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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everypony going to EFNW Selfie Snapshots here Princess and Hero of taking of selfies at horse cons. I come to invite everyone to My formal Denny's dinner. where? : Denny's (across the street from the con) When? : Friday (Day one of con) at 9 pm why? : Because...Denny's is Rad, and it's hilarious seeing a whole giant group of horse people dressed all formal taking over the Denny's My record is 19 bronies...lets see if we can beat that :3 See ya there horse people <3 And remember spread the word :3
  2. Heyyy my name is Selfie Snapshots or well The Selfie Pony. Ask me anything
  3. Heyyyyy pony people, ask me anything. :3 I would love to see some questions I am selfie Snapshots, the young Selfie inspired unicorn. :3
  4. Heyyyyyy idk if anyone remembers me but I was that young gentleman who got 200 selfies at the con, I wana again thank the 200 of you :3 you guys rocked and you really made me the brony I am today X3 <3 and to thank you all I finally posted all 200 of the selfies Here: So I wanted to make this post because I really need help this year at Everfree Northwest 2015 or what I call my 2nd quest (Selfie Quest 2015). I am so ready for this quest heck I even now have a tool called a Selfie Stick XD to help me. I mean 500 selfies are freaking a lot X3 And I look forward to this year's quest :3 The Starting goal this year is 500 and if I get that I will try to get 400 or more X3 <3 I love you all <3 See ya there ;3 (This was one of my favorite Selfies) XD
  5. This is just some art of Selfie Snapshot from the tumblr. Tell me what yall think (Some Anon asked if they could be my Special Somepony) (I wore a Fedora lol) (Me and my roomate, Aka my artist Eclipse Ink) :3 thank you everypony
  6. Pardon me dearly if this has ever been done before, but back on my 'home' forums, there's a "Post Pictures About Your Life" thread and it worked really, really well! So, I'm starting one here! You're allowed to post anything related to your life, of course, if it fits in the guidelines of the rules! Selfies, pictures of your dog, Starbucks, the sky, anything relating to you! To start off, I'll post a selfie!~
  7. I personally dislike selfies. I think they are a very good example of what is wrong with our modern society: a narcissistic focus on the self and the expectation that others will care about you as much as you do. Example: Pretty girl posts a pic of herself with the "I am so ugly, LOL" caption with the expectation that people will respond, "No, you're so beautiful. Don't say that about yourself."... yea, some self esteem boost you got there, congrats. Some troll gets on and tells her, "Lol, you're right, you're ugly.". Ruins her day.. It is disappointing that selfies have become socially acceptable. I wish that there was a dislike button on Facebook. There are two stories which stuck out to me on selfies. 1.) There were people on the 105 Freeway in Los Angeles taking selfies with a suicidal man in the background.. the reason why the freeway was held up in the first place. Talk about disgraceful. 2.) A sad story where a woman was taking selfies of herself while speeding on a highway. She posted them on Facebook. She hit a truck and was killed instantly. Some selfies are admittedly okay. I liked a selfie for instance when someone was showing off how much weight he lost and another selfie when someone was showing off a cool haircut she just got. However, selfies without purpose except showing off yourself are useless. The worlds of Facebook and Twitter don't care about you. I can tolerate selfies. I am simply expressing my opinon. I'm not calling for a selfie ban for some bullshit like that, but that doesn't mean I like them. What do you think? Also, apologies if I offended any selfie addicts on this forum.
  8. Everybody knows those photo filters, right? They're pretty common on Instagram and other social media websites where you can post pictures. I used to think they were annoying but ever since I got the iPhone 5s, I am always wanting to add filters to selfies and cat pictures. What're your thoughts on them? Do they make people look too fake or what?
  9. In this day and age were we take photos like maniacs and uploaded to websites and what not, we forgot that now some photos have a gps data encoded in them specially if you are taking pics whit a cellphone, and even tho some websites take that info away when you upload a picture most of other websites dont, here is a video explaining that and what can you do to prevent someone from knowing were you uploaded the photo: As you can see in the video the programs is free, and while im not in to selfies or a photo maniac it does show what some people are willing to go thru to find out your personal info so be careful when uploading photos to certain websites specially personal ones about you and/or family.