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Found 8 results

  1. This question may sound silly, but what exactly is the Testing Forum area? Okay, I know it's pretty self-explanatory, though I still have some questions out of curiosity. Who can view these threads? We can view only our own threads - Can moderators and administrators view them as well? I'm pretty sure they can and that's fine, but it brings next questions. Would making tons of threads and posting spam be an issue there? No need to worry! I'm not going to do this, but I'm just curious. For example, what if I'd like to store some links or something like this in there? Ability to keep the BBcode may come in handy sometimes. I know it sounds silly, but making a thread in there could be neater than a special text file somewhere around PC or some sites etc.. Having a little corner that is easy to access - would it be okay to use it that way? Would multiple threads look problematic from your point of view? I assume, that threads in here are displayed for you just like in most of other sections for all of us. If that's true, does anybody care what's happening in there? Can we moderate these threads? Since we can view only our own threads, deleting posts/threads wouldn't be confusing for the others. Can we manage these in that section? Personally I find that section useful, because it's a nice and quick way to store some information online-onsite that would not spam the forum itself. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just a lil, quick suggestion I've been browsing the forums for a while, and a certain type of topic often pops up. The topic draws overwhelmingly positive response each time, but gets locked on sight by the mods ( for very valid reasons, to be fair ). This topics are those "Hello, I'm looking for a friend!" kind of topic. A recent example can be found here: Well, of course, there's a mega thread for this called "Finding your new best friend", but I don't think it's very user friendly. Half of the people who posted their information there are probably inactive by now, and well, looking for friends that way is kinda like picking out good watermelons at the grocery store, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but yeah. This is a recurring problem. Of course, when the mods lock the thread they say it's better suited as a 'status update' or a 'blog post', but those who view your status update are likely to already be your friends in the first place. Blog posts, yeah, sure. But they aren't viewed very often. Topics however, draw more attention, and they stay in view for a while, unlike status updates which get pushed down in the 'recent status updates' tab. Ya know, I find the lack of a section dedicated to friends amusing. You know, because these are the 'my little pony' forums. So I propose this: Create an entire section dedicated to helping users old and new alike find new friends with ease. I'm sure you could clear some of the 4 year old dead topics in the RP section to make space on the server. Edit: This example highlights another problem: The way the mods responded to this topic differs from the way the mods responded to the topic above. Don't the mods have a standard set of protocols to follow?
  3. Lots of people worldwide like making rhymes and poetry, but why not making a specific section for rap battles, here on MLP Forums? I don't have much to explain, since this genre is very known and is cool.
  4. As title implies, what do you think of the comments section of EQD. Like some of their reactions to stuff and others. Personally, they can be hit or miss. On one hand I can find some funny posts, but on the other hand, there are those people who jump to conclusions and think the show or fandom is dying or something. So discuss away!
  5. I got this idea from another pony site i'm on, that has a section for those who want to say their goodbyes. May it be leaving for vacation, temporary time off, or for good...they can post their farewells there rather than make a topic, or a blog. Not sure if you would consider, but I think it sounds like a good addition to add to the site.
  6. I was looking at the How Do I Submit a Banner? section, and i noticed how it was only for older MLP Forums theme, and there was nothing for the MLP Forums (New) theme. Could you possibly add the dimensions (and other things needed for it), so the users who don't know, but want to make a banner, can do so.
  7. Not really a problem to me but the fan art and show discussion's section icon is changed to avatar. Well I didn't expect this doohickey.