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Found 52 results

  1. Hey everypony! Its almost the season of Fall/Autumn where I am in USA. I was wondering if Fall is your favorite season and what you like about it. Fall is my second favorite season and I love the holidays, weather, and seasonal food!
  2. It's summer where I am! That means hot weather, pools, fairs, kids out of school, sun, and lots of brony fun! What about You? Any plans or goals?
  3. Of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which season do you like the most? (The hype with FiM's seasons 4 and 5 inspired me to do this question. If you're asking me, mine is winter.)
  4. Celestia and Luna talk with Starlight Glimmer about retiring from ruling Equestria. Author's Note: This was an idea that came up after watching the Season 9 trailer. Cover Art belongs to 90sigma on DeviantART. Retirement Talks
  5. This might be considered a lazy post. Are the new seasons worth watching? I stopped at 7, and kind of just stopped watching after I heard about all the new characters that were being added, although that isn't the reason I stopped per se. Have you guys enjoyed the new stuff? I guess I'm just feeling a bit timid about giving the new stuff a try!
  6. Of course we all love MLP, but is there a season out of the series that just had a lot of bad episodes? Just a bad season in general? I think that Season 7 is the worst yet. It has just too many bad, pointless, not well-written episodes out of the whole series.
  7. For me, I have no idea why, but I miss Twilight's old library! her new castle is all glitz and glam, but it doesn't have any of the cozy-home feeling the library had. I realize this may have been intentional, but I remember being new to the show and watching her spend her first night in the library and being very charmed by the layout and design of it, haha! Is there anything you guys miss from the earlier episodes?
  8. Hello everypony! It's your old pal, Flutterguy here, with a question for all of you? What is YOUR favourite episode in season one, and why? Is it the lesson at the end, the general situation, the humour? Just name the number, name, and why when you reply! Sincerely, Flutterguy27
  9. The First Era: Twilight moving to Ponyville and ascending to princesshood (seasons 1-4); the pre-movie era! The Second Era: Starlight getting reformed and getting taught under Twilight's wing - whatever her destiny is remains to be seen at the end of the season (seasons 5-7); also the breather era since the movie is pretty much continuing where the Mane Six left off back in season 4. When season 8 releases, it's going to start the Third Era - the post-movie era! With the movie outta the way, the main cast can have a huge amount of development in their lives without consequence! The question is: what's this era going to do with their lives? What's next on Twilight's list now that she became a princess, and taught everything she knew to Starlight? Are we gonna continue where season 4 left off in? Are we gonna continue following Starlight around? Or is this gonna be completely new? If you ask me, I think this era is gonna start Twilight taking Celestia's place! After all, Celestia has been running the kingdom for over a thousand years, and most of the time without Luna, and you think she might want to retire? Could Twilight start to slowly take her mentor's place, and maybe seasons 8-10 might do just that, and that will conclude the series? That's what I believe! It's in Lauren's vision to be Celestia's successor, and when she wants something, DHX does all in their power to make it so! Fluttershy Leans In made that quite clear when Flutters was in the same scenario!
  10. Iunno about all of you, but season 4 was almost the perfect season in the show! Why? Cause it has a really intense story that connects some of the episodes, all the characters recieved a fair share of development, and all they all had a fair share of episodes too. Yes, there were a few bumps here and there - I know alot of you didn't enjoy episodes like Somepony to Watch Over Me, or Trade Ya. But I believe there was a perfect balance to everything in the show, and even for a kid's show, it had the best overall story any of the seasons could have! All the writers and developers should be thanked for that, but also Meghan for being an amazing leader through it all! Seasons 5, 6, and 7 were all amazing in their own way! Season 5 had the awesome premiere and a ton of fandom nods! Season 6 fixed Spike and Fluttershy, made great use of Trixie, and brought a new perspective to dragons, griffons, and changelings alike! And finally, season 7 has other fan-panderings and amazing development for all the characters (so far)! But none of that can beat season 4 in my book! Those other seasons had alot of story flaws, an unbalance of character episodes and development, and the Mane Six and the princesses seemed way too helpless at times, and characters were way too OOC alot. Season 4 wasn't perfect either, but it had a balance of things, and an awesome theme to the main arc! Seasons 5-7, they're good, but they're not connected to the main arc of the show. Since the movie was in production during this time, the main MLP story seemed to have a sudden halt to the main storyline. Seasons 1-4, they're Twilight's arc; seasons 5-7 are Starlight's arc; and when season 8 starts, it's going to start a new era, a new mission for Twilight and the main cast! When that time comes, I would be honored if Meghan were to continue where she left off in season 4, and perhaps to start wrapping things up for the series. Give proper conclusions to all the main cast and supporting characters, so the series can end with a bang in season 9 or 10, whichever!
  11. Simple enough question really. Has applejack had the least growth. Fluttershy - went from timid pony from the season 1 to someone who can speak her mind easier and goes out to places. (not sure she would have gone to see the breezes with out her friends help) Not to mention reforming Discord to neutral choatic Pinkie pie: While i'm not sure but she had learned lessons and grown Twilight Sparkle: Well self explanatory Rainbow Dash: became a Wonderbolt, and is not so high strong as she used to be. Applejack: um...she learned to ask for help?...see I can't think of how she actually grown as a character since her season 1 self..heck I think the writers write her stupider more often. Fell free to correct me though.
  12. I would like to know you favorite season and episode is, please feel free to reply below.
  13. So what is you favourite season so far? Mine is season six, because of the awesome,awesome finale.
  14. What are some episodes that at first you didn't like/care much about, but after re-watching them or after some time you started to enjoy a lot more? These are mine: - Suited For Success/Sweet And Elite. I wasn't the biggest fan of Rarity back then (I still liked her though, there wasn't really much to dislike), but after rewatching old episodes I started appreciating her character and her episodes a lot more, and now both episodes are among my favorites and Rarity is my favorite pony. - The Equestria Girls movie (yeah, not an episode but whatever). I despised this movie at first, but thanks to the other movies I started to enjoy it more, and now I like it, it's not even my least favorite movie of the franchise anymore (that would be LoE) and I like them all. - Tanks For The Memories.... well, I still dislike this episode, but Rainbow's solo is simply too awesome for me not to eventually start to love it, and I did. - Scare Master, at first I thought it was decent and not remarkable, but now I think that even though it has its flaws it's pretty great.
  15. Forget season three for now. Let's talk about how this will end just to pump ourselves up for the upcoming third season. How do you think it will all end? Give a brief summary of the plot and explain how it all came to be (or will come to be).
  16. Have any of you just not kept yourselves up to date during a season of MLP? Like you don't watch some episodes, then wait off on watching more to avoid spoilers? Because the last episode I watched was 'A hearths warming tail.' And it's gonna be a while before I have time to get caught up.
  17. So do you like the way MLP ends each season, or would you rather see the season finish with a cliffhanger, that concludes in the first show of the next season? I would prefer a cliffhanger as it gives us all something to look forward to and discuss when the next season begins!
  18. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, which hiatus was the hardest for you to go through? For me, it's a tossup between the season 4 & season 5 hiatus. For season 4, you have to remember what everyone's mindset was like back in 2013. Twilight just became an Alicorn and the 1st Equestria Girls was released in select theaters (I remember not being able to get seats during opening weekend because the tickets were all sold out ). Let's just say that we were all antsy to see if anything would change in the show now that our titular main character had ascended. Speculation was at an all time high at this point as many people were throwing in their $0.02. Some people outright left the fandom, while others (myself included) stuck around knowing that the show was in good hands . For season 5, aside from replacing Twilight's library with her castle (R.I.P. Golden Oakes) nothing too dramatic occurred that would cause an uproar like the season 3 finale. However, I think we all remember the sheer length of the hiatus though. 11 MONTHS WITHOUT A NEW EPISODE OF PONY!?!?!?! I think many of us were nearly losing our minds towards the end (kinda like Twilight in Lesson Zero actually ). For the amount of time that they made us wait, i'm probably gonna go with the wait for season 5 as the most painful of them all! On the other end of the spectrum, which hiatus went by the quickest? That award goes to the wait for season 6. After what we went through waiting for season 5, I think it only toughened all of us for any lengthy breaks that Hasbro could throw at us. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. Discuss away
  19. It's finally that time! With two days left of my series, "RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails", I thought I'd address something that has been thrown around quite a while. No, there is not a cover photo this time because I wanted to address this from a serious tone. This episode is a two-parter and will span until tomorrow where I'll be wrapping up the season and saying my good-byes until next month. It's been one helluva good ride, and I'm glad to have been able to share my experiences with everyone over the last month. This first part of "My Perception of the Brony Fandom" is going to be analyzing the main question and trying to answer as best as I can. Tomorrow, Part 2, will address some of my personal opinions. So, without further ado, let's get this show on the road. Here's a question that's thrown around quite often on these forums: "Is the fandom dying?" Now, for every brony who's kept up with the times and has closely followed their favorite artists and the show accordingly, they know just how devastating this realization can be. If you saw the show when it first aired, then you know just how much times have changed. It's hard to imagine something we all hold so dearly disappear after so many memorable years. So why are we feeling this way? Is this fandom truly dying? Can we save it? The answers to those questions are mixed with a solid, yes, and no. As with everything, times change, new ideas are born while others die. It's just a fact of life. But can something be saved? How long can we keep our sinking boat afloat? Considering our fanbase is consistent around a popular television show, many believe that Bronies will live on through the work of the fans, who, create art, animations, and other forms of artistic contributions. This is, in some way, possible. The real problem behind this solution, is that it isn't one. It's just a pass time. Each and every content creator is driven by a form of confidence known as, Inspiration. It's this feeling that gives creators the ability to build new experiences for others to take part in. The only problem is what gives Inspiration: the show. The show is like a rebirth. Something to give us a breath of fresh air before we drown in the unsanitary pool of crazed fan-theories. It keeps us close to the roots and reminds us all that deep down, we are, Bronies of the familiar kind. Without the show, though, we tend to find ourselves wandering astray and inventing new ideas like those horrid snake-ball-tail things that became famous during the Season 6 Hiatus. So to answer the question of this part, can we save the fandom? Yes, but at the same time, we'd all be destroying ourselves. Further and further away we'd drift from the source material, leaving us with nothing but crazed imaginations who only long for the sounds of thundering hooves being blarred from our large, 4k television sets. -RealityPublishing
  20. I build a Pony Timeplaner / Pony Date Overview. It shows all important Pony Dates with Countdowns clearly sorted in the Users Time. No matter where one lives, one always gets the Time that corresponds to his Timezone. The Dates have different categorie icons for a better overview. One can filter by books, media, conventions. Some Dates are linked to additional information pages or sources. It sync with the Server every 30min, and recreate the list if there are new dates, without reloading of the site. It color marks the dates that are reached soon within the next 24h, it keeps expired dates for 24h, and finally removes it. The Site Works on mobile devices and computers, with very little Traffic. Has the Design of the Book Horse. I hope you like it, and it helps you to keep track of the times.
  21. So, question and poll here: How would you rank the seasons? Got multiple polls here to see how the seasons stack up against each other here Kind of curious how everyone's views of the seasons stack up.
  22. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present the first ever official (Ok not official official, but you get my point)! MLP Forums Reacts! After about a month of organizing, recording, and editing, the video is finally done, and I'm so proud of how it turned out! This is only the first of a series, and if you were in this video, missed out on being in this one, or just found out about this now and would like to be a part of it, our next reaction video will be to the Season 6 preview released not that long ago. Get reacting! I'm also sorry if you were going to be in this react but haven't submitted your footage yet. I simply couldn't wait any longer since we're already almost 3 months past the initial release of the finale. So sorry about that, but hey there's still plenty of time to record your reactions to the preview! It's only a 24 second video anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with stuff! Anyways, here it is! The finished product! Hope you all enjoy!
  23. What are you expecting from the season finale? While we may still be fairly early on into s5, before we know it, the finale will be upon us. And judging from how the s5 premiere ended, our newest antagonistic villain will be making a comeback. This was the first villain in MLP:FIM's history that made me cringe and left with an unsettling feeling, thanks to her brainwashing/ concentration camp tactics. However, Starlight's biggest error in her debut was holding the Mane 6 captive and not separating them, like the might've done with the villagers that she brainwashed. This is what I think could be done differently, during the finale, when she returns, since she seems like the type who learns from her mistakes and is careful not to repeat them. One thing, personally, I'd want to see from the finale is a 3-parter, if possible. This could shake things up from the “standard” two-parter, allow more time for good pacing and buildup, character development, and all that jazz. Seeing as how Starlight, as creepy as she and her tactics were, did provide an interesting means of attack and control against not just the Mane 6, but other ponies through separation of their cutie marks, I'd like to see this taken up a notch, but with additional twists. First, I'd like to see a battle of wits and strategy from Starlight, perhaps against Twilight, first and foremost. I'm talking Sombra-esque foresight and planning with traps and countermeasures; first separating the Mane 6 from each other, (maybe utilizing the powers of the Smooze, to prevent their powers from being used against her), then taking their marks again, with Twilight's mark being taken last, and makes her getaway, with it being up to Twilight to follow, while Smoozed, get through the traps laid out for her, and find a way- without magic and without her friends or others to help- to save the day. But ultimately, she fails in the mental game, getting stuck, and with a plot twist, it's the secondary group leader, the resourceful and level-headed Apple Jack, who manages to escape, catch up with Twi, reassure her, and continue the chase against Starlight. With how her friends are like family to her, and her determined, “I'll take on anything” attitude that we saw when she tackled the flame geyser swamp and chimera to save Apple Bloom in “Somepony to Watch over me”, I would love to see her taking the heroine role with her friends in danger (especially since many seem to think she's a “background pony”). And further set in stone that she's the secondary leader of the 6. With the theme of this season is “cutie mark magic”, I'd like to see the finale wrapped up with Starlight managing to use Twilight's cutie mark, merging it with her own, or simply taking off her own and replacing it with Twilight's, becoming an alicorn (like I thought she would, with Twi's mark, in the premiere), and ultimately, AJ realizing she's outclassed, about to get defeated, but Celestia (since many people seem to demand more from her =_= ) taking measurements to recall her former student, Sunset Shimmer, who takes Starlight on, horn to horn, reclaims the mane 5's cutie marks (which could possibly still home the spirits of friendship within them, since their friendship came about through their cutie marks, according to “The cutie mark Chronicles”), and defeats Starlight; returning the cutie marks to their owners, making peace with Celestia, and (hopefully) staying in Eqestria, being given over to Luna, by sunbutt, as her student/ protege. But what are you guys' thoughts on how the season 5 finale will go down? What elements do you want to see from it? Guest characters? Continuity?
  24. What is your favorite/worst season of MLP so far? I personally loved Season 4, it having the best villains, and I loved the end of it.. pretty much the MLP Kamehameha there! I also loved the opening of Season 5, but I'd really have to see the end of it to see if I liked it more than 4 or not. My least favorite season was Season 1, despite it being the beginning. The reasons I don't like it are the fact that it seemed more childish than the rest, I really despise Nightmare Moon as a villain, and just idk. I really didn't like it that much >3< Ya know what I mean? But yeah, vote above and list your reasons below!! Sorry if this was already made, I haven't seen one ever >3<
  25. Question: Why does every season has a theme: For example; Season 4 had Rainbow Power and now Season 5 has Cutie Mark Magic, right?