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Found 4 results

  1. Lonk Chase

    Highway Star colab?

    I want somebody to help me cover this song, and if not that, at least the shortened Rock Band intro version. We don't have to do this song, but it has to be a non-brony song. PARTS: Red = required, not covered Blue = not required, not covered Orange = confirming... [name(s) listed] Green = covered [name(s) listed] ------------------- Vocalist [doesn't have to be MLP voice] Lead Guitar Drums + Bass Guitar + Rhythm Guitar + Saxophone??? [i like the vibe it gets in rock songs] - Lonk Chase + Backup Singer(s)? You might get extra kudos if you can imitate Rainbow Dash. I'm pretty sure the cover doesn't need it, but if you are extremely passionate about it, why the heck not. If you want to cover a part not listed, ask me about the part. We might talk for a bit before I either accept or reject your offer. I'll add your name to the list. It would be cool if we could record it somewhat-live (over the internet of course), as it would feel more authentic. But if we have to edit the parts in, whatever. Only one person per part, but a person who has a part can be a part of the crew. CREW: Sheet Music Designer Editor - Lonk Chase Who wants to be a part of this? Leave a reply down below.
  2. Greetings, fellow musicians and pony lovers. I am Marcato; a composer, violinist, and hopefully all around resplendent person, and I want you to be in the Chaos and Harmony project. To explain a little more, me and a few other mostly-brony musicians have gathered together to work on a very large music project; an album if you will. This album is planned to revolve around two genres. Soundtrack/orchestral, and metal. (Yes, they can be mixed together.) Although that’s not all. My fellow musicians and I are very passionate about music, and we have extensive plans and goals we intend to meet for both our project and our futures in music. What we wish to accomplish, is to weave a story into our music, a powerful and emotional story, and to have that reflect through the instruments themselves. This story is a tale that’s become almost classic at this point; Equestria’s struggle against Discord, primarily of the princesses Celestia and Luna overthrowing him one thousand years before the events of the mane six. Currently, we are a group of four musicians, going by the title or band name Aluminum. Among us are also some studio technicians, and other audio critics to help us out. However in order to accomplish our goal, we’re going to need much, much more. For this project, we’re looking for musicians, voice actors, artists, and yes even writers! We want to ensure the greatest quality we can muster from our indie music skills, and create the closest thing we can to a masterpiece, and we want you folks to help us achieve it! If you would like to see more specifically what we’re looking for, scroll down to the “What we’re looking for” section. A little about the project… We are not a serious group of people. So far we’ve never been ones to care for limiting formats and methods, we just like to keep things organized to some extent and keep things casual. We generally try to keep away from deadlines and prefer to call them “goals” rather than deadlines that must be met, that way they remain flexible and stress-free. A little about the album… The album, as you know, revolves around the overthrowing of chaos, and the prevailing of harmony, hence the name “Chaos and Harmony.” It attempts to tell the story of Celestia and Luna’s rise to power, and their triumph over Discord, spirit of chaos. This story is not intended to be cannon, but rather a fictional interpretation and theory of what transpired before and around the events seen in Twilights flashback in the Season 4 pilot episodes. Progress on the album itself is coming along quite well, given that it was really started three months ago. The concept for this album and project has been around for over two years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I and my fellow musicians finally acquired the skills needed to pull off this feat. Currently there are three tracks completely written, with the recordings having been started on one of them, and the layout of several others known. The album is planned to have a total of 13 tracks dedicated to the story, with a few unrelated bonus tracks also written and performed by the Aluminum group for a little extra content. Track list: A little about the Aluminum group/band… Well I’ve already mostly explained who we are and what we’re doing, but to expand on us a little more, I’ll detail what our goals are for us as a group. Most of us all plan on some day turning our passion for music into a profession one day, and only now has that dream truly become a reality with the work on this album. We’d all like to someday perform on stage, but that’s looking quite far ahead at the moment seeing as half of us are scattered across North America. Current primary members of the band include: · Matthew “Marcato” on violin and vocals(?), composition · James “Ice Storm” on rhythm and/or lead guitar, composition · Drew “Normally Average” on drums · Dysen Katzel on bass As a band, we are in fact looking for additional members, primarily a vocalists and another guitarist, with the possibility of a keyboardist being uncertain at the moment. But that brings me to the next topic! What we’re looking for… Spoiler'd for size... Conclusion WE NEED YOU. PROBABLY. So please, contact us! Even if you think you don’t have a shot, please just say something! If you don’t apply to join the project, then who will? Less people, that’s who. You never know, maybe you’ll even surprise yourself! On a closing note, here’s a preview featuring live instruments of what we’ve got. (Minus vocals and narration.) Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? We’d love to hear ‘em. Fire away! But first I'm going to bed. Because I am exhausted from a long day of music. I will respond on the morrow! Contact and find us at the following locations: Twitter | Facebook | Youtube Okay you can stop taking me seriously now. Implying you might have been before. Woot woot?
  3. So, like, a friend of mine on Fanfiction referred me to this site, and I was wondering if anyone could draw my mare ponysona. Her name is Foxface (Non-hunger games related, mind you.), and she is a unicorn with a bright orange coat, a long, wavy crimson red mane and tail, with streaks of orange in it, and has a brown tip on the tail much like that of a fox, a white muzzle, yellow eyes, has a cutie mark of a japanese kitsune, and wears a pair of silver half-frame glasses and a pink kimono with a cherry blossom design on it.
  4. Well, i need help to find good vsts. I am currently using Edirol but its not that good. Any suggestions for good Vsts??