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Found 26 results

  1. (If script stuff is supposed to go in the video section, sorry. I'll delete and repost if need be.) As I'm working on developing a series of fan-produced episodes, I recently completed the script for the pilot episode, but I wanted to find someone to be a grammer and story editor for it, before I start storyboarding and recording voice lines. I'm looking for someone to edit for both grammar and story; checking for typos, proper sentence structure, and other small grammar things, as well as checking for flow of the story, making sure nopony is acting out of character, etc. Please leave a reply if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks, -Virt
  2. I'm working on a pilot episode script for my own personal MLP reboot, because ya know what? I really enjoy colourful horse creatures going on magic adventures where they kick butt and learn empathy and kindness. That is my JAM. Anyways, I'm stuck on some parts of the outline/story, and I'm struggling to finish it! Right now, I have a main character named Hopper who has to get rid of his Tantabus (a nightmare creature and spirit of self-harm that arose from Hopper's magic spells.) The pilot episode is about his journey through his fears, and the rewards that lay on the other side (friendship, acceptance, trust, support, etc.) There are some key things I want to establish about the world Hopper inhabits as well, and how it differs from the original series. Anyone have any suggestions? I have a Discord and Google doc, if you're interested in helping me create!
  3. We've talked a lot about the standard mechanics of story writing. I think it's time for us to start to explore the world of script writing. I know what you're thinking. "Mr. Tuna! I know how to script write. It's so easy! You just write the character name, then the dialogue!" I'm afraid not. If you write a script like that and try to send it to someone, they'll take one look at it and they will toss it in the garbage. However, since it's a lot easier to picture something by showing it, why don't I show you my meaning? First and foremost, however, I should recommend a script writing software. The one I've used most is called Celtx. I've used it for approximately 10 years. It's still free but as I understand requires an account now and you can't just download it to your computer any more unfortunately. That being said, I've moved over to another reasonable choice called Trelby. It's simplistic and if you're already a Celtx user you can transfer your files over to Trelby as needed. So let's get started with the TITLE PAGE! First and foremost, if you're using a script writing software, it's going to probably shave a good amount of time off this part. It must be formatted as you see here. Otherwise, down the trash chute it goes. "Written By" is fairly optional. As long as you write "By" followed by your FULL NAME. No nicknames. The bottom right side of the script can be used for copywriting if you wish, but it's optional, and you can alternate where your identifiable information goes as well, as long as its in one of the bottom corners. If your phone number, address, and email address are not in one of the bottom corners, your script will probably be thrown out. If not, and they decide they really like it, they'll just steal your work and pass it off as their own. Happens all the time, and you won't win that fight. As the writer, you're the second LOWEST tier on the totem pole. You have no say in who plays what. You have no influence over how your work is imagined. The only person lower on the chain of command then you is the craft services guy. Just be forewarned. If you become a screen writer and you aren't someone like Quentin Tarantino, you have no power. But you WILL make bank. Because you're selling your work. If you become a play writer, you'll probably make less money, but you will have ALL the power. Because in that case you are renting your work out. If you don't like how the set designer is doing things, you can threaten to take away their right to use the play. It won't make you any friends, but you'll have more leeway in that field, even if you're making less money. So if you're in this to stroke your ego, go theater. We will cover play writing in another update. It's fairly straightforward. Next, let's get started on the actual writing! So let's address our slugline, sort our actions, and form some dialogue! What the hell am I talking about? Well... Let's start with the SLUGLINE: A slugline, also known as your scene heading, is your main transition and how you define the current location and time of the scene you're about to cover. Every slugline should include these three things, in this order: WHETHER THE SCENE TAKES PLACE INSIDE OR OUT, THE LOCATION IT TAKES PLACE IN, AND THE GENERAL TIME FRAME. For example: Suppose we were writing a scene that takes places inside a convenience store in the day. We would signify that as follows: If the scene took place outside a house at night, it would be written as follows: YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ABBREVIATE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR. In some cases, you can belay the use of the day/night selection. For instance: In space, the day/night cycle is probably not going to be quite as important, so it's understandable to excuse it here. If you need to include additional information in your slugline, you can add a small description after your location. But KEEP IT DOWN TO A FEW WORDS: Your slugline is how each scene is expected to open, and by using a new slugline you'll be suggesting to the reader that you are now in a different scene. After the slugline, you can either use dialogue or actions. It's generally better and more accepted to BEGIN WITH ACTIONS: Your actions are the meat and potatoes of your script. You will always write actions in the PRESENT TENSE. Additionally, you can not make any off comments about who you would like to see play which character, or the music you want in the scene. Nobody cares, and your script will be tossed if you do so. Say what needs to be said and move on: This sample defines what actions this character will be taking. It says nothing of where to put the camera because that much will be more up to the crew. You can suggest where the camera goes, but I usually leave that out. It's easier on you that way. If you have something happening in this action that is important, you can CAPITALIZE IT. When a character is first introduced in the narrative, his or her name should be CAPITALIZED. Afterwards, you can write the name normally if you'd like. I personally like to capitalize it all throughout the script though. It's just easier to pick out that way and there's no harm either way. Now we know the basics of narrative focus and action writing. But take this to heart: INCLUDE NOTHING IN YOUR SCRIPT THAT CAN NOT BE EITHER DIRECTLY SEEN OR HEARD. This means you can't include smells, taste, or touch. Why? Because the audience can not sense smells, tastes, or touch that the characters will sense. So: First of all, props for going for that top quality humor. But how is the viewer supposed to know that Jim stepped on a duck if we don't hear anything from him? We just see a guy widen his eyes. So what are your options? You can have Jim say what happened. "I farted." Or you can do it the smart way and play to the actions: Dialogue ought to be centered on its own personal line, and the character's name is the first thing you should see. The parenthesis are optional in the middle there. Use them only if you need to convey something specific... like how a line should be delivered. Or if two lines are said simultaneously: If you have a lot of dialogue for one character to cover, you may be required to write "CONT'D" next to the subject name. This is only needed when the dialogue is, well, continuous: If your character is narrating, you can signify this by including the abbreviation of V.O, which stands for "voice over." If a character is participating in dialogue but they are not on screen at the time, you can signify that by including "O.S", which stands for "off-screen." Deep stuff, I know. Here's an example page of some of what we covered: We see two sluglines here, meaning there are two scenes here. Note that we never use "CUT TO." It's not that we aren't allowed to. It's just that we don't need it here. You should also avoid writing "CUT TO" after each piece of dialogue for obvious reasons. There is so much more for us to cover... but I don't think putting it all in one blog post is such a wise idea. So instead, I'm going to include some sample writing. Only I'm going to write it in the exact way you SHOULDN'T write it. Your job will be to pick out the errors. There is, as I said, a LOT more to cover in this field. We will discuss that another time. In the meantime, I hope this helped if you're in the field for script writing!
  4. Obviously, soo, soo much fanfiction for MLP is written by bronies and pegasisters alike, but has anyone tried to write their story ideas in script form - like write their own episode? I think I'm gonna give it a try - there's a free-to-use website named PlotBot which formats your script in the correct format and everything!!
  5. RK5 Debug Console For RPG Maker VX Ace "I was tired of testing stuff in the Editor - Now I can do that on move" Version: 1.2.1 I've noticed, that some members use RPG Maker VX Ace to make games. That's why I'd like to share this script, that I wrote ages ago. Perhaps it will be useful for somepony. def draw_introduction This script adds an in-game console, that can be brought in any scene to perform a script call, that can be typed during gameplay. There are many, many, many possibilities of using that console, starting from simply changing variables to even performing advanced codes to affect objects or even create them. Besides freely typed strings, the console contains build-in commands, for quicker debugging like teleporting player to specific maps and coordinates or hooking objects like windows to move or resize them and print their parameters into a txt file to allow developers configure them in the script properly. end def features-=> Type script calls to affect things in your game! Example: $game_party.members.each do |m|; m.hp = 1; = 1; end Typing the above in the console will set HP and MP to 1 for all party members. -=> Use build-in commands! Think of cheats or commands in Minecraft lel (spawn items/gold, noclip, teleport and stuff like this)-=> Hook objects like windows to adjust their position, size or opacity and print the results into a txt file!-=> Change variables, actor/enemy stats and many, many more-=> Check values maintained by variables etc.-=> Everything is up to you! Planned Features:-=> More commands - because why not? end def draw_instructions► SCRIPT DIFFICULTY: ★★☆☆☆ - ★★★★☆ from build-in commands - to advanced usage ► REQUIRED SCRIPTS! [■] CP Keyboard Input script by Neon Black └►[author] http://forums.rpgmak...626-neon-black/ └►[script] ► USAGE:-=> Place script(s) below ▼ Materials; above ▼ Main Process-=> Plug & Play-=> Press '~' (tilde) to bring up the console or exit from it.-=> Type /help in console to view available commands and such.end def draw_currenty_available_commands end def create_screenshots # Screenshots #Some gifs showing this script in action:@> Testing stuff on fresh project @> 'HOOK' Command! @> Testing commands ~ Uses version under development@> Toying with menu ~ Uses version under developmentend def terms_of_use-=> You ARE allowed to use this script in non-commercial projects.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to use this script in commercial projects. Contact me first.-=> You ARE allowed to edit this script to your needs.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to repost or post modified versions of this script without my permission.-=> You ARE DEFINITELY NOT allowed to claim this script as your own. Just to be clear. ^,^-=> Crediting me, Rikifive would be heavily appreciated.-=> You ARE obligated to read and follow the terms of use of CP Keyboard Input script created by Neon Black as well While I won't kill anybody for breaking these terms of use, it still would be a violation of personal rights, that shouldn't happen.By using this script you accept these terms of use.Not reading them DOES NOT exempt you from liability.end def put_download_link download_link_pastebin = RK5 Debug Console v.1.2.1 required_script = CP Keyboard Input script v1.0a by Neon Black #CHANGELOG end Certificates: Egghead stuff confirmed. This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
  6. "Applejack?" "Yes Twi?" "I found this book outside the Everfree Forest... It seems to be Apple Bloom's diary." "Mah sis kept a Diary? Does it say what happened to her?" "...Yes..." And with that bit of dark foretelling we dive head long into one of the scarcest MLP creepypastas I have ever had the pleaser of finding. The Trees Are Screaming. So the story starts with apple bloom writing in her diary to see if she can get a diary writing cutie mark. Oh and this takes place pre cmc getting there marks. At first the entrys are fairly normal with apple bloom talking about what they have tried to do to get there marks but soon thinks start to stand out such as there dog acting odd and barking at the forest then it goes missing. Soon after apple bloom swears she sees movement out of the corner of her eyes. She convinces the other cmc members to go with her into the everfree forest to find her dog. That is where things go bad and fast. The next entry goes as followes and this is an exerpt from the story. Oh, Celestia, help me, I got away, I’m the only one left, the others are dead, I’m hiding in a cave I found. Sweet Celestia, the trees, the trees are alive, they’re alive! We were just walking down the path, and I saw something move, so we went off the path to try and find it. It led us further and further away from the trail, and we came to a clearing in the woods, and then there was this screech, and a branch swooped down, and, and, and it impaled itself into Sweetie, and she was bleeding, and we tried to run but there were vines covered in thorns, and they wrapped around our legs, and the thorns dug into us, and the trees, I don’t know how to describe it, they didn’t walk, it was like they were sliding, and the clearing just kept getting smaller and smaller…I managed to pull my legs out from the vines, but the vines were around Scoots’ neck, and they were choking her, and, and I heard her bones being crushed, so I ran away, through a gap in the trees. They tried to get me, but they only managed to get my leg, it’s bleeding really bad, there’s a huge chunk of it missing… No, no I can hear them, I can hear them coming! They’re coming! Celestia, Luna, anyone, please, please, HELP ME! The trees are screaming! So ummm ya this part is terifing to me it involves kids in a life or death situaction you know they don't survive so it's worse its just terafing. So why are the trees screaming why are they killing whats going on. Well I have a theroy but first lets talk to my mare in the field straight jaket. Warlock I am not going in there. Theres dragons and mantacores sea serpents cockatrices timber wolfs and a freaky zebra who trayed to curse me before so no I am not doing this got that. And if you try I will shove your hat so far up your ass it will come out your eye socket. Ok so we will not be investigating the ever free forest today. So how could this story happen well because of dicored what if this is what happened if his evil vine things grew earlyer and waited to attack insead of attacking right off the bat like in the show. It has possibilitys and makes this a bit scaryer that maybe the episode could have gone difrent in other circumstances. But thats just my thoughts on it whats yourse did this storie freek you out or am I a wuss tell me in the coments and this is warlock boo saying be scaring you later.(boo laugh)
  7. A world of light and friendship happy balloons and singing pony's. But what happens when shadows cover the land the dark and twisted minds of fans take over and the bright colors fall to the shadows of madness. Hear you will see you will see the nightmare of equestria the twisted world fans have made and I now explore. And who am I you ask well your humble and amazing host Warlock Boo. Now sit your not going any where soon and watch the fun that is Nightmares of equestria. (BOO Laugh)
  8. This is a new monologue I wrote based on my apology letter to Bronies. I hope you guys like it and I would love to get feedback from you guy! Thank You!
  9. I'm starting a script called A Dazzling Revenge. the basic concept is obvious the Dazzlings attempting to take over the human world and Equestria. they use Sunset Shimmer and attempt to make her one of them. I need help with...everything but mostly organization. the script is very not done and just hardly started but hopefully we can make a great fan film once it's done.
  10. (May be in the wrong section) Have any of you considered writing a fan fiction in script format? It may be good for those who tend to write a lot of dialogue in their fan fictions. I will write fan fictions in both story format and script format depending on the fan fiction. It is hard to find a website where you can post them, though. It's not the best, but here is one of my scripted fan fictions that I mentioned before. It is not the proper length for an episode, though. Scene: Twilight’s home. Characters present: Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Spike. Twilight: Do you know what the importance of today is? Rainbow Dash: Not really… Twilight: Today is the celebration of harmony. It is traditional for a member of each race to be selected to represent harmony. Princess Celestia believes that there are no better ponies than the wielders of the elements of harmony to be the ponies to represent it. Any questions? Rainbow Dash: Aren’t you better with magic than Rarity is? Twilight: I’m not a unicorn anymore, so I can’t represent them. Rainbow Dash: Oh. Right. Spike: Aren’t you going to tell them the procedure? Twilight: I was about to get to that! When we are finished here, we will be going to Canterlot. You will see a set of seven chairs. There will be four chairs in the back, that is for the Alicorns, and there will be three in front. Applejack, you will sit in the left chair. Rainbow Dash, you will sit in the middle chair. Rarity, you will sit in the right chair. That is when you face the chairs, not when you are sitting in them, in case you’re wondering. Rainbow Dash: At least we don’t have to worry about Rarity being in the wrong chair! Rainbow Dash and Applejack laugh Twilight: (rolls eyes) Anyways… remember, this is not a contest to see which race is better. This is to show Equestria and ponies can, and should, live in harmony regardless of their race. Rarity: Do not worry, Twilight. You can be certain that there will not be any conflicts among us. Applejack: Ya can count on us! Rainbow Dash: Let’s do this! (Theme Song) Setting: Canterlot Castle courtyard Characters present: Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Spike. Twilight: Ponies will be arriving in a few hours. That should give us enough time to prepare and relax before the ceremony. All three of you will talk about how your race is important for maintaining the balance of Equestria. Twilight and Spike go into the castle Rainbow Dash: This is going to be so easy! Without the pegasi, there will be no rain for food to grow. Ponies need food to survive. Applejack: Without the earth ponies, who’ll grow the food? Rarity: Without the unicorns, the… um… Rainbow Dash: Rarity, are you OK? Rarity: I’m supposed to tell a crowd of ponies how unicorns are important, but I don’t know what my race contributes to Equestria. Applejack: I’m sure there’s somethin’, Rares. Rarity: A long time ago, the unicorns brought forth day and night, but Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do that now. Today, what purpose do unicorns serve? Rainbow Dash: I don’t know much about unicorns, but I know unicorns are equally as important as pegasi and earth ponies. Applejack: I’m with RD. Rarity: I’m going to go inside. Rarity walks inside the castle. Scene: Canterlot Castle main room Characters: Twilight, Rarity, Spike Twilight: Hey, Rarity. Is everything going alright? Rarity: Yes… for Applejack and Rainbow Dash… Twilight: What’s wrong? Rarity: Do unicorns even have a purpose? Twilight: Rarity, every species has a purpose. Rarity: Pegasi control the weather, earth ponies grow the food, and unicorns don’t do anything. Sure, we raised the sun and moon a long time ago, but today, we have no purpose. Twilight: I wish I could help, but I don’t know how. Rarity: I’m going to go for a walk around Canterlot. The ceremony won’t began for quite some time, and I don’t have anything to say anyways. Twilight: Rarity, we need you. Rarity: I will be back in two hours. Rarity exists. Spike follows. Scene: Canterlot streets Characters present: Rarity, Spike Spike: I’m coming with you. Rarity: What about Twilight? Spike: She’ll be fine. Rarity: Hmm.. OK. Time lapse (Rarity/Spike song here): Rarity and Spike are still walking Rarity: The buildings on this particular street are the oldest standing buildings in Canterlot. They were created five years after the first castle was created. The Canterlot castle was destroyed and rebuilt six times. The buildings here were originally used as houses, but today, they are historical landmarks. Some of the doors have one horse shoe while others have two. That is because, a long time ago, it was customary to hang one horse shoe on your door if you were single and two if you were married. The color of the horseshoe represents the offspring. White means they have no children, blue means they have one… Spike: You are starting to sound like Twilight! Is this a unicorn thing? Rarity: Every race is smart, Spike. Spike: Not every race will teach other ponies about Equestria history… or math.. or science… or everything! Rarity: I guess unicorns like to teach. I don’t see it as a problem. Spike: It’s not a problem. I’m just not interested. Rarity: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get carried away. Spike: (gasps) Rarity! I think I know how unicorns are useful! Rarity: What do you mean? Spike: Unicorns are very intelligent and like to teach others of their intelligence. Sure, the pegasi and earth ponies are useful for survival of the ponies, but the unicorns are useful for the survival of Equestria! Without education, Equestria would not be the way it is today. Rarity: So you’re saying unicorns are teachers? Spike: Exactly! Rarity: That doesn’t explain why there are teachers who aren’t unicorns. Spike: Some farmers are pegasi, and you controlled the weather once. Rarity: Fair point. Spike: So, should we go back to the castle? Rarity nods. Scene: Canterlot Castle Courtyard. Ponies present: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadence, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, large crowd of background ponies. Princess Celestia: Today is a celebration of harmony among earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns! Without any further ado, each pony here will explain how their race keeps the balance in Equestria Maintained! Applejack. Applejack: Well, howdy! Earth ponies were responsible for growing’ the food for the other ponies to eat. Without us earth ponies, y’all be starvin’. Applejack chuckles, and crowd laughs Rainbow Dash: Hey. Earth ponies may take care of the land, but without the pegasi, there won’t be any water. Everyone knows that we can’t survive without water. Crowd murmurs in agreement Rarity: The earth ponies and pegasi are very important for survival as a species, but the unicorns are important for the survival as a nation. Without education, Equestria will fall.. Bon Bon: If unicorns are supposed to educate us, then why are some teachers not unicorns? Spike: (stands up and clenches his fist) Sure, not all teachers are unicorns, but not all farmers are earth ponies, and not all… (crowd yells loudly, Spike stops) Twilight: This wasn’t meant to happen. Princess Luna: ENOUGH! Crowd quiets down. Rarity: (To Princess Luna) Allow me. (Princess Luna nods in approval, and Rarity looks at the crowd) Equestria maintains the balance of harmony, not because of what we do as each race, but what we do as a whole. The earth ponies and pegasi work together on the growing of the food, the earth ponies and unicorns work together on the construction of buildings, the pegasi and unicorns work together on defending Equestria, and every race work together balancing harmony. Ponies in talk quietly among themselves and whisper Scene change Scene: inside Canterlot Castle Characters present: Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Spike, Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia: Rarity, you were the first representing pony to truly understand harmony. It is not ponies doing something alone to help a community. It is ponies working together to help a community. Twilight: I knew you were intelligent, but I didn’t expect you to do that! Rarity: Spike is the one who deserves the praise. Spike: I didn’t tell you how ponies work together. I just told you how unicorns are educated. Rarity: Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to say anything. Spike: Except maybe the history of Equestria. Everyone present laughs
  11. Storyline: After sweeping every single traces of disharmony,Equestria stood in a peaceful state for days. However,there is still one enemy hidden in the depths of Equestria. An enemy Celestia fougth moons & moons agos. Armed with the Elements of Harmony,Princess Twilight & co. will have a long & torrid battle against the ruthless Spirit of Death... What i will need: -Animators:I'll need both Flash & 3D animators.The Flash animations will have to look as close as the show's. -Editors -Story-boarders -Script writers:Without ones,the film will be as good as the Twilight saga. -Musicians:Because MLP without musics is not MLP.There will be mainly orchestral ones. Speaking of music,the film will also intend to have songs just like in the show. -Sound Designers:The ones who takes care of background sounds. -Mixers Contact: I'll be mainly posting my Skype account. Have the best of luck! Crew: Animators: ShootingStarMLPFIM, SparkGlasses Editors: Stallion Hoovrick,~Alicornification~, Soren Nightwing Script writers: LZRD WZRD, Sweets, dusk.night,PinkCupcake21, Stallion Hoovrick, roguesoul, Harmoy's Echo, BlueSkittleWolf Lead Script Writer: LZRD WZRD Story-boarders: Sweets, Dawn Wing Musicians: Myself, Thunder-Dash, Pinkcupcake21, websterhamster, child of the night, Arkane Sound Designers: Stallion Hoovrick, child of the night, Jerry, Arkane Mixers: Arkane, Jerry, Thunder-Dash
  12. So, I've written quite a bit already but I'm never going to get this done on my own, I have another writer too but he is juggling other work as well. could anypony help me write the script for a project I'm working on? there are 5 sections that need to be written: 1 slice of life 1 slice of life/tragedy 2 action (1 is sci-fi) 1 tragedy I've already had about 5 writers bail on me so if you want to join PLEASE make sure you are willing to follow through. I already have about an hour of it written and I estimate the last part I have to write be an additional half hour or so yeah, I'm expecting those 5 extra sections to add a total of at least half an hour to 45 minutes. I have a synopsis for some guide lines about what happens for each section but you will have to be creative and add some story to it, otherwise I would have just written it myself. I'm considering just scrapping the whole thing because a lack of people who will help me Please help me! I really want to do this but I need help! EDIT: OK I just need one writer to write one part that should be about 5 pages long, might need another writer later on to write a 5-10 page long part if my other writer I currently have doesn't reply in the next couple days. I will also soon be needing people who can take care of areas I know nothing about, I need someone in charge of animation, sound, music, and voice actors (I have some voice actors already). those jobs include finding people, checking on those people, updating me regularly and making sure the job gets done. I just don't have enough time to take care of everything myself. and I know nothing about making movies. I can't offer much in return if not nothing at all.
  13. Hey there everypony, I need alittle help writing something for a convention coming up this July here where I live. With the pass I bought, I receive a 60 second personal recording from Tara Strong and get to write a script for her and what voice I would like her to speak in. I already settled on having her speak as well..Twilight, but I have no clue what else to really include in it. If anyone can give me some ideas of what I could have in the script, please let me know. I do apologize if this doesn't belong in this forum.
  14. So, I'm working on a project, but there is a lot of script in it, and I can't write it all by my self, I need help. I won't publicly reveal much about it but it's big, and it will be a (sub)first in the fandom. If you are interested, please send me a sample of work you have previously done (doesn't have to be long, just a small showcase of your skills) oh and it's screen scripting so play or movie or show script would work just fine. what I will say however is you will be sworn to secrecy, and there will be no foul language or sexual content involved what-so-ever.
  15. I just recently began watching MLP, and, while I am still very dubious about clippers, I have come to really enjoy the fandom. I have recently started writing a screenplay for a hypothetical MLP movie. Come and check it out at the following link: I am posting this via google drive because I am constantly making updates, and so that you can see my latest updates at your convenience. Please keep any comments limited to constructive criticisms only. If you think I should make a change, post it in the comments. I hope you enjoy. -2nd LT [uSMCav8r]
  16. Hey what is up guys i am making a animation for MLP it will be a mini series seeing how the pilot episode goes we will decide what to do at the moment we are in desperate need of animators we have 2 at the moment but we need more if we want to make this a reality we are based in jolly old England and would love to have some people to help on this project please PM me if you want to help we also need some more script writers and some voice actors to do the voice of a common pony as the main character sorry all of you americans but it has to be A strong English accent mor info to come
  17. Hey there! It is me, Jalokim! CANterlot convention is just around the corner, and I (being the one who is always eager to perform), want to do a skit for the convention! In order to do this, I'm gonna need help from you guys. Im gonna need some script writers, actors, and special effects men (if the script requires). I do have some requirements however, all actors/actresses must be attending the convention (duh). The convention is in southern Ontario by the way, Anyone can be a script writer, but there can only be one script. What's going to happen is that you guys are gonna send me scripts via pm or email (reach me at The script I like the most will be the one we shall perform. You guys will have from Oct. 10- Oct. 25 to write these scripts (since we only have one month to do EVERTHING) Once we have a script, Im gonna look for Actors, but if you are interested, post a reply here or Pm me!
  18. From drawing this, I had an idea... I want to write a story where two solar system's stars literally cross paths with each other, then having an alien fall in love with a human. It would be sort of Romeo and Juliet style, since many humans would probably reject the fact that a human and an alien fall in love. Anyway, Back to the picture How did I do? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, click on the picture to go to my Ask Blog... If you don't mind...
  19. I'm looking for some help in writing a script for a video game. The outline is already done but I could use some help connecting the dots. The game is about a brony who has found himself transported to Equestria and must find a way to get back. However, evil forces around Equestria seem to have other ideas. You can find a sample of what the game will be like here: I'm looking for 2-3 writers and any help would be much appreciated. If this sounds interesting leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  20. Take a look at it here: I appreciate feedback! I wanna know if the format is right etc. thank you! I worked really hard on this, so please take the time to read it over :3
  21. UPDATE: I delete my script. because, there's some rumors that some writers from the studios steal ideas from fans and don't even pay for them either. I hope I'm wrong. If you guys want to see my fan fic movie script, I'll send it to you on the primate message. Sorry
  22. Recently I wrote a script and wanted to know what you think of it? Vinyl Scratch: Good Evening, Ponyville, Its your favorite DJ here, Vinyl. Rainbow Dash: And the best flyer in Equestria. Vinyl Scratch: And this is the DJ-PON3 Interviews Vinyl Scratch: Okay, Rainbow Dash. Are you ready to start? Rainbow Dash: Ready? I was born Ready! Vinyl Scratch: Okay, First Question, Who's your favorite Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash: Well, you see f I had to choose, I'd probably pick Soarin. Vinyl Scratch: Hey, RD, Who's your best friend besides the outside of the mane 6. Rainbow Dash: I would say Gilda or Lighting Dust, but they turned out to be jerks. Other than them I'd say Derpy, even thou she can be a clutz, she is great friend, and is really nice Vinyl Scratch: Do you have a "speacial" somepony Rainbow Dash: What?!? No, well not yet. I'm open for suggestions and/or questions to ask RD
  23. Original script by: Story by: Amazing cover art by: ++++++++++++ It's Okay to be a Brony There are plenty of reasons why a guy would want to hide the fact that he is a brony. But one should not have to hide who they are because of what others will think. I came to this realization about a month ago. I am tired of hiding who I am, I'm a brony dammit, and proud of it! ------ The breath left my body as the fist drove hard into my stomach. My eyes crossed as I took a blow to the face. Now on my knees, I lifted my arms up in an attempt to shield myself from the brutal beating. I would have called for help, but they followed me from school. Why do people get bullied for being different or liking something that someone else doesn't? "Keep out of our way girly boy," sneered the larger as he kicked me real hard in the ribs. "We would hate to accidentally hit a girl." "What a loser," the other chimed in. "What kind of guy likes my little pony? I'm totally telling everyone about this," he chuckled as he snapped a picture of me on his phone. They left laughing about the girly boy who likes ponies while I just laid there and cried. I expected to get beat up, so I wasn't surprised. Only thing left to do is try to show people that bronies aren't bad. ------ I told my parents what had happened, they threatened to go to the principal to have the boys expelled, but I told them no. That's not what I was trying to do. I want to make people more tolerant of bronies, not hate us more. For a little while I was made fun of still, and I got bullied around a bit more. But soon, some people started to give it a chance. After that, it was just a matter of time until the magic of friendship seeped into those around me. I gave each new brony a brohoof and told them "Welcome to the herd!" Soon, bronies started to pop up all over the place. After a few weeks, the bullying completely subsided. After all, who wanted to mess with a large group of people who believe in real friendship? ------ I just turned sixteen a few months ago, and had finally, after weeks of trying, talked my parents into letting me get a part time job. "I hear that Toys R Us in town is looking to hire," said my dad, trying to avoid my mothers evil gaze. He didn't have a problem with me getting a job, in fact he encouraged it. It was my mom who was actually against it. Since I had gotten beaten up that first time only about two months ago, she was reluctant to have me leave the house. "Maybe you could try there-" "Or you could just stay home and focus on your schoolwork!" butted in mommy dearest. I knew she had my best interests at heart, but I'm not a kid anymore. "Mom, I told you, I am perfectly capable of juggling school and work. Please, let me do this." After a moment or two of silence and soul-crushing eye contact, she nodded her head and slumped in her chair defeated. I turned to my dad, "Thanks Dad, I'll be sure to check there first." ------ I thought back on this conversation as I strode down the sidewalk. Eager to make a good first impression, I wore some nice clothes. I had put on my blue button up shirt and a nice pair of jeans. I had done some research a few days before and found out that Toys R Us had a brand new Brony section. That took the cake, I instantly knew where I wanted to work. I had to stay composed for the interview though, I didn't want to seem as though I was only there for the employee discount for cheaper My Little Pony products. I wanted this job so I could help support my family, anything else would just be an added bonus. I looked up to the multicolored sign above the sliding glass entryway that hopefully was to be my new job. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out as I took my first step into the store. Looking around, I was a bit nervous and my hands began to get sweaty, so I wiped them on my jeans. I calmly walked up to the help desk. As I approached, the attendant looked up and turned her monitor ever so slightly. "Yes, may I help you?" asked the woman. My voice cracking slightly under the pressure, each new word sounded as if a dog were ripping into a chew toy. "Yes," I looked at her name tag, "Angeline, I would like to apply for a job here, may I have an application?" "I can administer the interview right here. First question, you're not one of those bronies right? You're not just some guy trying to get a job here for access to all the new stuff? You wouldn't be the first," she said rather curtly. I looked behind her to an open double door. Everything around seemed to fade away into blackness, save for a spot of light. My vision seemed to zoom in on this light, with triumphant musical atmosphere filling my head. The boxes upon boxes of My Little Pony products were so enticing. Realizing I may start to drool soon, I snapped out of it. I'm not sure if it was the pressure of the interview, or the reflexive impulse to hide the fact that I'm a brony when I replied to her. "No ma'am, I am absolutely not a brony." As the words exited my mouth, it happened as if on cue, as if destiny itself were out to ruin me. My cellphone rang, blaring the My Little Pony theme song from season two. How could I have forgotten to silence it? Or at least put it on vibrate. I looked up to Angeline to receive a very powerful smirk that read, 'not a brony huh? Seems like it to me'. I held up my finger, the international gesture for her to hold on a moment while I scream at whoever may have just destroyed my chances at working here. "Hello?" "Hey it's Sam! What's up man?" "Now's not the best time." "I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over for the My Little Pony season premiere" I looked up to see Angeline sneering at me. My phones volume was too loud and she could hear the conversation. "No Sam, I absolutely do not want to watch that!" I turned around and finished in a hushed tone, "Text me the date." I abruptly turned back to the counter and cleared my throat. As our eyes met, I could tell she had absolutely no doubt that I was a brony. "Not a brony huh?" she asked smugly. I thought about this for a moment. As I did, I started to get a little angry. I'm not going to let all the work I've done go to waste, people need to learn to love and tolerate. "So what if I am a brony? There's nothing wrong with it. We're proud people who have done nothing wrong." "Look I'm sorry, but current managerial policy is we are not to accept bronies. As far as we know, you just want discounts for you and your friends and leave soon after. We have no reason to want to hire you." "That's ridiculous! I just want a job! I'm a hard worker!" "Look I just work here, take it up with the chief. It's not my decision, I just follow the rules." I became infuriated with this. "Fine whatever!" I screamed as I stormed out of the store. That night, I sat at my computer, browsing the My Little Pony forums. I had posted what happened earlier, to see if people had some advice. Most of the replies were angry ones that stated they would never go to that store again. A few said in all caps for me to do something about it. But what can I do? I'm one person. My vision of the computer screen began to blur, and my eyelids began to droop. My head hurt a bit, so I decided it was time to get in bed. I turned off my computer and lay down. As I drifted off to sleep, one thought raced over and over again in my mind. Take it up with the chief... ------ My eyes shot open to a bright summer morning, I knew what had to be done. I got dressed and quickly ate breakfast. I told my parents I was going out and ran out the door. I could barely contain myself, I half ran all the way back down to Toys R Us. In front of the store, I stopped and leaned against the wall to catch my breath. Once again, I took a deep breath and let it out as I walked through the doors. I walked over to the help desk wearing a very determine look. Apparently I must have seemed a little menacing because Angeline picked up the phone and started talking into it. "Security, we have a pro-" "Whoa whoa, I'm not here to cause trouble, I would just like to talk with your manager." She pondered this for a moment, and decided I was true to my word. She spoke a few more words into the phone and proceeded to hang it up. "Alright then, follow me." She wound me around to the back of the store. As we walked, I started to look at a few things. I noticed the games, the legos, and some My Little Pony trading cards. As luck would have it, Miss Angeline turned to see if I was still behind her the very instant I looked to the cards. She shook her head and continued walking. My face became hot to the point where, had this been a cartoon, I would have been steaming. We came to a halt in front of a large, lovely polished wooden door. As nice as it was, it was very foreboding, and not so inviting at all. Angeline knocked as she slowly opened the door. "Mr. Sykes, that brony I was telling you about yesterday is back." She turned to me. "Go on in." I slowly walked in and examined the room. There wasn't much to it, blue walls, a large desk, and his personal amenities. The manager sat in his chair and read the newspaper, not even acknowledging my existence. I cleared my throat to get his attention. His eyes drew up at me and he sighed. "You're back huh?" he said in an exasperated tone. "Why exactly?" I looked at him for a good long time, letting his appearance sink in. He had dark brown hair that fell just above his ears and a thick beard that covered most of his face. He wore a long sleeved Toys R Us shirt, ever so lightly spotted with a few coffee stains here and there. He was not a large man, but seemed quite menacing nonetheless. Our eyes met and I refused to back down. "I would like a job here." "Look son, I reserve the right to choose who I do and who I don't hire. And I'm choosing not to hire you, end of story." He leaned back in his chair a bit. "Why, because I'm a brony?" "Yes." he said with a stern look on his face as he shifted his body back toward me. "What's wrong with being a brony! I don't see the damn problem-" He put his hand up to stop me, and set his paper down, and placed his hands on his desk with his fingers interlaced. "Look kid, I'm sure you've got good intentions, but your little group can I say this nicely? Creepy and a little obsessive. We've got priorities here, and we aren't just going to hire some fanatic who just want's to use their employee discount to buy stuff and then leave when they have what they want." "So you're judging me personally based on how you think a group of people act with no evidence?" "Well when you put it like that it just makes it sound-" "And I love a children's show, you sell children's toys, where's the problem? Obviously I would be good at selling them. What other priorities could you possibly have?" "It's like I said earlier, I'm sure you have good intentions, but shouldn't a kid like you be into, I don't know, the Avengers or something? Video games maybe?" "Oh I get it! It's got something to do with my sexuality doesn't it? You're worried about that?" I yelled. "I didn't say that!" "I knew it, everyone who sees a male brony just assumes they're a homosexual because they like a kid's show. Well let me tell you something! The pony fandom is a proud group of people. We've even started a charity, we try to help the world! We give and expect nothing back. Lots of people support us. All we do is wanna have fun. Why can't people like you let us do that? I can't tell you how many times I've been beaten up in the past few months because of people like you!" I practically screamed. My voice was strained as I tried to hold back tears of frustration. "Look, I didn't mean it like that at all. My son is a brony, I find it very creepy, but I know he isn't like you said, and I don't think you are either." he stammered. My anger subsided a little as I heard this. "Wait, your son is a brony?" "Yeah, don't mention it, ever. Ever since he found the show, he has been obsessed with these ponies. I always hear nonstop, Pinkie Sparkle this and Rainbow Jack that. A couple weeks ago, I wanted to talk to him about maybe getting a job here, but no, all he wants to do is sit in his room and draw ponies!" "So you're taking your anger from your son out on other bronies? That's not fair! You can't do that!" "I can do whatever I want, I'm the manager here, not you," he huffed, returning to his previous state. "Why don't you just let your kid enjoy what he wants to enjoy? You shouldn't try stop him from liking my little pony if he wants to. When he wants to open up let him, don't try to force him into stuff. And-wow, is that a drawing that he did?" Mr. Sykes turned to where I was pointing. On the wall directly behind him was a drawing of a man. This man stood atop a hill with his foot raised on a rock, holding a sword in the air. The sky was a mixed color of black and red, a terrible storm. Lightning met the end of the sword, but the man seemed to be unfazed. Bright yellow letters on the hill read "Super Father", it was then that I realized the man in the picture did resemble Mr. Sykes, only the muscles were a little exaggerated. "Oh, yeah, he did draw that. He gave it to me about a year ago." As Mr. Sykes rambled on about how good of an artist his son is and how proud he is of him aside from him being a brony, I started to think. That may have been the first time I saw that picture, but I had seen that art style before. I rummaged around in my brain for a moment, and then it hit me as hard as a buck from Apple Jack. "Mr. Sykes, do you know if your son happens to have a Deviant Art account?" Mr. Sykes rested his head on his hands. "Don't even get me started with how much time he spends on that site." "No, Mr. Sykes, this is a good thing! Your son is amazing! He has millions of fans and frequently participates in Bronies For Good!" I exclaimed. "Bronies For Good?" "Yes! It's this charity organization that a group of bronies have put together. They raise money to donate to people all over the world like Uganda, to help buy children food and medical supplies." "Oh...really?" "Yeah they raise tons of money, and your son contributes a lot, he is pretty famous in the brony community." "That's pretty impressive," he paused to think, "I-I had no idea." "Well, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge. And realize that just because you don't completely agree with something, doesn't mean it doesn't belong." "Maybe I was a little too harsh on him about the whole thing, and you." he lowered his head. "Don't beat yourself up about it. Just try to be more tolerant and understanding. You could try supporting him. Tell him it's okay to be a brony" He stood up so fast he almost flipped his chair. "You're right! Maybe I was wrong about you and your group. You're all right kid. You know what? How about you come back tomorrow, and I will personally administer an interview for a fair chance at a job?" My cheeks began to tighten as the corners of my mouth practically touched my eyes. "Sure thing Mr. Sykes, you won't regret this!" I turned and left the office. My head was swimming. In a short amount of time, I had managed to turn someone who was completely against bronies, into a potential brony. Welcome to the herd Mr. Sykes, I thought as I smiled even more. On my way out, I passed the help desk. That was when I noticed something. Angeline was too immersed in her computer to see me come up. When I looked at her computer, I found that she was reading a My Little Pony comic on Deviant Art. "My, my, what do we have here?" I asked playfully. "Nothing!" she quickly jerked her monitor away, "It's none of your business!" I looked at her and just chuckled. Being a brony seemed to be spreading quickly around here. I turned around and began walking toward the doors. On my way, I called back to her. "Welcome to the herd my friend." Welcome to the herd.
  24. I have my own fan faction movie idea of FiM. I'm sure one of you heard my stories before.... and dislike it because Megan (The human) is in it. But, let's not talk about my story idea. Do you fans have your own ideas for a FiM movie project idea. And what the story will look like?