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Found 4 results

  1. I made a few fics and these are the ones I really do like that I made. Octavia and her nightmare- (non-self-insert) Trixie Living with me?- (Self-insert, also looking to change the title any ideas?)
  2. Welp, seeing as my last fanfic was kinda a flop because it was a My Little Dashie type of story, I guess I've left it behind to start new things. This is one of those things. I at least have the descriptive paragraph written up. After knowing each other for years and becoming closer with one another, Tristan loses Fluttershy in an accident. But he cannot get past losing her. He needs his mare beside him. So, he does the unimagineable... He brings her back. How will their friends and families deal with this? Will the town come to accept the 'new' Fluttershy? How will the two of them deal with Shy's new lifestyle? And, most importantly... How will Fluttershy be affected by the entire ordeal? Based on the movie Frankenweenie by Tim Burton, and a son from the Frankenweenie Unleashed soundtrack, "My Mechanical Friend," by Grace Potter with The Flaming Lips. Tell me, is this a good idea? Or, if you think some things need to be changed, give me some suggestions.
  3. Author’s note: Hi guys! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’m finally doing it. Yay. So, it’s my first MLP fic, but my second total. Technically, I haven’t finished my first one, but I’ve been neglecting to work on it for a while now. I love HiE and self-insert stories, which people say there are too many of. I think there aren’t enough! Who wouldn’t want that kind of adventure in their life? It’s something we crave! But, I’m rambling. Here is the prologue to my story, Connor’s MLP diffusion. Please feel free to suggest other names. Prologue It was the 25th of October, 5:00 AM, and Connor Vincent lay restless on his bed awaiting the alarm that went off every morning at 6:20. The fan spun silently overhead, keeping him under his covers to stave off the cold air. He had just recently woken up, he didn’t know why he woke up so early, but it was clockwork. Maybe it was because he would never wake up from an alarm anyway, it was mostly just to tell him how much longer he could stay in bad. Luckily, he put his iPod on the his charger/clock every night so he could read his favorite FFs. (Don’t know if I should give the title.) He did this for about twenty minutes so he could recharge the iPod for school. He spent the rest of his time within the bed wiggling and squirming for friction. *beep**beep**beep* Connor pressed the power button. He pulled the covers off of his pajama-less body (don’t worry there’s underwear), and made a dash for the closet, since it was cold. He put on some jeans and a pacman shirt with caption nom nom nom, grabbed his backpack and made his way downstairs. His mother had already left for work and his father was out walking the dog. He made himself a waffle, poured a glass of milk and drank it with his vitamin D pill and his prozac (aspergers). At 6:57, he left to go to the bus, and start yet another school day. … The bell had rung for 6th period, his favorite. Game design. He pulled out his earbuds to listen to some music on YouTube while he worked. He started with “Pedal to the Metal” by Kazzer as he made his next level. Throughout the rest of the period, he listened to “To be Loved” by Papa Roach, and various YouTube poops. At 2:30, the final bell rang, and the students all poured out of the classroom to get back home. Connor found his bus, Route 123, and got a seat at the front. He pulled out his tablet and played some Fruit Ninja, for he was hopelessly addicted to it. “Hey, where’s Katy?” asked his sister’s friend. “Oh, um, she’s got colorguard today.” he replied. “Ok.” The bus made three stops, the last being Connor’s. “‘Kay guys, have a good day!” said his bus driver. Connor waved to her as he got off. He got back to his house and punched in the code to the garage. Once inside, he closed it and opened the door to the house. To his right was the laundry room, where his golden retriever Buddy was lying down. “Hi puppy!” said Connor cheerfully. Buddy scrambled up to his feet awkwardly like always, and began walking to the sliding glass back door. Connor let him outside, and went to go take off his jacket. When he turned around, Buddy was right at the door. “I’m not gonna give you a treat for doing nothing, Buddy...” Connor said to Buddy across the screen. Buddy started barking. Connor just turned around to ignore him until he decided to stop. However, a minute went by, and Buddy just kept barking. Connor was getting worried. Buddy never did this, never. Finally, Connor gave in and let Buddy inside. He ran up to Connor and just looked up at him while whining. “Okay, okay, I’ll give you a treat.” Connor held up a small cracker waiting for Buddy to sit. He just kept whining. Almost as if he was crying. He started walking away in circles, continuing to look at Connor with a sad- no, WORRIED look. Connor gently laid the treat on the end table and walked to the phone. This wasn’t normal, so he decided to tell his father and follow his instructions. He called the number from the directory. “...Hello?” his father answered. “Dad, something’s wrong with Buddy!” Connor said fearfully. “What do you mean?” his father asked. “Well, he’s-” Connor didn’t get to finish because there was a loud crackling noise. He dropped the phone, and Buddy started going ballistic. All of a sudden, lightning struck the inside of the house! Connor feared for his life, when he realized the lightning seemed to be coming from him! He picked the phone with extreme urgency. “Connor! What’s happening?!” his father demanded to know. “Dad! Come home now!” Connor yelled. Little did he know, he was about to be ripped away from his life. His father, mother, step-mother, step-father, Buddy, his 5 brothers, his sister Katy, everyone. There was a ghost of a rainbow, and then everything was black. “Connor? Are you there?” said the lonely, discarded phone. … When Connor woke up, he couldn’t see anything. He had trouble remembering what he was doing here. Then he remembered something crazy happening back at the house. He began feeling himself, first to make sure he was alive, second to see if he was injured. Things seemed strange. He felt unnaturally smooth. His mouth also felt weird. His braces were gone! But all of these things were miniscule compared to what he discovered next. He never felt any clothes. “Oh... Good... Grief...” Okay! I will begin episode one shortly. 3rd person seems like it is going to work this the best, by the way. Tell me what you think everyone. I kinda like this intro better than the one for my first story, if I do say so myself.
  4. Hey there everypony! I've started to write my very first story. It's not just my first take on the Conversion Bureau, not just my first attempt at fanfiction, but truly my first stab at serious creative writing. Like many, the premise of Blaze's Conversion Bureau absolutely enthralled me. That said, I was a bit shocked at how heavily misanthropic the tale was. It broke both the Mane Six's otherwise caring dispositions and focused so thoroughly on how evil we are capable of being while not mentioning any of the genuine good humanity has done. Like a bucket of ice water to the face, it occurred to me that some bronies may love Equestria so much because they are ashamed of their own world! While I respect their view I believe it's a decidedly unhealthy attitude and frankly not true. Isn't the brony movement itself proof that we are capable of just as much genuine care for our neighbor as the equine characters we love? THAT'S where my story comes from! Taking the Conversion Bureau and using it as a geo-political metaphor for the brony movement. That is, the ultimate victory of rational idealism over moral nihilism! My tale will have themes such as trans-humanism, the meaning of individuality and freedom, the value of history (even the ugly parts), religious doubt; all told through a personal journey of romance, war, magic, and betrayal. High concept to rival an Epic Poem? Hell yeah! Can I pull it off? Not a Windigo's chance on the surface of the sun! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give it the college try. This story HAS to come out! As such . . . http-~~-// While it IS a self-insert, I did that as more a "write what you know" step then wish-fulfillment. I couldn't keep a fresh character truly consistent and stuff happens to me in my story I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! (Well . . . not entirely true but still, I wouldn't want to be there!) I'm placing myself under "Cauldron Lake rules" as I've dubbed them. 1) I'm just as much subject to the laws of narrative casualty as anypony else. 2) If something happens. Somepony or something did it! e.g. There are NO accidents. 3) Don't break the conventions of the genre unless the genre itself has changed. Still, as much as I am the protagonist, the story is meant to be my love letter to the Brony community that I've fallen in love with! My story is one where the brony movement is very real and very powerful! Indeed, it's what's changing the World! Which means, somewhere, in my story YOU are there. Share to me your stories of being a brony, your ponysona's and their accomplishments, your creations here, deviantart, and elsewhere! Share to me your stories to enrich this creation with the life I want to give it! I'm sorry for the length, Steelquill