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Found 5 results

  1. OK, so I just started rewatching "Bloom and Gloom," and you'll never believe what I noticed Babs's scissor cutie mark looked like upon closer inspection! That's right, the base of the scissors looks like a sliced apple, with seeds near the center and even a little green stem on the side. I guess there's not much to discuss about this since it's just a fun little observation (probably signifies her being a part of the Apple family rather than anything to do with her special talent itself), but feel free to chat about any other fun observations you've all made about other cutie marks in the show.
  2. It is simple You just respond to the object that the person above you post like Me: noob You: Train Me: I like trains kid You: potato Me: foot ECT. like rock paper scissors... just randomer
  3. I just thought of a great idea for a video game... It would kind of be like Rock, Paper, Scissors, except with more battling. There would be three classes in this game: The Rock, The Paper, and The Scissors. The Rock class would specialize in defense and health, but would be slow. The Scissors class would specialize in speed and attack, but would be low in defenses. The Paper class would be evened out between the two but would include more strategic tactics. Like the original game, Rock would be weak against paper, Paper would be weak against Scissors, and so on. From there, it would kind of be like Call of Duty with respect to the playing field (Except it would probably be much larger). Weapons could vary between classes, like a Pebble Machine gun for the Rock class or Dual Blades (Which look like each of the two parts of scissors) for the Scissors class. For paper, it would probably include a lot of origami themed attacks. If it wouldn't be like an online combat game, it could also work out to be a kind of iPhone app. It would work exactly like the original rock, paper, scissors game, but with awesome scenes where the winning side demolishes the opposing character. There would be a character to represent the rock, the paper, and the scissors, and they all leap out from behind a little bunker on one side of the playing field. The playing field would consist of two parts: Your side, and the opponent's side. Each having their own special colors to allow people to know which side is which. When both sides have chosen the thing that would supposedly counter their opponent's choice, the character representing each choice would leap out from their bunker to attack, and if one side is victorious, you will see the scene where one of the charater gets demolished by the other character. Game rules can be set as well. You could choose how many times out of whatever number a player would have to win to win an entire match. There shouldn't be any kind of way to determine how skilled a person is in this game, since the mass majority is based on luck. This would also have two game modes: One where you can fight other people online, and another where you can just fight with a computer that randomizes its choice for rock, paper, or scissors. The app would be free in my eyes, since you can do pretty much the same things with anyone on your hands, but with many kinds of micro-transactions that would allow you to buy special kinds of custom items to give your rock, paper, and scissors characters your own special style, along with your half of the playing field. Knowing how people love to mess with that stuff, it might be able to run pretty well off of that. The idea for it to be an app would probably be better than a full-on game, since it is Rock, Paper, Scissors. It would be a good way to pass time. For the full-on game, it wouldn't really be much different from other combat games.
  4. in my newest one act screenplay, Harmonic "Sexiest person on Earth" Revelations, and George "Scissors" Trenton must escape the clutches of a murderer named Happymeister. It is full of amazingness, and the full thing is below. Screenplay Characters: George "Scissors" Trenton Happymeister "Homicidal" Friendlison Harmonic "The Sexiest person on Earth" Revelations Alexis "I'm Filler to add a second female character" McPointless Start: (Lights come on, exposing the set which appears to be a dirty prison, in one cell you can see George and Harmonic, outside the cell you can see Happymeister and Alexis) Harmonic: You'll never get away with this! Happymeister: O rly? Harmonic: Ya rly. Happymeister: Slap him with the fish. *Alexis pushes a button, causing a robotic hand to extend from the cell wall and slap Harmonic with a fish* Harmonic: Your meager fish technology cannot seduce me, Mrs. Prostitute McLoose *Alexis stands in stunned silence* George: Harmonic, you're so great, you're the best! Harmonic: I know, George, I know. Happymeister: I will be back to kill you later. *Happymeister and Alexis walk backstage, presumably to get it on* George: I know what to do! Harmonic: You do? Usually that's my job. George: Shut up, I'm the protagonist, you're only the deutagonist Harmonic: Really? How many more lines do I have than you? Exactly. *George lets out a heavy sigh before producing the chainsaw hidden inside of the wall panel with a poster of the Mrs. Butterworth brand of maple syrup, with the word sticky across the bottom* Harmonic: Cheese and crackers! THAT JUST MIGHT WORK! George: I know, I'm a genius. Harmonic: Yet again, that is usually my job. *George starts cutting open the cell bars* George: This is why they call me Scissors *George finishs cutting bars* George: Let's run! Harmonic: I can't. George: Why not? Harmonic: I can't run with scissors. END
  5. As the title states, I cut my finger open with safety scissors today. Yes, you just read that correctly. I cut my finger open with safety scissors. I will get to how this occurred in a moment. First, I must explain how my first day of Junior year in highschool went. First, I woke up at 6am (after going to bed at 3am), and jumped into the shower. There was absolutely no hot water, so I had to wash my hair quickly. I went into my room and put on fresh clothes, then went to dry my hair. Doing this took me 30 minutes, so it was about 7:00 when I was done. I did not have any time to shave, so I went to school with my summer beard. I walked to my friends house so we could go to school together. I knocked on his door, and to my surprise, his mom came out as well. She had her iPhone out, and started taking pictures of him. Eventually, she told me to take pictures with him as well. After this, we walked to school. Inside, we found our friends and hanged out in the cafeteria until my first period started, which was Art I. In this class, it was as quiet as could be. Everyone sat apart, and I tried to break the ice a few times by talking. Nothing worked, which just led to me laughing. After a while, we played a "Get to know you" game. When I put down that I have two different colored eyes, the only person who cared was a freshman boy, who got into my face. It was extremely odd, but hey, I'm not judging him. Afterwords, I went into my History class, and found one of my good friends. We sat down, and looked up at the teacher. He was a mean looking man, with a large mole on his face. He was also very loud. He gave us a sheet that asked us to name our 50 states. I could only name about 30 ;-; Afterwords, our new principle came onto the speakers and yelled at us that we were to do our best, and that we were all champions. He was so serious, we couldn't help but laugh. Then, as the class went on, we found out our history teacher was actually a hilarious guy. Moving to my next class, I walked into Algebra. I was with my friend once more, and this is where my story gets sort of weird, so I will bold it for the TL'DR's. As we were inside of this class, out teacher was going over the rules on dress code. She then told us (Shortened due to memory) : "Girls, you may of discovered something you developed over the summer and want to show them off, but we don't want to see it. Especially if there is guy teachers walking around. Ew! Also, those short skirts may fit dress code, but when you sit down, they will straighten out, and those guy teachers will be able to see it! Ew!" This was.. weird, but then she moved on to tell us that girls will want to pierce more body parts in the future, and it is a very bad thing to pierce a "vital" organ, and told us to just think about it. Then said that she always says things straight, and even told her 9 year old son what all the body parts are actually called. She said this got her in trouble when her son was with younger girls and said something about a body part the girls did not understand. She told him that it was only ok to say that in her house. My friend and I looked at each other and whispered, "What is going on in her house...?" Next class was Graphic Design. Nothing special here. Next was lunch. I found the girl who stalked me during freshman camp (as I was her counsler), and she is still stalking me. Next was English. Not much important happened here, except in the beginning of class. This shall be bolded as well. Our teacher told us that she will call us anything that we go by, as long as it isn't sexual. Well, my friend is a brony, so when she called his name, I said he went by Applejack. She just laughed, and my friend laughed his ass off. Next class... was the class I cut my finger in. I shall classify this for the TL;DR's as well. What happened here was, we were supposed to be building a sturdy structure with spaghetti noodles, string, a marshmallow and tape. Well, we had to use Scissors, and I was the one to get it for our group. Well, the scissors wouldn't cut through the string, so I pushed it hard. It went through the string and split open my finger. I started bleeding profusely, and blood went everywhere. Everyone in the class began to ask me how I cut my finger open with safety scissors. The truth? I have no fucking clue. My last class was Theater Pro, and we were just getting to know people. Well, that is my story on how I cut my finger with safety scissors. Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to brohoof, comment and click this button :3 Click the follow button :3 Put in the comments: How your first day of school went!