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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. As you all know, I'm trying to sell some things from eBay I have, and even though it would've been taken to Octavia's Hall, its not feasible because my tablet pen had vanished and was never found since then, and my tablet will not recognize any tablet pen replacements even with a correct one, which makes it impossible for me to do artwork at all. And yes, some of the products I currently sell so far has shipping costs as unlike in the states, Free Shipping is very costly in Puerto Rico, compared to normal shipping costs that are less expensive, mostly in the states (outside of the US is pretty high as import taxes are quite costly unless the government can tackle this issue). Here are the items that I'm currently selling on eBay. I'm sorry if I have nothing relating to MLP (and I have MLP DVDs but not intent on selling them), but these are all I can offer so far so hopefully you guys are willing to buy the items I have on sale. I understand if advertising is against the rules, but again, no tablet pen means I cannot do artwork, and the mouse will do no good at all. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a site online to sell my MLP Funko Collection to save up for a down payment for a house when I soon ask my Special Somepony to marry me . I'd prefer NOT to sell on eBay as they charge fees for listing items and I'm not paying to list them with uncertainty that it would sell or not. Also my mom informed me that the likelihood of the figures selling or the value of the set may go up once the MLP Film is released next year, So I was also wondering if that may be the case as well.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I really want your guys opinion on what merch you would like to see more of? I really wanna make some new MLP merch, but there's so much out there - I would like to know what kind of things you guys want! I was thinking something clothing related, maybe hats/fedoras/shoes, but I would love to hear everyone's valjable opinions
  4. I plan/might on going to BronyCon (2016) next year, and my sister wants these things (because she's not coming); Rainbow Dash Pajamas Cowboy hat with Apple Jack on it Rainbow Dash Baseball/Trucker Hat Rainbow Dash plastic face mask (like what those cows wore during Pinkie's and Cheese's goof-off in "Pinkie Pride") or ears with a tuff of hair on the headband or whatever it is Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Tirek Action Figures Apple Jack Jeans Breezy/Kuledud3 Plushie Do even half of these things exist? And if they do, how much are they? And what/who's booth sells them? Does somepony carry a Discord plushie? (for me ;3)
  5. Hi everyone. I've thought about starting to offer prints of my art for years now, but up until recently I've only had very personal and not always relateable images that I haven't felt could really sell. Then I discovered MLP, and I've started to draw pretty complex fanart, especially from Rainbow Rocks. I'm thinking these might actually be something people would want to buy prints of, unlike my previous work. I'm looking for advice on several points, especially from people who have sold fanart before. 1) Are there copyright infringement issues in selling prints of Hasbro's characters? So far, it's only character designs I'm using, and the drawings themselves would be 100% original. 2) Does anyone know a good platform for selling prints? Has anyone had success with DA's prints option, or Etsy, or another site? What about printing and mailing things yourself? 3) Has anyone had issues with art theft? How did you deal with it? 4) Please give me any links that might help answer my questions, if you have them! Or any other points I haven't thought of. Thanks!
  6. I've been wanting for a little bit to start taking EQG dolls and repainting their faces to look show accurate, rehairing them and styling it, giving them better/different outfits, or altogether using the doll body and rehairing and repainting the face to be a different character completely (e.g. buying an Octavia doll and using her grey body as a base for repainting/rehairing her to be Bubbles or Maud Pie. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions/tutorials that would be helpful for me to know in starting out? I want to do a couple for my own collection, but I also would like to sell them on Etsy for cash (as I am finding it hard to get a job at the moment). Any input would honestly be welcome. I'm entirely new to this artform/hobby. ;u;
  7. Hi! For a while now, I've been wondering, as a while back I tried to purchase My Little Pony from iTunes, and apparently, it's not available in my country (Australia). I assume this would happen in other countries too. I was forced to illegally (sorry Hasbro, I didn't want to) download My Little Pony. Why would Hasbro be missing out on such an opportunity to not sell in more countries, Australia as far as I'm aware does have a *substantial* amount of bronies and MLP fans. I found out recently I can buy the old episodes, but only one-by-one, and new episodes don't appear to show up. Why???
  8. I want to raise money for a new phone, next year's Brony Convention and save up a little for animation/graphic design college. I'm going to sell my fan art or other cartoony art to people at high school. The drawings can be about anything that has something to do with cartoons which is the best I can do. They're going to be put in decorative frames that I'm going to make with Construction paper and I'm going to sell small ones for 3 bucks, medium for 6 and large for ten. I know a couple of Bronies and I think they'll want to buy some I just want advice on how to convince other people at school or where ever to buy my drawings I can't sell online because I'm only 15 and don't have a lot freedom Show your generosity by helping me out
  9. Hello! So, I'm selling all of my blind bag pony figurines from Wave 1-7 and I'd like to get a fair price for them. Anyone have a suggested price? I appreciate any and all help!
  10. Okay, i'm not going here to advertise that i'm selling something, but i would appreciate some feedback on what someone would be willing to pay for something. I have here a matte black machete almost two feet long, with a rope handle. I believe it is carbon steel, but i am not sure. It is sharpened, and is very usable. It has never been used before. The reason it is pony merchandise is because I had it come with a custom engraving on the side, (Vinyl Scratch's cutie mark). I have some pictures attached. It also comes with a sleeve.
  11. ideas spur from the strangest of occurences. anyway. as the title says, i'd like some input on selling my Xbox 360. since i've really realized, i don't need, or even use, the thing all that much, and i'd need to save up money for a computer, and some other stuff, perhaps, i could help boosting that amount by getting rid of stuff i don't really use. the prime example that came to mind is my 360. since my brother uses it more than i do, i figured i could let it go somehow. i don't know how i should sell it though, what's the smartest way to go about it. i'd rather not have gamble about such a thing as a 360, and would like to get rid of it the most efficient way. the first thing i'd want to know is, how MUCH should i sell it for? what's fair price, what's too little and too much, etc.? i've been thinking that an average of about 150 dollars seems like a fair price for the console, maybe add on a few extra bucks for a controller to get bundled with it. i think that's all the equipment i have to it as of now. i'm not sure if this is a fair price selling it for, so i'd like to know from other people if it is? i've been thinking that the best, probably most simple way, to get rid of it, is if my brother himself could pay like 150 bucks or so, and it'd be him owning it, not me. i would get the money i need for my stuff, he can use it to his heart's contents. he doesn't seem overly enthusiastic with the idea, though... (yes, i know it might sound selfish to sell it to my own brother, but i really could use the extra cash from selling my 360) i'd also like to get some input, if i should sell it on someplace like eBay, is it a smart thing to do? i may have some other stuff i don't really use or need i could sell on there, maybe the odd album and game. if so, what's fair price selling music and games at? this should conclude all i'd like to know about selling stuff. if you have any useful input or advice on this, please tell me.