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Found 9 results

  1. "Hiya, I'm Screwball! You know the "Daughter of Discord" and all. But you might already know me, don't you? Now don't deny this! I know ya'll have a lots of questions to ask! So, I will take some time and will answer to all of your silly villy questions! So, who's ready? I know I am!"
  2. An collab I done with Yinglongfujun on Twitter and DA I planned the overall composition, drew Screwball and Discord. He drew Pinkie and the background (and Discord's lineart)
  3. "Screwball" is the name of a certain pony floating in the air during Discord's havoc. In fanfiction, some authors identify her as "Discord's daughter". In that case, if she is Discord's daughter, surely she ought to have powers of her own. Can you provide some examples of what kind of powers or abilities Screwball can have?
  4. If you don't know who Screwball is, she appeared in the two part episode called Return Of Harmony. It was the first, and most likely ONLY appearance in MLP FiM. She doesn't have that big of a fanbase like Derpy does. Although people do make fan art of her, jokingly throwing out the fictional fact that she is Diamond Tiara's sister, or Screw Loose's and Discord's daughter. (Lol) As for Derpy, she does indeed have a huge fanbase because she was almost taken off the show. She is like, the Waldo of MLP...mostly infamous for her eye error, though changed. If you have no idea who she is, then....then....what's wrong with you?
  5. Hi everyone! So I am new to this forum so I hope to meet a lot more awesome and nice new people around here! I made a cover of the popular fanmade song "Daddy Discord" by Sand Josieph. This was my first time singing a full cover so I sound a bit nervous. I hope you guys like it I'd love some feedback here and on Youtube. I did it for fun and I plan to do more! What MLP song should I do next? -Kim
  6. Another pic I did of Screwball/Topsy Turvy in mspaint with my trusty mouse and powered be Skrillex : P (sorry about the quality, whenever I save a drawing and close paint, it just turns to crap, and I have no idea how to stop it.)
  7. Those who checked up my old drawings could recognize one thing - all I´ve ever drawn were people. The whole ponyhood made me stop for a sec and draw ponies instead, but yesterday when I was about to draw a pony, I told to myself: "Why not?". I wanted to draw Discord´s daughter, inventor of Tank´s flying device and my favourite background character - Screwball. And after that humanfull moment, she ended up in a human body. For those who don´t know Screwball - She´s this Sugarcube. I finished this yesterday at 23:53 (11:53 pm), I´m glad I finally returned home so I can post it.
  8. Im Screwball ask me anything if you havent heard of me go here V
  9. A few of you have probably already seen this, but I figured I'd share the vector itself. Vex came to me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I could hook him up with a good quality Screwball vector since there weren't a whole lot floating around dA. This is what came out: