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Found 23 results

  1. Just over $50 million worldwide, seriously?!?! Surely the budget must have been higher than that - what if the movie doesn't make a profit!!! As much as I'd love a sequel, it seems kind of unlikely now
  2. As some will know, Alex MacQueen is my most favourite portrayal of the villainous Master from Doctor Who, the sole incarnation who has only appeared in audio stories and captures the perfect blend of the classic and modern eras. As such, it is likely that his portrayal would become the main inspiration behind EQG Stardust's role as an opposition against Sunset and her friends should we choose that path during the sequel. Below are a few paragraphs from an article I found summarizing the eccentric Master to provide a better understanding of what Stardust would truly be like gone villainous. "The MacQueen Master was the first incarnation of the Master after acquiring his new regenerative cycle. A theatrical attention seeker, this Master incorporated the strongest aspects of all his previous incarnations to become an intellectual megalomaniac, master schemer who used genuinely polite mannerisms to enhance his evil. On the surface, this Master was a lot like the Sixth Doctor in the ego department. He had the ‘stop-what-you’re-doing-and-only-pay-attention-to-me’ personality about him. He was very condescending and sarcastic in his replies to people. The MacQueen Master, now with a lot of new lives breathed into him, showed a radical change by being particularly more willing to go into dangerous – even hostile – situations than his other incarnations. This highlights how little he has to fear now given his new lease on life. He not only made deals with the Eminence and the Daleks for universal domination, but he also showed signs of extreme anti-obedience syndrome and unwarranted arrogance, openly and casually mocking both his allies while fully aware that they could kill him anytime they wanted. He seemed unable to see or reluctant to care that while still a Time Lord, his body and life was still frail compared to the fire power of those around him. This form was perhaps the most practical of all his incarnations past and future. He showed a dangerously high genre savviness of his surroundings that made this incarnation extremely hyper-competent in battle. His plans were meticulous, and like his Beevers incarnation, this Master liked to plan for every possible obstacle, but instead of waiting for the contingency to be activated by his opponents, this Master openly went out of his way to close off those obstacles beforehand. Savvy remember? Defeating this Master was usually down to pot luck or this incarnation’s overconfidence which seemed to take off like a rocket only afterhe’d come out on top. While every Master has showed a degree of disrespect for the workings of time travel and the timelines in general, this Master surpassed all others with his brazen attitude towards it, citing that he would simply use his TARDIS to cross his own timeline and try to achieve the same plan that just failed once more without any concern for the paradoxes or personal dangers involved in doing so. Additionally, this Master had no qualms about the paradoxes involved should he kill the Seventh Doctor after already coming off of a fight with his Eighth incarnation (TV Movie) and indirectly being responsible for the former’s regeneration into the latter as well as that event starting a chain that would eventually lead to the creation of this current incarnation. This Master was also unorthodox in his malice. While he was no different than most Masters when it came to killing, he was more interested in being ‘pointlessly cruel’ and very spiteful, opting to humiliate and punish his opponents especially after he’d bested them. He preferred to let others believe they’d defeated him before turning the tides and took great pleasure in emotionally humiliating them after he took back control, revealing that he had never actually lost it. Much like the Seventh Doctor, this Master preferred to set up the dominos and then watch them fall. He wanted to wield an army, but unlike most of his other incarnations, he was just too lazy to build one up himself, instead letting others do the ‘work’ before sweeping in and stealing everything." ...Yep, sounds like me turned evil alright.
  3. So I'm not sure if hyped is the right word, but I'm looking forward to it. I thought "The Force Awakens" was okay (if a bit of a rehash of the original Star Wars) and I love getting to see Star Wars movies in the theatre. Internet hype says this is just going to be a rehash of "Empire" but we'll see. I mean, I'm a bit of an Original Trilogy purist and I'm a bit miffed that they scrapped the Expanded Universe (but at least we got Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels). Here's hoping that Kylo Ren becomes a more intimidating villain than the tempur-tantrum throwing emo in TFA. Also, RIP Carrie Fisher.
  4. A while ago this month, I posted my idea of an MLP Movie about Celestia and Luna going to war against the Timeless Empire with a number of allies(Some from the first movie). But I have changed things for my idea. First off, Starlight does not get hit by a poison orb of some sort. Instead, she serves two things 1) As Twilight is still not with Celestia, Starlight serves to help comfort her mentor's mentor through these hard times, even going as far as to heal Celestia when she suffers a wing injury. 2) She ends up showing the Empress why its wrong to hold onto the past, at Celestia's request. In fact, Starlight uses her own past as a dictator to showcase the wrongdoings on this. 3) She takes a blow for the Empress, only for the latter to revitalize the former with the waters of eternity, showcasing her own fear of seeing life be taken away. In fact, the Empress Eternia is unwilling to want to let others die. To her, Death is something she fears. She kept her subjects alive and healthy, wanting them to live as long as time itself. However, one thousand years of this ideology has had a terrible toll on her psyche. She believes that all life needs to be preserved, no matter the consequences. ANd yes, I'm keeping the idea of the Empress being Celestia and Luna's birth mother. At the climax, the Empress teams up with Celestia and Luna to fight her own vizier, who has become powerful enough to wipe out all life from Equestria. This forces the three alicorns to abandon their "All life is sacred" principle and attempt to destroy the vizier(Formerly the adviser). But the vizier is too powerful for everyone. As her last action, the Empress sacrifices herself to destroy the Vizier. She succeeds, but at the cost of her life. As she's dying, she apologizes to her daughters, and realizes that all life must come to an end, even those who have lived a long time. After the funeral of the Empress, Princess Luna realizes that the Timeless Empire has no leader. Knowing fully well this means being apart from her elder sister Celestia Prime, Princess Luna surrenders her title of Princess of Equestria and becomes the new Empress of the Timeless Empire, hoping to build a new future and create new generations of Timeless citizens. Empress Luna says goodbye to Celestia Prime as she takes her place as the new Empress. Her first act: Seal off the waters of Eternity. The reason why I chose to change it is to have a more tearful ending instead of the more happily ever after ending. A more harsh lesson that one day, we must all depart this world, and it's not that easy to let go. What do you all think? Better change to my ideal MLP Movie sequel?
  5. (Paid work included btw!) Official BTVA Casting Call here: As the title suggests, I am looking for voice actresses for my upcoming sequel to this short film down below: The roles I need are the following: Rarity - Taken Princess Twilight Sparkle - Taken Pinkie Pie - Taken Please send me your auditions if you are interested in taking part in this. For Twilight Sparkle, please send me your auditions using these lines: Line 1: "Oh Spike, what would I do without you?" Line 2: "It seems that we may have ran into a problem." Line 3: "Girls, we have an exciting friendship problem in our hooves!" Requirements: I take the quality of my video and film projects very seriously, which means I do expect good to excellent audio quality coming from those of you who wish to audition. I will chose the actresses based on voice acting talent and the sound clarity of your audition files. I will also require that you tell me on here (or the audition file) which microphone you are using, as that may also determine your eligibility to earn the Princess Twilight Sparkle role. Deadline is November 11, 2016 @ 11:59 PM NA Pacific Time (it will extend depending on some factors that happen along the way) Good luck with your auditions and I hope you guys will love this sequel (as I also do plan on making another one like this for the "_____ Scene (MLP IRL)" series as shown here:
  6. The sequel to 2015's Chase Scene (MLP IRL) is now playing! Come and see!
  7. (Paid work included btw!) Official BTVA Casting Call here: As the title suggests, I am looking for voice actresses for my upcoming sequel to this short film down below: The roles I need are the following: Rarity - Taken Princess Twilight Sparkle - (claim your spot here!!!!) Pinkie Pie - Taken Please send me your auditions if you are interested in taking part in this. For Twilight Sparkle, please send me your auditions using these lines: Line 1: "Oh Spike, what would I do without you?" Line 2:"It seems that we may have ran into a problem." Line 3:"Girls, we have an exciting friendship problem in our hooves!" Requirements: I take the quality of my video and film projects very seriously, which means I do expect good to excellent audio quality coming from those of you who wish to audition. I will chose the actresses based on voice acting talent and the sound clarity of your audition files. I will also require that you tell me on here (or the audition file) which microphone you are using, as that may also determine your eligibility to earn the Princess Twilight Sparkle role. Deadline is November 11, 2016 @ 11:59 PM NA Pacific Time (it will extend depending on some factors that happen along the way) Good luck with your auditions and I hope you guys will love this sequel (as I also do plan on making another one like this for the "_____ Scene (MLP IRL)" series as shown here:
  8. I recently watched this movie again, with the original one, after i heard everybody and LZRD WZRD talking about how bad the Lion Guard is (and believe me, it is) i had a certain rush of Nostalgia coming over me, thinking what the Lion King actually meant in my childhood. The original one, still remains a Masterpiece for me, when it comes to Animation. When it comes to the second one...let's find out. The Lion King came out when i was just at the age of 5. It was the first movie I can recall seeing on the big screen, and once again, Disney didn't disappoint me. By the time this sequel came out four years later, I didn't immediatly saw it, but i did hear about it. The only straight-to-video Disney sequels at that time, were the two Aladdin ones. However, after i turned 12 or so, I have watched some more of these sequels, even though they never seem to be nearly as good as their theatrical predecessors, and this particular one is sadly no exception. Now that Simba and Nala are married, they give birth to Kiara, destined to become Queen. While she is a cub, Timon and Pumbaa are assigned to keep an eye on her when she goes out, but they are not very good at it. Under no supervision, she wanders off to the forbidden Outlands, where Scar's exiled followers now dwell! Here, she meets a young cub named Kovu, and surprisingly, they become friends! However, they do not see each other for long, as Simba and Zira (Kovu's mother) soon show up. After this, Kiara and Kovu don't see each other again until they are older, when Kovu saves Kiara from a fire! After this, he claims he is no longer part of the Outlands, and Simba is required by law to accept him into the Pridelands. However, Kovu has actually been sent to kill Simba and take over the land! Will he really do this? The original Lion King has a lot going for it, including several classic songs, excellent animation, a suspenseful and often touching story, and good humour. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride definitely has some of those things, but to a lesser degree. I would say there definitely are some good songs, especially He lives in you, which was sung on Radio by Tina Turner and we are one, but i think there also some forgettable ones. So, not Disney's worst bunch of songs, but not their best. The animation, while still impressive, I think is just slightly downhill from that of the original, though not enough to really disappoint me. There's a bit of suspense in this sequel, mostly towards the end, but not a lot, and i certainly didn't find as much touching about the story. Lastly, there is a bit of humour, but not enough. The scene where Rafiki is skeptical while communicating with Mufasa is good for some laughs, and in addition to that, Timon and Pumbaa are sometimes funny, but unlike before, they only seem to bring an occasional laugh or smile. Zazu provides a lot of humour in the original, but in this sequel, he is more of a minor character, and is no longer humorous at all! I guess this is partly because he is no longer voiced by Rowan Atkinson (you can easily tell it's not the same voice). While watching this movie, i just couldn't seem to really get into it for the most part. For me, it seemed to get a bit better towards the end, and if it wasn't for that, I would probably give it no more than a 5/10. So, while I'm not one of the haters, u can see why this sequel has disappointed so many fans of its classic theatrical predecessor. These non-theatrical sequels from Disney clearly never get as much recognition as their theatrical predecessors, and i don't think most of them, if any of them, deserve to. If you like The Lion King, you might be curious as to where the story goes from there, but you just MIGHT be in for a pretty lousy experience. If not, you might enjoy The Lion King II: Simba's Pride somewhat, but obviously, like most sequels, you can expect it to be inferior. But i really like this song.
  9. So while re watching a particularly old Machinima series I came across one part in it that had this: And that got me thinking; If any of you had a movie that you'd have really loved to make a sequel for, what would it be? And no, it doesn't have to be an inane, done for laughs example like the one above. You can be completely serious with it if you like, even give us some detail if you've got any. Personally, I'd have loved to make a sequel to Tommy Wiseau's "The Room". How hard could it be? I'd just get a bunch of us together, film some random, completely out of context scenes with little to no script, and have the rest of it just be sitting around a TV watching the original movie and giving a running commentary. I'd call it: "Another Room."
  10. Everywhere I go I hear people complaining about it and I don't know why. To me it is a fun game and I don't see anything wrong with it, I haven't seen any glitches, the worlds are beautiful, and the building is fun. The only reason I can see why people won't like it is because it isn't a platformer like its predecessors.
  11. The Park Opens June 12, 2015 So, who here's excited about the new Jurassic Park movie coming out? In this thread, I hope to establish conversation, speculation, hopes, wants, and especially news regarding the new film! For those that have yet to see the most recent news on the film, I'll list it out here so we can discuss about it! Directed by: Colin Trevorrow Starring: -Chris Pratt ...."Owen" -Bryce Dallas Howard -Jake Johnson -Vincent D'Onofrio ....:Patel" (villain), owner of Patel Corporation (source) -Irrfan Khan The rest of the Cast/Crew: Filming schedule: Leaked script pages: Open casting for Jurassic World: Leaked Set construction photos from Kauai:
  12. One fear that a lot of us have, now that FiM is confirmed for between 130 and 143 episodes and a theatrical movie that is expected to be something of a wide release.... is the eventual end of the series, especially since we know that successful kid friendly-brands or any successful brand usually doesn't end perfectly with that full artistic integrity. In years past people would make threads talking about the inevitable SpongeBob/Simpsons/what-have-you doom, but now that we are approaching 100 episodes with a fairly small ratio of content that was utter duds (as well as comics and book merchandise that is halfway decent that expands the lore), I think we can actually be more optimistic even tho we have apparently become closer to the "inevitable end" Here's my point: What if instead of faltering starting with Season 7 (post-movie) and becoming a total embarrassment in Season 8 with all of the Mane 6 regressing into caricatures and Twilight becoming some bored advice column guru for other ponies and basically turning into a mortal genie with Spike becoming her pet parrot, and the CMCs getting their cutie marks and becoming adolescents concerned with THE PROM'S TOMORROW!... before finally being put out of it's misery and then five to six years later (possibly even less) A CGI series (Possibly simply called "My Little Pony") will come out, like, on Disney Junior that may or may not care one ounce about the Brony demographic.... What if instead of going down that scenario: (Which many of us have settled on as a real possibility years ago and still today) Friendship is Magic just evolves step by step into follow-up series, using pretty much the same Flash animation and character designs? If it were to do the Pony equivalent of Naruto Shippuden? After the Mane 6 reach a point where it feels to the writers that they have all done as many story ideas as they can do with the girls and have pretty much exhausted their character growth, start to subtly shift to the CMCs, (which by then will have their cutie marks) Be transparent with the existing fans and let them know that, the next time you see Equestria, the Mane 6 will pretty much be full-blown cameo characters by the end of the season, and Sweetie Belle or something will be a major character, with episodes about Spike going out and about doing stuff. Eventually, Twilight Sparkle's adventures will become so mundane to her that they will have to do an entirely new theme song that does not involve Rebecca Shoichet singing "I used to wonder what friendship could be". Perhaps Michelle Creber could sing the new theme song, which will possibly have almost the exact same tune, but have lyrics that are more in second-person (addressing the audience, welcoming them to the life of Equestria). Honestly, the Mane 6 being the embodiments of the Elements of Harmony was really just a plot device and other characters can be solid protagonists without being the superhero knights that the Mane 6 are. After all Equestria is full of celebrities and talented magical ponies and creatures that are somehow more famous than the Mane 6. Remember, the Mane 6 only represent six character archetypes that we've all seen in fiction before. Even with how well-nuanced they are, they are limited in that it would be silly to just tack on new hobbies for them (which the series has already dabbled in) so that they can be more than just "fashion pony" and "country pony" and "athletic pony" and so on. When there are reoccurring characters that already exist that can be fully developed even moreso. What would this do to the adventure aspect of the show? Would it fall more into slice-of-life because of CMC characters not having the ability to make monsters TASTE THE RAINBOW? Maybe there will be a respectable answer to that. Here's the thing. If little kids/little girls get too bored or scared of the show when it dips into TV-Y7 territory in this "evolved incarnation of the same series by name" or "sequel series"... remember that old media is marketed to little kids all the time. Little kids tend not to care if media is outdated or not current so long as they have access to it, and what is currently on live TV hardly matters anymore. MLP can have the potential to grow with the audience the same way the Harry Potter did, hopefully ("even") better. Do you really think that six-year-old girls in 2015 should "grow out" of My Little Pony in a few years,? I think that the series just continue to keep them interested (and without going "teen") to make the issue of "outgrowing" a non-issue. With this approach, I think that they might be able to end "Friendship is Magic" with a TV-Y7 rating a the end of Season 9 on their own terms and do a second movie around late 2020 with hardly any Mane 6 presence at all. Then the whole brand will take a chill pill and be on indefinite hiatus. Meaning, not "reboot" itself in like five or even three years like some superhero thing. The market would do well to remember that there are actually more than just the "little girl" and "Brony" demographics out there. There's shades in between. This journey of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can conclude respectfully during a time that it happens to be marketing around this area. Remember that people have a tendency to start watching cartoons with established characters and long histories and then travel back to "older episodes", this is a perfectly valid way to enjoy media that was never severely a serial show to begin with and still not that much even now. Even then, even little kids can develop the initiative to watch a series "from the beginning", especially if the current events and entertainment provided from the series as they are seeing it at this future point in time (or even now*) fascinates them enough where they will look into the beginnings of the series. It's only a matter of time before wingless Twilight Sparkle becomes entirely absent from merchandise and promotional material. I don't know how exactly little kids tend to follow TV series (my nieces and nephews tend to select Netflix and will start new series presumably from episode 1), ...but even in the event that a "little girl's" initial perception of Twilight is some sage nerd guru protagonist that just, for all they know, already has these friends by default (probably overlooking the theme song and opening if it remains as it is now)... good material will make them interested in the older episodes and how these characters got to be. okay, I'm done with this post now. Can you see the future of MLP coming up with a solution to its "the characters can only develop so much and there are only so many different decent slice-of-life situation story ideas we can come up with without scraping the bottom of the barrel" issue?
  13. @ A few weeks ago,you'll remember that I talked about our new overlord But there's another overlord...and is even more powerful... Praise him for your life...Save your life...And give him some wubs <3
  14. What games do you think had a good idea that need resurfacing or maybe a really good old game that could use a good sequel or reboot. personally I think Jurassic Park: Warpath needs a remake, this game had a great idea. Another game that should get a remake is Medievil.
  15. Yet another toy commercial for the live action Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.Using young girls,The girls were only in the commercial briefly,but here it is:
  16. Here's a link to the article: So...what's everyone's opinions on this? I, personally, haven't had much experience with either Ben Affleck or Man of I'm neutral. Opinions?
  17. So, I thought it would be kind of nice if I left it up to you fine people what I would be doing next, so I made a poll. Just because I figured that letting you guys decide what you wanted me to do next would be a bit more interesting than me just picking something off the top of my head. Basically it works like this, whatever has the most votes by the first of September wins, and is what I'll start working on.
  18. If anyone liked the Karl Urban Dredd movie, the creators of the comic series are having a petition sigining for a Dredd sequel. Sign it so we can get more cool City 17 action!
  19. Well, I just finished the game, and I must say, for an extremely glitchy game, this was one of the best games I have played. Anyone else played it, or have one of those epic moments running from the beast? I was walking and got hopelessly lost, and stumbled across the secondary Agent Z plant. As soon as a picked it up, my heart started beating and the monster came at me. I screamed like a little girl, ran as fast as I could. Finaly I made it just in time to a path, that I followed to a house. The monster left, I found a map in the house, and that night I beat the game. I won't ruin the ending, although it wasn't really anything unexpected. Anyone else have one of those moments running from "it"?
  20. And here we have probably the most underrated game in the entire Metroid franchise. Metroid II: Return of Samus was released in North America in 1991 for the original black and white handheld Gameboy console. Considering that it was only the second installment in the franchise and that it was black and white... and a handheld game... Yeah, there are many more reasons why it wasn't very popular. Let us start the review. Story: Metroid II supposedly takes place sixth in the entire franchise. In the previous Metroid, bounty hunter Samus Aran ruined the Space Pirates' plans to use the newly discovered lifeform known as Metroid. To ensure that the Space Pirates can never obtain any more Metroids, the Galactic Federation sends several teams to the Metroids' home planet, SR388, to destroy them once and for all. However, when none of the teams survive, the Galactic Federation contracts Samus to finish the mission. Gameplay: Game play is relatively simple. You control Samus Aran through the planet 'SR388' from a side view (Side-Scroller). You have pretty much one main weapon which you can use to shoot enemies that get in your way. Your main goal is to try and locate all the Metroids on the planet and destroy them once and for all. The game features different save modules located throughout the planet. When you jump on one, the game will be automatically saved. Samus Aran strolling through the planet. Good/Bad? - The game definitely suffers from some poor graphics... even if it is a Gameboy game. The gameplay is pretty mediocre and could have been more fun. Even so, Metroid II is quite challenging and proves quite a task to complete. Serious fans of the series, or anyone looking for a challenging action game should totally give it a shot, though. Worth the Price? - You can download it through the 3DS Virtual Console service for $4.99. If you are really cheap and don't want to take the chance of playing it because you think you'll hate it... then that's fine by me. But I really think that for $4.99, you can't go wrong. (By the way, I got this game for free from Club Nintendo.) Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 6.0. (Which isn't really that bad. 6/10 pretty much equals 3 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed this review of Metroid II: Return of Samus and check back for more reviews coming soon.
  21. Zelda II is probably the most underrated Zelda games (aside from the CD-i ones) ever made. Nevertheless, it remains a faithful addition to the Zelda franchise. Zelda II was released in North America on 1988. Serving as a sequel to the original LoZ, it took a another direction in terms of gameplay is truly a one-of-a-kind Zelda game. Let us start the review. Story - I'll tell the short version. One day, Zelda's brother asks her to reveal the location of Triforce. Zelda refuses. The prince's evil wizard friend becomes and angry and puts Zelda into an endless sleeping spell, resulting in the wizard's own death. (Notice, this is a different Zelda thaan in the first one) The prince, unable to reverse the spell, had his sister placed in the castle tower in the hopes of one day being able to awaken her. He decreeded the princess born from the royal family will thereafter be named Zelda in honor of her. Soon after, Link realizes he is the hero chosen to awaken Zelda. As woman named Impa gives him 6 crystals. Each crystal has to be placed in a different palace throughout hyrule which will eventually open up the Great Palace where Link will find the Triforce of Courage. Together with the other 2 pieces of the Triforce, he awakens Zelda and all ends well. Gameplay - Gameplay is totally different from the original LoZ. In this second installment, gameplay is heavily focused on side-scrolling. You control Link in the overworld from a top-down perspective. While in the overworld, enemies will jump out of nowhere and try and attack. If an enemy touches you, you are forced into a small side scrolling space where you can use your primary weapon (sword) to defeat the enemies. When defeating enemies, you earn experience points which serve as ways of leveling up life, magic, and attack. When in a palace, you go back to the side-scrolling action and you are required to solve some puzzles or defeat enemies to reach new areas where you can find keys or other useful objects to advance through the palace. There is a final boss at the end of each palace which you must defeat to reach the pillar where you place the crystal. You have 3 lives in the game, or three chances. When you lose all 3, you have to start back from where you first started the game. That means a ton of backtracking. Link exploring the overworld. Link is about to fight a final boss in one of the game's palaces. Good/Bad? - The Adventure of Link certainly proves a great challenge. Everything from the exploration, fighting, and puzzle solving is very complicated. The fact that you have to start over from where you first started the game whenever you lose all your three lives can prove frustrating because you have to backtrack many, many times to go back to the palace, or cave you were to win just to probably end up dead again. The enemies in the game are pretty difficult and are quite hard to avoid. It is probably in everyone's best interest to level up and find many heart containers regularly so that you have less chances of failing. This amount challenge makes it a great action-puzzler and is certainly a great game overall. Although, you'll probably end up raging alot over losing to hard ass enemies all the time. Worth the Price? - You can download it through the Wii Shop Channel for 500 points (5 dollars) or through the 3DS eShop Channel for $4.99. Either way, it's a great deal for a great game. Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 8.3. I hope you enjoyed this review of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and check back for more reviews coming soon.
  22. Guest

    Gaming Most Wanted

    Surely this has been done before, but I can't find a thread for it at the moment. (Mods, do your thing!) However, if this is NOT the case, then welcome to the greatest wish-fest in the history of five minutes ago! Basically, what game would you most like to see? It can be an original, a remake, a sequel, etc... Personally, I'd love to see a new installment in the Advance Wars series. I've heard rumors that Intelligent Systems, the team behind the games, is going to be making another for the 3DS... I hope to see the day! (And yes, I know, Intelligent Systems also makes Fire Emblem.) What game are you most excited for? Anytime in the future I'm looking forward to the next Super Smash bros. CAN'T WAIT!!!! All of these should make you... Have fun!
  23. Welcome back! I can't belive you decided to stick around for YET ANOTHER sleep-inducing exciting question! But this time, I think you'll really have to think. What WAS in Mom's mystery meat, anyway....?