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Found 1721 results

  1. Update: As of today, February 28h 2018, this thread is still open for anypony. I'll try to edit in monthly about this, but be assured that unless anything else is written, I'm never gonna bar or abandon this thread. For anypony looking: This thread is never getting closed for new joiners, veteran, regular or fresh faces alike. If you want in, there is room for your OC. There is also room for those wishing to play the cannon characters such as the mane six, the princesses and so forth. Claimed cannons are: Twilight Sparkle. Played by @Seamore Sandwich and @Dji. Princess Luna. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Princess Celestia. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Derpy. Played by @Seamore Sandwich, Fluttershy. Played by @EQ_Theta. Pinkie Pie. Played by @Shineling. Rarity. Played by @Widdershins. Rainbow Dash. Played by @~Phoenix~. To gain exclusive control of a canon character, contact me about it, and we'll take it from there. Take notice: This isn't a thread focused around my pony, it's meant as a place where anypony can start off, or join in for some fun. Consider it a newcomers intro cauldron into roleplay, with added spice of whoever else wants to come around. With that being said, on to the writing. Further notice: Even if it seems like everypony here have their own and it's impossible to join anything, don't be discouraged to join. If you want to interact with the current groups going at their random thing, just write yourself in and we'll take it from there. If you want to start your own angle, begin something, and in case you haven't gotten a response in about 24 hours, I will then make an NPC or see if some of my OC's are free and make sure you're not alone. TImelines: In case you prefer an evening setting or want to write with somepony as in *The next day* It is allowed, though not further than a day ahead of everypony else. The timelines can fit easy into eachother if it's in a span of 24 hours. Less easy when we talk weeks apart or something like that. The thread link: Hello everypony. Been about 4 days since I've joined the forums now and everything here have been good so far. Except that I can't find a good place to start some role play, as the existing ones seem to be focused on very out there ideas that I, as a new member, can't really just jump into since I haven't even gotten a feel for the roleplaying aspect of my character yet. It made me think though, with all the other new people I've seen join over the last few days, perhaps I'm not the only one who could use a place to quietly ease into this? As such, I present an idear here that I hope that somepony - newcomers or not - would also think could be a good thing to join in on. A simple, no-focused thread going on around/in Ponyville that can let everypony have their say in things. There will be no directions for this, just a begining, and then we'll see where the plot will takes us. If you would like to join this, and/or if you might have an idear added, then go ahead and post it. After a few days I'll see if there's enough here to start something, and then make an open thread in the actual roleplay section if there's enough interest. My character Blitz Boom is living in the Everfree Forest, but she makes trips to Ponyville once in awhile, so any place around the town is basically a good place to start. As for rules, I only have a few. No graphic murder/overly strong violence: A fight or something may be fine enough, and a death can be acceptable if done right, but there's no need to make a casual thread into Friday the 13'th. No rushing/godmodding: No-one finds it fun when somepony just takes off with things without their consent. Give people a bit of time to breathe in between posts, and don't have them be dragged off by force unless it's been cleared with the person here in there OOC section. If you stop in the thread, let us know here, and write your character out in the IC part: I can't imagine anypony else wanting to wait around for someone that just upped and left without a word, so be respectful of others if you leave, okay? I can write you out in a small section if you have trouble doing so yourself, but a self-addressed solution is preferred. That's pretty much it. The rest is covered by the roleplaying rules (such as no explicit things etc) and other than that, I'd like to think I can trust you all to make the right decisions. Alicorns etc. is allowed, and everypony can decide for themselves afterwards if they want to take some of this as canon, but in case of alicorn join ups, consider it non-canon in general. ^^ If there's any questions or anything, feel free to pop it into this thread. I'll be checking with regularity. ((If you need some info on Blitz Boom, there is a link to her bios in my signature))
  2. RP: What I have so far for Plot: A close to canon setting that gets attacked by the kind of aliens or strange villains the Rangers have to face in the shows (I have only seen English versions and in recent years have not watched it much on Nick), and they kidnap or otherwise incapacitate the Mane 6, Starlight, the Princesses, and possibly Discord. They are no match and all hope seems lost until my character Lektra creates Zords and battlesuits with her talent. These give five chosen Equestria residents the edge to fight the aliens or whatever we decide on. Basically the world has no heroes and we need OCs to step up. They're not dead and can appear in the RP as supporting cast to the Rangers, but they are no match for the bad guy. Ever wanted to be a hero and pose dramatically? Well here's your chance! Rules in no particular order, to be updated over time: Special abilities are fine, but I'd like to have this be more like the Power Rangers where your power comes from putting on a fancy suit and posing dramatically. All the Ranger tropes apply if you know them. So character abilities are dulled or weakened until they become a Ranger. That said, your character needs to have some way to fight before they transform, be it hoof to hoof, magic, or a weapon, but try not to be super skilled at it because these will probably become your Ranger weapons. See below on weapons. Gratuitous or overly graphic violence is NOT ok. By the nature of the RP there will be violence and fighting, but don't describe exactly how you cut something up or how much blood leaks out. Most people just don't wanna read this. It's dead, slashed, burned, damaged, or cut up, whatever, not exactly how and how much damage was inflicted. Move on alright? The owner of the character in question decides how much damage a character they play or an important character takes, and the rules of fair fighting apply. I'll be enforcing those. There will be a second transformation on top of your Ranger form called Super. This needs to be discovered and will come up as needed, if it comes up at all. You can be ANY sentient species seen in the show, or from the comics (With proper reference for those of us who haven't read them), and are not limited to the three pony races and their derivatives. There will be NO Alicorn OCs or OP characters EVER, and in general my decision on what's OP is final. BUT that said, Alicorn OCs modified to not have either the horn or wings are allowed as long as they're not OP. Villain could possibly be one if we decide on it, but there is no requirement for the race or species of the villain and that is completely open to whoever wants to play the villain. Alicorn is actually the Ultra Transformation if we get to that stage, so be prepared to gain wings, horn, or both temporarily. You will be able to design your own Ranger weapon, so make sure your character can somehow wield it. I'm sorry but I do not condone hoof-holding AKA "sticky hooves" so be sure to design a weapon that can be held with the teeth or has a way to be held with one hoof (A handle you can put your hoof into or making the weapon wrap around it for example) if you're not a Unicorn who will use telekinesis to hold your weapon. Your Characters will not instantly know how to use these weapons and will need training, contrary to most of the Rangers shows. Weapons need to be able to reasonably combine into a blaster as in this video reference: Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you have complete freedom on what weapon you use, subject to approval. Try to be creative and original. Once someone chooses a weapon nobody else can use that weapon, sorry. Zords can be deigned by you as well, but also need to be able to reasonably combine into a giant version of one of the races in MLP as in this reference: The same is true for the Zords. Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you also have complete freedom on designing your own Zord, subject to approval. Feel free to make it fit Equestira, or even not. Same rule on weapon originality applies for the Zords too, and everyone needs to choose different Zords. Players MUST be active. If even one Ranger player or our villain drops out the RP just instantly folds if a suitable replacement is not found in a reasonable time. You must be committed to not dropping out. What would happen if you and your new friends were the only ones able to save the world and you decided to leave the group? The team would be weaker, not to mention the Megazord would be lacking a limb. It'd be like the protagonist of a story deciding to not want to be the protagonist anymore. Don't sign up if you aren't sure if you can't be active. Post at least once in 3 days. By signing up you understand that you must stick around, and by dropping out or quitting the forum you will kill this RP. If the RP dies from someone quitting, we all know who's fault it was Please post at least one good paragraph. While I'm not going to force people to obey the Advanced rules and post a heck of a lot all at once, I don't want to see one or two lines of RP text per post. This is not a one liner RP. Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, and Pink. Lektra is the "sixth Ranger" and becomes the Gold/Yellow Ranger at some point. We could still use Black in place of Green if there's interest, but it's controversial as well as a couple of the other original colors (Red was a standard white guy, Black was an African American, Yellow was an Asian) and been in and out of circulation a lot. It would be nice if your coat or mane color matched your Ranger color, but it's not really necessary. It could be in your outfit, but please have your color somewhere. Red, Blue, and Green need to be males. White and Pink need to be females. When my character becomes the sixth she will balance out the two. I will add a player list as we decide on the missing things, and open non-Ranger player signups as the RP progresses. The only players allowed right now are five Ranger players, anyone who would like to play a canon character to support the Rangers, the main villain who will create or summon monsters to invade the planet, and his or her cadre of supporting evildowers. First come first served! ROMANCE between the characters is fine if kept SFW, but ask the player what their character's preference is before this comes up in the RP. For example how would you like to be a stallion who likes stallions and profess your love to that one boy you've had your eye on for a while and killed many monsters with, only to find out he's into girls or is asexual? Yes, so at least talk to he player first and bring up that you're interested in shipping your character with theirs, please. -------------------------------------- Anyone interested and can help me develop this? Tagging a few people from the old version of this thread in case they might still be interested: @Drago Ryder@P-Jay@whitetiger187@Film Reel@Midnight_Aurora I can think of two people who might be interested in playing the villain, who doesn't necessarily HAVE to lose and could be reformed: @Randimaxis@Kaze Yousei -------------------------------------- Things that need to be decided on: 1. Five players and who gets what color fancy suit! Simple enough! Maybe what they look like too, but we can probably find ponified Ranger art online. 2. Player weapons and how the weapons combine. That's not going to be all that simple, really. 4. Your Zords, how they combine, and what they combine into. 5. Who is playing our villain, what kind of character it is, and their backstory. (Done) 6. Maybe help me flesh out the plot a little and make it sound like a story rather than an idea, once the other points are decided? (Done) --------------------------------------- Character list: Rangers: (Name, Ranger Weapon, Ranger Power, Zord) (Female) Red: Luster, Scythe-Shotgun, Energy Absorbtion/Redirection, Manticore Zord @Denim&Venom (Male) Blue: Clayton, Chokuto Straight Sword, Skin Hardening, Wendigo Zord @Acnologia (Female) White: Dawn, Bow, Ice Magic, Dragon Zord @Drago Ryder (Male) Green: Rocky Roads, Blaster, Speedster, Shogun Timberwolf Zord @Crewman (Female) Pink Plus 2 Males of undetermined colors, to be determined by the players. Genders of the initial group can be changed if really needed, but would prefer to keep them like this. (Extra Female) Gold: Lektra Bolt, Katana Daggers, Lightning Magic, Phoenix Zord @Lektra Bolt Evil: Big Bad @Randimaxis Midboss: Ivory Gust, Longma (Custom Species: )@TBD Cute Troopers, Scouts for King Pandar: @Buck Testa Canons: Twilight Sparkle: @Denim&Venom Discord: @Randimaxis --------------------------------------- Original idea for reference:
  3. Due to a whole bunch of players becoming inactive and being non-committal to staying or leaving, despite having played key parts in the story, myself and the remaining active players of Mechquestria are rebooting the game. This will still be co-managed by Mystelf & @Emerald Bolt, We'll be using the same setting and characters. It's the future. Humans and ponies have made contact. Technology was introduced to ponies. Ponies used magic to further technological advances light years ahead, creating the worlds first technomagical devices, machines and programs. They made advanced cyborg parts that could be equipped and controlled from a distance. Eventually, entire robot bodies were built and controlled from home. A living mind could be digitized and permanently installed into a robot body. Eventually, Equestria developed the first self aware machines. Thinking, feeling, robots. A century later, Equestria has become a futuristic utopia. Princess Twilight now presides over the nation from within her own metallic chassis. Robotic ponies and cyborgs of all shapes, sizes and makes, now go about their lives among towering skylines. As far as I can tell, this RP will be the first to feature the option for robotic or cyborg characters. Though it isn't required. You can still play a regular pony or other creature in a futuristic world. Just about anything within reason is acceptable. The RP will be mostly slice of life, but will have a bit of an adventurous start. The game for the most part will be taking place in a college campus. All I'll need from you guys are: Name: Status: -Are you a living being? -Are you a cyborg? -Are you a robot? If so, were you built, or were transferred to a robot body? Race: Age/Years of Operation: Occupation: Cutie mark (if applicable) (yes, robots can get those too): Appearance: Or just post a character link Also, if you do intend to join, we ask that you be committed to the part. The original had to be scrapped to do key players up and quitting. So if your in, be in for the long haul, and if you do have to live, then work with us to write your character out so as not to grind things to a halt for the other players. Edit: Restart complete. RP is a go!
  4. @GoldieS @silvermoon15000 @Krashface Here's the official ooc for the justice league dark/Constantine style RP. Rules: 1.The only alicorns that are allowed are the ones currently on the show as they are basically gods. 2. Technology and magic don't mix very well. 3. OCs are welcome as well as anyone who wants to play a show cast member. 4. This is a darker tone RP but still within the boundaries of poniverse. 5.have fun synopses: For the past month, strange things have been occurring all across Equestria, stranger than normal that is. Odd noises echoing in the wilds at night, dark whisping shadows skulking just out of the corners of the eyes. That's hardly the worst of it... there were rumors of a mist descending on a town in the west, when it lifted, nothing but corpses. No sign of how they passed. In some of the bigger cities, horrific crime scenes are left for the guards on a nightly basis. Witnesses rarely come forward, and when they do, their descriptions of events provide more questions than answers. No matter where you go in Equestria, citizens hide in fear. People go missing regularly, die grizzly deaths; no one is safe. Still... there are many out there trying to solve the crisis, some battling forces beyond their understanding in order to make the world safe again. The princesses have called these individuals together to help equestria survive. Are you with them or... against them? Submit ocs here as well. slots: 1. OC TAKEN (me) 2. OC TAKEN (also DM) @GoldieS 3. OC TAKEN @Driz 4. OC TAKEN @silvermoon15000 5. OC TAKEN @MARSOC 6. OC TAKEN @Star48955 All main slots have been taken now. LUNA: @Star48955 CELESTIA: OPEN (For certain scenes throughout we'll try to fit you in as much as possible but you won't be part of the main team.) also this is a relaxed rp so if you can't be on all the time we understand.
  5. Hey everyone! So, this is an idea I've had for a REALLY long time, months at this point. I just never really got around to really putting it out there. The basic premise is that a huge sinkhole in Ponyville reveals a humongous, underground labyrinth/tomb that had gone unnoticed in the many years that had passed since the town was built. However, after this happens, strange things begin to happen all around the town. Ponies going missing, sounds in the night, typical horror cliches and eventually, ponies are sent into the catacombs to try and discover the secrets that lay within it, as well as figure out what's exactly causing all the strange happenings around Ponyville. IE, those poor unlucky sods are the ponies we play in the RP. I don't really have any sort of limit on how many people can join the RP, other than until I'm satisfied. Canon characters ARE allowed, excluding the princesses, though it's a first-come-first-serve basis. If anyone's interested in this idea, or have any questions, hit me up! I really hope to try and get this idea off the ground, it's an idea I've been wanting to do for the longest time. Canon Character Availability List Twilight Sparkle: Available Fluttershy: Available Applejack: Available Rainbow Dash: Available Rarity: Available Scootaloo: Available Sweetie Belle: Available Apple Bloom: Available Spike: Taken by me Other Canon Characters: PM me, I'll let you know if the one you have in mind is available or not.
  6. So, this is an idea I've had for a while. Basically, a pair of ponies find a rouge portal and go into it, transporting them to Earth. Sad part is, it's maybe five years after a -blank- apocalypse. So, the Humans find said ponies and the four end up traveling across America to find them a way back home. Along the way, they deal with all sorts of threats, including sickness, injuries and bandits. I have the premise in mind, and I would like just up to four people, but as for the apocalypse itself, it's up for debate. I was probably thinking zombies, but I can do most anything really. Except for nuclear, I've had too many bad experiences with them. As for characters, I would prefer two ponies and two Humans, but three ponies and one Human or vise versa could work. If you are interested, let me know. Thanks! P.s. If you want to send a picture of your character/s, then that's fine. If not, you can just detail them in this chat, but I beg you, don't make your character an arsenal. Have two primary long guns, with a couple attachments if need be, a side-arm and a melee weapon of your choice, along with respective ammo and such. I'll make an OOC and a RP chat once three people are interested. If you want too, you can give me some ideas for the plot as well. P.s.s I don't have a picture of my character, but I will describe him for you. Name-Rhett Blake Bishop Gender-Male Age-29 Height-6'1/2 Appearance-Rhett has curly brown hair that reaches his shoulders, bright blue eyes and a soft, but serious face. He mostly wears some sort of flannel and blue jeans, along with black boots. He has a few scars, a small one across his nose and two on his back. Also, he has a tattoo sleeve down his right arm and a small hoop in each ear. Personality-He is calm, usually being the smartest guy in the room. When he is confronted, he will try to work things out in a peaceful way if possible, but won't back down from the alternative. He has Aspergers, which makes it hard for him to communicate with new people and even harder to seem friendly, as years of surviving shaped him differently than before. However, he has the tendency to become enraged when someone makes fun of him, even if it was a joke. Gear-An M16A4 with a Comp-Aimpoint sight and a vertical fore-grip, and four magazines. An Ithca model 37 with a flashlight, and twenty-five 12 gauge shells. A Sig Sauer P226 with a supressor, and three magazines. Lastly, a forged steel Kukri, with an ergonomic handle and sheath. Good Traits-Good with guns, knows how to cook, loves playing guitar. Has a nice way with words, like-able and very proficient in medicine. Bad Traits:Has a bad knee, doesn't do good in hostile situations, and can't seem to get a good night's rest. He tends to get carried away, can be a little annoying at times and lots of nitpicks.
  7. As an earthquake hit Canterlot, Two ponies are trapped inside a collapsed building, uncertain if help is coming for them. Together they must try and get out and survive. But being stuck together can get the weirdest feeling out of each pony.... Submit bellow of intrested \/
  8. Story: Summer has yet again rolled around and the students of Canterlot High were looking forward to going to Camp Everfree again, especially now that things were going to be much better than the last time around. One such student was a new student by the name of Mordecai Heartstrom. He was going to take the chance to ask Sunset Shimmer, the one girl who he felt a true connection with since his first day, out on a date. Basis: So in short, what I am looking for is someone who can play as Sunset Shimmer for me. About Mordecai: Mordecai spent most of his life in Manehatten with his heavy metal/gothic rock loving family, hence his taste in bands like Sisters of Mercy, Creature Feature, Power Wolf, Judas Priest, Bunny and the Echo Men, the Doors, etc.. He has long black hair with a two toned purple and blue streaks. he normally is seen wearing his Tripp Pants or a pair of black jeans, his trademark studded and spiked boots, a long sleeved mesh top with a band tshirt over it and his leather jacket. He also has both ears pierced, his nose pierced and his lip pierced and often wears sunglasses and spiked wristbands. Despite his appearance, he is actually quite kind, honest and caring, though due to being bullied in school when he was still in Manehatten, he had put up a bit of a wall to guard himself from being hurt again. The most important thing to him is his family and friends, and his loyalty to them. He plays both the piano, keyboard, bass guitar, drums and electric guitar, and also sings a little.
  9. I've seen a lotta fanart crossing mlp with Supernatural, so is anyone interested in rping it? It doesn't necessarily have to be the actual Supernatural characters, just the lore and such.
  10. RP Link: Just looking for a casual RP with someone who is looking to have a fun time. With some possible romance and drama you never know what might happen!! I am up for doing an anthro style if you are, either way I am just excited to get my OC out there. XD If you are interested in RPing with Kitsune let me know! -Location(s): Ponyville, Manehattan, Canterlot -Plot: After settling down in Ponyville Kitsune is excited, but anxious to get out and meet some new friends. She has been so focused on work lately that she hasn't made time for herself. She is needing to get out there and just see what happens. She decides to take a few weeks off from work, there weren't any new plays or concerts that were going to be starting soon so she had some free time anyway. "No more excuses Kity, it's now... or never."
  11. So I am looking for someone to do a 1x1 slice of life, romance and adventure type TwoKinds-esque Rp with. For those who are not familiar with it, they can find the about section HERE. The premise is not going to go along with the two groups (though they might be included as side characters). Scarlet Avalon Rose Wintersoul (My oc) is a shifter (can shift between Keidran and human), and is a snow wolf Keidran with blue eyes, long braided red hair and tribal patterns on her fur. She is lonely in the town of Edinmire, working as a servin girl at the Riftwall East Tavern, and is the adopted daughter of the tavern's owner Adira. Your OC (human, anthro pony or anthro furry aka Keidran) comes into town and stays at the tavern and stays a while. During that time he/she gets to know my OC and they start developing feelings for each other. More details can be discussed at later date pending what happens. What Scarlet looks like (without clothes on - SFW) can be found HERE
  12. Hi, I got an idea for another RP and I'll drop it here in case someone would be interested to RP it with me. Simply put..... It takes place in world like ours, in some unnamed city, only real difference being that Death and Life are actual supernatural entities of some sort. The plot is pretty simple, There's two people, our characters, who are kinda special, they are are offspring of Death and a human (my character) and offspring of Life and a human (Your character) and they end up meeting, finding out what the other is, and eventually fall in love. There is really no limits when it comes to your character, other than that there needs to be aspects coming from the fact that they are a child of Life itself, for example, my character will uncontrollably kill anything that lives (expect their mother, Death itself, your character or Life, or anything your character is touching) if it touches his skin, and he will have certain things to his personality you would expect from Death (but his personality is still mostly "human-personality"). so yeah, if anyone is interested, feel free to tell me, and nothing is set in stone so if you'd like to suggest changes etc. we can discuss it. some of my my character's info down below. !!!!!!I'm in the army at the moment (from moment of posting, about 1.5 months left) so my activity will be....alternating, i may post several times a day, I may not post for few weeks, but you can rest assured that I Will Not Abandon The RP. !!!!!!2 For that same reason, lot of my posts will be written on mobile with limited time, so the quality may and will suffer from that.
  13. Hi, So I got an idea for this RP and well, I go straight to the business. It takes place in our universe in some unnamed city in current year, everything that exist in real world, exists in this one. And I'll say it right off the bat, that though this RP will have angel(s) (my character, maybe others), religion won't really play any part in it other than it may be referenced in relation to my character. Now, the plot, in short, your character will be in some kind of trouble, a robbery, mugging, trapped in burning building etc. and my character will accidentally stumble upon the scene and will intervene, and your character (and the possible "bad guys") will notice that something is....odd about my character, how much they will see, depends on what kind of situation it is (is there knifes, guns, how many people etc.), and it will take on from that. I'm aright with both "friendship-rp" and romace, but the baseline is that it will be mostly slice of life. I would prefer playing male, but I can play a female too if you wish, since the personality of my character will work in both cases. Now, to my character.... Name is Michael. (I will come up with new one if female) Like said, (s)he's a angel. backstory in short: (S)He are some kind of failed creation, and neither God or Lucifer wanted Him/her, so (S)He was dumped on the earth, and though (s)he knows what (s)he is, (s)he can't remember anything about the time before getting dumped on the earth. Powers and stuff: (s)he has bunch of powers, being a angel, but how much of that comes to show really depends on what happens in the RP, but the few things that will become apparent in the RP regardless of outcome....(s)he can change between "human-form" and "angel-form" at will. He is indestructible, but he does age. Unsurprisingly, (s)he can fly. Appearance: Human-form: Angel-form (in case of female, it will be those but female) Age 20. Hope I remembered everything. !!!!!! I'm in the army at the moment (from moment of posting, 2 months left) so my activity will be....alternating, i may post several times a day, I may not post for few weeks, but you can rest assured that I Will Not Abandon The RP. !!!!!!2 For that same reason, lot of my posts will be written on mobile with limited time, so the quality may and will suffer from that.
  14. All right, so this is my first time actually making one of these things, so lets get some practice in, shall we? Link to roleplay thread. So the story revolves around Mike McGuffin searching for some sort of lost artifact, or perhaps some sort of shrine or temple or whatever. (It's the McGuffin, get it? Becuase it's a plot point and my original character's name is McGuffin?) So he is stocking up in Ponyville, a town that he is not very familiar with, only passing through once or twice, and is preparing for a train ride to a place near where he travel on foot. (Or would it be hoof?) Mike is also looking for a companion to travel with, as he doesn't think he could make it alone. (Oh, and since Mike dislikes alicorns a whole lot, no Alicorn OCs are allowed! Sorry!) Who shall be this fellow adventurer? Link to Mike McGuffin's character page!
  15. [ I would suggest making a new character count thing. ]
  16. Okay guys, i play a LOT of TF2 but have a hard time finding people to play with. My Steam name is kaiser5578, same as my username here. If you are new to the game or haven't played much, i would be happy to teach you and help you along. so send me a request and i'll be sure to accept.
  17. Nyactis Mewcis Catlum

    Searching 1x1 RPs Wanted!

    Completely separate from my Chrysalis Take-Over thread (if you want something that's not 1x1, check that out over here). I have nearly no RP partners in this fandom, and I'd love to make some more. I'm on another forum where I RP, but I'd also like to get a few going here! Chrysalis Take-Over will be my priority on this site, but if you don't mind me being a bit slow I'd love to start some things with y'all. I generally have a preference for RPing canons, and the ones I specifically take are Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo (though I'm able to write Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity as needed, and I'm willing to try other canons). In addition, I'm quite the TwiDash fan. That being said, I do have an OC, so if you want to do OC RPs, I'm cool with giving those a shot. She's linked in my signature if you need to find info on her. I'm a little picky on who I RP with as I tend to prefer it with people around my level, so if you do have samples of threads that you've been in already, that would be convenient. And if you need any from me, I'd be willing to show you RP threads that I've done on other sites!
  18. SETTING THE STAGE: THE PLOT Ponyville has been enjoying lasting peace now for some moons. It's been some time since Starlight Glimmer defeated Queen Chrysalis, and nopony has seen heads or tails of her since then. Twilight has taken to teaching Starlight the wonders of friendship while the rest of the girls are preoccupied with their own lives, coming whenever the Cutie Map beckons them to a spot that has a friendship problem to be fixed. There is no threat of the outbreak of wars between species, and Equestria seems to be seeing a lull in dramatic threats ever since Chrysalis's defeat. Little do the ponies know that Chrysalis's retreat was not with her tail between her legs, but a tactical withdrawal. The hive that they had attacked was not the main Changeling hive, and Queen Chrysalis, being the mother of the Changelings, has begun to repopulate them in a separate area. She's quietly building an army of Changelings, biding her time until she can take over Equestria once again - and this time, she has help in the form of the Alicorn Amulet, which she's stolen from Zecora in secrecy, posing as Apple Bloom. Her plan is a large, multi-step one: she's pretty sure she can attempt what she did with Starlight's victory again in that she can trick the ponies and take them over from the inside, but she wants her army to be prepared to launch an attack en masse as well... And this time she's not going to overlook anypony, no foal or mare or stallion will escape her wrath. It's only a matter of time before her return. And when she does return, the fate of Equestria lies in the hooves of the ponies. WHEN IN CANON DOES THIS TAKE PLACE? The Coming of Chrysalis is an AU, meaning that it will have its own continuity. That being said, all episodes up until the end of Season 6 can be considered "canon" to the RP's lore. Chrysalis's potential comeback within S8 will not impact this AU. CHARACTERS THAT CAN BE PLAYED The emphasis in this particular AU is canon characters. High-quality OCs may be allowed, but I will be very picky about which ones I let take part in this particular plot. Even then, the emphasis will still be on the canon characters. Background ponies are not likely to be applicable. Secondary characters, however, are. Please note that your character may lose to Chrysalis. She has a lot of power backing her this time, and some ponies will go down within RP; it has to happen for her to seem credible as a threat. Canon characters must be auditioned for. This will be detailed at the bottom of the post. You are allowed to take multiple canon characters. I'm allowing up to 2 per person. Try not to hog characters so other people can get a crack at it! OTHER CONTENT ALLOWED While the plot is the main focus, it will take time to build and some SoL can be played before it fully takes fruition. In addition to that, I'm not against those who take the main characters to play out some romance if they would like. Mild violence is going to occur, but of course, keep within MLPF's rules; nothing NSFW, and of course nothing that would be strange for the character. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? As this is an advanced/literate RP by nature, I'm accepting only advanced/literate RPers. CANON LIST MANE 8 Twilight Sparkle - Played by ___ Rainbow Dash - Played by ___ Rarity - Played by ___ Pinkie Pie - Played by ___ Fluttershy - Played by ___ Applejack - Played by ___ Starlight Glimmer - Played by @SummerHaven Spike - Played by ___ CMC Apple Bloom - Played by ___ Sweetie Belle - Played by ___ Scootaloo - Played by @Scootaloved SECONDARY CHARACTERS Trixie - Played by ___ Others will be listed when applied for. VILLAINS Queen Chrysalis - Played by @Scootaloved ACCEPTED OC LIST PROTAGONISTS N/A ANTAGONISTS N/A APPLY FOR A CANON Respond to the following prompt(s) with a RP sample: 1 - Your character notices another pony trapped between Timberwolves and trees in the Everfree Forest. What do they do? 2 - Your pony has gotten lost within a field outside of Ponyville and doesn't know how to get home. What do they do? 3 - Tirek has come back and threatened Ponyville! He's come up to your character and challenged them to a fight. What do they do? 4 - Your character ordered some furniture, but they haven't received notice of it for two weeks. What do they do? 5 - Your character is asked for a favor by another one of the cast (you get to choose). What do they do? Note, this is not a Q&A. It's a RP sample. You must write in response as if you're actually responding with a post. Keep in mind that Advanced Roleplays require 800 characters minimum. APPLY FOR AN OC Link me to your OC's profile here on MLPF, and answer the following: 1 - What can your OC contribute to this plot? 2 - Would your OC help the ponies, or Queen Chrysalis? 3 - How would your OC react around canon characters? Feel free to show me other RPs you have utilized this OC in so I can better get a grasp on them and whether they're a good fit for this one.
  19. Love Doctor Blaze

    Searching 1x1 HIE RP

    RP: Hey, i want to start a RP where we end up in Equestria! We'll be two humans, who are friends that for some random magical reason end up in our beloved fantasy land. Wether we have super powers or are soldiers of some sort, will be discussed. However, we are NOT bronies, so we have no knowledge what so ever, of the world we enter. So i hope that someone finds this interesting.
  20. -Overview- For many years, Equestria and its neighbors have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity. However, exploration of new worlds has never really been a priority. Recently, this has changed with the arrival of an airship sailing from across the western ocean. A great Empire, one which claims to be all powerful, has arrived to invite an Equestrian envoy to their shores. There, they hope to explain their national ambitions while creating a strong ally of Equestria. Little is known about the Eldeer, merely that they hail from a continent surrounded by ocean in the middle of the great expanse to the west. From there, they've spread to much of the lands further westward in sprawling colonies. At least, that's what they claim. They 'prove' such claims by offering strange trinkets carved into the shapes of giant lizards, seas monsters, and some simpler tribal designs formed from exotic materials. Despite the bragging, they seem genuine in their desires to make 'friends' with Equestria and their neighbors. You, along with a select few and your retinue, have been chosen to accompany the Eldeer back to their Empire for an initial diplomatic mission. It has been concluded that you will no doubt have the best interest of Equestria at heart, and will therefore be permitted to draft initial deal with this new empire relating to trade, travel, and the establishment of embassies. -So Basically- This is essentially an RP regarding your character, and any characters you bring with you, and their 'diplomatic' adventure in the homeland of the Eldeer... high elves, in other words XP It is there you will encounter diplomats, assassins, and manipulators trying to deceive and manipulate the talks in order to destroy any possible positive relationship with Equestria. -My Terms...- Sorry... I have a few rules in my RP... 1x1 preferably, but if you have a friend who you know will post reliably 1x2 is cool! Well... posting reliably. Hopefully at least once a day, once every two is okay since... well... life! I'll be the dungeon master/game moderator etc., whatever you want to call it. I try to be fair, I will decide the final outcomes of all actions! Success or failures! Of course, if you don't like those outcomes or think they're unfair, feel free to bring it up to me in OOC! Equestrian species only! Griffons, changelings, changed-lings, ponies, bat ponies, etc. cannon characters welcome! I... am open to negotiations. PM me or post here if interested!!! Any questions ask them here so others can know the answer!!
  21. Every pony that is into supernatural things knows the Slendermane. A tall, featureless white stallion in a tuxedo, sometimes said accompanied with black tentacles. Although so far there has been no proof of its existence, two stallions make comic strips for the newspaper called "Marble Horns", though it curiously stopped a few weeks ago. And recently, ponies have spotted a tall, slender figure near the Everfee Forest. And now, some ponies decided to actually investigate. What is this? This is my first RP, and it is about a web series called Marble Hornets. To put it simply, it is a web series based around the Slenderman myths. Keep in mind that this RP is going to have aspects from many other Slenderman-based web seies, not just Marble Hornets. Rules -Big knowledge over the Marble Hornets series isn't nescessary, only knowing a bit about Slenderman would be nice. -I have the right to deny your character, though its problably not happening. -The character(s) should not have much information over Slendermane himself, other than the info that was shown in Marble Horns. RP Characters -Techno Universal - -Stardust Balance - -Arctica - -Scripted Scribble -
  22. I've recetly mulled over "returning" to the local RP scene, and, the day has arrived! You may have seen a couple roleplays I made or took part in, so it should give you some insight on my RP style and skill level. Order of the Flower and Canterlot Noire are the most recent ones. Now, I am looking for a new roleplay, but I don't have any solid ideas just yet to propose a setting and seek participants. Genre wise, I am comfortable with adventure, mystery, action and even romance, most likely a mix of several - I am open to ideas and new things, as long as it may be interesting. As far as players are concerned, 1x1 or up to 4 players are fine by me - adding more people makes it hard to keep track. If the other player(s) feel like it, I am comfortable playing both feral and anthro characters, I'm good with both. Quite frankly, I am thinking about making a custom OC for the roleplay but, alternatively, I have a few functional and RP-tested ones: Crystal Clear Natural Order Gold Rush & Second Wind (always played together) So, if anyone feels like ironing out some new RP with me, just shoot. I can promise a reply on every other day, as well as actively co-producing the setting and adding to it proactively, since I am rather decent at worldbuiling and my style looks like a script for a film, but you can see that in my older RP's.
  23. Roleplay Link: Click Here Darkness slowly covers Equestria as it is announced that The Two Sisters and The Elements of Harmony have disappeared. As the darkness grows King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis work together and enslave pony kind. As the two evil rules began their rule, a rebellion a raises lend by Lady Zecora. Zecora gave the rebellion a prophecy that 10 special creatures will ban together to become the new Elements of Harmony, defeat King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis, free pony kind, and find the two sisters and the old Elements Of Harmony. Canon Characters (must try out for these spots) King Sombra @ Queen Chrysalis @ Lady Zecora @Star48955 The New Elements Of Harmony Rakon The Element Of Courage @Kulstor Doctor Whooves The Element Of Knowologe @Kulstor Ocean Whiplash The Element Of Freedom @:: Mysterious Soul :: Techno Universe The Element Of Creation @Techno Universal Mysterious Soul The Element Of Bravery @Queen Chrysalis Servant Starbrust The Element Of Empathy @CentipedeGhoul Kabra'za The Element Of Hope @Strong Copper Crystal Moonlight The Element Of Spirit @Star48955 Open Slot Rebellion Enslaved Ponies Big Mac @ Forms Name: Age: General description: Family: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Best Friend(s): Friends: Rival(s): Other: (( Everyone @nx9100 is my Admin, so If I'm not on he can approve your charcter for you.))
  24. I've looked through the titles of all the RPs & I've not seen anything that would suggest that it's got any DMC elements in it. Any reason why no one's tried to make a DMC based RP yet?
  25. Total Lunar Eclipse

    Searching 1x1 Search

    Seeking 1x1 roleplays! Over forums or private messages would be fantastic. <3 I'm not online at any specific times. My work schedule is totally random. Will reply whenever I get the chance, though. My replies are 1-3 paragraphs typically. Paragraph style is a must! I can play canons, but I'm also interested in developing my OCs more. My Deviantart gallery has pictures of one of my OCs, Lunar Eclipse (still need to draw the others but there's a few): Some vague ideas I'm interested in: - "Everyone's An Allicorn" Lunar Eclipse (my OC) uses magic to give unicorns wings (seemingly longterm and pegasus feathers). They're not real allicorns, but it gets out of hand. - "The Divide" A politician comes into town and creates political parties with Luna and Celestria to create tensions and control ponies. - Something based outside Equestria but in the same universe? - Other ideas you might have?