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Found 7 results

  1. If you remember when you first saw the user above you, describe the details (e.g., "I first saw you in 1893 when the cherry blossom season was in full swing, however the locust king decided to send his children to plague the land and thus I lost sight of you until two minutes ago)
  2. For me, most people think I'm much older than I actually am. I'm 14 but most people say I'm like 18 How about you guys?
  3. This is something I was thinking a lot, what shape are the pony's ears? To me, there are 2 ways to see them, what do you think is the right way? Forward or to the sides?
  4. A little game I adapted from the popular British comedy panel show Mock the Week. The rules of this version are as follows: The user above you suggests a context. You then posts a comical sentence relating to that context, and then another context of your own. For those of you who don't understand my slightly cryptic description, here's a demonstration: User 1: Unlikely things to hear on the radio. User 2: You're listening to Magic FM! Pick a frequency, any frequency. A line from the world's worst superhero movie. User 3: Never fear, Nicholas Sarkozy is here! Unlikely sales pitches for new products. ...and so on. The first subject is... Things that Mitt Romney wouldn't say.
  5. We've all seen those ads on Equestria Daily at the end of the Nightly Roundups. We all know that these ads open a window for us to see the boatloads of awesome merchandise made with the loving care of the creative fans in this community. We all want some of those things that they're selling. This sparks an interesting question. What do you, the consumers, like these creative fans to, well, create? When you're in the mood for some merchandise, what do you look for, be it plushies, custom figures, articles of clothing, and any other creations? I'm interested to read your responses.
  6. Yup, I sure did. It was kind of a challenge honestly, what with the wings, the colors, and the cutie mark(which I still think might be a little too big), but I think it turned out pretty well! If you think the coat is too dark, I used the lightest blue I had in my set of 24 colored pencils, so I did what I could! There is a rather noticible darker spot in the middle though, but I tried to color as lightly as I could here. I should also mention I used a guide, but I do tend to practice by drawing random OCs as well. Anyway, hope y'all like it!
  7. IDK. At first I wanna draw this dude as a pony OC, but I just wanna check on my human drawings. IDK why, I just did. :/ Here you go, I guess.