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Found 23 results

  1. With the show having come to a conclusion, we can now get some insight onto how well the initial viewings for every episode and the averages for every season went. And the results are pretty interesting.
  2. This should be an easy question. Which is your favourite weather season, and why? I think for me, it's Spring. It's because the flowers and trees start blooming and it starts warming up. There are other things that make it my favourite season, such as seeing wildlife and flowers bloom.
  3. So January sucks. Everyone knows that, but does anyone else have moments of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I certainly get it every odd year or so. Last year was fine, the year before was the most depressing time id ever had. This year it's come back but not super bad. More of a case that my other half has been coughing/ill/flu since New years and Ive not really been out of the house, walking to work doenst count either as Im stuck indoors the whole day anyway. Ontop of that, UK weather has been utterly miserable, more so than usual with no sunny breaks at all. The first little bit of sunlight was yesterday, but of course its gone again. Yeah ok so the UK is known for rain, but we can get sun like normal, but its been grey, cold and wet non stop. I'm going alittle stir crazy from it, gaining weight, feeling all round rubbish really. Have had to cancel and push back sushi dinners in the city because my partner always gets worse at weekends it seems =/ Plus him being ill puts him in a bad sulking mood so we tend to snap. so blagh! Anyone else feel down this time of year? Or do you hate the sun?
  4. In light of the thread a while back on the 'earlier seasons vs. later seasons' debate, I noticed that a number of replies voting for the later seasons detailed specific differences in why they had voted for them - some cited seasons 4-5 their favorites, whilst others preferred 6-7 or 6-8 (or some mixture of the above), with some even expressing mild disappointment over the quality of specific later seasons (most noticeably S8) despite the nature of their voting preferences. Although the division in this case is understandable (the shift from S2 to S4 is one of the most noticeable in the show's duration when watching in chronological order), I suspect that the voting percentages for each option may be a result of the way the poll divided 'earlier' and 'later' seasons, with 'earlier' standing as S1-3 and 'later' as S4-8. Resultantly, this led me to suspect exactly which subdivision of 'later' seasons are generally considered the best (at least by the section of the community represented here). As subjective as it may seem, for the purposes of this thread the show's run will be divided into the following 'eras' based on tone, thematic focus and creative team: The 'early' seasons (1-3): Noted for a more lighthearted and comedic tone than their successors. Tend to focus on mining plots from simple themes and satirizing typical kids' TV conventions (I considered lumping S3 in with 4 and 5 due to lack of Faustian input before realizing that the tonal canyon between S3 and 4 is far wider than that of 2-3). The 'McCarthy' seasons (4-5): More outwardly ambitious, high density of fanservice. Tend to feature more grandiose direction and execution than their predecessors whilst retaining specific fragments of the early seasons' charm (most noticeable in AKR and Larson's output during this period). The 'Haber' seasons (6-7): Produced during/following work on the MLP movie. Noted for focus on non-M6 characters (Starlight Glimmer and the Student Six), their more experimental styles/sardonic comedy and Josh Haber's increased creative influence (I guess you could also call these the 'true later' or 'Big Jim' seasons, but I digress). Considering the differences between each era are fairly clear, it should be interesting to hear what you guys think, as overdone as topics like this have arguably been getting lately.
  5. Happy Holidays! Just a few simple wallpapers for the season did I make! Just for you folks!
  6. I was wondering just now will there be more seasons after season 3? I was curious because they decided to only make 13 episodes this time around. What do you guys think?
  7. I know this question comes up periodically (okay, ridiculously frequently), and I wanted a feel for what people expect. Personally, I imagine there will be at least one post-movie season, possibly more, simply because Hasbro would probably see it as a waste to have a movie and not push the interest in the toys as much as possible afterwards (maybe even hoping to get new viewers of the show?). Nine seasons? Ten? Even more? It wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Starting a bit off topic here to credit my source, but I love watching the Angry Video Game Nerd on Youtube. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he reviews old video games with wit, humor, and profound language. He has a catchphrase in most episodes where he says, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING" to the game developers mostly for poor level design. This got me thinking, has there ever been a moment in the show where you sit there and ask yourself, "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING" after watching it? That WWTT moment for me was Spike butchering the Cloudsdale National Anthem in Equestria Games. Those glorious 2 minutes were just too unbearable for me to watch. To this day, I am still perplexed that this got past the storyboarding phase of production. Feel free to share your WWTT moments with me. Please don't go with cheap answers like "The whole Equestria Girls Series was a WWTT moment for me" (even though some people feel this way :okiedokielokie:).
  9. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, how do you feel when you re-watch episodes from earlier Seasons of Pony? As we get closer and closer to the release of S6, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and went back and watched some episodes from the very 1st season. I can't believe S1 aired nearly 6 years ago! I baby-sit a kid who is 6 years old and it freaks me out that fans who were born when the show 1st aired are now old enough to start grade school . It amazes me how far we've come from MLP's humble beginnings. I suddenly feel so old whenever I catch a S1 episode on TV. It was a much simpler time back then. The show could not take as many risks as it can now as writers had to abide to Hasbro's E/I (Educational and Informational) standards. Hasbro was testing out the waters with the show and even they weren't sure that it would last this long. Thankfully, E/I was dropped starting with Season 2 allowing for more engaging storytelling . Going back to re-watch Season 1 is like going back to playing Pokemon Red and Blue on the GameBoy after playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS. Sure it is nostalgic and great fun, but you quickly remember how far we've come since then . Feel free to agree or disagree with my analogy. It's why I rank the later seasons higher than the earlier ones, and can't stand those who say that episodes after a specific season are plain garbage (which is an entirely different discussion that i'll keep separate from this 1 ).
  10. So here is some seasons greetings with AJ and making a tree and looking all cute like! Kept it simple and anyone can use this just like the others!
  11. It is by no means any secret that MLP will span past its current season, season 5, and even past the next one, but with the extended life span of this incarnation of MLP there is the worry that it may become stagnant and end up going through seasonal rot as writers begin to run out of ways to progress the characters and make new story lines, while we all have confidence that the writers will keep the show going as strong as ever there is still that underlying worry. So I'm going to put forth my opinion for what direction the show should take in the future. Feel free to object and put forth your own ideas and opinions. I think that MLP should take a leaf from season 2 of Digimon and shift the Mane 6 to being secondary characters while bringing new characters into the primary role, that way the show can stay fresh and new while still remaining firmly attached to the beginning of the show, it gives the writers something new to write about while allowing them to retread old ground with the new characters. And the new characters don't have to be completely new, why not have part of the new main cast be the CMC along with some of their class mates or take the characters focused on in Slice of Life and focus on them more, and the Mane 6 can still be there and even have episodes focusing on them it's just that they'd have a reduced role over all. Picture this if you will, a few years have passed since whatever season finally they end on, the CMC have stopped being fillies and are now mares, the new season has them as the main characters along with either some of their previous class mates or some new characters, the Mane 6 are still present but have now sort of swapped roles with the CMC with them being the secondary characters the CMC once were. A new threat pops up and, as expected, the Mane 6 are the ones chosen to go defeat it but are in some way rendered incapable of defeating it and so it falls to the CMC and their friends to defeat the threat and they manage to do so using a magical power only they could access. So the new season follows the new main cast as they have their own problems that come with being the new defenders of Equestria or just everyday issues. So, what do you think? Do you think this would be a good direction for the show to take or do you think the idea wouldn't work? Or is there anything you would add or take away from this idea?
  12. It's easy to forget to acknowledge the passage of time in a children's cartoon, especially one that airs on a weekly basis. Every week, you come back, there's a new episode, and you assume that you pick up where you left off. However, this has to be far from the truth... or at least it was initially. In the first 2 seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there was a distinct change of seasons, marked by some rather important episodes, but things were a bit awkward at first. Let's take a look at Season 1. ~Season 1~ For starters, I'd like to put forth the notion that the Summer Sun Celebration isn't actually the first day of Summer, but is in-fact, a mid-season celebration. This allows the events of Episode 4 - “Applebuck Season” to make a little more sense. Given that Applebuck Season is the Equestrian equivalent of Harvest Season, and that there are a wide variety of apples, some of which come into season during late summer and some not until mid or late autumn, we can build on this and say that the episode was most likely the beginning of the harvest season, and not a rush-job placed near the end. However, in Episode 11, it's clear that we've skipped a bit of time. We've worked our way not only through Summer and Autumn, but also through WINTER, as this episode is entitled: Winter Wrap-Up. Now part of me finds it difficult to believe that there's such and abundance of snow on the ground when Fluttershy was picking flowers just an episode earlier, before Celestia's estimated arrival in Swarm of the Century. However, I am willing to accept that Applejack was in the process of storing her cart of Apples for the winter when they got devoured by the Parasprite swarm, and not hauling them off to market as it may have appeared. Many times in Winter Wrap Up it's noted that Winter is now finally ending, and it's everypony's job to usher in Spring. Heck, we even sang a whole song about it! The song specifically mentions that it's been Winter for 3 months, everypony has been keeping their “hoovsies” warm at home, the food stored is running out and Rarity is tired of boots, EVEN THOUGH it's only been a week since Swarm of the Century aired where there were clearly no boots, nopony staying home, and no awesome holidays. Either way, if we take this all into account, We've still got a pretty coherent timeline from the Summer Sun Celebration (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2) through Winter Wrap Up (Season 1 Episode 11). BUT, things get INCREDIBLY awkward when we approach Episode 13 - Fall Weather Friends, where Rainbow Dash and Applejack race each other during the Running of the Leaves, and AUTUMN tradition! This bizarre timeline implies that shortly after cleaning up Winter, and bringing about the Spring season, Autumn AGAIN reared it's ugly head. It's evident that this isn't just a freak occurrence, since most of the trees in the back drops, as well as during the running, all have leaves that have changed to Fall colors. In fact, the entire town of Ponyville seems to be painted in red, yellow and brown hues. Pinkie even specifically states that without the Run, the Autumn leaves of Equestria would never Fall. This is in stark contrast to a mere two episodes ago, where Twilight mentions that Winter Wrap Up is the first day of Spring! But what if Fall Weather Friends was meant to be aired before Winter Wrap Up? This is actually the best explanation as to why the Equestrian seasons are such a clusterbuck, and the best way to explain this is to look at the air dates. When Friendship is Magic premiered in October, Summer in North America had already came and went and we were clearly in the middle of our Autumn season. However, a cartoon is not bound to our Earthly seasons and had no reason to reflect our weather here. Unless there was a clever marketing reason. Like say, a holiday season that compels friends and family to purchase an absurd amount of gifts for each other? As we proceed on a week by week basis after the season went into full swing, there's something to be said for the sudden change of Ponyville's weather. Winter Wrap Up originally aired the day CHRISTMAS EVE, and may have been an attempt by the studio or the broadcast company to give viewers somewhat of a holiday or seasonal special. It wasn't until Season 2 that the writers delivered actual pony holidays like Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearts and Hooves day, which aired as close as possible to their respective holidays. Since entire seasons are usually written, filmed and shipped together, instead of being sent off episode by episode, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Winter Wrap Up wasn't intended to air for another couple of weeks. Though, unfortunately I can't offer a logical explanation for why the ground wouldn't be covered in snow during the events of Episode 12 – Call of the Cutie, or in literally any other Episode in Season 1. The only thing that seems to conflict this theory is that in Winter Wrap Up, most of the trees in the background seem to still have all of their leaves, even when covered in snow. However, I'm going to chalk this up to laziness in animation, and a desire to merely recolor the background, instead of redraw the whole thing for seasonal accuracy. Now, if we swap Fall Weather Friends and Winter Wrap Up on the timeline, we have possibly one of the best representations of a year on the Equestrian timeline, assuming that our years correspond to their years, and their seasons mark the passage of roughly a quarter of the year. Though I have to say that I do find it intriguing that Celestia sends out invitations to The Grand Galloping Gala shortly after the Summer Sun Celebration, but that we've effectively worn through at least 3 seasons before the Mane 6 actually attend! Even if we leave the airing order alone, and assume that Equestrian seasons occur in the order of Summer, Winter and then Autumn, this means that it's probably roughly Spring by the time Twilight and her friends actually get to go to the ball. I think it's fair to assume that even though only 8 months passed in our world, the ponies completed the rough equivalent of a year. Some minor stumbling blocks were encountered, but lets take a look at how those were fixed. ~Season 2~ I feel that it's worth noting that the writers and broadcast company actually did a significantly better job at lining up episodes with North American holidays in Season 2. Luna Eclipsed aired roughly a week before Halloween, Hearth's Warming Eve was aired the week before Christmas Eve, and while we wouldn't receive a new episode MLP after that until the New Year, and Hearts and Hooves Day landed right on the weekend right before Valentine's Day. Season 2 performed much more admirably in it's display of the passage of time. However it's also the LAST time this mirror of seasons and holidays was attempted. Moving forward through Seasons 3, 4 and 5, no further holidays were added, and none were revisited. Instead, we're treated to major events like The Equestria Games, and to a lesser extent, the Apple Family Reunion, and a second Grand Galloping Gala. Wait... a second Grand Galloping Gala? When Twilight first receives the tickets in The Ticket Master, Rainbow Dash is quick to mention that the Wonderbolts perform at the Gala “every year”. For someone who's as big a fan of the Wonderbolts as Rainbow Dash, it's hard to believe she'd miss a Gala. In fact, with the Mane 6 being Celestia's right hand, it's hard to believe the girls wouldn't all be receiving invitations on the regular. Now, it's quite possible that the Grand Galloping Gala had been stalled by a number of other events. There was that whole business about Discord, Shining Armor almost married a bug, but then didn't and married an Alicorn, who then became the Princess of the Crystal Empire that had vanished a thousand years ago that they had to go and save. Oh, and don't forget that part where Twilight became an Alicorn, and then later had to save all of Equestria from Tirek the evil Centaur-Demon. However, I'd like to point out that during Make New Friends but Keep Discord, Fluttershy mentions that she met her new friend, Tree Hugger, on a trip to see the Breezies. You remember, the hideous butterfly creatures that serve absolutely no purpose what-so-ever in that obnoxious episode from Season 4? This feels like a subtle nod to the fact that there are plenty of events occurring with the Mane 6 outside of what gets aired on the show. MLP isn't a reality series where cameras follow everypony through their every day lives. It's only natural that there are events that happen off camera. With this in mind, I think it's safe to assume that the girls have been to more than one Gala, and that the rest weren't televised. This idea that not every little bit of daily life shows up on the TV show is a great way to promote side-stories and character development through other media such as books and comics. All in all, I think that the story-telling in Friendship is Magic has come a long way from it's humble beginnings, where seasons where sort of tossed wherever and whenever the writers felt like they could use it to make a point, to mimicking North American holidays, to just sort of being outright abandoned. New Idea: Throw away everything I JUST said. On October 24th, 2015 we're getting a return to Hearth's Warming Eve. The following week, the morning of Halloween, we're getting another Nightmare Night episode. This basically means one of two things: 1) I'm correct, and the season is being broadcast out of order AGAIN, for the sake of coinciding with a holiday, -OR- 2) Equestrian seasons really do occur in the order of Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Except this too isn't possible because Spring comes after Winter in Winter Wrap-Up and UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH... Who's right? YOU decide. Let me know how you feel about seasons and holidays in MLP and what your take on the airing order is.
  13. What is your favorite/worst season of MLP so far? I personally loved Season 4, it having the best villains, and I loved the end of it.. pretty much the MLP Kamehameha there! I also loved the opening of Season 5, but I'd really have to see the end of it to see if I liked it more than 4 or not. My least favorite season was Season 1, despite it being the beginning. The reasons I don't like it are the fact that it seemed more childish than the rest, I really despise Nightmare Moon as a villain, and just idk. I really didn't like it that much >3< Ya know what I mean? But yeah, vote above and list your reasons below!! Sorry if this was already made, I haven't seen one ever >3<
  14. Everyone knows this. Sooner or later, maybe after season 5, 6 or even 11, the show will end. No more episodes, not even Equestria Girls. It will be a sad moment for all of us, but let's ask: what will happen to the fandom? Over nearly 4 years as a community we managed to do quite a lot. Art, music, fanfiction, card and video games, conventions and charity events. There's a lot out there. And a lot we went through. Both happy times and hardships, copyright strikes and suicides. Yet we are still here, enjoying our favorite pony show. The connections we made are not going to disappear, and our friendships will hopefully last forever. So my question is: given a good, long run of the show, what will we do after it ends? Will we just go away, or perhaps try to at least try to keep it alive for a little longer? Or maybe try building the fandom on it's own?
  15. This was about three months of work. I know that it is rough and I'm still buffing out some of the rough edges, but otherwise, I'm proud of it! This includes all but 3 major songs, and, before you ask, I did include the Perfect stallion, just at the end. I bleive the only songs I left out were Generosity, Bats, Pinkie Pie's 10-20 second songs that weren't memorable, and Pinkie's Lament. Please tell me your honest opinion. But please, if you think it's terrible, I'd like some feedback of when and where to fix.
  16. This has boggled me for some time (I know I sound crazy), but here's what I've established about the Running of the Leaves: According to Pinkie Pie, the Running of the Leaves HAS to happen for the leaves to fall. This is reinforced when after the race, due to not running efficiently, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have to run through the forest again. Ponies have a good control over the seasons and weather in Equestria, and while it's interesting how there's no special ritual for spring or summer (meaning the leaves bloom and flourish without any help), it would make sense to have an event similar to Winter Wrap-Up for autumn. I don't know how that's really possible how two ponies can shake the leaves all by themselves since there were a lot of other ponies in the race, so for the sake of as realistic of speculation as I can do here, I'll assume that not too many ponies need to run for the leaves to actually fall. If this was the case, it would make sense that ponies just running around normally would shake off of the leaves, but it makes me wonder if there's something magical about the path that specifically makes the leaves fall. Assuming all of those workarounds are physically possible, what really starts to mess with my head is when I think about scale: Do all of the leaves in Ponyville fall when the Running happens? Let's assume that there's a great physical or magical force generated that's strong enough to shake all of the leaves, even though no leaves are seen to fall outside of the immediate area. Does the Running of the Leaves happen everywhere in Equestria? It would make sense, since there are much larger, more populous, and more popular cities in Equestria than Ponyville. If this was the case, how is it possible for every town to organize and execute an event? This is also assuming that not every town and city hold the Running of the Leaves on the same day. If this were not the case, I doubt Princess Celestia would be in Ponyville to oversee it. What about all of the leaves outside populated areas? How do their leaves fall? Is there some kind of unmentioned weather team to clear the leaves? If this were true, it would sure need a lot ponies, considering the scale of Equestria itself. The next hurdle here for the Running of the Leaves is cost. Obviously it's great for the Equestrian government to not have to pay for the runners to run, but there's a lot more expenses. This is assuming all of the above listed possibilities can somehow happen. If every announcer rents a hot air balloon, and every race takes about four hours, then renting a hot air balloon for the entire duration of the race costs roughly 268 bits, or $1,000 USD. This calculation was made with v2 of a bits to USD conversion theory that I found. If a weather team were to shake the remaining of leaves not in a town, it would take a very large team working night and day for a very long time (probably the entirety of autumn) away from their friends and family. It would make more sense to compare the salary of a weather team member to a groundskeeper than a meteorologist, since their responsibilities are a bit more similar. For the extreme cost shaking the leaves would take, it would be much more cost-efficient to pay them this rate, too. The average groundskeeper salary is $25,780 USD annually. This equates to $6,527 dollars for the 91 days of autumn, or about 1,865 bits. Let's say Ponyville is about 11 square miles, an average size for a small town. If two ponies can cover 11 miles in four hours, that means they are clearing 110 miles of leaves in a 40 hour work week. This means that two weather team ponies cover 1,430 miles in the 13 weeks of autumn. There are approximately 57.5 million square miles of land on Earth. Let's say Equestria is about 2/3 of that size, meaning it has 38,333,333 square miles of land. If 31% of that land is forest like on Earth, and about 10% is covered by ponies in towns and cities, that means the weather team would be running through 28% of Equestria's entire land mass, or 10,733,333 miles, in 91 days. This distance would be covered by 7,506 sets of two (10,733,333/1,430), or 15,012 ponies. This is 600,048 hours of combined working and would cost Equestria $97,983,324 USD, or 27,995,235 bits, at the bare minimum. This is without the additional expenses of coordinating the races in towns and cities. I don't think an event of such a scale and cost would simply go unmentioned. The Running of the Leaves feels like only an annual ritual that I don't think would be absolutely necessary everywhere in Equestria. Tl;dr: The wind could probably do the same job.
  17. Surely most if not all of us can agree that Season 4 was quite a season, wasn't it? How it started off with this Tree of Harmony, how it continued with the intrigue of the 5 keys and ended with the sixth alongside Discord's full reformation and Tirek's battle. Let's face it, that's going to be difficult to top, isn't it? Oh and please do note that I haven't been keeping up with any news about season 5 other than it could premier anywhere between late 2014 to early 2015. What we don't want to do is get the expectation that each season is going to be bigger and better than the last. This can't happen especially if the show is going to have a higher number of seasons. Seriously, what do you think it's going to take to top season 4? What do you think it's going to take to top what topped season 4? And so on. This could be done if the wait between S4 and S5 is very long to give the studio enough time to work on it excluding any other projects they may also be working on simultaneously and also if the show is going to close the next season or the one after. It might be a better idea for the show if season 5 were to take it slower. Something more calmly paced and easy-going like season 1. Relatively speaking to season 4 that is. For one, this would give the writers more time and allocate more of their creative resources to season 6. So remember, if season 5 doesn't end up living up to its predecessor, this isn't to be seen as a bad thing. The pacing has to fluctuate to bring ourselves down so that we could be wowed for what is to follow. In retrospect, this is kinda what just happened when you put S3 and S4 next to one another. This video should give better clarification to what I'm getting at.
  18. Yes it is finally that time of the year, the first day of Spring (at least in the northern hemisphere that is). I've already explained why Spring is my favorite season but in case you haven't seen it check it out here Ah yes Spring, the time where I can finally go outside without freezing to death, the time of my birthday and the time of seeing nature make it's full force back. It's so wonderful. What are your favorite stuff about Spring? Discuss away!
  19. I suggest a rule that prohibits anyone from posting any spoilers for an upcoming MLP:FIM season anywhere outside of spoiler-orientated threads unless the spoiler-tag features are used and specifically state that these spoiler-tags contain season 4 spoilers. If anyone violates this rule, they will be dealt with by the site's moderators. The system should be flexible and reasonable. For instance, if someone simply posts a not-too-significant screenshot, they will just be given a certain amount of warning points. Another example, if someone posts anything that reveals a significant part of an episode's storyline, they will be banned for a day or so. Again, these are just examples. You get the point. Everyone has one week to watch an episode after it has been originally aired. If someone hasn't watched the episode by the time that week is over, they may enter the site at their own risk. Hopefully, this will help some people keep the experience of watching new MLP:FIM episodes as fresh and enjoyable as possible.
  20. In the past few days I thought a few times about the lifespan of the show itself. If you try to compare it to others, you'll probably figure out for yourself that many TV-shows follow a "classic" development. While the whole concept has to proof it's qualities within the first season, the more interesting possibilities of it are revealed within the second and third season. Actually the best episodes are mostly in the middle seasons. The first big changes occur somewhere around the third and fourth season and mostly the concept starts to show first signs of "age" in the fifth or sixth season. And then comes often the phase when many people start to say "It's simply not the same anymore", somewhere around the seventh season. That doesn't mean that every TV-show has to follow this pattern, but it often appears to work that way. The best show staffs simply decide to allow their shows to end in a "dignified" way. Now we all know that the writers of FiM appear to enjoy their work on the show. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to come to the conclusion that they shall end the series as soon and as "dignified" as possible, but two major things come to my mind when I think about the show in the context of it's own future. 1) Big change in MMC. Closing a door opens a window here. The amount of possibilities that are ready for use now is massive. It can take seasons until Twilight fits into her new role. And meanwhile her fiends will develop as well. Or do they? Will Twilight even do so? Because here comes my second point. 2) Partially inconsistent character development. Yes, inconsistent. Not because they wouldn't face problems, conflicts and lessons; But how often did an event of one episode, or a lesson from one, really affect another episode? Only a few times. Not even an episode from the same season, of course. These are the limits of the whole writing and production. But by introducing such a big change - transforming Twilight into an alicorn - that simply has to affect the future episodes, couldn't that be an incentive to test how far "permanent" character development can go? You see, in my opinion the biggest difficulty that many long-time TV-shows have shown, is that at a certain point the quality may stay the same, but it starts to feel very repetitive. To maintain it's actual quality, changes have to happen. They shouldn't be too sudden (I think MMC came too early, but: Hasbro, syndication, "Was it the writers' idea?" and so on) and at the same time they should be both, decent and reasonable enough to be accaptable to the audience. There are so many things in the show that could develop for many seasons but at the same time they could start to feel repetitive after a certain time if the "path" is too long. The Cutie Mark Crusaders obtaining their Cutie Marks. Rainbow Dash becoming a Wonderbolt. Twilight becoming a true leader. These are all things that simply have to happen if we still handle the show as being one that contains character development. And of course, the journey is the reward. But what when it ends? Hasbro owns the whole thing, yes. But the franchise was never more succesful, also thanks to the show. And from the pure technical/creative point of view, the series can still run for more than just a fourth or a fifth season. In case it keeps its quality. But expanding the things that are elements of the show now will not be enough to do so, if the changes are still presented in a way to fit into the setting as it is now. Adding changes that are only half-changes because they merely add something and don't really alter it. I'm not talking about changing the premise or turn it into something that is less watchable for the intended audience. What I want to "suggest", what I want to hear your opinion about, is a change that is more than turning Twilight into an alicorn while her character stays the same. It is even more than her being Celestia's sucessor in the end, even though it is possible. How about a timeskip? Instead of ending the show after the big changes will possibly have happened in the future, and instead of over-expanding the time until they happen; how about letting them come sooner, without rushing it, and then show their long-time effects? Continuing the show after a temporal gap. The CMC as teenagers, "replaced" by the Cake-twins. Spike not so out of range to Rarity anymore. Main characters that are still there, still themselves, but also new faces. I know, I had a lot of speculating, determination and possibly even "empty" stuff in here. But I simply wanted to share my idea, my... well, not necessarily a hope, but at least something that I would actually like. And it is only my idea. How about you? Would you like a timeskip? Would you like to see other ways of continuing the show? Or do you want to be surprised and will take whatever comes? And most important: Do you think that a timeskip is actually possible? Could they pull that off? Could it work? I'm awaiting your responses.
  21. With the confirmation of Season 4, Im sure we are all super excited But what do you think will happen after that? Will season 4 be the last season, and then be passed into the fans' hands, or will there be more season(s) after that? Personally, Id like there to be more seasons, but i would be fine if its passed into the fans' hands, just look at what we have made so far!!
  22. What do we know about Discord? He's obscenely powerful (possibly the most potent being in the show thus far), capable of warping reality itself, and all sorts of other magic. He's very old, most likely immortal. He's been referred to as a 'Spirit', 'of Chaos and Disharmony'. It's my personal head canon that Discord is the embodiment of chaos, and is thus not only a primordial being that's been around since the near start of time, but whom also represents a fundamental law of nature, and cannot be destroyed. I've mentioned this head canon all over the place, and it's certainly nothing new. However, branching off of that head canon, I can only find fascination in other possible spirits or beings that play a key role in the nature of Equestria, the world its' in, and the universe of MLP:FiM as a whole. Here, you may post ideas you may have regarding beings or deities or other spirits you picture in the world of ponies. Note: I'm also going to list Discord, to make the list feel more complete, and to give people a contrast reference point. At this point, other than Discord I only have one idea that I've flushed out in full, but I have other ideas in the process of being thought out, of which any of you are welcome to contemplate and post about in your own ideas as well: Death/Endings Life/Beginnings Magic (Source of power for all magic in the universe?) Destiny (Maybe it's a spirit or divine entity/magical presence that gives fillies' their cutie marks.) -- Discord Ageless Primordial Being Embodiment/'Spirit' of Chaos One of the oldest creatures in existence, Discord is the physical manifestation of chaos, something many believe to be one of the driving forces in the original creation of the universe, and perhaps, even predating the universe itself. All other beings in nature know that he's a very big player, bringing much to the table in way of influence of what he can do to reality if he so wishes. Thusly, many outright avoid him or even fear him for both his power and humor, both of which hinder other creatures. After all, most beings, even evil beings, don't care for absolute chaos and nonsense. While in modern times Discord has learned the value of friendship, and in a broader sense the emotional connections one makes with others, he is still nevertheless a powerful being and a prankster. Seasonal Quadruplets: Harvest, Hibernal, Heartfelt & Heatwave Many thousands of years old Manifestations of Nature Spirits of the Four Seasons As societies of creatures first began to develop and shape the world into what it is known as today, many spirits and other powerful beings were born into existence, to aid in the guidance of the world. The four sisters of the seasons, Harvest (Autumn), Hibernal (Winter), Heartfelt (Spring) and Heatwave (Summer) were the original keepers of the seasons of the world, and to a large extent, its' weather patterns as a whole. Hibernal and Heatwave kept their seasons longer than their younger sisters, as they were both competitive and stubborn. When Discord took over the region that would be later known as Equestria, the sisters were forced to flee; their relatively peaceful weather-based powers were no match for his reality-warping abilities. When peace and order was restored to Equestria by Celestia and her sister Luna later on, they sought out the four sisters and persuaded them to return. However, as centuries went by, Equestria's localized flying species, the pegasi, took over the weather pattern responsibilities, and thus, the control of the seasons. While the Seasonal Sisters continue their work in many places across the globe, Equestria is no longer one of them due to this reason. -- I'll add to my list as time goes on
  23. Definitely alot of time passes between each episode. In episode three, Twilight mentions to Fluttershy when she is cleaning her house that it's summer. However, 8 episodes later, in Winter Wrap Up, its spring. So that means within 8 episodes, around 3 quarters of a year have passed. How much time is between episodes? Also, how come we don't get to see all the lessons Twilight learns about friendship? Since, in 8 episodes, 3 seasons pass, that means about 30-33 weeks have passed. In Lesson Zero, Twilight made it seem as if she has never had the problem of "not sending the Princess a letter every week," or else she wouldn't have flipped out like she did. But if 30 weeks have passed in 8 episodes, shouldn't she have already learned 30 lessons? How come we don't get to see those? o_o