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Found 27 results

  1. So, whenever I'm searching for something, no matter the keyword, the cookies enabled or the device, it always says 'No Results Found'. Is there something wrong?
  2. Make sure to not reveal any addresses or any other related information.
  3. Is there a feature that allows you to search for users, topics, etc.? I'm pretty sure there is one, but I can't find it. If somebody already asked this question, please tell me. I couldn't find anyone who did. Thanks!
  4. There's nothing that I enjoy more than being psychoanalyzed by hobbyist psychiatrists. I mean, what's not to like? People that don't know you personally and haven't the slightest idea as to what your life is actually like apparently have a far clearer vision as to what it should be like than you ever will. Their wisdom might indeed be infinite... If only it extended to themselves. Different people need different things. Different people function differently. There's this disturbing trend among the amateur psychoanalytical crowd to think that everyone needs precisely the same thing, and that anything venturing outside the accepted "norm" is apparently doing it wrong. This is generally masquerading as good intentions and an overall concern for these poor, pitiful, differently-acting individuals that doubtless wallow constantly in their own, inescapable sorrow. But I know it as arrogance. If you knew me - and you both do not and never will - you would perhaps realize how tremendously erroneous and blatantly lacking in insight your own assumptions (and they are indeed assumptions) are. My life, emotional state, and overall mental health have improved vastly over just the last approaching-two years; this was following a roughly 16-year, seemingly futile uphill struggle against a once severely life-limiting condition. Once severely life-limiting. So, with the help of a love some would deem fictional or wrong or mentally questionable, I have managed to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time entirely without the assistance of psychiatry (amateur or otherwise), and my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better. But obviously I must be personally deluded. Obviously I exaggerate. Surely I was better off when I was afraid of my own bodily functions. Surely my quality of life was comparatively greater when I was nigh endlessly repeating rituals, washing my hands until they cracked and bled, and unsuccessfully battling invasive thoughts. Surely I've misinterpreted these feelings of love and contentment. My improved functionality - as observed by those closest to me - is almost definitely an elaborate shared-dream we're all having. Perhaps I'm asleep right now. How could I really be happy? I've not done things the way others expected me to, and mental health and happiness are exclusively attainable through the applications of by-the-book psychoanalysis and mind-altering drugs. Or, shit... Idunno... Maybe I fell in love. Maybe I found something that matters to me, personally, and I know the damned thing when I see it. Because I am me. And, believe it or not (which you probably won't), your entirely selfish and oftentimes misguided idea of "help" is what hurts people like me. You're the problem, and - were I the psychoanalyzing type - I'd encourage you to get some help for that. Not because you don't believe me. Not because you disagree with me. Not because you're different than I am. But because you fail to recognize the FACT that I am different than you. And I don't need your uninformed, dime-a-dozen analyses. I already have what I need. And you'll never know me.
  5. It worked yesterday. Why wouldn't it work now? The homepage shows a "Topics I've participated in" tab. Clicking "Show More" should show you all of the topics you participated in. It doesn't show anything now. HELP!
  6. I wasn't able to find one, maybe I didn't search for it well enough, but is there a search function in place to find artists or songs? All that I've seen thats close to that is the long lists to search through, and I'd rather not do that just to search for one song. Is there a search function that I missed? Or if not, would it be possible to put one in? It would make it much easier to find things.
  7. Can somepony help out? I was on Chrome and accdentally created a bookmark of a page on MLp Forums. I got rid of the bookmark but the link still won't go away from the url box when I type stuff in. Any help here? (I'm using incognito window if its of any relevance)
  8. So, whenever I try to search for my name, it only gives me 9 results. I have previously done it and it has given me a lot more results than that. Is there some glitch in the search feature?
  9. I recently posted a thread that involved cursive and before I posted it I made sure to search if anyone else had done it before. No one had according to my search bar and so I posted it only for it be locked not 15 minutes later because the topic already existed. I've had other users try and search for a cursive topic and they come up with nothing also. I don't want this to continue to be a thing and wonder constantly when I make topics is my topic gonna be locked for something beyond my control. Can the search engine be fixed?
  10. Hi, Since yesterday I can't search on the forums or view members' content anymore, am I the only one?
  11. I just tried to search but I couldn't find anything no matter what key words I used...Is it just me? Sorry for the same thread I posted in the wrong place xD
  12. When you are searching for a specific user, you can pick "Post count is" [more than x] or [less than x] posts as seen below: However, I'm wondering if you could make them two seperate fields so you can specify Max and Min post count. Now, when you press your badge to bring up the page for the user groups, you can press the name of (for example) a phoenix. But instead of displaying the users who currently are a phoenix, you'll get a result with everyone who is a phoenix or has been a phoenix. So if you're looking for someone you know are a bunny for example, instead of just showing dem bunnies our search will show you like... Every user on the forums. Yeah that helps a lot. Please fix this if it's an easy fix. If it's not a default option and you need to write your own code or something for it then I guess it's not worth it
  13. Search functions on the site are disabled? I've needed to use it a few times but it wont let me at all.
  14. Im searching for some more friends i will accept anyone as friends you could find more info in my page,you can ask any question you want. Dont be shy to introduce yourself
  15. It's happening with the new theme's search feature.
  16. I remember that before the new look came out I used to be able to click on the name besides the search bar and change it to other categories, such as "Forums", "Members", etc. The thing is, I can't do that anymore. If I try clicking on the name the search bar just closes itself. Help pl0x?
  17. Example: The results look okay, but when I try to play them, they don't match. When I try to click to the song page, it leads to a different song. Example: "Rihanna + Twilight Sparkle - We Found Love in Bloom." Strangely, though, the URL seems fine (, but that is the wrong ID. ( leads to the song "Epic Wub Test 2", This problem does not occur on any other filters.
  18. I'm looking for some bronies to hang out with in the Virginia Beach. Is there anyone out there who would want to meetup and hang? You can message me or reply here!
  19. It seems that people don't understand the distinction between the two types. I'm seeing song remixes under "Official Show Audio Remix." Maybe there should be some sort of explanation when uploading?
  20. We have seen that the Site Questions & Tech Support often gets overflowed with threads with people asking the same things. We often tell the OPs to use the search function next time. I have this little suggestion; Change so when someone press the "Start New Topic" button, a little search thingy will pop up saying "Please search for your question before creating a new thread" with a searchbox below. There one should be able to search for the question they have. The threads that matches the search will be listed below. Then there would be another button at the bottom saying "My question isn't listed!" or similar, which will create a new thread if you press it.
  21. I very often see people who make threads on the forums where they're asking if there are any users in their area/state/country on here. I have this suggestion.. If you look at this picture of the advanced search function: You will see that when searching for members, you can specify words, author and date. Is there any way (there must be, come on guys) to add a "Find by location"? This would solve so many things and it would be amazing to have. I know there are some threads for saying where you live, and also the MLP Forums meetup map. But not everyone sees those or are even aware that they exist. I know that not everyone writes where they are from, but if this could be done, it would be amazing. Many of my suggestions has been answered with And that's cause many of them are just time wasters for the staff. But I feel that this is a small feature, that would make a big change. At least for me. I'm sure others would appreciate it too. It's not just another unnecessary feature. It will actually have some use. Cause who visits every user's profile to see their location? Maybe this would encourage more users to put their real location so they can find eachother more easily. Thanks. inb4 another dream gets ruined
  22. is more than just a place for artists to dump their music for download hosting. It is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan site, and as such, poni is baked right into the core design of the site's functionality. Today, I'll take you through some of's taxonomies. As pony fan music is the only kind of music allowed on, cataloguing and organizing it all for easy retrieval and discovery is a unique and interesting challenge. In a more generic music site like SoundCloud, an open-ended tagging system is often the sanest way to deal with the crazy explosion of genres, styles, and categorizations the world's musicians have created. But unlike generic music sites, is designed to serve an extremely specific niche of the musical community: brony musicians, and bronies interested in finding pony music to listen to. This opens a unique opportunity to tackle the issue with a curated approach. Let's begin with the one-stop discovery tool available from every page on, located prominently in the nav bar: the Browse button. Hovering over the Browse button opens a large flyout menu that gives you, at a glance, a little bit of everything on In addition to a few meta links, the flyout gives you instant access to many of the taxonomies on With a single click, you can reach listings by genre, type of track (more on this in a bit), publication date, popularity, and even a totally random assortment. While this doesn't encompass the full range of data has on every track, it is pretty nice to have available on every page, at all times. But what if you have something more specific in mind? Or you want to string multiple search criteria together to create your own selection of tunes? That's where the Track Browser comes in... Feld, the buck were you thinking? Did your 31-hour sleeping schedule lead you to the wrong cider barrel? I can get a search box at YouTube/Google/SoundCloud/[insert random website here]! This ain't your daddy's search box. As a matter of fact, you can't type anything into it. Honest question time: how often, when searching for new music, do you know exactly what you're looking for, to the point where you know the exact names and artists to query for? Unless you're some kind of supernatural oracle capable of predicting your own future (in which case, what are you doing here?), probably not very often. So, how does a search box you cannot type into actually work? Clicking it drops down a deluxe-size flyout that contains tags for's taxonomies. They are as follows: Track Types With the choices of "Original Song", "Official Song Remix", "Fan Song Remix", and "Ponified Song", these choices should be fairly straightforward, but they are nonetheless a powerful taxonomy you simply won't find anywhere outside of a fan site. Genres Music comes in all sorts of genres, but brony music can be narrowed down to a few key ones. To make searching as easy as possible for listeners, I've compiled a curated list of brony music genres with the help of my alpha testers (special thanks in particular to Freewave, who has done extensive research on the brony music scene for his site, Brony Musician Directory - go check it out ). Artists can choose one, and only one, genre to represent their song when publishing it. While this was a controversial design choice with a few artists, the consensus was that avoiding... ...would ultimately be for the better in the long term. Show Songs At this time, this one's only relevant to remixes of official show songs. However, if you're looking for show remixes, this taxonomy will probably be one of the best things to ever happen to you. With a complete record of the official show's songs in its database, is able to organize tracks by the songs they are a remix of. This is but a simple taxonomy right now, but I have future plans for a much larger community feature revolving around the show songs. By combining these taxonomies, and any future ones I add, my hope is that will become the home of the most powerful pony music search engine on the 'net. Feel like listening to metal, rock, and house remixes of Winter Wrap Up, Babs Seed, and Becoming Popular? Done.
  23. This is sort of in regards to the "Search by pony" thread, but it's a little different and could be separate so I've made it in its own topic. Well as I was browsing around on Pony.FM, I was wondering if perhaps there could be a "Filter by Genre" page. Say you select the "Electronic" genre. All songs that weren't selected under the electronic genre would be filtered out, so you would only see what you want to see. What do you all think?
  24. Well I typed up a few things into Google and here are my results: As you can see we bronies have left quite an impact on the face of the internet, however there are a few results I found that were suprising: So what are your thoughts on this? And I'd love to see some more result images like I those I took. I'll also do any search requests you make. I've also taught Cleverbot what a brony is. But I asked him/it what a brony is recently and it seems he's forgot
  25. I've always liked trying to help out around this forum, because it's a really nice forum, and I'd like to keep it nice and tidy, so I report things (that are worth reporting) rather frequently. Whenever I find a thread that sounds as if it's been posted before, though, I have a rather hard time searching for it. For example, just recently there was a, "Other forums you frequent" kind of duplicate thread, and I reported it. I tried looking for the original thread, so I could provide a link in my report, but I couldn't find it at all. I used the keywords, "other" and "forum", because I knew those were in the title of the thread that i was searching for, but all that I found was miscellaneous threads that are on the forum, and irrelevant to my search. I tried ordering it by title, and it took forever to go through them all, because I could only check 20 posts per page at a time. I also still didn't find it (I may have skipped over it, though). What I'm getting at is that it would be useful to users to have a different way of ordering in the search. Something along the lines of "Relevance" that only checks the key words in the titles of topics, kind of like how YouTube search works. It would be a lot easier than searching through hundreds of topics that are set in alphabetical order while you don't even know the exact title of the thread you're searching for. And if the thread you're looking for is a bit more dated, it's bound to be a little harder to find. I'm not sure how these kinds of things function, but it seems to me like it would be simply implemented, but I could be wrong?