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Found 1780 results

  1. I have been looking for a good, decent roleplay on these forums. I don't mind if its a group rp or 1x1. Preferably the person would be playing canon characters or OC characters, be capable of describing surroundings and playing NPC characters. This wouldn't be an rp with the average tone of the show and would have fighting and conflict, but no gore or overly descriptive / violent stuff. Furries and human characters are not what I am looking for. I will be playing my character of Cali. I'll be able to deny characters and users if I deem it appropriate, no ill will or malice intended.
  2. "The Town Friendship Forgot" Currently accepting applications. Also accepting all ideas and input. LINK TO THE RP: This is a casual, fairly straight-forward RP where anyone can join. However, there will be occasional events that cover other genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, etc. I am also accepting suggestions for the story, events, and anything you have to offer! The story thus far: Before you get started, please READ THE RULES: This is NOT a ponies-only RP! You are free to RP as any kind of creature you want. If you want to RP as a human, just ask first, and maybe we can work something out. The story is set in Equestria, but nothing is off the table just yet. Besides any main OCs I have, I will also be playing as random NPC characters whenever necessary to help the story along. If you want to do the same, please ask and verify it with me before doing so. Please note that once you get set up in the town, it's up to you and your character to be self-sufficient. Being casual with other RP's is the main point, but you're in control of what your character does daily and how they live. Participants/OC's: If you wish to join this RP, please fill out the following form for all your major roles/OC's: Master List of character/OC profiles here: Maps of the town and various other things: I AM WILLING TO LET PEOPLE RP AS CANON CHARACTERS, INCLUDING ANYONE FROM THE MANE 6 AND THEIR FRIENDS. HOWEVER, IT WILL BE MOSTLY LIMITED TO A CAMEO ROLE ONLY, AND THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO INSTANTLY FIX ALL OF THE TOWN'S PROBLEMS. This RP will have something for everyone. Here is a list of events/stories planned so far: I am STILL ACCEPTING suggestions on events and activities. It's my desire to make this RP as appealing to as many people as possible, therefore I really want to TRY and cover everything from action and scifi to slice of life, and everything in between. There might be some things that can't be done, but I can still try to fit it in. So feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. Is there something you are looking for? Have any story ideas you'd like to explore but didn't know how to turn it into an RP? Maybe we can work something out. I look forward to RPing with you.
  3. Update: As of today, November 3'th 2019, this thread is still open for anypony. I'll try to edit in monthly about this, but my memory is bad, so just be assured that unless anything else is written, I'm never gonna bar or abandon this thread. For anypony looking: This thread is never getting closed for new joiners, veteran, regular or fresh faces alike. If you want in, there is room for your OC. There is also room for those wishing to play the cannon characters such as the mane six, the princesses and so forth. Claimed cannons are: Twilight Sparkle. Played by @Seamore Sandwich and @EQ_Theta. Princess Luna. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Princess Celestia. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Derpy. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Fluttershy. Played by @EQ_Theta. Pinkie Pie. Played by @Storm Shine. Rarity. Played by @Widdershins. Sphinx. Played by @BloodDrops. To gain exclusive control of a canon character, contact me about it, and we'll take it from there. Take notice: This isn't a thread focused around my pony, it's meant as a place where anypony can start off, or join in for some fun. Consider it a newcomers intro cauldron into roleplay, with added spice of whoever else wants to come around. With that being said, on to the writing. Further notice: Even if it seems like everypony here have their own and it's impossible to join anything, don't be discouraged to join. If you want to interact with the current groups going at their random thing, just write yourself in and we'll take it from there. If you want to start your own angle, begin something, and in case you haven't gotten a response in about 24 hours, I will then make an NPC or see if some of my OC's are free and make sure you're not alone. TImelines: In case you prefer an evening setting or want to write with somepony as in *The next day* It is allowed, though not further than a day ahead of everypony else. The timelines can fit easy into eachother if it's in a span of 24 hours. Less easy when we talk weeks apart or something like that. The thread link: Hello everypony. Been about 4 days since I've joined the forums now and everything here have been good so far. Except that I can't find a good place to start some role play, as the existing ones seem to be focused on very out there ideas that I, as a new member, can't really just jump into since I haven't even gotten a feel for the roleplaying aspect of my character yet. It made me think though, with all the other new people I've seen join over the last few days, perhaps I'm not the only one who could use a place to quietly ease into this? As such, I present an idear here that I hope that somepony - newcomers or not - would also think could be a good thing to join in on. A simple, no-focused thread going on around/in Ponyville that can let everypony have their say in things. There will be no directions for this, just a begining, and then we'll see where the plot will takes us. If you would like to join this, and/or if you might have an idear added, then go ahead and post it. After a few days I'll see if there's enough here to start something, and then make an open thread in the actual roleplay section if there's enough interest. My character Blitz Boom is living in the Everfree Forest, but she makes trips to Ponyville once in awhile, so any place around the town is basically a good place to start. As for rules, I only have a few. No graphic murder/overly strong violence: A fight or something may be fine enough, and a death can be acceptable if done right, but there's no need to make a casual thread into Friday the 13'th. No rushing/godmodding: No-one finds it fun when somepony just takes off with things without their consent. Give people a bit of time to breathe in between posts, and don't have them be dragged off by force unless it's been cleared with the person here in there OOC section. If you stop in the thread, let us know here, and write your character out in the IC part: I can't imagine anypony else wanting to wait around for someone that just upped and left without a word, so be respectful of others if you leave, okay? I can write you out in a small section if you have trouble doing so yourself, but a self-addressed solution is preferred. That's pretty much it. The rest is covered by the roleplaying rules (such as no explicit things etc) and other than that, I'd like to think I can trust you all to make the right decisions. Alicorns etc. is allowed, and everypony can decide for themselves afterwards if they want to take some of this as canon, but in case of alicorn join ups, consider it non-canon in general. ^^ If there's any questions or anything, feel free to pop it into this thread. I'll be checking with regularity. ((If you need some info on Blitz Boom, there is a link to her bios in my signature))
  4. Dearest Equestrian, do you ever wonder what kind of paradise it was exactly that we lost? What the fresh grass smelled like, what a feeling of safety felt like? Do you ever think about that, as you breathe the decayed, poisoned memories through the filter of your mask? Do you feel insatiable bitterness over that short moment when jealousy and greed won over what our love had built? Do you feel that burning sensation of injustice, rising in your throat when you watch hulking shapes of metal crush starved families beneath their welded hooves to feed a warped Ouroboros? Do you get a painfully nostalgic pit in your stomach when you think about the life you never had? About the desperate shadows of once soft beings splitting each other apart in a land that was supposed to feed us and our children? About your home of yesterday? If so, do hear my proposition: Set upon the wastes for me and dig out tarnished seeds of what remains of this Magic of Friendship that has been lost to the ages, wipe their hardened surfaces of those teary trails of perpetual anguish and bring them to me... and together we can build a new garden. A garden of happiness that is, blossoming with radiant flowers hailing from far and wide, their truest colors sprouting from the cold ashes of the past. And when you are all standing before me one day, my little flowers of futurity, I will turn your nectar of hope into the sweetest honey you have ever tasted. A product refined by the very magic that surges from our hearts, spurred to life by the ancestral souls lost to the unforgiving world that we have created, to be worn by those of you who choose to live in constant danger to part the clouded skies. An element that shall return harmony to a place most dissonant. This much I can promise. But for now, my little bumblebees, this is your host concluding on Friendship FM... stay safe, keep your guns loaded, your doors locked, and your hearts open. Good night." --- Hello! I am looking for folks who could potentially be interested in a RP plot I have planned for a very long time, upgraded, expanded, and that I am now extremely proud to present as a new member on the forums! The subject is understandably very niche (although perhaps less so here than in other places where I have tried to sell this), but if you are intrigued by unique dystopian stories and/or Fallout: Equestria itself do give the ad a read to see if it could be something for you! I V Join an enigmatic radio host only known as "The Final Princess" on her mysterious quest she claims to be able to return the Equestria that was once lost to the terrors that reigned from the mists of the balefires all too long ago. A quest she claims to somehow be able to pull the light back from a tunnel of endless, churning hopelessness. The Princess says that none are irredeemable, but is that truly so? Will you pledge allegiance to values of altruistic friendship she claims to have once been the Equestrian way in the wake of a sweet promise, or will you use this mysterious yet seemingly painfully hopeful project as a stepping stone to gain something else entirely when the dead horizon opens before you? On this adventure of obscure goals and uncertain rewards you will meet broken hearts, lost souls, grim fates, hilariously warped personalities, fascinating factions, loyal followers as well as ruthless adversaries... and perhaps even learn a lesson or two on the Magic of Friendship among all the high-octane shenanigans. So without further ado, tune in to Friendship FM, immerse yourself in a most soothing voice, count your ammunition and wait for further instructions. Friendship FM aims to tell a multifaceted and in-depth story in the fanfiction-originated world of Fallout: Equestria, revolving around several potential plotlines that tie together to form a greater whole. Not only are the plot and its twists in your character's hooves alone as one of the main cast, but much of it is based on various thoroughly fleshed out supporting characters I have lovingly created specifically this story in mind! The aesthetic and the style of the story are much developed to ultimately pay tribute to the original series and the values it is based on, but taken to completely new heartbreaking heights of a cold, cold wasteland that even those already familiar with the setting may find surprising. Though seeing that this version would be publicly set on the MLP Forums, its original intended mature rating would of course be toned down to fit the guidelines. Below you can see some cool features the story is set to have so you'll know what to expect! -1- You don't need to have any previous knowledge of the milieu or its parent setting Fallout even if at least some basis is highly recommended! The key factors are simply an open mind and your general interest in what I have to offer, and if it is indeed so that an entirely different post-apocalyptic story tickles your fancy, I can help to the best of my ability with character creation and such if you don't already have one suitable for it/to adapt to it! (Also note that your character doesn't necessarily have to be a pony!) -2- You must be a literate RPer able to provide at least a few paragraphs of content per reply. I don't enforce any kind of rules or character limits or anything of that nature, but the mindset of someone interested in helping to bring the story to life by at least giving me something to work with is very important! Though there ought to be no stress as far as reply speeds go regardless; I don't mind if you reply the next day or the next week as long as the content is decent! (Personally my speeds tend to vary a lot due to writing motivation and personal life matters, so I of course don't demand anything but what feels comfortable to you.) -3- You must be able to keep up sufficient communication to maintain the plot. This can be simply RP related OOC talk on this site or something else, but I should be fine with whatever you prefer as long as the communication is timely and transparent! -4- All common RP courtesy rules apply, meaning things like prohibition of god modding, puppeteering, metagaming and all that. Any possible character-specific abilities and such can of course be discussed separately! --- If you got this far, well… I'm glad that my radiating personality was able to keep your interest! Anyways, I can't wait what kind of awesome replies I could get as I have been planning this for a long time, so if anything about the post interests you, send me a message and I will be happy to get back to you ASAP! Or in case you have any questions about the fandom setting or anything in general I will be all too happy to answer any and all of them! Fallout Equestria city wallpaper by: Mikhail Smirnov
  5. Hazel Harmony a laid back and easy going independent musician is on a small gig tour of Equestria, where she is set to perform in Yak-Yakistan. She arrives to be greeted by Yona, now an adult. As Yona gives Hazel a tour of Yak-Yakistan and as Hazel stays at Yona's huose, they become close friends, and then mare and yakfriends. So, what I am looking for, is for someone who can play as a anthro adult Yona for me.
  6. Theme/Setting: The theme and setting for this roleplay will be a mixture of Equestria and the Pokemon regions (For example, Ponyville will likely be the stater town). The journey will be around Equestria, with the main goal to defeat the Elite Four and the champion, all the while completing the Pokedex (as per the game setting). Our characters will not be rivals, but like in the setting of x/y (or was it black/white), where you go along with your childhood friends. This will obviously as the title says, be a mixture of romance, slice of life and adventure. My Character: (I haven't made a sheet for her yet) Name: Star Dust Age: Early 20s Gender: Mare S/O: Bi (so mares and stallions are welcomm) Species: Unicorn Occupation: Pokemon Trainer and Guitarist Personality: Laid back, easy going and enjoys living each day as it comes Background: TBA Likes: Music (Rock, Punk, Metal, Psychobilly), Movies (Horror, Anime), Motorbikes, Hotrods, Racing. Dislikes: Most 'Popular Music', Losing, Cheaters Preferred Pokemon Type: Dark Appearance: Please express interest here or via pm. thanks!
  7. Looking for a 1x1 roleplay, anyone up for it?
  8. In a land where magic is in abundance, and where friendship often transcends even appearance. There are many guilds that dot the land, all consisting of wizards of many and varying talents, one of the most popular and well known guilds, Fairy Tail, the very guild that Koru "Blaze" Flame calls home and her family. They are at peace with most the other guilds, well save for the Dark Wizards. Is where this story will be set, well sort of. The story starts in the guild hall, where Koru is looking for a job that will either pay for enough for a boat, or on a boat that is on the path she is going on. Oc characters are welcome, but of course canon characters from both Fairy Tail and MLP are welcome. Of course, anyone from the Guild will be like family for my character Blaze. Please sign up here
  9. This roleplay is based of the fanfic: The End of Ponies. However, it has quite the twist. You see, before the "cataclysm" Celestia was able to cast a worldwide spell that enabled a pony's spirit to live on and roam the world. After the "cataclysm", your OC is the only mortal pony left alive. As your OC is both mourning the "death" of Equestria, he/she can hear the voices of the spirits roaming around Equestria. With this, he/she can guide a spirit back into the mortal body of that said pony. However, this is no cakewalk. Some of the spirits have gone insane and are able to get into your OC's head to try to torment them. Keep this in mind because your OC can suffer brain damage. The main priorities of the RP are as follows: 1. Retrieve all 4 Princess' spirits 2. Subdue any insane spirits. Remember, every spirit is important. All I need is an OC who can fit into this scenario whether male or female, but please no Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Also, basic RP rules apply and of course the Global Rules. I can do two of this RP at once: 1. crispy fries (using Janeri) RP status: Just starting 2.
  10. I'm wanting to do a Wings of Fire crossover. You don't have to know what that is as I'm looking for someone that has a dragon OC outside of Wings of Fire. One that is fully grown. I'm playing an albino nightwing named Quasi Nix. Someone quiet, reserved, shy, and deals with some kind of anxiety. Is the dragon he meets kind and empathetic? Maybe the dragon is mean and bitter? The person chosen will impact the direction of the story. Don't ya want that power?
  11. Twilight Sparkle has just been coronated. She has ascended to alicornhood. Flight, magic, fortitude, power, prestige, they are all the fruits of her labor. Labor is something you have though, so what gives? Ah, but she had guidance. Guidance from Princess Celestia herself. That sounds pretty open and shut, right? The requirement for divine intervention explains why there aren't more alicorns flying around. But, what if I told you that there was a mare out there that has the same vision that this Princess Celestia has and that she is willing to give out that same guidance at no cost? Well, this mare does exist, and your character has made their way to a secluded building to meet this mare. Ascension is within your grasp. At least that's what the invitation says as you look it over one more time. RULES! (They can be broken if there is a good reason, but I'll be the one deciding what is and isn't a good reason. Be warned.) - One character per person! Chose wisely. - If your character leaves the RP, you can submit another one. - Alicorn OC's can get in so long as they have a good reason. - Canon characters are allowed and welcome if they have a good reason to be here. - No God Modding. This goes without saying but deserves restating. I have final say over the NPC's and the environment. If you want to surprise someone, PM me first and we can discuss whether you succeed in what you want to do. Note: When submitting a character, keep in mind that more information will give me a better idea of your character, but if you want us to learn more about your character as we go along, you can PM me all the details and I can approve you without you having to give away too much about your character to the rest of the RP. Just make sure you are descriptive when the RP starts if you decide to do this. General Guidelines: - Don't be afraid to end your post with investigating. I like telling exploitative players what they found. - Don't be alarmed if you see a PM from me, usually, I'm telling you information I don't want the rest of the RP to see until later. - Try to be approachable. Nopony likes a brushoff! - Don't be afraid to do some approaching of your own. Ponies don't always need a reason to find out more about the ponies around them. A lot of times discovery is the reason. - Don't be afraid to be a little grandiose. This premise invites a lot of ambitious ponies. I don't mind working with a subplot here or there so long as it's related to the RP. - Have fun! This is a hobby, not a job. In Character Accepted Characters/(Players): - Trixie Lulamoon (Derpy Pon-3) - Starlight Glimmer (ExplosionMare) - Silver Tongue (2: the revenge) (ReverieRiver)
  12. Story: Annabelle Cheshire, a 19 year old amateur guitarist who lives in the United States of America, is practising her guitar one evening, while it was storming outside. Through a freak accident where a bolt of lightning struck and went through the electric outlet, her guitar amplifier and through her guitar into her body, she is instead of being electrified, she is transported into a new world. This is where your character comes in, as he/she would be the first to see Annabelle and offers to take her in and show her around, help her settle in and if she in the end chooses to try and return to her world, then your character will have to help her find a way home. Setting: Romance, Adventure, Slice of Life Name: Annabelle Cheshire Age: 19 Gender: Female Sexual Oreintation: Bi Occupation: Amateur Guitarist Personality: Shy at first, but after a bit, she is outgoing and fun loving. She loves to explore and to make new friends. She also like a party every now and then. Background: Annabelle was just a easy going and unassuming young girl who loved to play guitar and to dance. She was born to her parents in America, and attended school where she got mostly As and Bs, as she was a honour student. Likes: Music, Anime, Manga, School, Dancing Dislikes: Bullies, Jocks, Drugs, Violence irl, Bigotry Appearance: Human/Neko form: Pony form: (missing tail, but imagine it long and fluffy)
  13. I am looking for people interested in an AU ponyverse RP. In this universe, after the return of the Crystal Kingdom, another kingdom appears with the defeat of King Sombra. This kingdom is the Kingdome of Seasons. The rulers were two alicorns Fate and Chronos. But in order to undo the wicked magic that enveloped their kingdom they have sacrificed themselves into magical objects that now control the elements of time and fate in their stead. The new rulers are their children Thanos and Arete the aspects of death and potential. The two young Alicorns are heading to Canterlot to pay their respects to Celestia and Luna and recommit their kingdom to the rule of the two sisters. From there we will be having all sorts of adventures of getting to know Equestria after so long and various problems that arise in any of the known ponyverse locations. I am looking for people who want to play any known pony including Celestia and Luna as well as OOC characters. ( If no one takes the sisters before we get kicked off I will play them and they can be side characters rarely used until someone takes them ) RP Thread For those using an OC please post the following Name: Age (Must at least a teen): Hometown: (A place in Equestria) Species: (Pony, Dragon, Hippogriff, etc.) If pony, which race? (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. No Alicorns.) Appearance: (skip if you have an image) Personality: If the character has cutiemark: What is the cutiemark?: What does it mean?: Relevant backstory
  14. Mint Chocolate always loves making new friends, especially if said new friends become regulars at her Chocolatier. So, the premise is pretty simple. Your Oc (or choice of canon character) comes into the Chocolatier for the first time and they start talking, becoming friends..
  15. You might be wondering. What the hell does "Love & Rescue" entail? I mulled around a few other titles but landed on this one because it perfectly encapsulates the two main parts of the story that I, and anyone who joins, will build out. The starting premise may seem a tad cliched but MLP is full of those so it fits right in. Anyhow, the starting premise is that our pastel pony friends have somehow ended up on a very familiar world - our own. Yes, ponies on Earth. But that is only part one. The first, smaller arc follows our tiny equines as they work to integrate into an entirely foreign society. We'll see the highs... and the very lows. Much of human society, at least in this story, is supportive and accepting, but there remains that contingent that is much less accepting. And even less so of those humans who forge relationships with their equine friends. That leads to the second, and longest, arc of the story. The second arc will show the hostility from those who are less than enthralled that humans are spending intimate time with ponies as they would humans. In the start of this arc, it remains angry comments online and nasty comments in the streets. But, as things march forward and there are interspecies marriages, the hostility grows and the 'affronted' protest the legality of these unions then harass interspecies couples. However, when genetic scientists develop a method by which a human and pony couple could breed, certain groups began to coalesce. I have yet to name the organization that serves as the main antagonizing force but they are a coalesced group of extremists from many religions, denominations and sects. They are not limited to any particular belief system, but are united in their absolute hatred for those in humanity who have, as they'd say, "gone too far." The second arc is the meat of the story and where our antagonists become a central theme. It's where we learn who leads it and where we learn their motives. Based in the States, they enact a plan to systematically capture as many ponies as ponies to be massacred in a horrific world broadcast. It is their way of displaying their ideals. This is where all of our main characters must make a choice: do they risk death to save their loved one or do they simply grieve and move on? This is where we, the band of heroes, come together to rescue our significant others. This will be like many action-driven pieces of media. The action will take place here. When the task is complete, we wind down with the third arc. It will be the shortest arc and will detail the heroes uniting again with their loved ones and will end with a short epilogue. Now that you know the basic plot, which we'll fill in as time goes, who's up for an adventure? I am looking for, at most, five other souls who wish to go on this journey. Before we can begin in earnest, I would like to outline a few ground rules. I would prefer that everyone adhere to these so as not to make this less serious than I am aiming for. Additionally, this story will involve some... action movie scenes... in many places. That means there will be coarse language, people dying, among other things. If you're at all squeamish, this is not the story for you. Rule 1: Your primary character must be human. No ifs, ands our buts about it. The story's central premise is that affection knows no bounds and can cross even species, so long as the other species is equally sapient. An addendum to this is that everyone must play at least ONE romantic interest for another participant such that it is split more evenly among everyone. Rule 2: In selecting a partner that your character has taken, I am restricting it to less prominent characters. What this means entails is that anyone who is part of the Mane 6 or their family, or a pony with a prominent role within the show (the CMC, any princess or Starlight Glimmer for example) is out. Sorry, no original ponies please since I do not want anyone having to roleplay with themselves. As much as possible of course. Also, no fighting over a character. Rule 3: Being an action oriented story, there will be gruesome scenes and 'inappropriate' language. Keep it to a relatively R-rated level without going too overboard. I don't want heavily detailed depictions of torture or anything. Allude to it but don't be detailed. The same goes for anything that's on the lewd side. Allude, but don't be explicit. Rule 4: I expect a modicum of technical writing ability. This includes proper punctuation and properly formatted writing styles. I expect replies to be written in the form of a short story or novel. If you intend to use stars to denote actions or write everything in italics, please do not join. Additionally, I plan on putting this in the 'advanced' section so a minimum of 1000 characters will be required so no one liners please. Rule 5: When designing your character, do not make them completely perfect in every single way. This is meant to be ordinary people taking up arms to be with those they love. Your character doesn't need to be fancy or have some elaborate backstory, but should just be realistic. Hell, you can depict yourself if you really wanted to. At a minimum, we'll need a name, age, skillset, a basic description, a bit about their personality and whom they've chosen as a partner. If you want a little backstory, that's cool and the gang! You can define your characters right in here. I don't really require a super formal character sheet. I will be playing two heroes, along with the major players in the militant organization and romantic interests of course. Name - Alexander "Alex" Redman Eye Color - blue Hair Color - dark brown Height - 5'7" Weight - ~170 lbs Age - 30 Partner - (a very much adult) Twist Occupation - software developer Skills - technological proficiency, marksmanship, mechanic proficiency Info - An average IT type who wears glasses and has somewhat messy hair. He's the friendly type, having little trouble with even the most difficult clients. He is the son of a Marine and a housewife and his father taught him to shoot and how to be handy with tools. Always a bit of an oddball in some ways, he met an Earth pony who was perfect for him and they soon got married. When not working, he's with his wife or out with his buds from work. Name - Mika Winters Eye Color - heterochromia (one green, one blue) Hair Color - strawberry blonde Height - 5'2" Weight - ~115 lbs Age - 23 Partner - Thunderlane Occupation - restaurant manager Skillset - medical Info - Mika is a soft-hearted woman with a true heart of gold. She's friendly, outgoing and very charming. Right now, she manages a restaurant while working to become registered nurse. It was her and her dad for most of her life, and her father was a surgeon. He fostered the zeal to help anyone she could. Unsurprisingly to her father but a shock to her coworkers, she married a stallion who, incidentally, swept her off of her feet. There are five slots open. Who's going to join? Who's up for a life or death mission to save your loved one?
  16. Intended to be mano a mano, as it were, this exchange will attempt to push the boundaries of your writing talents and character development. And hopefully mine, of course; it's been a dreadfully long time since I've written anything of note, and I'd certainly like to do so again sometime before our nearest star collapses. Any and all types of characters are welcome. Know this, however: it is far less about who you are physically, and absolutely everything to do with your perspective. Does love swell within your breast, a warm embrace to secure your hopes and dreams, to push ever forward towards a better tomorrow? Or is love a lie, dissipating as the wisp of a dying ember, leaving a chill to settle on a darkened, embittered husk of a person? Does the immutability of time pervade your fears, creating an overwhelming sense of self-doubt in the face of life-altering decisions and consequences? Or do you freely give time away to others more in need than yourself, secure in the knowledge that the essence of life is ever changing? Do you know which resource, be it material or metaphysical, drives your growth as a person? Such grandiose questions will weave the thread of our narrative, creating a canvas upon which one's character shall be weighed, measured, and found wanting. Your medium will be a Muse whose own fountain has run dry these many years. Inspire her. Or don't. She will probe your being with every intention of finding what is well hidden from most. Perhaps shattered pieces with which can be built a beautiful mosaic, granting a perspective that elevates the mind and assuages a sore heart. Or will you prove as jaded as your interrogator, succumbing to a grim reality that steers a moral compass into subservience of carnal desire and indulgence? Think critically, speak from the heart, and hopefully you'll come to know the world more intimately and comfortably than most, assured of the path you're walking through it. The musk of yellowing pages wafting across the study of a well-used library. A sharp, elegant studio overlooking one of the grandest parks of Manehattan, leaving the eyes wanting for nothing. An abandoned concert hall still filled with the lingering, smattering of applause of a ghostly audience. The setting can be whatever you wish in the company of such a worldly individual, and she would much appreciate it in turn if you added your own perspective to the world around you. These conversations should be equally illuminating for both parties. If you believe you'd enjoy some semblance of enigmatic, philosophical discourse in surreal, hyper-realistically written environments, then allow me to introduce: Your host, your Muse, Aria Rosewood
  17. *Knowledge for the show may not necessary needed but know the basics.Need about 7-10 participants* I just finished the whole series about a month ago, I love it. Although I was planning on starting a RP while back ago but hesitated since not so many people know or have watched it. So I’d be lenient and will accept anyone who is interested whether or not you don’t know JBA. Since technically their story are always different and it would make sense if we can start our own just as long it’s within JBA universe. Although in order to join for those of you who don’t know JBA, you must understand the basics. 1) you must know what a stand is. 2) be bizarre in other words, be creative as you wish but keep it consistent to the story. Do watch the trailers or this to gain some ideas what’s JBA. If you still have any question regarding the show PM me. So let’s get down to the plot here. I personally like the Golden wind with the whole Mafia business and decided to have this plot based on the aftermath after Giorno become the new boss in running the whole mafias organizations. For those who don’t know, Giorno is a basically the good guy who wanted to run over the mafia business just to stop it from it’s drugs dealing and crimes. After Giorno took over, two different group benched off; one group of mafia organizations wishes to stayed loyal to Girorno and honor his ideals and beliefs, but to what extend? (protagonists) Another group of the mafia organizations are those who disapproved his ideals and wants to continue to gain control in Italy though drug dealing and crimes. These group will be associated with the Irish mafias since they shared the same interests and want to form allies. (antagonists). This lead to a potential “Mafia war”. Reference: This is the basic plot, if anyone wish to contribute please do so but make sure to @me or PM so I don’t have anyone going rouge. Rules: No canon characters. I won’t create my own character since I will be narrating the whole RP just to get the story running smoothly. Instead, I’ll be creating CPU/background characters, for the sake of the plot to run. I might create one official character, if needed. You can only allow to mention them but not Rping them. Absolutely no OP! Take turns. Every participant will have at least two day to reply. If not, they will be skipped. No fighting or arguing how the RP or the story should go! I will be the one to determine that. Keep in mind we might have some participates who haven’t seen the show, so be respectful. This is a whole different story as long we are keeping within JBA universe the it’s A-okay for me. If I see one incident, I will let you on a warning. Second time, I’m going to lock this and we’re going to take a break. No Jostar OC! This is a spinoff. Character sheet layout (I need at least ONE main protagonist (capo:leader) and ONE main antagonist.(capo: leader) Noted your characters must choose what side they want to join. Unless you want yours to stand neutral that’s fine too. Also a little reminder JBA won’t be exciting without anime death, so if you wish to kill off your character let me know. You’re welcome to create another. (Although I’d prefer if you create another antagonist.) Character Name: Gender: Age: Nationality: Occupation: (Anything you want! your character can either start off as a Mafia or not but keep in mind, if you character is not a mobster at first, you have to at least make them go into progress in becoming one OR getting involved.) Appearance: Personality: Goal: Stand name: (it can be what you made up entirely or a band/song references since most stands have songs/ band references) Stand’s type: Stand’s appearances: (if you want to) Stand battle cry: Stand’s Abilities/weakness: Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest Speed: Destructive power: Range: Persistence: Precision: Development potential: Well I think that’s all I have for now! If anyone have a questions PM me!
  18. I am searching for someone to play as either a mare or stallion to become my oc Serenity Phase's new housemate. This will be a slice of life and romance roleplay. Serenity is bi-romantic, so she is open to either stallions or mares. Please post your interest here. My Oc: Serenity Phase I am also lookign for this to be a canon roleplay.
  19. Knowledge of the series is required, though I will be happy to answer any questions. OOC: I am looking for a group of seven other users with RWBY OCs who might want to participate in such a role play. The start point itself will be the day before the entrance exam for both simplicity and to give our characters a chance to bond before things go down the tubes. I will also try to avoid the majority of the canon cast and reiterating already explored plot points. Some events may still happen, but the circumstances will be vastly different. If you are interested, simply fill out the template below, though I would implore that no one has a character that is too overpowered at the start. That just wouldn’t be fun. Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Weapon Semblance: Extra Details: My RWBY OC Name: Albin Wolfram Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Overall, Albin is a rather reserved individual, preferring the quiet tranquility of nature rather than the chaos of city life, though that might just be a result of his semblance. He tends to observe others from a distance before initiating any interaction, which could certainly lead to an awkward situation for him if he is unprepared. Honestly, the teen has no friends, only family that isn’t related by blood and those that are, and any that might threaten either often find themselves on the business end of his blade. While his skills in academics aren’t great, he does enjoy drawing, especially when accompanied by music. Appearance: Standing at a height of six feet three inches, Albin is a human with a rather lean build that was forged from work at a smithy within his home-village along with training by his father. Short to medium length dark blonde hair that is normally brushed to the side and dark blue eyes are also notable characteristics of his appearance. Stubble is also a common sight along the sides and lower jawline of his face, though whether or not such a thing will turn into a full beard has yet to be determined. For clothes, he typically wears a plain blue shirt and black pants when not expecting any combat or in the Beacon uniform. His combat attire consists of a set of green and brown leather armor that offers him mobility, protection, and some degree of stealth. A loose fitting hood also takes the place of any helm, though this is more from personal preference than anything else. Weapon: While he does not use any firearms, that does not mean Albin is any less dangerous to his opponents. As a main weapon, he uses a handmade longsword that he dubbed as Requiem in combination with a heater shield by the name of Solace. The shield itself is a shiny black in coloration with a gold trim. A stylized depiction of two white ravens circling a golden octagram can also be seen. Semblance: While it might not seem like much, Albin’s semblance, Flock, gives most birds an affinity for him and allows the teen to hold a decent conversation with them. The range of its influence varies depending on environmental factors, his emotional state, and the amount of aura he puts into it, though the average distance seems to be around twenty meters. Extra Details: He has a combat trained raven that has an unlocked aura and will be accompanying him to Beacon.
  20. Tartarus. Not exactly the place I planned on spending the rest of eternity. I'm sure that there are others who feel the same. I mean, it's not as tho I did anything that wrong; just tried to take over Equestria and destroy life as we know it, enslave an entire population and sit on a gold throne. Not that bad, by a long chalk. But now, I think that I may have discovered a way out... and I plan to take a few others out with me. Basically, that's the premis. Your character has been put in Tartarus for committing terrible crimes and now is going to join forces with Jinx to take revenge. Jinx is a powerful dark magic mage yearning for vengeance on Equestria and she's not going to rest til she gets it. Facts about her. 1. She loves classical music. 2. She is immortal, as she performed a spell to make it so. Unfortunately, her body can be killed, but if that happens, her spirit can possess another pony until she is able to recreate her body again. 3. She is bi-sexual, but isn't currently in a relationship. 4. She has a cut glass Canterlot accent. 5. She still holds a grudge against her mother for ruining her life and killing her father, even tho she killed her mother years ago. 6. Her secret wish is to become an alicorn. 7. She is an incredibly skilled mage, and can perform many spells after just one reading. 8. Her talent is for dark magic. (Btw, no character sheet as of yet, due to new database. If you have the same issue, just post a pic and give me eight facts, along with the reason why they are in Tartarus.)
  21. All good things must come to an end. Shows, movies, they all come and go, living on in the memories made by their fans who stuck by till the final credits roll. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was no different, garnering fans the world over, but that too had ended not long ago. The credits roll one final time, the friendship lessons through, and everyone’s favorite pastel equines at last get their final least that’s what people assumed. ... Twilight’s coronation was a complete disaster and yet everything seemed to have worked out in the end. She was now in charge of Equestria, her friends were by her side, and the the greatest villains Equestria had ever known were sealed away. With the creatures of many different lands now becoming regular sights in Equestria a new dawn of prosperity was upon them! Yet even in their brightest hours, ancient threats of all kinds still brew under the surface of Equestria. As the first year of her reign began to come to a close the eve of the first official “Festival of the Two Sisters” was upon them. To make a strong first impression she and the Mane Six sought to plan the most extravagant event that Canterlot had seen in a century! Everyone who is anyone in Equestria was sure to attend - and even from beyond. For once everything seemed to be going without a hitch, no invasions from airship armadas or suped-up magical threats, but it wasn’t to last. Just as the celebration had begun to commence with the retired Princesses Luna and Celestia taking the stage the terrifying trio of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow spring upon the crowd - freed from their prison of stone and seeking revenge! Just before the ponies could rally their forces and make a counter attack a lone unicorn saunters on the stage, a total stranger to all, but as their horn becomes alight in a sinister swirl of black and yellow magic strange rifts in space open up all across Canterlot and begin sucking in anypony who gets too close - pony, alicorn and villain alike! Those who are left to stand and fight immediately demand an explanation, engaging in a quick skirmish with the unknown assailant, the foe pulling drawing up various portals to ensnare those who would get too close! Yet before the enclosing ponies can get in a decisive blow the unicorn opens one last portal and flings themselves inside, but not before at last declaring their name - Ambient Antique! Leaving no recourse but to either follow in after or stay behind to pick up the pieces. ————— Life doesn’t present too much variation for the average person. Go to work, do your job, return home and sleep to start it over again the next day. Human lives are defined by repetition and keeping to schedules, dealing with mundane troubles without monsters or magic. When the day had started out it seemed like it was going to be the same as the last but without warning - all over the world - freak storms swept across various regions. Torrential winds tore down branches and strange lightning flickered in the sky, but as quickly as they came the clouds vanished from sight. In their stead however the storms had left strange people in their wake, with oddly colored hair and complete unfamiliarity with their surroundings. To those who find these individuals it becomes clear that these strange characters are a bit more than meets the eye... These people claim to be Equestrians, people from a completely different world sent here by a new villain who’s motives remain unclear. Intent to reunite and find a way back to Equestria, it’s up to both the Equestrians and their human allies to team up and find a way home! ————————- Welcome one and all to a revitalization of an older concept - a pony in the human world! I’m very excited to announce this, as I do think there is a need for more large scale RP events on the forum! Hopefully the intro happened to catch your eye and you’re up to giving this a shot. The premise of this is primarily to reunite with your fellow Equestrians and have various slice of life scenarios with the humans you encounter along the way, but that's elaborated on in part below. Be sure to read onward for the rules, as those are rather important! Rules for all participants!: Notes on Character Creation: Equestrian Application Guidelines Equestrian Race Distinctions Human Application Guidelines Additional Notes: Application Forms Cast List Mane Six: Princesses: Princess Celestia - @Limestone-Pie Villains: Ambient Antique - @Limestone-Pie Misc. Canon Equestrians Tempest Shadow - @Limestone-Pie Ember - @Limestone-Pie Equestrian OCs: Humans: Faris Ritter - @Limestone-Pie Samuel Lehmann - @Limestone-Pie Example Applications: Note: No need to go into as much detail as mine, write as much as you're able/comfortable with. I just really like to fill out the particulars. Edit: There are some spoiler format issues with the applications, they shall be fixed soon! Just beware, there is a lot of scrolling. Equestrian Applications Tempest Shadow Dragon Lord Ember Princess Celestia Ambient Antique Human Applications Faris Ritter Samuel Lahmann
  22. I'm looking for someone to play Thor and his extended cast in a crossover with another Marvel superhero, the Immortal Iron Fist. The overall plot idea is there's a fighting tournament of various realms but up to this point Asgard has never been invited. So being Asgard, they storm in (almost literally) and demand participation. So Iron Fist and Thor fight the other's respective supporting characters and eventually each other. In Thor's case, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, and Lady Sif. Meanwhile Loki is conspiring with another villain to claim the tournament's ultimate prize, control of all the realms competing in it. So Thor and Iron Fist team up to stop the bad guys. It should be noted that this is meant to be the comics, not the MCU. If you know only the movie's that's not a problem because the character's are largely the same in both versions. Just the tone and certain plot elements are a little different. Biggest of all, in the comics, Thor and the other's status as the genuine figures of myth isn't in question. And if you don't know anything about Iron Fist and his mythos, good. Makes the surprise and clash more authentic.
  23. Calling All Urban Explorers and Paranormal Investigators! Are you interested in exploring places long abandoned and forgotten? Game enough to see if the rumors of such places being haunted are true? Brave enough to follow leads on sightings of cryptids or possible SCPs? Then Enigma's Paranormal Investigations needs you! If you believe you have the right stuff to help in our investigations and explorations, then come to my office in Canterlot, it's easy to find!
  24. The Fallen Force A MLP/Star Wars A dark fog hangs over the Equestrian Galaxy. War has decimated the ranks of the galaxy’s jedi protectors. Once numbered in the thousand, only a few hundred reman. Now a new threat will emerge that may end them all together. With a Galactic Senate now the ruling body of the Galaxy, the two sisters have retired from ruling and now focusing on protecting the galaxy through the Magic of Friendship and the Force. Recently promoted Knight Midnight Oil has been assigned to a secret mission to a planet long forgotten by his old master, as well as another surprise for the young Jedi Knight. Join the mission as ether a Padawan, Youngling, or Jedi Night, or perhaps as a trooper or hired help (Smuggler) Roster Midnight Oil, Jedi Knight, Bat Pony, Blue Lightsaber Rose Beast, Midnight's Padawan, Pegasus, Unknown Lightsaber
  25. Idea I have that I didn’t think the game proper service to. I play as a pandaren fresh from the Wandering Isle having joined the Alliance or Horde, while you play an adventurer of any race or class that, for one reason or another, interacts with. The emphasis ideally is focusing on culture clash and to an extent genre clash. After all, even though the Tolkien-esque Night Elves are just as divergent from the dieselpunk Goblins as they are from the Wuxia martial arts Pandaren, all the other fantasy races and cultures have had time, wars, and truces to get used to one another. The Pandaren have experienced none of that by the time they first arrive, likewise the only people at a stretch that would even possibly know the Pandaren would be the no longer immortal Night Elves. So how do both sides react to yet another ingredient being thrown into the fantasy gumbo? What does your race’s culture think of unarmed fighters with exotic combat philosophies that joined both sides? We both decide. Particularly I’m looking for something other than humans since I’ve already done that, maybe something on the Horde side. Being that I’m staunchly Alliance it would be refreshing to meet among the Orcs, Tauren, Blood Elves, etc. Back on the Alliance side though, meeting with the Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei, or Worgen might also be cool. Obviously there can be action, fighting, and adventure. This is intended as a one on one since it just flows better back and forth. Thank you.