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Found 48 results

  1. I have my ol' Sega Genesis set up next to my xbox, and I sometimes can't believe how much fun my friends and I are still having on that thing. At random times, we turn off Halo and switch the input. Turn on Sonic 2 or Dr. Robotnik's Mean-Bean-Machine and just... have fun. Sometimes we are even playing for hours without realizing it. There's just something about getting a "Tripple Yippee" that makes me feel as if I just performed a Sonic Rainboom. Or the satisfaction that randomly button mashing performs a "Finish Him" move. I don't care if you think Sega is crap. I love... *sunglasses* My Little Genesis. Do you guys have any fond memories of playing a Genesis? Or am I the only one who cares about such an old and outdated console? Update: Added a poll
  2. For those that don't know, I am a HUGE Sonic fan. I read the Archie comic books, I watch some of the cartoons, and I play all of the games (except for that Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog bullshit.) I know that Sonic has been having some hard times when it comes to games lately. Because of this, both the franchise and the fanbase have been suffering pretty heavily. What is your opinion on Sonic the Hedgehog as of right now.
  3. It should be no surprise for the the residing gamers of this forum that Sonic has had quite a tumultuous "run" in the past few console generations. Sonic Team releases a new Sonic game and it almost seems like a coin flip whether that game will be decent or a total failure.... what I mean to say is, consistent quality is one of the largest areas where Sonic games have struggled. Sonic 1-3 have been heralded as some of the best 2D platformers of all time, propelling the Sonic franchise up to its highest critical acclaim in history. These classic Sonic games were able to rival all of Nintendo's offerings fairly competitively back in the Genesis vs SNES days (and the SNES is generally regarded as one of Nintendo's best consoles of all time). We look at Sonic now, and it's hard to draw any sort of comparison to his incredible performance in the "good old days". Hell, many new gamers don't even know who Sonic IS anymore, but Mario still remains a household name the world over. My question for you: What can be done to "fix" Sonic? Is there any way Sonic games can return to the glory of the Genesis-to-Dreamcast era? I honestly would love to know your own perspective and solutions relating to this issue, and that goes for anyone even remotely familiar with Sonic games.
  4. Friday 8:00PM EST: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics on Steam (May ask for requests, I'm only playing the games from the 5 DLC packs. Feel free to request a mod from the steam workshop!) DLC Pack 1 DLC Pack 2 DLC Pack 3 DLC Pack 4 DLC Pack 5 Saturday 8:00PM EST: Godzilla vs Goku Painting + more(?) (Hopefully I don't get sick again) See You Soon!
  5. So, as many of you may have noticed, there's been a sudden resurgence of retro gaming consoles. I'm not talking about retro games available for download on virtual consoles. No. They've actually begun manufacturing old consoles again. It's quite amazing. There was an add in the paper for 8-bit classic Nintendos at Target, and, of all places, Bed Bath & Beyond had a display of Sega Genesis consoles, and Atari 2600s! ATARI FREAKING 2600! Now, there do seem to be some minor improvements and tweaks--the Genesis appears to come bundled with some on-board games. So, in other words, if you don't have any cartridges, I guess you can turn on the power and you'll get a menu with a few iconic games right there on the system. I think some of the consoles might be smaller, as well. I think the original Atari 2600 was about the size of a refrigerator, so I would expect them to make that smaller. (Isn't it amazing how many millions of times more powerful a modern phone is than one of those old hulking monstrosities?) Anyway, apart from being smaller, the Atari looked exactly the same. Other than that, these are totally real, totally legit consoles, just like they were way back in the day. The most amazing thing about this resurgence is that it seems to have happened overnight. It was extremely sudden. These things used to be highly sought after collector's items and relics of the past, and then all of sudden, boom, they're on the shelves again. In a small way, I almost feel like it diminishes the meaning of the old relics of the collectors, but in a bigger way, I think it's pretty awesome. Surely there's a lot to say about it. Lastly, unless I've greatly missed my guess, I believe that most of the credit for this retro resurgence can be given to James Rolfe. Without him, I doubt that this ever would have happened.
  6. I wonder how many of you actually remember Ecco the Dolphin? He was a character created by Sega in 1993. He had two great games on the Genesis/Mega Drive and a Dreamcast game i never played. Even less remember that there was a Sega CD version of the original Ecco the Dolphin game. It's pretty much the same game. But what sets it apart is an amazing soundtrack, that takes full use of it's CD based technology at that time and is probably one of the most underrated soundtracks, of the 16-bit era. Here it is:
  7. in 2002 jet set radio future was released and everyone loved the game it was a sequel to the original jet set radio in 2000 but the 3rd of the series was never released so the 2nd game A.K.A. Jet Set Radio Future is the still remaining chapter in the series Pics: in here i will show you guys the best levels in the game Shibuya Terminal 99th Street keep your eyes open for graffiti souls and they are rare in the game so if you see one grab it these will unlock you more graffiti in the game meeting characters that are blue in the game unlock you that character some can be unlocked in the test run mode which you have to beat the GG's handbook to unlock the test run mode and that level you just beated getting a jet rank on the level unlocks you those characters so the game is rare and the number 1 nostalgia game due to it's music and graffiti.
  8. Let's talk about Silver the Hedgehog. Silver is a white psychokinetic hedgehog from the distant future. He can pick up things and fly in the air by simply just thinking about it. Just Silver's concept alone makes him sound like an awesome character. Granted, I don't like the game he originally came from, but that shouldn't mean he doesn't make an appearance in more Sonic games (And don't bring up multiplayer. That doesn't count.) He does have a few flaws, though. In 06, Silver's gameplay was super limited, as in his psychokinesis didn't really do much in the gameplay department. Though, in the cutscenes, they make him out to be super overpowered. He can jet off into light speed whenever he wants to, he can hold enemies in place and there's nothing they can do about it, he can create a big psychotic wave to push back anything in his way, and, in a future game, he can even make a giant calamari ball to roll down the highway. So, in the games, he's made out to be either overpowered or underpowered. But, still, I personally think he should make more appearances. That's just me, though.
  9. Who here is a HUGE Sonic fan, and how big of a fan are you? I am probably the biggest Sonic fan ever!
  10. Here's a little thing I've been putting off for awhile. I've finally made a review on the Sonic Boom cartoon series. Slice of Life was taking a long time, so I thought I'd fill in the empty holes in my schedule with this, a cartoon that makes the Sonic Boom spin-off... a little more bearable.
  11. Seriously guys, don't ask why. Sometimes when i am bored out of my mind and have weird thoughts in my mind, i play retro video games. This is the end result. It's been awhile since i played this game, BTW. WIN_20150706_005555.wmv
  12. So guys and gals, Exactly what the title says, What do you think will happen if Sega and Hasbro were gonna make a Sonic MLP Crossover game, And TV series? And what do you think would make the perfect Sonic MLP game Crossover? I personally think a Sonic Adventure and Heroes style game with a mix of Unleashed and Knuckles Chaotix Would make a great game. For the TV series I think Dr Eggman should be at a point were he has all the Chaos Emeralds and puts them in some sort of device, Then Sonic bursts in and tries to stop him, But breaks the device during this, And causes a massive Chaos Control, And sends everyone to Equestria, Then Sonic and his friends find Ponyville, And befriend the mane 6, Then they go on all kinds of adventures in a nutshell. (Yeah I know it's a plot recycle from Sonic X, But I can't think of any better lol, On the bright side, There is no Chris)
  13. OK, everyone, this is an incomplete list of the greatest games ever played. A lot of them can still be played, and some of them could be resurrected if someone does something. Are there any you want to play? Daytona USA 2: This sequel to the stock car racing hit of 1993 was awesome, featuring a soundtrack by Reb Beach of Winger(not to be confused with Paul Mccartney's wings and as seen on Beavis and Butthead). And it was awesome, you could select multiple views and drift inside a Forest Dome, an Amusement Park(including a pirate ship and a Giant spider Eddie The Head from Iron Maiden lookalike) and even a City!!! It was rather awesome, you could choose from three cars. And they had differing characteristics for different players. It's quite rare though, you can still play it in some arcades, but the machines will eventually die out, the only way to play it is to use an emulator called Supermodel on a high-spec PC. Chances of Resurrection: Low, Sega could look into it, and it was said that ''they constantly review old IPs''. It could happen. Backspace: This game by Obsidian Software would use the Skyrim engine and be a cross between Skyrim, Borderlands and Mass Effect. It never happened because they canned it, Procedural weapons in a Skyrim engined game would be awesome though. It may eventually happen in the future, as Obsidian are looking into it. Chances of resurrection: Medium, Obsidian did say they were looking into it, and may resurrect it, because it's was ''Neither Cancelled nor Greenlit''. So hopefully someone will pitch it up again. Pandemic Batman: Luckily Arkham Knight comes out in two months. But Pandemic, the makers of Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans were going to make an Open World Dark Knight Game. Complete with Batmobile and everything. Chances of resurrection: Never, Pandemic are bankrupt and Arkham Knight will satisfy the needs of the Batman players. Anything else from you? There was going to be a game by Peter Molyneux called Dimitri, that evolved into Milo and Kate then Fable the Journey. Are there any games you would suggest that you would like to be made that were cancelled? Sonic X-treme is another. I'll just wait patiently.
  14. Let's all face it video games are just games. They are entertainment and are meant to be fun. Lately I've been getting frustrated with platform wars and all. It shouldn't be a crime to play games on multiple different platforms. You can still play games on PC and also game on consoles and handhelds too. Because I think it's fun to have a lot of different platforms. Though I don't consider myself a huge gamer, I have multiple game platforms because there are certain games I like to play on them. I play Rollercoaster Tycoon, Pokémon TCG Online, and Humongous Entertainment games on PC. I play Kingdom Hearts and some platformers on PS2, I play Sega arcade games on Sega Systems, and I play on Nintendo Systems for Pokémon, Smash Bros, Mario, Animal Crossing and more. And I even plan to get a PS4 to play Kingdom Hearts. Rather than get a ton of games for just one platform, why not get a few for several platforms? Each platform I have offers unique exclusives that I want to play which is why I have a lot of them. So please post if you like to play games on multiple platforms like PC, consoles, or handhelds!
  15. OK, so everytime I reset my Sega Saturn, I have to go through a clock screen, and my save data is deleted, and it is because the Internal Clock Battery died out. Will any CMOS battery, including those from Old Laptops work on the Saturn? or is it an expensive specified one. I need to know as I may need to repair the Saturn. Not many people on these forums own a saturn but if you do, tell me. RE: Can anyone help?
  16. Just recently, Bamco announced , a sequel to the massive crossover project between Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Sega, and have revealed a bit of the roster which features some familiar faces from the last game(Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vespira, Akira Yuki of Virtua Fighter, Megaman X) as well as some new appearances(Leon S Kennedy of Resident Evil, Kazuma of Yakuza, Kazuya of Tekken). While I'm expecting to see most of the original cast return, I'm mostly interested to see some of the new characters/team ups each company may include in the next game. For this, since there's a lot of characters to cover, I'll probably just separate this into 3 different blog posts, one for Capcom, Sega, and Namco respectively _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Starting things off with Capcom as they're probably the easiest to work with, both because they have the most popular stable of characters...and I'm kind of a fan of most of them Team Commando Featuring Capcom's original mascot, Captain Commando, since the game prides itself on teams, it'd be a huge missed opportunity to leave them out a second time(especially since he DID appear in Namco X Capcom, a precursor to PxZ) Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia Much like Team Commando, it just seems like a huge missed opportunity to leave them out again, especially when Capcom seems to love including Joe in crossovers Ace Attorney Characters Was very surprised to see them miss out on the last game considering how popular the series is. With how bonkers the cast is, they'd have a funny fighting style to see for sure(especially if Phoenix's moveset in UMvC3 was). As for who'd team up with Phoenix, I could see Apollo, Athena, Edgeworth, Maya, hey maybe even Franzy working well Breath of Fire Characters I'm actually not to familiar with the Breath of Fire series, but I know for a fact that they're popular among Capcom fans, and they'd more than likely work well in the game(and it helps that Breath of Fire could use some crossover love) Guile and Charlie(Street Fighter) Kinda seems like a no brainer, especially since Charlie is supposedly gonna have a big part in Street Fighter V. Plus Everyone loves Guile Gene(God Hand) From Clover's Swan Song, God Hand, Gene has that sort of whacky style that can't be replicated from anything else. And God Hand is awesome Final Fight Characters As par for the course, Final Fight series prides itself on co-op teamwork, and to see them in the game(whether it be Haggar/Cody, Haggar/Guy, or Cody/Guy) would work perfectly Powerstone characters Much like Breath of Fire, the Powerstone franchise could really use some more love from Capcom. In particular, I'd love to see the game's lead, Edward Falcon make an appearance, either with another character(probably Rouge) or even as a support unit Onimusha characters Like Breath of Fire, I'm not very familiar with the world of Onimusha, other than, much like BoF, it's very popular among Capcom fans, and they look like they'd work well in the game Jin Saotome(Cyberbots) While I'm not familiar with Cyberbots, I am familiar with Jin due to his appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom...he's a fucking badass. He's long overdue for a new appearance in a game anyway BONUS ROUND
  17. Whenever I think of Nickelodeon's animation catalogue, I can't help but feel similarities to Sega. Think about it, they were both known for quirky, experimental titles. They both marketed themselves as cooler and more cutting edge than the alternatives. and several of their products are similar in one way or another. SpongeBob = Sonic - Long running pop-culture icons Rugrats = Alex Kidd - Former mascot retired Avatar = Skies of Arcadia - Vibrant and epic RPG-esque adventure My Life as a Teenage Robot = Space Channel 5 - Cute girl kicking alien ass (Plus, Jenny has a very similar design to Ulala) Hey Arnold! = Jet Set Radio - Urban setting and Jazz/funk based soundtrack ChalkZone = Nights - Heavy focus of visuals and atmosphere As for other kids networks. I always saw 90s/early 2000s Cartoon Network as very similar to Nintendo in a lot of ways. They didn't care too much about demographics so much as they did about showcasing their respective mediums. Plus, they were both a bit heavy on censorship. And Disney Channel believe it or not, was similar to the PlayStation IMO. A semi-upstart product hoping to court a slighty older audience, in DC's case, it was the 9-14 year old "Tween" market. Nowadays, Modern Nickelodeon is like Microsoft, a company who cares nothing for their target audience, nor the medium they're known for, and will hype up whatever mediocre crap that makes them the most money, rather than quality content.
  18. The bad taste of Rise of Lyric is still lingering in my mouth. As such, I'm not feeling too good about Sonic as a whole. The future is looking extremely bleak for both him and SEGA. However, in an attempt to raise my spirits up, I thought I'd review this game. Today, we're going to look at one of the best 3D Sonic games ever crafted; Sonic Generations If you guys liked my ramblings, please go the extra mile and leave a like on the video. It really helps out
  19. So I was messing around earlier this evening, trying to find a way to connect my Mega Drive to my sound system ( two tweeters, one woofer and a subwoofer for those who are wondering ) and I stumbled upon a way to do that and record audio using Audacity and other recording software. What you need: 1) A Model 1 Mega Drive/ Genesis ( Models 2 and 3 lack the headphone jack required for this to work) 2) A Computer running Microsoft Windows (It could be able to work in Mac and Linux but I don't know ) 3) A male to male mini jack cable. Instructions: 1) Insert one end of the Male to Male cable into your Mega Drive's headphone port and the other into a spare microphone port in your PC. 2) Turn on your Mega Drive 3) Open Audacity and enjoy!~
  20. Come on guys, we have a fanclub for Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and PC. What about good ol' Sega? I only have one Sega console so far, but still, I'm a pretty huge fan. In fact, my favorite game, along with Super Mario World, is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. So, if you're a fan of Sega, whether you collect the consoles or just the games, post here!
  21. In video game war II It was a battle with Nintendo and Sega Nintendo with NES and SNES And sega with Genesis, CD, 32X, and all that other stuff... So comes the question... Who did you rute for in Video Game war II? Me? I go with sega all the way... Because genesis dose what nintendont... And sonic is way past cool... Tho I do give credit to Nintendo for starfox...
  22. ok look avgn kick but hes sooooo funny and his revus are really funny who like him too?
  23. Today I get very nostalgic for you guys...and go slightly mad in the process! Next time: Archer Talks About the Equestria Academy Rumors
  24. Since I have seen a game thread, but not the GREATEST game thread. But since there are way to many games to put a poll, this will just be a discussion. In my opnion, the legend of zelda- Majora's mask is the greatets game of all time. It completly inovated the RPG genre, and made it to were 3d gaming could be successful with 3d animations. So come on bronies, share your game knowledge and let us find out the BEST GAME EVAR!
  25. Okay at first I just had this as a status but I thought why not make a topic just cause? What is the best old gaming console in your opinion and why? Personally I've never played any of these, I'm a little young, though I recently found a website where you can buy these old consoles and am looking into buying one If theres anything you think I should add to the poll, do tell me and I'd be happy to oblige