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Found 13 results

  1. Simple. I start a completely nonsensical story with a sentence and everyone else adds on to this story which never ends! After finishing my work, I got off my chair, only to create a hole in the floor, and I HAD to fall in.
  2. What you have to do is reply with one word and one word only that you would like to continue the sentence with. Yes, a and it but here there whatever all count as words. If you wish to end the sentence, just reply with the punctuation of your choice (.?!). Don't be a troll and end the sentence before we get to the second word After a while, we'll have either a nice long story or a jumble of random lines, depending on how this goes. I'll start: There
  3. This game is simple. You judge the user above you for a crime and then you give your sentence. I'll start. I judge the user above me for being a hypothetical example and condemn him/it/her to the gap between dimensions for 39 eons, 5 hours, and 6 tacos. Begin.
  4. Here is how this game works. First, each user posts a random word. Then, if your post number is a multiple of 5, you make a sentence out of the previous five words. For example: User 1: Sheep User 2: Rainbows User 3: Jumping User 4: Crazy User 5: Twilight. Twilight saw a crazy sheep jumping over giant rainbows. Good luck. My word is: Cupcakes
  5. What it says on the package. Give the previous member's word salad of a sentence a number rating between 0 and 10 out of 10 (0 means "That made sense! Blegh!" and 10 means "What!? It's perfect!"). Then, write your own! The goal is to make something incoherent but legible. Enjoy! I'll start: I had dreams of the queen wonders that lived inside the hearts of love and silent treatments of all the elderly that I knew were once whole.
  6. I thought of this game while playing another word game on this forum It's called "Sentence transplant" The rules are simple.. Pick one word in that last users sentence, and make a sentence using that word.. 4 Words is the minimum for any sentence.. Emoticons don't count as words Please, no swearing or dirty words.. this is a game, let's keep it fun EDIT: things in parentheses (like this) don't count as words you can use.. they're to allow commenting on other posts.. To make it even more fun, try replying to the last post by making your own sentence in response (But you don't have to..) Try to keep some variation going to keep it interesting.. Example: User 1: This is the first example thingy, Yay! User 2: Awww, I wanted to be first.. (lol, I was only 2 minutes behind? xD) User 3: Be grateful you had some good words to choose from User 2: Choose a pony, ANY pony.. User 4: I can pick ANY pony? I'd have to choose Pinkie User 1: Pinkie? I'd pick Fluttershy, 'cause she's so cute (Pinkie is my second favorite though) (You don't have to bold the words you pick, this is just to illustrate the example better, you can if you want though..) I'll start off: Ok everypony, let's have some fun with this one..
  7. In this game, you must make a sentence with a minimum of 6 words, select a letter used within your sentence.. The chosen letter is "banned" and cannot be used in the next user's sentence Rules: - Minimum of 6 words in your sentence (emoticons don't count as words ) - Choose 1 letter used within at least 1 word of your sentence, the next user cannot have the chosen letter in their sentence.. Exception: Emoticons do not count, therefor if the previous user banned "P" can still use it to make this emote: in addition to your 6+ words.. - Vowels (A, E, I, O or U) cannot be picked twice on a row.. But consonants (Non-vowel letters) can be used multiple times.. Example: If the previous user banned "A", you cannot choose any vowel for your chosen banned letter) - The same banned letter (regardless of vowel or consonant) cannot be chosen twice in a row.. Example: User 1: Ok, here is the first sentence I've made Banned: H User 2: Well this isn't too.. difficult.. Banned: N User 3: At least.. umm.. other users.. uhh.. this is tricky with that letter xD Banned: A User 2: Ouch, there's the first vowel.. good you didn't choose "E" Banned: L User 3: Hehe, this seems fun my turn to make it super hard Banned: E User 1: OOOOoooo.. you just had to didn't you.. xD Banned: T And so on.. :grin2: Hope you's have fun with this one ⁿ-ⁿ I'll start off ---------- Lol, first sentence of this game, have fun Banned: S
  8. The typical finish the sentence game! It is a very popular fourm game and is fairly simple. All you have to do is type a sentence and leave out a word (at the end of course) then see what people write to fill in the blank _________ And that's all that there is to it! I'll start! Today I walked to __________.
  9. Another fun topic so jump in there with your uncommon words. 1. Magnanimous Her act of charity was quite magnanimous.
  10. This sentence will never end... (I apologize if this has been posted before, but according to the search function it hasn't) Rules: 1. You may only say 1, 2, or 3 words in each post. 2. The sentence may not end. (e.g. periods, exclamation points, question marks, and any other punctuation that denotes the end of a sentence.) 3. No pictures. 4. The sentence does not have to make sense. 5. If any of the rules listed here are broken, simply ignore the post. One, two, or three words are added to the sentence in each post. Simple! Example: Poster 1: Chocolate Poster 2: unicorns go Poster 3: postal while doing Etc.
  11. pretty self explanatory, make a sentence with 5 letters of the user above you e.g person 1: AWAIT person 2: Apply Wisdom And Intelligence Today and so on ill start HOPES
  12. I've been wonder this for awhile now as to what happens to a pony if they were banished to the moon or Sun themselves. I can understand that if Luna or Celestia was banished/trapped in their own respective celestial places but what about other ponies or other creatures if their banish to it. Just Curious.
  13. Try to use a word of your choice in 1 sentence as much as possible! Examples: To get a crush can really crush your crush because when they don't expect the crush, it crushes them like any other crush would crush your crush These forums are one of the best forums because not many other forum's forums can live up to the forum's on these forums. When you start dancing you can't stop because the dance takes over the dancing and causes you to dance more then any other dance could make you dance. Being bored is so boring, since being bored makes you more bored because the boredness makes the boredom even more boring then the previous boring boredom It's so funny having fun because having fun usually makes things funnier enabling fun to be more fun