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Found 13 results

  1. So after a little debate, I've decided to open up a thread where I share my custom cars from the PS4 game: The Crew. The Crew is an amazingly unique racing game where the USA is your playground for exploration, racing solo or with three others in four vs four crew battles and other adventures. Dirt Spec 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Performance Spec Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera Drift Spec 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Raid Spec Ruf 3400K Dirt Spec Nissan 370z Performance Spec Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Performance Spec 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10 I'd like some feedback on car design and how I took these photos. This thread will be updated with new stuff once in a while.
  2. So, while I'm very much of the opinion that gameplay and a good story are more important than graphics - it is always a nice bonus to have all three. By this, I don't just mean the greatest display of graphical graphical power - a perfectly replicated grey hallway is still just a grey hallway. I'd rather take the colourful, but lower res, vibrant outdoor scenescape. So, whether it is because of lifelike graphics, interesting use of colour or even an 8bit game that has some great design choices behind it, which game (or games) would you say have some of your favourite visuals? For me, I'm going to go with Elite Dangerous. It has nice graphics, granted, but the main thing is that I've played MMO's before (of which I loosely consider Elite), and none of them have felt like an actual living world (or in this case: universe). Elite is one of the most 'alive' games I've ever played in this regard, and I think a lot of that is due to the design choices in the game. Everything looks like it is something that could legitimately exist in our future, even to the point where each manufacturer of ships have their own unique style compared to the rest. I've got the Xbox version, which will be graphically inferior to the PC edition, but even so - I think most players will remember their first exit from warp, coming face to face with a star: It is one of the few games where I can just stop and take in the view. So yeah, that's mine - which would be yours?
  3. im really excited for GTA V ON pc! they also released brandnew Screen shots and a video of GTA V PC coming next week
  4. This thread is simple: Share your screenshots from whatever game you want in this thread. Here are some screenshots from 2 of my successful islands in Tropico 4:
  5. Very silly, but this caught my eye...
  6. Well had a hay of a day rolling as Derpy and meant quite the ponies on their you wouldn't believe the things we did . leaving a few screen shots to our end Derpy=me Vinyl and Octavia=friends through alpha. ( ) LoE Screenshots are in gallery.
  7. Hey there! Post a screenshot of your GC theme, whether it be ponies or something else. I'll start off with mine. GO!
  8. ...Gives you a certain sense of narcissistic joy. I'm also fairly certain that I watch my own videos at least 40% more than is necessary to determine what needs to be fixed in editing.
  9. I've seen a lot of great art here on the forums, and I've always wanted to be able to at least draw at least a recognizable stick figure since I was small, so I was inspired to try my hand at drawing something. The top picture is a screenshot from one of my favorite episodes, Keep Calm and Flutter On, the image I was modeling after. The lower one is my actual sketch. It took less than five minutes, but I realize saying 'it's not that great' is an understatement. That said, I would like to know what I could do to get better. EDIT: Sorry about the blurry lower photo.
  10. Not sure if this is in the right place :/ Hey hey hey! Season 3 is here! I draw from screenshots from the show, and as season 3 has just come out there aint many floating around right now. Can we get this thread going to build up a small collection of shots that could be used for drawings or vectors? This thread could contain spoilers. What i have so far: (forgive the poor hasty crops)
  11. Allow me to show ye what I've been working on in the last couple of months:
  12. I just saw the trailer for the new episode, and I have to ask, what the fuck is that? http-~~-//
  13. I was checking Equestria Daily today, and came across this article: http://www.equestria...e-followup.html The legitimacy might be debated, but it's looking like Octavia being a cellist is now official. Enjoy a screenshot: What do you guys think?