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Found 15 results

  1. Who more is praying to the school of friendship BURNS in season 9 and make the show focus more on principal characters again? I guess i'm not the only one who not liked the idea of that school.... AND MORE, people are saying the season 9 will be the last one of the 4 generation, and if that happens, I dont want the last season of my little pony with that foolish students of the school of friendship.
  2. So, there's plenty of threads that as what people do want in Season 9, but I'm always thinking about what I don't want, so I thought, how about a thread for discussing what you wouldn't want for Season 9. Due to me always coming up with episode ideas (I've got over 50), I tend to get nervous that the show is going to crush my headcanon, so I've got a pretty large list of things I'd rather not see: What I Don't Want to See Because I Already Have My Own Ideas: Scootaloo's Parent(s)/Family Trixie's Past Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon reconciling with each-other (though I'm not opposed to a return for either individually) Chrysalis getting Vanquished/Reformed Any of the Mane 6, Glimmer Gang, CMC, or Spike's ages getting revealed (that doesn't make sense with the existing information presented). Celestia and Luna's Past What I Don't Want to See in General: The Student 6 completely replacing The Mane 6 as the element bearers (I'd be fine if was like a dual-bearer sort of deal, where, say, both Yona or Fluttershy could wield kindness. Extreme Progressive Crap. I probably wouldn't be so annoyed about it if it weren't shoehorned into almost every other modern show I watch. Can we continue to keep it politically clean/morally pure for the last season? Please? A series finale that would otherwise majorly change the status quo (like essentially saying a full goodbye to the Mane 6), or any other kind of ending that would kind of kill a lot of potential for the story to be continued by fans in any way. So what's your own Do Not Want list?
  3. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx
  4. There’s been rumors that Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger recorded an episode about family earlier this year, and they claimed that the episode focuses on the characters they voiced. However, Salenger never did any work on MLP before that, so it’s obviously gonna be a Season 9 episode. Whatever this episode is, it certainly, absolutely better not be another stupid, ridiculous episode that all the Mane Six are absent in!
  5. The Mean 6 should return as a reoccurring threat throughout Season 9 as an MLP version of the Phycho Rangers from Power Rangers in Space/Lost Galaxy.
  6. FlareGun45

    Spoiler Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    Sup brahs? It's that time of the year again! A new waiting thread for the new season! Whether or not it's the final season still remains to be seen, but for now let's talk about what we want to happen! If you wanna see my episode ideas, they're right here:'s_MLP_Season_9_Episode_Ideas_(final_version)?useskin=oasis#WikiaArticleComments Remember, brahs: If there are any more early releases or another massive leak, don't forget to censor your comments on the subject with [ Spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] just removes spaces!
  7. Howdy Ya'll So I have been pondering this for quite some time now. What do you thin the likelihood is of the young 6 getting their own spinoff show or something similar? There's room for charecter development meaning there'll be plenty of episode ideas and I personally quite like the new guys! I read that Hasbro has "big plans for MLP yet to come" which could mean a potential spinoff show (as well as G5?)
  8. If you've seen the Season 8 Finale BUt outside of that, this is something I want to ask you all. IT have never happened in the history of My Little Pony. Would you like to see a scenario where the villain wins for once? Where after two parts of My Little Pony, the end of the story is where the bad guys beat down the good guys? Where the Mane Six are unable to win, even with the Elements of Harmony?
  9. heavens-champion

    Season 9 the last season. Yes or no.

    Some people are saying that season 9 will be the last season. What do you think?
  10. Metraking192

    Spoiler Season 9 Leaks

    Hello i know this was revealed in February but I’m only finding out about this now, and with the source of the leaks down, I need some help, did anybody here, either download, or save some or all of the photos from the leaks. If so, PM me ASAP
  11. The MegaBrony

    Series finale title suggestions

    What should the series finale be called? I would expect something like: Just A Final Friendship Battle (Regular Show; Just A Regular Final Battle) Forever Friends (Dekaranger, Forever Dekaranger) Ragnarok: Equestria (Thor: Ragnarok) The Greatest Magic of Friendship (Bayonetta; The Greatest Jubilee) Friendship is Magic (the exact same name as the show's premiere) I Carved My Own Path (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance; It Has To Be This Way) We Are Cancelling The Apocalypse (Pacific Rim) The Finale (Seinfeld) Final Victory (Voltron)
  12. In other words, could certain questions finally get answed , and certain theroies be put to rest. Well, with any kind of closuer on a franchise, the finale always seems to (at most times) open the doors to allow the writers to get a lot of stuff out of their system for themselves and for at most, the fans. But will the final season of MLP : FIM do that as well? Here I talk about what could be finally addressed, if that is the case. Now one of the first things that they (the writers) could finally address, is the whole Spike x Rarity situation. What I mean is, that if the writers choose to do so (IMO I believe they will), this will finally be addressed, and the outcome will be one that is a positive one, and yet be one that not a lot of the brony/pegasister community will agree on. And what the outcome will be, Spike and Rarity together. You may ask "How?" Well, it's quite simple, if you look at the fact, that they've been teasing this since Eps. 1, and throughout the show's run, they've had several episodes centered around Spike, that have also involved Rarity in some major/minor capacity, and with it being the final season of the show, like I mentioned at the beginning at the start, it opens the door for this to take place. And the reason being is, unless the series finale somehow ties into G5 and G5 becomes a soft Retcon/Reboot of FIM, then (IMO) this Spike x Rarity Deal will finally become a reality. 2. A Sugar Belle and Big Mac wedding will most likely happen. The reason being is the fact that this could be looked at as a 3 chapter deal, with the first happening in S7 , and So it only makes sense to tie this trifecta up with a 3rd and final chapter happening in the final season, which would culminate with a wedding between Sugar and BIg. Heck, for emotional sake, have the spirts of AJ, AppleBloom and Big Mac's parents appear to show their love and support, and thus have the kids and Sugar Belle seem as well. 3. Finally Addressing Celestria and Luna's orgins. Yes, before the show comes to a close, this has to be addressed, especially after giving them some moments to shine, first in the Premiere of S6 and most recently, not once but twice in S7, and This is something that finally needs to be addressed and I believe (IMO) that the writing staff of FIM will finally do so in the final season. Espiecally with the fact, that if you go back to the S6 Premiere, they both said, "That the birth of an Alicorn, is something Equestria has never seen", and that it was "Even beyond their understanding." Yeah, when they both said those things, that was enough of red flag, and more of a legit reasoning to wanna know about their orgins. 4. Starlight Glimmer becoming an Alicorn? Yes, indeed, this is most likely the direction they are heading, and if S9 is it for the show, definitely expect the writing staff to go this route. And, why?, you may ask. Because it seems that's what they building towards with her. (at least in my IMO), and would make sense that they writing staff make this a reality. 5. Sunset Shimmer Returns! , and the recent "Mirror Magic" EQG special, she has never returned to Equestria on the "Friendship is Magic" side of things. So with the final season, I truly believe and hope, (like many do) that this will be the season that it finally happens. And all honesty, I feel the writing staff knows that as well and will make it happen. 6. I believe that a G1 character has to be brought in, with a G4/FIM update, and that character should Majesty. And if you want a reason why, well if you watch MLP-Silver Quill's and ILOVEKPALOT's Video they did on Villains in MLP, than you pretty much get your answer there, as to why she should be brought in. Basically make her a character, that believes she's doing the right thing, but in fact is not. Or as Silver Quill put it, make her a rogue element that believes that all villainy, even those that have been redeemed, should be disposed of. Than the writers can build towards something between her and Twilight, and at same time, they could acknowledge a history between Celestria, Luna and Majesty as well, and that could really build the tension between her and Twilight. But that's what I (IMO) feel the writers will/would do in the final season, should it be more freelanced. What are your thoughts? God Bless!
  13. I'm suspecting it will be because there has been a lot of rumors for G5. If this is true, I don't mind about it at all because after thinking about what we've had so far in G4 (EG included) over and over, whatever we're getting in Season 8 or that other season doesn't matter to me anymore, as long as none of the episodes get repeated with the same characters as main focuses.
  14. So, what kind of new villain would you like to see next in the show? >pic related