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Found 11 results

  1. I've been thinking on why Spike is so accepting and sometimes whimpy at certain times and tends to be too kind without standing up for himself at certain times, and why he hangs out with the girls most of the time - Twilight's the closest thing he has to a mom, but who's his dad? Has he ever had a fatherly figure? I'm sure he's hung with Twilight's family when he was a kid and I was thinking that Shining Armor coulda taught him O&O, but that's more of a brotherly figure than fatherly. Now Sludge wasn't necessarily a positive role model for Spike, that's for sure, but who's to say the closest thing he'll have to a father is a dragon or even a pony? I would like to think that when Scorpan finally comes on the show, HE could be Spike's father figure! A dragon with a pony mom and a gargoyle dad, who woulda thought? XD Every kid needs a father figure AND a mother figure. Even homosexual couples need an opposite sex role model for their kids, cause that's why there are Moms and Dads. They don't have to be husband and wife necessarily, but for the kid's sake, both gender role models is healthy for a child's growth. And Spike has a feminine personality mostly from hanging with girls for so long, and only hanging with guys once every week or so. I can't think of anyone else other than Scorpan that can fill the job. If he shows up next season, let's hope he becomes Spike's fatherly figure. It could really help him! What do you think of this?
  2. Greeting Ponies! I am Scorpan. Most of you might not knew of me but you do know about my power crazy brother Tirek. *sigh* I know he was a fool to refuse my advise, and go on with his madness. But I am glad I decided to back off on time. I only wish my brother could do the same. I am here now, so if you wanna ask me anything, then go ahead...
  3. There's no denying that Spike was at his best in season 6! He was pretty good in season 1 and season 2! He was... okay in season 3. He was pretty good in season 4 in episodes that starred him, but not so much in between, and he wasn't so good in season 5. Season 6 Spike! Bingo! That's the one we want for season 7! After being very supportive to Starlight, befriending both a dragon and a changeling and started the alliance between their species and Equestria, and then being a good friend to Discord and his interactions with both him and Big Mac! Are we going to expect more stuff like this in season 7? I certainly think so! Hey, maybe even better if we're lucky! Do we expect a destiny from him? Are we going to see his origins? Or is he going to be degraded back to the comedic sidekick punching-bag? Pfft! Yeah, like that's gonna happen ever again! XD What do you think? What's going to be his part in season 7?
  4. Most royals presented in the show, if I'm missing anyone please let me know(I explain the lack of Shining Armor below). What I now look back on and find interesting is that this whole idea started due to a 2016 show adapted from a 1992 work, who's music (the 2016 one's) sparked the inspiration. This was done on...basically an A4 fax paper with HB pencils. Yeah.... List of characters and their parallel poser [1-2] Poisoned Lovers (Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream according to the wiki) [3-4] Celestia & Luna [5-6] Cadence & Flurry [7-8] The Saddle Arabia delegates (Haakim & Amira, or "Ruler and Princess" when translated) [9-10] Sombra & Chrysalis [11-12] Rutherford & Tirek [13-14] Duke & Duchess of Maretonia [15-16] Torch & Scorpan [17-19] 3 Founders of Equestria (Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane) [20-21] King Grover and King Groto [22-24] Ember, Twilight, & Thorax In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just take one picture of all three of them. [25] Blueblood At first I was going to do EVERY royal from EVERY media from the current gen because I really wanted Princess Amore and Princess Parabola to pose together. But then I found out there's a King Leo (so somehow I'd have to fit a massive pool of water in there), Princess Platinum's dad (King Bullion), I didn't know whether to include (the fictional) Queen Trottingham, I wondered if that one time Trixie was a queen in the comics would that count, apparently they designed Tirek's mom and dad who were royals too, and I'd still need to find space for the Storm wasn't happening. I had no clue Shining Armor was a prince until recently. When I made a list of royalties I was thinking of those who acted in government. Rule makers, citizen commanders, foreign relation stuff. Shining Armor....commands the royal guard...which is below top level royalties, which is why I didn't think he was a prince. I mean even now he mostly just raises Flurry, I don't see him in big politcal matters (appearances don't count.) And I'm not sure of Pinkie's "official" title was serious in the Yak episode, it was way to late to put her in anyhow. Ugh man originally I had like 11 paragraphs & pictures of thought process/work because these characters were set up from scratch, so planning their positions and pose took 10 fold the time to actually draw them. Like these characters used pose refrences, but this whole set up didn't essentially pardoy something else. I didn't finish it but I did want to include the pics though: This took way too much time, and I overthought this to a useless extent. Definitely NOT going to do numerous character drawings for a while, I've been craving one-two character close drawings again, ones where I can actually add detail and style.
  5. So I made some fake season 7 titles and some fake season 7 summaries for each for them shortly after the season 6 finale was over! But maybe we do something fun? Have our imaginations roam free! So I'll give you the titles, and you can type down in the comments what you think the episodes are about! I've edited in my own summaries! Perhaps you can tell me what you think of them! Warning: If you didn't watch the season 6 finale yet, please turn back. Ok here are the titles! * Episode 1: Caving In - Part 1 - After the Mane Six, Spike, and Starlight Glimmer all have the same dream about a cave and a familiar-looking logo, the eight journey out to find it and discover its secrets. * Episode 2: Caving In - Part 2 - The Mane Six must complete the cave trials to find the secret within the caves (that secret is Scorpan); meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer must overcome her fear of Queen Chrysalis returning for revenge. * Episode 3: The Name of the Blossom - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Zecora travel to the zebra kingdom of Zebria to retrieve a missing ingredient for an antidote she has to make for Fluttershy's animal friends. * Episode 4: The Seed of Truth - When the Cutie Mark Crusaders visit Manehattan to see Babs Seed, they find out that that Babs has been avoiding her friends in the Manehattan CMCs ever since she got her cutie mark. * Episode 5: Rainbow Rescued - After Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life from a Cragadile, Rainbow feels that her ego is in jeopardy and tells everypony she saved Fluttershy. * Episode 6: Most Excellent Princess - When Princess Celestia gets too overworked, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Discord try to persuade her to take a vacation. * Episode 7: Scorpan Sign - When Scorpan's Birthday comes, he claims that has never had a birthday party before, so the Mane Six decide to throw him the best birthday surprise party ever; but things get out of control when Starlight Glimmer can't decide the perfect birthday present for him. * Episode 8: Cakewalk - During Pound and Pumpkin Cake's second birthday, Pinkie Pie becomes afraid that they might be growing up too fast and that they will forget about her. Princess Luna tries to persuade her otherwise in her dreams. * Episode 9: Teacher's Assistant - Princess Twilight tasks Spike to teach Starlight Glimmer a friendship lesson while she's out of town, but he has a hard time trying to find one for her. * Episode 10: Little Farm of Horrors - Applejack and Twilight attempt to fight off a disease that's been plaguing Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance visit. * Episode 11: I, Cyclops - When Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sent by the Cutie Map to the Arimaspi Territory, they help a mother and son try to rekindle their bond when the son doesn't want to follow in his mother's footsteps. * Episode 12: The Manehattan Project - A rival store runned by Suri Polomare opens across the street from Rarity's Manehattan expansion, so Rarity pushes her employees over the limit to make sure she doesn't lose business to her. * Episode 13: One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest - When Scootaloo becomes depressed when fearing that she'll never be able to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for Junior Speedsters Flight Camp and she meets another flightless pegasus. * Episode 14: Daring Do: The Motion Picture - After watching the Daring Do movie, Rainbow Dash feels that it wasn't as good as she thought, so she decides to make her own movie under AK Yearling's approval. * Episode 15: King Thorax - When Thorax becomes stressed of having trouble running the Changeling Kingdom, Twilight, Spike, and Starlight head over there to assist him with his problem. * Episode 16: Crush Depth - After much courage, Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out on a date, but after she humiliatingly declines it, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity. * Episode 17: The Green Apple - After Applejack gets sick, she refuses to stop doing her chores, which starts to worry her family. * Episode 18: Lord of the Sings - When Pinkie Pie and Applejack get called by the Cutie Map to Fillydelphia, crowds of fans argue on who has the better music: Coloratura or Cheese Sandwich. * Episode 19: Be Our Guest - When Scorpan starts to take advantage over Twilight's hospitality in her castle, she starts to have second guesses of him staying. * Episode 20: Windy with a Chance of Lightning - The Wonderbolts summon Rainbow Dash to assist them in finding the ponies responsible for sabotaging their shows. (Guess who the two ponies are!) * Episode 21: Crouching Ponies, Hidden Dragon - Princess Ember summons Spike to the Dragon Lands to help her dragons gain an alliance with the water dragons; although, Spike suddenly realizes that the meeting has become more personal. * Episode 22: Fluttershy and Her Brothers - After Discord and Fluttershy's brother Zephyr Breeze meet for the first time, they instantly hit it off, but much to Fluttershy's ignorance, she doesn't notice them causing double the trouble they usually cause out in Ponyville. * Episode 23: Cutie Mark Industries - After the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven't been able to give cutie mark help in a long time, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon decide to help advertise them nation-wide, but after it becomes too effective, the crusaders become tired out. * Episode 24: I Got Your Yak - Twilight and Rarity get sent by the Cutie Map to Yakyakastan to help Prince Rutherford rekindle the trust of his subjects after a huge incident. * Episode 25: Brothers Unite - Part 1 - Queen Chrysalis breaks Lord Tirek out of prison, and the two build up a huge army of the Tartarus prisoners to take on Equestria. It is up to Scorpan to make peace with his brother, while the Mane Six call upon Equestria's allies. * Episode 26: Brothers Unite - Part 2 - The Battle of Equestria rages on with ponies, changelings, dragons, and yaks against Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and their minions from Tartarus. Scorpan tries to make peace with his brother before the Mane Six can use their Rainbow power on him.
  6. Spike hangs out with the Mane Six too much, and yeah even though he does hang out with Big Mac and Discord now, it's pretty much a one-time thing in the show perhaps, and with Thorax living so far away, and the writers aren't doing anything with his relationship with Shining Armor (which is stupid, they should've been close), Spike needs himself someone he can call his "best friend", but not like his relationship with Twilight, a more equal, more brotherly relationship. If Scorpan has a season arc on the show, him and Spike should definitely be close! What do you think? Should he have a brotherly figure, like as close as Starlight and Trixie are, or Snips and Snails?
  7. If Scorpan finally appeared on the show to become a season's arc, what do you think would happen? How would he be found by the Mane Six? What is he going to do in the season, and what's his purpose? How do you think he feels about leaving Tirek imprisoned in Equestria? Who would Scorpan have a good friendship with? How would he do in the finale? And finally, who do you think would voice him? It's alot of questions, I know! I dunno if Scorpan is coming back next season or not, but I do think he'll come back before the show ends! I'll put in my theories down below if you wanna see them, but otherwise, I'd like to see your opinions! ________________________________________________________________________________ Even though these are just theories, a little bit of season 7 spoilers down below! Since next season is going to have something to do with Equestria's history, I have the feeling that Scorpan might make his debut next season! If not him, then maybe Star Swirl, I dunno, but something about Equestria's history is going to happen, as proven by the future comic issues. Now if Scorpan comes back, like if Twilight's history books lead to discovering Scorpan, I would believe he'd want to try to reform his brother, since I think he might know something about the Mane Six reforming villains all the time, and might help make peace with him, which is what I think the season arc might be about. I dunno for sure of how the Mane Six might discover Scorpan, but it might have something to do with the history books that Twilight's gotta retrieve from the villain of a future comic issue. If Scorpan comes, he's obviously going to have some sort of relationship with Twilight, but if he wants to learn how to reform Tirek, then he might want some advice from Starlight, who is a reformed villain herself, so I see them being close. The number one character I see Scorpan being close with though is Spike, mainly because in MLP G1 Spike and Scorpan were best friends, so if Scorpan were to stay at Twilight's castle, Spike might offer to take care of him since Twilight already has her princess duties, as well as giving lessons to Starlight, and the two would have a brotherly bond, like a replacement Tirek to Scorpan; and of course Tirek might use that to his advantage against Scorpan. Besides, this would give Spike a guy to hang out with in a regular bases! Of course when the finale comes, if Scorpan does become a season's arc, Tirek would obviously come back, and perhaps Chrysalis might have something to do with it. I dunno if Scorpan would be successful or not in reforming Tirek, but perhaps if not, Scorpan might just put him in a cage, but take him home, which is probably what he should've done. Imprisoning him was the right thing, but imprisoning him in a foreign land doesn't look right. Imprisoning him back in the comfort of his own home might be the right way to go. Unless he does get reformed. I don't work for the MLP staff, so I have no idea! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! A friend of my suggested Patrick Warburton being the VA for Scorpan, and I strongly support that idea! If Patrick Warburton is interested in MLP (which I dunno if he wants to or not cause him liking MLP is unconfirmed), but I think the voice might suit Scorpan well! Now all Scorpan needs is a wheelchair! XD Alright, now your ideas!
  8. I know the reason for this: he befriended the ponies and then once Tie-rek wanted to take over Equestria, Scorpan sold out his own brother! Yes, he did the right thing, but how does Scorpan feel about this? Scorpan probably regrets it afterwards! He's probably at his homeland right now in sorrow, dying a little on the inside! I mean I'd be surprised if he was thrilled for what he did! Scorpan IS a good guy, but he sold out his bro-bro, his own flesh and blood, and he would NOT feel good about this if we saw him again in the series! What do you think about that? Basically the question would be, how do you think Scorpan would feel about what happened to Tie-rek?
  9. So after Tirek returned for the season 4 finale, many people were wondering if we would see more revamped characters. Although many people argued that it was just a one off, this has turned out to be false as Smooze has been confirmed to return for the upcoming and super exciting season 5. So earlier today, I was just thinking. What other characters could be revamped? I mean don't get me wrong, the show was awful, but I think that some of the characters were really interesting, or could be made interesting. I'm going to list 3 revamps which I think could work in G4, and add something cool and new to the show. Smooze isn't a big villain, and I like it that way. I don't think this series needs another main villain who's a revamp. Scorpan: Now Scorpan is the most obvious one because not only is he confirmed to exist in this universe, but the development he had in Twilight's Kingdom suggests that he will be explored in future seasons. This guy could make an awesome character. I heard on Derpy News one time that Starswirl the Bearded is going to be making his appearance at the right place at the right time, but I feel that Scorpan (Starswirl's close friend) should return first so we can get more hype for Starswirl. With him maybe telling stories of their great adventures. I can't see this revamp happening this season as were already getting A LOT of unbelievable arcs and stuff answered. I think that season 5 is going to be the best season yet by miles. However, I think Scorpan is more likely to be season 6 or the 2017 movie. This version will of course be Tirek's brother, and is highly likely to be a magic draining being like Tirek. He may be a prince of his foreign land though. General Firefly: Whilst not as apparent as Scorpan, Firefly exists in this universe too. She was the founder of the Wonderbolts a long time ago, and assembled them and made them the greatest flyers in Equestria as explained in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. I think the best way to reintroduce this character would be if the mane 6 went back in time, and Firefly gave Rainbow Dash tips on how to become a Wonderbolt, and then she used them and succeeds. This would be really epic, and would be a great ending and pay off to Rainbow's series long arc. Just my thoughts, but I think this is the best and only real way to revamp this character. Sea Ponies: Now this fanbase has been wanting these guys for ages, and I think this would be really cool. They look iconic, memorable, and classy. Ponies underwater is just a badass idea. I think the time for this is season 5, when we take a look at all of Equestria. I hope to see them this season. We haven't seen any concept art, but I think it's still probable for them to make a return. DHX must know we want them.
  10. I know they were brothers. But Tirek has kept the necklace on for the entirety of his imprisonment. Why? You could say it's because he's still sentimental about it... But then he gives it to Discord without a second thought! Just seemed weird to me.