE: "Nada. No problems at ahw." Captain: "Really?" CE: "Really." Captain: "Oh. Well alright then. Finally, Logi-" CE: "Pahdon me, ma'am?" Captain: "Yes?" CE: "Engineering's the most functionahw depahtment on this entiya vessehw, ay?" Captain: "Yes..." CE: "And ahw the ovah depahtment's ah barely 'olding themselves togevah, ay?" Captain: "Bronze, where is this going?" CE: "Wehw, see, me and me gahden gites was thinking...if we can go an entiyah week wif no accidents, then we rightfully deserve several pizzas." Captain: "...You want me to subsidize a pizza party for the Engineering department?" CE: "Yeah, tha's what I said." Captain: "No. I'm not fostering a competition between the departments. On top of that, with the sheer cost of expenses generated this week, you're better off just celebrating at the bar." CE: "Captain Cahnelian, let me remind you that the Engineering depahtment works day and night to ensure that ahw life support systems remain functioning. If we don't get our pizza, then it won't be my fault if the technician watching the primary SNES, say, passes out from low blood sugah and the entiyah station experiences brownouts the rest of the day..." Captain: "ALRIGHT! FINE! I'll order five medium cheese pizzas, but no more. Be warned, Bronze: I will remember this." CE: "Cheers!" Captain: "Okay, finally onto Logistics. My patience is at its end, so Low, just give me a yes or no: is there anything seriously wrong with your department." QM: "Ummm...I mean that d-" Captain: "I take that as a yes. What?" QM: "Well, we, um, stumbled on more of those slime monsters that Zoisite was studying. Do you want us to bring them on the station, or..." RD: "No." QM: "Okay, and what do you want us to do with them?" RD: "Bury them where you found them and avoid that area like it's an art festival." QM: "Oh...kay then. I'll take your word for it." Captain: "Does anypony else have anything to say? No? Good, this meeting is over. Low, I wish to see you in my office immediately. I have a special assignment for you." QM: "O-Oh, alright then. I-I-I'll be right over!" HoP: "Ew..." Captain: "ONE MORE WORD, AMETRINE! SEE WHAT HAPPENS!" *Disconnected from holographic conference call* Saving File As: staffmeeting1.pfx Saving File... Saving File... Saving File... File Saved Disconnecting Console Shut Down. CONNECTION LOST
  8. Hello, all! I know I haven't been on here in a long time, but I would like to take the time to post my comic. Long Live the Frontier takes place far in the future, much longer after the show. While I can't tell much without spoiling the next few pages that are in the works, I can say it's going to be good! The main character is Deadwood, somepony I haven't even brought out to dust off in a long time. As this is only the first page, it's a style I have not used in so long, it's alien to me, but not so alien that I cannot use it. So, what do you think?
  9. Just a few drawings when I don't feel like playing games.
  10. If I get enough positive feedback, I may consider writing an entire novel or novella out of this. I don't want to give too much away but this the prologue of a sci-fi story that I've been working on for over two years. Let me know what you think. From Here to Eternity(Prologue) The Sun was beautiful. It was always beautiful. It was timeless and ageless. Even after an incomprehensible passing of centuries and millenniums, even after what seemed like an eternity of eternities, the Sun remained. If God had chosen to have a daughter, it would of certainly have been the Sun. The Sun was the eternal spring of life and its scorching flames have been erupting from its molten and seemingly immortal pool of super-heated gases since the beginning of the book of time. This glorious ball of passionate fire and light had existed before the very worlds it gave birth to. It was destined to be the center, a core of origin, the symbol of a beginning. It was one of the many genuinely burning bright marbles dropped intently by God into the sea of utter darkness, for the grand purpose of giving meaning to the blanket of void and despair. As a result, the first and the foremost greatest gift to ever have been given was given, and that was: the gift of life. Nothing in existence can ever hold as much as a profoundness of meaning as the very essence of Life itself. And no kind of life could have ever been any more grateful for having the opportunity to exist and enjoy the delight of this privilege as much as humanity. From the earliest points in ancient history, humans had always valued and praised the Sun for its everlasting warmth. Some saw it as a divine deity, others saw it as a lively world of its own; many legends and folklore stories sprung out of these various uncertainties. Spiritualists and philosophers had pondered endlessly on the Sun's integrity and origin for many centuries. This lead to many romanticized theories and ideologies, which continued on until the rise of scientific advancements and early astronomy came about. Despite the death of these legends and deism of the sun, her beauty and mystery continued to kindle the amazement and wondrous inspiration of astronomers and cosmologists alike for numerous generations. The more that they had learned, the more they discovered, and the more uncountable monumental discoveries they had made, which momentarily lead them to believe that they knew all there was to know, the more that they had discovered how little they knew. The Sun had inspired the world. Not only had her warmth granted life to the human race, but her presence in the blue lit daytime sky was always a great timeless blessing to the hearts, minds, and souls. The Sun was a beacon of hope for mankind, their one and only candle that never ceased to burn out, and their sole provider of life within the endless and formless ocean of darkness. She had always prevented their fate in the ice from befalling them and She had always reassured them that the long eerie nights would come to an end. Her beautiful brilliance and rays of life had forever inspired a wholeness of beauty, romance and hope for humanity. She had spurred a sense of happiness in the artistic minds and passionate hearts of naturalists, writers, and philosophers of culture, art, and literature all throughout history. And most of all, the Sun was the beautiful and timeless symbol of the beginning of day. At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned. The Sun's eternal presence and ceaseless existence had been one of the very reasons the human race had lived and thrived for so vastly long. And just as the Sun was timeless and seemingly eternal, so were the worlds that revolved around her, and all the life that her warmth had allowed to exist. In some unique perspective, one could argue that the Sun had ultimately been the grand source of time for humanity. The history of mankind wouldn't have been possible without her. Life would have never began. She had selflessly granted them such a longevity of time that went far beyond any comprehension, beyond all expectations. Nonetheless, even through all that time, this common memory of the sun had never changed: At Sunrise, the world smiled. At Sunset, the world mourned.
  11. For a moment, David stopped and hesitated as he and Diana were now facing the back gates of their village. The tall oaken gates were notable for their sheer prominence; they were among the most massive structures in the entire village, standing at least twenty feet above the dirt foundations. At a width of 5.2 feet, a clear view of the outside could only be provided through a few drilled-in holes that were no wider than the average human fist. Beyond these gates, was an uncharted land―acres of soil that no soul had ever laid a foot upon. It was a foreign land whose scenery struck the two with fear, curiosity, and awe. They could only get a limited glimpse of the surroundings, but even a peak of what lied beyond was more than enough to ignite David's curiosity and eagerness by tenfold. Diana, however, saw little point in breaking one of the village's most important rules for the sake of searching for metal scraps in what appeared to be nothing more than a wasteland of dirt and rocks. The mysterious and eerie atmosphere that the land emanated also gave Diana the uneasy feeling that they wouldn't be safe out there. Although David was momentarily intimidated by the towering gates and the uncertainties it guarded, he proceeded to reach for the handlebar of the gates when another hand suddenly took a hold of his wrist, preventing David from reaching anymore further. He turned to face the possessor of the intercepting hand and to his unexpected surprise, he saw that the hand belonged to his now nervous friend, Diana. "Are you sure about this?" She asked apprehensively with great concern for the uncertainties lying ahead. "You know that we are prohibited from leaving the village, right? David, I'm not sure if you understand-" "Diana," David interrupted as he began to respond. "To be honest with you, I am not sure about this ... I mean, how can I be sure? I'm unable to determine the future; I have no idea where my destiny or fate lies. But I have questions. Ceaseless questions that have been haunting me for the past several months. I'm tired of these questions. I'm tired of this place! This place is riddled with questions that everyone keeps avoiding. For once, I want answers. Is it wrong to pursue what a person wants in life?" "There is nothing wrong with pursuing what you want in life, David. But is lying to yourself worth putting you and your dearest friend in trouble? Your theory of earth is a complete fallacy supported by nothing more than your dreams and some folklore legend!" David glanced at his friend with a determined look on his face before responding. "You want answers? Then search for them! Who knows what awaits us in those strange distant lands. No one, that's who. We'll never know as long as we're still here. The journey towards truth can only begin with one curious step." Diana couldn't argue against her friend's straightforward and valid point with which she reluctantly agreed. "Yeah, you're ... you're right." David then gave her a subtle smile and offered an open hand. "Do you trust me, Diana? Will you embark on this journey with me?" Diana's emerald eyes lit up with excitement as she happily took hold of David's hand―trying her best not to blush. "I-I do trust you. I would go anywhere with you, David! Our bond is far more important than this village. Wherever you go, I go. And I'm sorry for my skepticism. I know you, and I know you haven't lost your mind. Not yet at least." She giggled. David's smile grew wider upon hearing Diana's uplifting response. He took a deep breath as he reached for the handlebar of the gates and attempted to push the massive doors apart using all his strength. To his surprise, the gates were lighter than he initially thought and it wasn't before long that he―along with some help from Diana―managed to push the doors apart to make enough space in between for the two to just barely pass through. David felt an immediate surge of freedom as he dashed out the open gates, dragging Diana along, who was laughing as her adrenaline and excitement immediately took effect. Just moments ago, they were both apprehensive, scared, and unsure about what lied ahead, but now they were both laughing, screaming, and running hand in hand towards the unknown. There were several moments when each of the two tripped and tumbled into the soft clay-like dirt, only to get back up and continue running, laughing even more because of those funny moments, not caring about the dirt that stained their clothes. What they were beginning to experience, was the ancient and yet timeless thrill of adventure.
  12. Greeting all my media starved bronies, was playing bounce from page to page looking for something to keep me from drooling in my key board, found a inersting comic by acident, if you are looking for somthing cute and funny check out this. Edit: ok maybe more than a few hour's also if you like science and a biology this series is great!! It should provide you with a few hours of chuckles Sipenda.
  13. Scenario A: If, in the future, the Americans find several nations on another planet, which already know that they are descended from American fanbases who "illegally" escaped Earth centuries ago, how will the actual Americans treat their "descendant nations"? As renegade countries that need to be conquered back into American authority? Or as already-independent nations, even if they haven't sent their diplomats or any messages to notify the arriving Americans? Scenario B: There is already an ethnic group that addresses itself as "Americans". Unlike most other groups who settled on the planet, this particular group of Americans chose to retain their original culture and identity (even if it appears "anachronistic", e.g. 1950's-influenced, but not in an "isolated" level that they reject all modernized technology). How will the spacefaring Americans treat their "anachronistic", nativized counterparts/cousins? And likewise, what will the "settled" Americans view their looming counterparts from the spaceships? (I am doing this because I am writing a semi-military science fiction story; and I'm curious)
  14. Well, thought i share some of my fan fics to the community, but I unfortunately, will not write it on here because its pretty long. However, I will provide links to my DeviantArt, that has all the MLP:FIM Fan Fics as well as those coming soon. Just want to point out also, I will constantly be updating this thread, so expect the coming soons to be switched to links to the story. I hope you all enjoy them, MLP: FIM Fan Fics List: My Little Pony: Rise of the Anicents Saga This fan fic, is still underway, since I began writing this as of early last year. It will be a mix of genres, featuring non-canon characters, known as the "Gods of Equestria" who led Equestria before Celestia and Luna's rule. It will take place in present time, which the Gods will rebel against Equestria, yet I rather not spoil the story. This fan fic will strike similarities to several films, and some new ones as well. Element of Time (Episode 1) - Element of Space (Episode 2) - Element of Distortion (Episode 3) - *COMING SOON* Element of Tyranny (Episode 4) - *COMING SOON* My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still This is an alternate version of Element of Space, which instead features ONLY Prometheus. He is protrayed as the main antagonist, who wrecks havoc on Equestria, which for the most part takes place in Manehattan. In this story, you'll also see familar quotes Prometheus will speak out, which has to do with Friendship (in a challenging way), but I rather not spoil the story, lol. The story itself, may strike a similarity to the classic Scifi films Rodan (1956), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), and War of the Worlds (book and 1953 film). *COMING SOON - Writing is in Progress* My Little Pony: Legend of the Three Kings This story will be a sequel/prequel of Rise of the Ancients, where Thunderwing (I will go into depth with that character once I post my Character Resemblances), will tell somewhat of a campfire story, about the 3 kings and there background history and events, which will also be pretty suspenseful. It will feature 4 Protagonists (3 kings as well as a familar character) and 4 Antagonsists (1 Emperor, 1 Apprentice/Adopted Son, and 2 Sons). Want to point out, this will also be pretty long, and will be the darkest of my fan fics. It will also strike a resemblance to historical events, as well as characters from the non-fiction and fiction world. The fiction part, which will be easy for those who enjoy the Star Wars franchise, this will have some sort of a resemblance to the Old Republic. I will reveal the character detail and story later on my DeviantArt. *COMING SOON - Writing is in Progress* Character Bio/Representations HINT: This is a fan fic, so you may see some canon characters protray something which may puzzle you, but it will be explained in the character bio. Gods of Equestria/Watchers of Equestria (Protagonists): Timaeus (Ta-mai-us) - COMING SOON Ironwing Paguseus (Pa-goo-sis) - COMING SOON Alteros (El-tear-ros) - COMING SOON Madame Architect/The Creator - (She is obviously the Fausticorn, but I felt that she was most important and will play a large and incredible role in the fan fics) Children of the Watchers/Offspring: Timaeus' Children: - Prince Thunderwing - - Princess Cadance (She is the enstranged daughter, as well as the twin sister of Thunderwing) - Prince Blueblood (He is the enstranged, eldest son) Ironwing Paguseus' Children: - Prince Far Discovery - - Prince Brave Voyager - - Princess Sunset Shimmer (She is the enstranged daughter, yet in this fan fic, she has no knowledge of her true title) Alteros' Children: - Prince Amplitude - - Prince Bronze Compass - - Princess Spectra - Gods of Unknown/Destruction (Antagonists): Firewing Paradoxes/Prometheus (Pro-me-the-us) - COMING SOON Maelstrom Odysseus (Oh-dee-see-us) - COMING SOON Terrestrial Titannus (Tie-Tan-Us) - COMING SOON Pithos Pandora - COMING SOON Emperor Tyrannus (Tie-ran-us) - COMING SOON Children of the Emperor/Offspring: Tyrannus' Children: - Prnce Xangfriedus (Sang-free-dus) - - Prince Tycoon - - Prince Typhon - COMING SOON Similarities/Resemblances/Significanes Thought, I bring this up, but many have asked me on DeviantArt, on what do the fan fics represent, since they are somewhat dark, yet interesting. To answer that question, these fan fics may show some major resemblances to historical events, ionic figures (non-fiction and/or fiction), historical civilzations, classic mythology (mostly Roman, Greek, and Egyptian), etc. I will post in the future a deviation on my page, with a detail of each character and what they each resemble. Future of Fan Fics Many have asked me, when I wrote the story on what would I do with them in the future. I have answered that it would be great to have an full-length animation fan film on it, however, I rather finish the stories first, have myself review them before I proceed. I also want to ask some of you, if you wish to review them, please let me know if I made mistakes, what changes should be made, or what would you recommend to make the story come out a little better. I'm open for many helpful suggestions so feel free, . Also, if you wish to assist me in writing the story, please let me know.
  15. For example, much of my works involve these: (LOOK CAREFULLY) * absurdism * medieval kingdoms * romance * horses, ponies (especially miserable Shetties), blue jays, crows, ravens, and cockatoos doing weird things * aliens * wars * politics * a lot of anachronism * fictional kingdoms vs republics * people visiting and "civilising/influencing" exotic lands * diplomacy and international politics * space * music (and poems) * descriptions of media and services (e.g. TV stations and railways) * mockery of fangirls, Average Joes and Janes, and Shetland Ponies(* gods and pantheons) But never these (hopefully): * cliches * cliches * moar cliches * childish elements * worthless elements YA novels and Twilight (the novel) has * sorcery * sex of any form. I would fear that if a fanbase emerges from any of my works, they will fall into the twisted path of the Beliebers and Twihards. Can you help me do things to avert/stop this from happening, otherwise my future works will end up in the trash-bin/bonfire of history?
  16. It was the next morning, everyone was asleep. I was having another nightmare, this time it was a normal one, then I heard something familiar. There was a soft humming noise and it was getting louder and louder, then there was a faint whistling noise. The boat rocked back and forth, there was a loud explosion coming from above. We woke up startled and tried to find out what happened. As I walked out of the room and into the hall, Daniel and the colonels were running to the top decks of the boat and ordering people instructions that I couldn't make out, for I was momentarily deafened by the explosion. We ran up to the top deck and found the ship was on fire near our cabins and then we looked around us, the other ships were being engulfed in flames and smoke. There were planes flying over the ships, dropping bombs onto the decks, and we could see the interior parts of the ships becoming more and more revealed with ever explosion. We ran up towards Daniel and asked what was going on, he then told us in a calm but worried voice. "You need to get somewhere safe, it is dangerous here. The North Korean President has informed us that an unknown terrorist group infiltrated the meeting and is planning to sink the major ships of the fleet." Daniel was saying before another explosion stops him, he starts to finish the sentence "We need to get you somewhere safe so that we can leave this area". We were about to follow him, but we stopped and covered our ears as the main turrets blindly shot down some of the planes out the sky. It was awesome to see the ships in battle, but we couldn't stay long on the deck. so we ran into the bridge so we could meet everyone else. This is the edited version of this section of the story. I need some information from other people on if this sounds good or not, would you guys let me know how this part sounds?
  17. The old, raggedy house seemed to stare at the town below. It felt like it had been there, looking down at the citizens from atop it's hill, for thousands of years, though it couldn't have been there for there for that long. To many citizens, it was just there. It was a part of Oakwood that no one questioned. Except for one person. Edward Gilligan had been suspicious of the house for years, but multiple trips to it yielded nothing of substance. He planned to go on one final trip, and if he got nothing from it, he would give up on the old brown house. He packed a flashlight, some food and water, in case he stayed for an extended period of time, and a knife. The man set out for the hill. The climb was rather uneventful, as it always was, but he had a good feeling he'd find something this time. Once he reached the hill's top, he opened the house's door, and it creaked slowly. He walked in, and turned his flashlight on. He quickly inspected the foyer before moving on to the first hallway. He went in to what appeared to be a nursery. In the crib, he found a scrap of paper that he somehow failed to notice on his other trips to the manor. It was torn and hard to read, but he managed to make out "Harold was sucessful" on the paper. Sucessful at what? He knew that a person named Harold lived in the house based on other things he'd found, but he didn't know what this meant. He put the paper in his pocket and moved on. Edward continued walking down the hallway. While walking, he heard what sounded like a shriek, "It's all in my head..." he thought, and moved on. He went into the master bedroom, and checked every nook and cranny. Finally, he found a notebook. It had "Goro's Log" scrawled rather poorly on the front. He opened it cautiously, and read the first entry. "May 5, 1839 My efforts to pose as a human have been rather sucessful. Though I have caused some suspicion, the people seem generally convinced that I am humanoid." Edward read the next. "May 11, 1839 I have been accepted as a member of this community. 'Oakwood' it is called. Experiments can begin shortly." Edward quickly closed the notebook, and put it in his bag. That was all he needed. Still, he pressed on, and came to the end of the hallway. He went down the stairs that awaited him, and headed into the basement. He'd been here before, and found nothing of interest. He looked closer this time, though, and found a red object on the left wall. He touched it, and immediatley another flight of the stairs, and went down them. What he found mortified him. Large test tubes with human bodies filled the room. Bizarre diagrams were hung all over the wall. Insane writings littered the floor. The faces of the bodies appeared to be screaming in terror. Edward was too mortified to scream. He opened the journal, just to see a justification for this. "September 28, 1849 Human bodies obtained. Testing can finally begin after years of delay." "September 30, 1849 Full human DNA data obtained. Humanoids can be sucessfully cloned." "October 5, 1849 I've decided to keep the human test subjects alive for any future use. They will live, albeit in a severely weakened state, until the test tubes are destroyed." He closed the book again, and ran away to open the door and leave. The door was locked. Edward sighed. Well, at least he had company.
  18. Has anyone read this book before? I just finished reading it for Advanced English 10 class two days ago. It was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It was satirical, insightful, deeply ironic, disturbing, and thought-provoking. I don't like the ending, or the overall dark/pessimistic nature of the book. But, I'm glad I read it, because it discusses some very important ideas. I'm also glad to hear that Aldous Huxley wrote it when he was a young man, and when he was older he searched for spiritual transcendence in a much more positive manner. If you have read the book, what did you think of it? Did you like it? What did you think of its messages?
  19. okay, have you ever wondered how pinkie is able to pop up out of no-where or pull something from nothing and the explanation "pinkie just being pinkie" isnot enogh, well this is the topic board to post your theories, look at others theories and maybe just maybe we can find out exactly how pinkie can do the things she does. also keep an open mind to others theories and don't just shoot them out of the water. Cause when dealing with fiction you have to take in account everyponies thoughts.
  20. I.D. - That Indestructible Something is shaping up to be quite an interesting transformation adventure story. The author has written many stories where humans turn to ponies, but this time, the premise is somewhat different. Acknowledgements for this story are numerous and range from Franz Kafka to philosopher Nick Bostrom. The author says her goal is "to blow minds".
  21. Has anyone ever seen the movie Cloud Atlas? I just watched it recently, and it was amazing. It was epic, visually stunning, musically fantastic, and most importantly, it had more than one positive message, which is a happy surprise in terms of the Hollywood movies I'm used to. The movie is almost three hours long, and tells stories from six different time periods: 1800s, 1917, 1970s, 2012, 2100s, and 2300s. I don't remember the exact years that are portrayed in the movie. It can be a challenging movie to comprehend, but it starts to come together more at the end. And, watching the credits also helps you to understand what's going on better. It's rated R for violence, language, sexuality/nudity, and some drug use, so if any of that would offend you, I don't recommend watching it. But, otherwise, I definitely recommend this movie, it's incredible.
  22. Well, according to several sources, and our own Sir Fluttershy, it looks like Futurama has been canceled. Again. While the show has come back from the dead in some form before, this may be the actual end. If that's the case, then I would just like to thank the show for being not only one of the best animated series of all time, but one of the best sci-fi shows as well. It was a perfect blend broad comedy, thought provoking science fiction concepts, clever references and homage to geek culture, genuine emotion, and Zoidberg. So with that, I dedicate this thread to discussing the absolute best moments of the show. For me, the best episodes were Fry and the Slurm Factory, The Birdbot of Ice-catraz, Parasite Lost, The Luck of The Fryish, Roswell That Ends Well, and Where No Fan Has Gone Before.
  23. Been doing a little preliminary work on a mod(referred to as plug-ins by the game makers) for the old PC/Mac game Escape Velocity Nova(the mod itself will be made for the windows) Thus far I've managed to make a few graphics for the various news stations and start working on the creating the various governments involved. I will be doing my best to post updates as they come, it will be slow in coming as I have never taken on a project like this before. Any advice given by those with Planned: –Custom sounds for weapons/worlds –at least 3 modified ships for each faction –at least 1 custom made ship for NLR/SE –at least 4 new worlds –at least 1 new weapon for each faction(moon beam, sun beam, party cannon, etc.) –at least 1 device specific to each pony type(pegasus flight, strength of the earth pony, etc) –custom made outfitter/shipyard/description images for each ship/weapon/device –a little backstory for why the various places are in/on different worlds/systems Hoping(but unlikely): –a short set of story missions for each major faction –conversion to/support for the Mac version. Seeking: –Any advice from someone more experienced than myself –Art/vectors that can be implemented into the game.(With credit to/permission from the respectives artists; specifics to come later) –Bananas for banana sun goddess?* * *UPDATES BELOW* As of 3/11/2013: –Modified a test ship for use(data and graphics) –implemented NLR government data; added stand-in data for SE, Changling Swarm, P.A.R.T.Y., Violet Dominion, and Crystal Empire. –Added stand-in data for NLR main solar system –Created ship-based weapon mimicking a unicorn's telekinesis(name: Unicorn's Influence)
  24. Hej! So I was wondering, how many people on here also have a Fimfiction account? Do you just check out the stories or have a variety of you own written FIMfic stories? If you have your own stories that you might like to share; give a brief description and link! I'd like to see what you guys have written! I'm still working on the 2nd chapter of my FIMfic, if you want to check it out, links below. Be warned, it's not any ordinary fimfic...bunch of Sci-Fi, and some hard to understand concepts involved...I've been told its good though, so I'm happy about that.
  25. Okay, well, if you have ever ventured over to the Inheritance Forums, then you may have seen me and Rapter. I have been working on this for a while, its a Sci-fy book. I am looking for any and all feedback (excluding trolling). I could use constructive criticisms. Okay well, I have a new Chapter here. I redid Chapter 1 after I got some feedback on it elsewhere. Here is the new version (if anyone is even reading this here.)