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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all! I love to make minimal art, and I like to put some of those works onto shirts! As such, I've Also gone and entered these designs into the welovefine Season 4 T-Shirt Design contest (Click on images to vote! below, rating's based on a scale of 1-5): Pippy Shirtified Tirek: Get Horny Shirtified: Previous entries: Derpy Fountain Twilight Time Party Ponies Apples to the Core A Small Request Thank you guys so much for checking out my designs, and I hope that with your help, at least ONE of these will win!
  2. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!
  3. So, SDCC revealed that the upcoming episode Pinkie Pride is going to be a musical. How do you feel about this? Do you want another musical like Magical Mystery Cure? Do you think Weird Al is gonna sing? Would you like to hear some more Pinkie songs? I know I would. I'm pretty excited myself. The songs so far this season are really good IMO, so even more? Fantabulous!
  4. Applejack: Involve her in episodes that aren't exclusively related to the Apple family nor have the writers fall into the trap of her being stubborn only to realize her actions at the end. Three episodes — Applebuck Season, Look Before You Sleep, The Last Roundup — are enough; any more will be overkill and a sign that DHX doesn't know how to handle her. She's a character with a mound of potential, but she hasn't been taken advantage of so much due to where she lives and how complete she already is as a character. Apple Family Reunion did a good job handling one half of the task, having her be so giddy that she overlooked the simplest things in life. Rainbow Dash: I could raise many criticisms of season three, but Rainbow Dash was where she gets the most praise as a character. Her character development stuck through season one, only to have it tossed aside in most of season two, May the Best Pet Win! and The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well the biggest culprits. Basically, Rainbow Dash had character development; make sure she sticks to it and not have the writers backtrack and retcon it to artificially create conflict. Rarity: Make her less manipulative and selfish. Season one had her sway from one end of the spectrum to the other quite a bit. She starred in season two quite a bit and was involved in episodes where her strengths and flaws balanced each other. (The fact that she "ethically lied," a flaw in the series even I overlooked, in Sweet and Elite is a valid criticism.) Putting Your Hoof Down turned her act of generosity into a flaw by taking advantage of the nerd, but season three relegated her into a background pony. Give her spotlight and have her recognize her actions and attitude and have her stick to it. Less selfishness and want to head to Canterlot. Pinkie Pie: Tone down her humor. She can be very hilarious, but season three turned her humor into a common theme, interrupting the flow of the episode and making her into a shallow, out-of-character shell of herself. She has many facets that make her her, from her deep connection to her friends to her mood swings. Use it! Don't waste the potential. Fluttershy: Rarity was a background pony in season three, but Fluttershy fit the role even more regardless of her primary status in Keep Calm and Flutter On. Speaking of KCaFO, she was taken out of her common role of her being a shy, scared stereotype and taking advantage of her assertiveness and kindness. It was her best role since PYHD, but since season one's finale, she's been extremely inconsistent. She's strong in one episode only to have her regress into a shy, out-of-character bugger the next. Magic Duel flanderized her to an extent that makes no sense given the timeline whether it was written as a season two episode or not. Give her a more prominent role without having episodes relegate her into a shy puppet. Spike: He's the only character where the main episodes haven't always been up to snuff. Owl's Well pushed him into being an out-of-character asshole and turned what would later be a justified worry and jealousy into something antagonistic. To make matters worse, there have been many episodes where he becomes the center of comic relief and repetitive mischief. Two of Morrow's episodes, Winter Wrap-Up and Hurricane Fluttershy, relegated Spike into being a jackass, either intentional or unintentional, just to force laughter. Spike's much smarter than that, and he's a lot wiser than his visual age dictates. Make him funny, but balance it out with his wisdom, ability to understand trust, and so on. Currently, Equestria Girls is the only "episode" where Spike's characterization was taken full advantage of. Twilight Sparkle: If you know my past posting history, you can easily predict where I'm going here. She really needs to prove her worth as a princess. Equestrian royalty isn't about being held a title before going about your way. Royalty is worshiped, and alicorn princesses indicate responsibility in how you see, work, and behave in society. What they say and do affects everyone's livelihoods. Twilight has yet to be put under such pressure, whether it's in Canterlot, Ponyville, or somewhere else. Take the responsibilities and show to the audience that Twilight truly is ready to be a princess. So far, she did many moments that were just reckless or stupid, such as completely losing control in Lesson Zero, giving a book that showed the Cutie Mark Crusaders how to create a poison, and formulating a spell that could've permanently sent Pinkie Pie into the Mirror Pond without as much as a second thought of a different spell that would've sent those air-brained clones back more ethically. Magical Mystery Cure told the audience she was ready, and the logic lapses in both that episode and Equestria Girls aren't enough. Show me. Prove it to me! Equestria Girls was the halfway point Twilight needs to cross the bridge, but the lackadaisical storytelling and writing made that bridge crossing unconvincing. She can't leap from one end to the other, but she can't crawl her way across it or risk making your audience impatient, either. She needs to show bold, realistic development to make her ascension worthy. ——— Source: How would you like to see the mane 6 improved in season 4?
  5. The new writers will give season four some new blood. However, I don't know their work and haven't researched them, so I have no real opinion of them. As for the writers coming back: Meghan McCarthy: She has a very well-done, extensive résumé in the form of several popular episodes like Dragonshy, Party of One (my favorite season one episode for being so well-written and well-characterized), Lesson Zero, Sweet & Elite, A Canterlot Wedding, and so on. She's done well as a writer, but has a spotty record keeping the team from collectively rushing out many of season three's scripts. (One Bad Apple, Spike at Your Service, Keep Calm and Flutter On, Games Ponies Play, and Magical Mystery Cure had either moments where the script was poorly paced or had the pace crammed from beginning to end. The Crystal Empire, Part 2's pace crawled, and Equestria Girls was a rushed mess.) With a bigger budget, only time will tell if McCathy can hone her editing skills and perform better. Dave Polsky: The episodes he's written have been decent to questionable at best despite being able to write the characters well and blend in some of his unique sense of humor into the characters organically. Feeling Pinkie Keen, despite being a fine episode for the most part, had a very questionably written friendship report that left way too many people scratching their heads. Over a Barrel took a very sensitive concept (a parody of the Natives and settlers) and blew it. Too Many Pinkie Pies's and Keep Calm and Flutter On's characterizations excelled. (TMPP explored Pinkie's determination to make things right and show how she's not a bumbling, random airhead. If given another twenty minutes, KCaFO would've been more memorable for the right reasons and not for Discord's redemption being crammed and poorly paced.) Games Ponies Play is arguably the worst episode last season and among the worst in the entire series. (I'd argue it's worst than The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, but you can toss a coin on that one.) We'll see what he can do in season four. Amy Keating Rogers: It was speculated she was going to come back, and now it's confirmed! *yay* With Larson not among the list of writers, she's the best one so far. Some of her episodes are extremely memorable. (The Best Night Ever, The Last Roundup, Fall Weather Friends, and Applebuck Season are highly popular, and The Smile Song is one of the best songs in the entire series due to its simplicity and memorability.) MMMystery on the Friendship Express and A Dog and Pony Show were both full of blah (the former for making the characters unnecessarily out of character to move the plot, the latter for making the Diamond Dogs so stupid in order to make Rarity the better and more intelligent character), but when she writes well, it's glorious. Good to see her back and hope she can keep it consistent. Corey Powell: Despite writing Spike extremely out of character in Just for Sidekicks, she has the talent to write well. Pace was a common problem area in seson three; neither of her episodes had that, and JfS was loaded with content. But her debut episode, Sleepless in Ponyville, was a joy to watch. Great humor. Great storytelling. Excellent characterization. (Rarity was written very well, teasing Sweetie Belle by treating her as both her little sister and equal sister. Luna being a confident dreamwalker showed how much she grew since Luna Eclipsed, all the while without crossing moral boundaries. Rainbow Dash was at her best since Hurricane Fluttershy.) She can write some excellent episodes, and I can't wait to see her talent grow. Charlotte Fullerton: AKR was one of the writers absent for season three. Fullerton was the other. She worked a very minute load in season two, being credited for three episodes (May the Best Pet Win!, which wasn't very good; Baby Cakes, which is actually quite good; and the story idea for Putting Your Hoof Down, which Williams wrote her second-best in). However, two of her episodes is completely memorable: Look Before You Sleep for the wonderful way Applejack and Rarity settled as foils (and developing their characterizations in the process) and Suited for Success for the well-written plot, climax, characters, and Art of the Dress. Good to see her back and hope she can perform. Merriweather Williams: The most controversial writer currently in the lineup due to her horrible start in the form of The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, an episode so awful that it nearly ruined Rainbow Dash's reputation. Her next episodes, Hearth's Warming Eve and Putting Your Hoof Down, did a great job from a storytelling perspective, but still kept that stigma of writing characters as unlikeable bastards in order to make the story work. (Dragon Quest, one of my favorites, also did it, but with even less success with a questionable ending. The mantra, "Actions by a specific few don't always mean they're the actions of the whole," applies here, spoiling the moral and inadvertently undermining Spike's character development.) Surprisingly, season three used less cynicism. Wonderbolts Academy was the best Dash-centered episode since Sonic Rainboom, but Spike at Your Service stunk due to Spike being contradictorily incompetent (among other reasons). That said, she's a good writer who has since been able to hone her skills and perform better. I wonder what she'll do next. As for the new writers, welcome aboard the brony train! You have the résumés and talent. You showed it in your other work. Now prove it in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Good luck to all of you! Yeah, it's a shame M. A. Larson and Cindy Morrow aren't going to write episodes for the upcoming season (their recent tweets confirmed it), but there's a good team who can churn out good episodes if given the right concept, budget, guidance, understanding, and leeway to do it. Good luck, Larson and Morrow, and we'll (hopefully) see you in season five. ——— Source: List of writers for Season 4
  6. So! We know from interviews with Tara Strong that Princess Twilight won't be abandoning her friends. We also can figure it's pretty likely that Twilight's wings are permanent; she's not going to revert to a normal unicorn unless the writers are criminally stupid. At the same time, she probably can't just move to Canterlot; that'd require moving all of her friends there too, lest the dynamic be upset. After all, we could move some of the Mane Six to Canterlot: Rarity could open up a new fashion shop catering to high class ponies; Rainbow Dash could officially join the Wonderbolts and be stationed in Canterlot; Pinkie could open up a new bakery/party planning business. But Fluttershy would be much harder to justify, while Applejack all but impossible. And yet, Princess Twilight can't just live in the Golden Oaks Library in Ponyville and pretend her life is all normal. For good or for bad, she's a Princess now. She can't just resume her life from where she left off. That's not only absurd, but it would waste the grand opportunity they have here to introduce positive change to the show. DHX aren't about to do that. So we're stuck. She can't move to Canterlot--or anywhere else for that matter, because the same things that keep her from going to Canterlot keep her from going to The Crystal Empire or Manehattan or Los Pegasus or wherever else on the map you'd like to throw a dart at. She can't stay where she used to live in Ponyville either. She has to stay with her friends, while at the same time living somewhere befitting of her station. So where the heck is she going to go? Weeeeell... there is one place. It's a bit of a fixer upper though. The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters has been left empty, presumably for over a thousand years since the original defeat of Nightmare Moon. Its where the Elements of Harmony lay dormant until Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six awakened them. It's only natural that this be her new home. But how would that come about? Well there's a number of possible ways, but here's one: A new threat arises in the Everfree Forest, something deep and dark and mysterious, possibly responsible for what makes the place so wild to begin with. Princess Twilight and her friends are naturally roped into smacking it down, the first test of her royal duties. They deal with this threat in some way, probably involving a bit of magic, some use of the Elements, and some good old fashioned friendship. At the end, the Forest, while not wholly tamed, is at least partially rendered safe, from the castle through to Ponyville. The castle itself could be rebuilt in a snap through the aid of Discord, who likely would be involved in helping deal with the threat to begin with, though given his abilities I'm going to assume the writers will hand-wave some excuse for why he can't just zap the threat gone. Alternatively, the Elements of Harmony could be used to restore the castle. Whichever the case, the castle would be rebuilt by the end of S4E2, and from S4E3 on, Princess Twilight lives here, just outside of Ponyville. She'd have Zecora as a neighbor, and the castle could easily have some mysteries within that could be brought up for a story or two. Celestia and Luna could even come into play with some interpersonal drama of their own over Twilight living in the castle once left in ruins. It'd give Twilight a home fit for her new station in life, while keeping her close to her friends. The series could move on, having most of the same elements, with some new stories and possibilities from the changes in Twilight, while preserving the friendships. Friendship would continue to be Magic. She'd just be living somewhere else.