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Found 21 results

  1. Let's say you stumbled across a machine that cloned you but with one difference, your clone is a member of the opposite sex. Would you date your rule 63'd self? I imagine the conversation and interests would get boring since you know, it's you. It would be all similarities with no opposites or excitement. Now if you could alter a few traits so that it's not completely identical, then I might be swayed. Bonus: Has any artists drawn themselves or had a friend draw them as a member of the opposite sex? My friend did for me but I never got to see the final product :/
  2. You know, how many of you think that sometimes in life you're doing something wrong. Like me, for example. I can't seem to make any more friends at school anymore. I've only got one friend at school, but I can't seem to be friends with any of the other girls in my school. Then I start getting the feeling that maybe I'm not trying hard enough, or I shouldn't say what I say or do what I do...or anything like that. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  3. Are you self-conscious about yourself? If so, what makes you so self-conscious? Your looks, intelligence..what? For me, 'yes all of the time', it's because of my looks and I'm afraid people are judging me at every angle. How about you all?
  4. In recent months I've noticed increasing amount of blur in how I sense myself and everything else around me. Its almost feeling like everything is slipping through my hands without me being able to grasp them. Sensing myself as an individual being and a part of this world becomes more difficult because of this. I cannot match the present beings into how I sense them so placing myself in an environment becomes pretty difficult. What I am left with is basically a feeling where I am nowhere as I was not able to place myself into a given situation then usually doing something won't really result in anything as I have basically lost myself in the process. Currently I'm not really sure what all of this means or how I should deal with it but if this continues into this direction and things will become even more blurred I'm not sure how it would affect further into my perception of myself and everything else as it already feels like it's unstable. At times it feels like I don't really even live in this world and that I live in somewhere else entirely. That might be a result of me rejecting myself and the reality as it is and deleting it from myself around 5 years ago. All of this has become pretty difficult situation within myself.
  5. I'm a cosplayer, and for the longest time, Rarity has been a dream cosplay of mine~ Well she's finally complete! I went to a con about a month back and got to debut her for the first time! It was so much fun, I loved the pictures I got, and my friend even cosplayed Coco Pommel with me! It was so great, and! I'm bringing her out again for a con this upcoming weekend. I'm gonna add some finishing touches to the outfit, to make it EVEN better!! I hope you guys like it, and I really hope I've done my favorite pony some justice TT~TT
  6. It's too bad that I'm so new, I don't know how to post pictures. Can somebody please tell me how! XD
  7. The title is fairly self explanatory. Just tell which pony you relate to the most, and why. I looked for this topic on the forums, but couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own! I am not positive if this is the proper section for this, so if any moderater sees this and doesn't think it's in the right section, feel free to move it. Now that I've talked about that, time for my answer. I most relate to Twilight Sparkle. We have almost identical backstories, too. About 3 years ago, I had no friends, and honestly didn't care about having friends. My only focus was on my studies, and academics. "I used to wonder what friendship could be." One day, one of my future friends told me to sit with her at lunch. I was reluctant, and didn't want to do it, but I did it anyways. I kept sitting there, and saw how great having friends could be. "Until you all shared it's magic with me." These people grew to be the best of friends that anyone could ask for, and I couldn't imagine life without them. "Do you know you're all my very best friends."
  8. Exactly what the title is, what if your OC was brought to life and gets a chance to learn about you. What would your OC think of you? Edit: Almost forgot, Nit would think "Oh? I'm based off of you? Real original." Based off of Script Dangles thread that I thought was a thread about OCs but actually was about favorite cannon ponies.
  9. This is something I've been wondering about lately. What exactly is a person's "self"? Is it purely a combination of different characteristics obtained through observation of others, your environment, and life experience? Or is there something that is uniquely you that decides to grasp onto these characteristics to better define it? A bit of both? Something else entirely? We know that people learn how their surrounding society works through socialization and cognitive development, especially in their younger years. We also know that children that had been neglected in their younger years and had grown up in social isolation lack the necessary knowledge and skills that would allow them to be self-reliant, such as the case of Anna. In other words, they lacked the characteristics we would associate with a "normal person." So, my question is this: Take away those characteristics you have and what are you? Are "you" still there? Is there still something there that makes you "you"? Some definitive core that will still be there once all your characteristics are taken away? There seem to be two different views on this, the avocado and artichoke. The avocado view states that there is still a "core" to a person, like the seed in an avocado. The artichoke view states that if you peel away the layers that make up an artichoke, you are presented with no central core. What do you think?
  10. Okay, so out of sheer boredom I decided to start a little game, it's probably already been done but here it goes. First in one word each describe: 1.Your Greatest Strength 2.Your Greatest Weakness 3.How you feel right now That's it. I'll Start 1.Humor 2.impatience 3.Hyper
  11. If you were given an option for a guaranteed world-peace, end to plagues, poverty, war and famine, a true utopia - at the cost of your life.. would you take it? As a situation would have it, you have it on absolute certain to happen immediately - a perfect world - only you cease being a part of it. What would you do?
  12. This is just kinda a random topic that came to mind, and I just felt like putting out there because I wanted to see what kind of things people would say about it... wait a minute isn't that the reason for like every topic? Maybe I am tired lol. *Ahem* but enough of Zygen getting sidetracked. So as the title suggests this is about teaching yourself to sing, I've been trying to teach myself to sing for a bit, not maybe as much productive practice as I probably should many times, but I want to learn to sing, and while I don't think I could do lessons due to the fact my parents wouldn't pay for it mostlikely, and I am not super comfortable with singing around a professional singer in the first place anyways, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. And try and see how much i could teach myself. I'd like to also say that I play Trumpet for my highschool band, i've been playing that about 5-6 years, so I atleast have some form of musical experience. If it also means anything I recently started trying to teach myself guitar, and that's been going on i'd say around a few weeks. probably a month now. I can't say I've successfully taught myself any instrument on my own though, much less singing, but I've tried to. I've kinda just did some research on the whole thing and tried to find some tips and see how many I'd actually remember and be able to apply. Obviously not all of it may be 100% correct, or I may still be doing certain things incorrectly, but I tried to combine my judgement and the knowledge from my research on the internet to see how much I could learn. And as far as results go I think i've improved, i'm still honestly in my eyes only like half decent at best maybe, But atleast I think i am half decent where as before I'd consider myself pretty bleh. So I've made progress, the question is will I become good? Who knows. I guess that's part of why I made this thread, to see if anyone else has tried to teach themselves to sing, or has done so and maybe succeeded, or if some people have taken lessons, or some people just feel lessons are the only real way to learn to sing, or whatever your thoughts are. Maybe you just want to say that you'd like to learn, or something, although I feel like most people I know would like to be able to sing to some extent. I can say I certainly enjoy singing, of course a lot of times I'm just singing for fun and not really to sound good, requires a lot more focus to sing well ;p. Plus I don't like to sing full out while the rest of my family is home, because I don't want them to think I'm annoying or anything, or just weird idk, or bad or something, not that the rest of my family really has any singing talent themselves(Well my stepdad has some I think, but still.) Anyways enough of me rambling, (You can find plenty of that elsewhere.) Post away on the topic at hand, and have a good day!( Or night depending on what time it is when you read this and where you are and all that ;p.) Edit: I decided to test out my range and if I did everything right my range is something like B2-C5. I'm not entirely sure how super accurate it is, but i'd say it's pretty close, give or take a note I guess. That's without Falsetto.
  13. To be a philosopher has long been a worthy pursuit in my opinion. However I've long struggled on not only what the word "philosophy" actually entails, but what it takes to rightfully claim the title of even being a novice philosopher. Apart from a degree or coursework in the subject, what does it truly mean to be a philosopher?
  14. I was watching the movie, "Bully" and it got me thinking...have any of you ever stood up to a bully or even stood up for someone else? Personally, a guy liked to call me emo a lot, so I went up to him and screamed, "Shut the f*** up!" and the entire gym class stopped, stared and watched. He never bothered me again. I'm a shy girl, so if I start screaming, you know you messed up...badly. I don't think much people got bullied at my school. Most people either kept to themselves or just didn't care. Of course, my mother is glad that I started online schooling seeing as how the public school had received two bomb threats and a hit list. Any experiences from you all?
  15. Welcome to 'Your Discorded Self'!!! The idea of this is farly simple. As most people know, when you are discorded, you become the complete oppisite of who you really are. So I ask: Who IS you when you are discorded? What bad things would happen if you were discorded? What GOOD things would happen if you were discorded? Do the good thing make up for the bad things? Would becoming discorded be a good thing to you? P.S: If I should add more questions or answers, tell me what I should add. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who I am when I'm discorded is a brute. I would be the worst video game player in the world, I would love to ruin your day, and I would burp in your face all day, every day! And yet, there would still be some good things to me being discorded. I would have table manners, be able to swim incredibly fast, be built since I exercise every day, and I would be not afraid to share my opinon off-line! In the end though, being discorded would be the end of me.
  16. Yaaay! I haven't made a full body portrait yet! But here is the head portrait: Please pay no attention to the poor coloring It's just one of those last minute things...>.< I will make a character sheet for myself soon when I make a full body portrait. :3 I also made my cutie mark:
  17. So, yesterday morning I was told that I'm losing my tuition and won't be going back to college, a fun little experience that has left me completely depressed with no idea what I'm going to be doing with my life now among other more personal things I don't want to talk about (not to mention the embarassment of breaking down into tears in front of my own mother). On top of that, earlier this week I learned that my best friend had relapsed hard in his depression and started self-cutting again, which finally culminated in a complete breakdown yesterday afternoon. So, in short, no tuition, unclear future, a possibly suicidal best friend, and several reminders of how truly disabled I am (that's another story I don't want to get into). This is going to be such a fun weekend. Edit: Yeah, this might be a bit of a "first-world-problems" thing, but there's some other more personal issues that occurred that I don't want to get into.
  18. Author’s note: Hi guys! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’m finally doing it. Yay. So, it’s my first MLP fic, but my second total. Technically, I haven’t finished my first one, but I’ve been neglecting to work on it for a while now. I love HiE and self-insert stories, which people say there are too many of. I think there aren’t enough! Who wouldn’t want that kind of adventure in their life? It’s something we crave! But, I’m rambling. Here is the prologue to my story, Connor’s MLP diffusion. Please feel free to suggest other names. Prologue It was the 25th of October, 5:00 AM, and Connor Vincent lay restless on his bed awaiting the alarm that went off every morning at 6:20. The fan spun silently overhead, keeping him under his covers to stave off the cold air. He had just recently woken up, he didn’t know why he woke up so early, but it was clockwork. Maybe it was because he would never wake up from an alarm anyway, it was mostly just to tell him how much longer he could stay in bad. Luckily, he put his iPod on the his charger/clock every night so he could read his favorite FFs. (Don’t know if I should give the title.) He did this for about twenty minutes so he could recharge the iPod for school. He spent the rest of his time within the bed wiggling and squirming for friction. *beep**beep**beep* Connor pressed the power button. He pulled the covers off of his pajama-less body (don’t worry there’s underwear), and made a dash for the closet, since it was cold. He put on some jeans and a pacman shirt with caption nom nom nom, grabbed his backpack and made his way downstairs. His mother had already left for work and his father was out walking the dog. He made himself a waffle, poured a glass of milk and drank it with his vitamin D pill and his prozac (aspergers). At 6:57, he left to go to the bus, and start yet another school day. … The bell had rung for 6th period, his favorite. Game design. He pulled out his earbuds to listen to some music on YouTube while he worked. He started with “Pedal to the Metal” by Kazzer as he made his next level. Throughout the rest of the period, he listened to “To be Loved” by Papa Roach, and various YouTube poops. At 2:30, the final bell rang, and the students all poured out of the classroom to get back home. Connor found his bus, Route 123, and got a seat at the front. He pulled out his tablet and played some Fruit Ninja, for he was hopelessly addicted to it. “Hey, where’s Katy?” asked his sister’s friend. “Oh, um, she’s got colorguard today.” he replied. “Ok.” The bus made three stops, the last being Connor’s. “‘Kay guys, have a good day!” said his bus driver. Connor waved to her as he got off. He got back to his house and punched in the code to the garage. Once inside, he closed it and opened the door to the house. To his right was the laundry room, where his golden retriever Buddy was lying down. “Hi puppy!” said Connor cheerfully. Buddy scrambled up to his feet awkwardly like always, and began walking to the sliding glass back door. Connor let him outside, and went to go take off his jacket. When he turned around, Buddy was right at the door. “I’m not gonna give you a treat for doing nothing, Buddy...” Connor said to Buddy across the screen. Buddy started barking. Connor just turned around to ignore him until he decided to stop. However, a minute went by, and Buddy just kept barking. Connor was getting worried. Buddy never did this, never. Finally, Connor gave in and let Buddy inside. He ran up to Connor and just looked up at him while whining. “Okay, okay, I’ll give you a treat.” Connor held up a small cracker waiting for Buddy to sit. He just kept whining. Almost as if he was crying. He started walking away in circles, continuing to look at Connor with a sad- no, WORRIED look. Connor gently laid the treat on the end table and walked to the phone. This wasn’t normal, so he decided to tell his father and follow his instructions. He called the number from the directory. “...Hello?” his father answered. “Dad, something’s wrong with Buddy!” Connor said fearfully. “What do you mean?” his father asked. “Well, he’s-” Connor didn’t get to finish because there was a loud crackling noise. He dropped the phone, and Buddy started going ballistic. All of a sudden, lightning struck the inside of the house! Connor feared for his life, when he realized the lightning seemed to be coming from him! He picked the phone with extreme urgency. “Connor! What’s happening?!” his father demanded to know. “Dad! Come home now!” Connor yelled. Little did he know, he was about to be ripped away from his life. His father, mother, step-mother, step-father, Buddy, his 5 brothers, his sister Katy, everyone. There was a ghost of a rainbow, and then everything was black. “Connor? Are you there?” said the lonely, discarded phone. … When Connor woke up, he couldn’t see anything. He had trouble remembering what he was doing here. Then he remembered something crazy happening back at the house. He began feeling himself, first to make sure he was alive, second to see if he was injured. Things seemed strange. He felt unnaturally smooth. His mouth also felt weird. His braces were gone! But all of these things were miniscule compared to what he discovered next. He never felt any clothes. “Oh... Good... Grief...” Okay! I will begin episode one shortly. 3rd person seems like it is going to work this the best, by the way. Tell me what you think everyone. I kinda like this intro better than the one for my first story, if I do say so myself.
  19. I'm not really depressed now. But I drew this almost a year ago as vent art. It was before I really had a grasp of Photoshop and outlines, so don't mind the little spaces and iffiness of the outlines. I thought I'd show it because I am kind of proud of it:
  20. So here she is again and since I got trouble for having pencils as my cutiemark I have updated my cutiemark XD
  21. OMFG! Fred got his own show? Please kill me!! I don't hate him, but HE IS 17 NOW!! WTF??