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Found 5 results

  1. I'm asking cause I just bought my own a few days ago and looking for some advice. Any tips you'd give to a first time rider?
  2. wild Scoota-sketch appeared!! I guess?
  3. NEO PONYVILLE IS ABOUT TO E-X-P-L-O-D-E. TWICE. Awhile ago I mentioned a project idea I had in mind and had a sketch on hand with Scoots wearing Kaneda's jacket from the anime feature Akira. Well, that awesome, oh-so-awesome movie is turning 25 in a week, so I decided to do a little recreation of one of its most iconic scenes. I failed. Hard. I couldn't handle the pressure, man. A mecha-awesome future scooter, at an angle? Impossible. Im gonna vector it, but that probably won't make it look any better. Anyway, any of you guys want a Tetsuo? I can't reckon which pony would fill that role.
  4. I read an article the other day on Scootaloo and it seems that there is a possibility that Faust never meant for her to fly. I came accross a rumor stating that her wings are so tiny because shes supposed disabled. I don't understand this though because in several of the Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes she flies for a short period of time. To me it seems like a Nemo type scenario. I think maybe she can fly, just not extensively, and that perhaps this may change when she gets older. After all, we do see many pegasi with small wings as foals, as well as the buff stallion with tiny wings who can fly just fine. What do you think? :3
  5. So i went out today to hang with some friends and i had my scooter in my truck. We went out to eat at the crappiest fast food place we could find. The food was horrible, so horrible in fact that our friend got the runs. We all laughed at him every time he went to the bathroom. Yeah, we are good friends. Anyways after a couple of hours messing around at the local mall and after i bought some MLP merchandise we decided to mess around outside. I decided to get the scooter i was borrowing and ride it around. A lot of people were looking at me and laughing. they were either in cars or walking their kids. So here comes some jerky teenagers who dont know how to handle their hormones. the conversation we had still makes me laugh. BTW i'm using Swag ironically. like a hipster. shut up sub-conscion Jerky Teenager: Oh my hell! are you riding a scooter? HA not man enough to ride a skateboard huh? Me: Measuring ones manhood by the ability to ride a piece of wood on wheels isn't logical J.T: what? your such a loser. good luck getting a girlfriend f**! Me: *starts riding scooter downhill* Y'ALL ARE JUST JEALOUS OF MY SWAG! my friends then witnessed me fall on my ass since hard rubber wheels do not provide traction and shock absorbency. As they walked to me i pretended to be unconscious. Friend: Are you ok or dead....really hope your dead. i want your xbox Other Friend: No, i get his xbox bro. *proceeds to kick me* Me:*gets up* CRUSH.KILL DESTROY.SWAG. Friend: say swag one more time. Me: Swag mother- he then proceeded to punch me in the grapes. after all that, we had a good laugh and continued on to the beach.