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Found 19 results

  1. I couldn't really think of a good title -_- *sigh* There's no easy way of saying this, but lately, I have not been feeling myself. I've been contemplating on talking about this for a while, but after being inspired by Jeric's recent blog, I feel it is time for me to really open up and tell you what is wrong with me. First off, and I'm going to be pretty frank here, but behind my upbeat sounding username and cheerful avatars and signatures lies a somewhat ugly truth: I am not happy. I haven't felt truly happy for a long time. Now you're probably wondering 'Why are you unhappy?' Well, a lot of things, but I'm only going to focus on the three biggest. Loneliness Loneliness is a bitch... and I think that's an understatement. Most of my life, I've struggled with loneliness. Even though I enjoy the occasional "alone time," it's growing less enjoyable and more unbearable. I want to have more friends and possibly even a girlfriend. One of my resolutions this year is to be more social... and I'm failing miserably at it. Every time I try to be social, loneliness keeps me chained up. Whenever I'm with friends, family, or anyone I know, I just lock up mentally with a bored expression on my face... just like Maud Pie. I think my inability to be social stems from the fact that I have Asperger's Syndrome (or whatever it's called now), which is a "mild" form of Autism. I also have a difficult with eye-contact and maintaining a conversation because of ASD. Most of the time, I just stay silent, fearing I might put my foot in my mouth. No matter how hard I try to be social, loneliness always has me by the throat. Disappointment This is something I've been bottling up for a while now but I can't handle disappointment as well as I thought. Disappointment for me is like a nuke going off and everyone I'm near gets caught in the blast and fallout. There are countless times where I've been disappointed with myself and others. Usually I'm disappointed with myself. It's probably because I'm a 26 year old single adult who still lives with his mother and still works a minimum wage job. It just feels like I can't accomplish anything in my life... at least not without help. There are also times I've been disappointed with others, even when it was no big deal. For example, the Season 5 finale "The Cutie Remark" disappointed me so much that killed my interest in MLP for an entire year! Eventually I gained the interest back, but I still fear I'll get that one episode or moment that'll disappoint me beyond repair. It's no wonder I still haven't seen the movie. I try my best to keep expectations as low as possible, but even then, I still find a way to get disappointed. I don't know why I feel this way. It feels like I'm still a kid... Stagnation A couple months ago, I turned 26. Then something dawned on me: my life is in a rut. In fact, 2017 was probably my most stagnant year in a while. It feels like all I do is wake up, eat, drink, shower, work, sit on the Internet, gym, and sleep every day and year. Occasionally, there's some exciting event like a vacation or a concert, but those are very few and fond. I think the reason for my life stagnating is my lack of ambition and having no goals. Thinking about the future always overwhelms me. Hell, when I was in third grade, my teacher asked me what's my goal in life and I said "my goal is to not have goals." Looks like that statement has bit me in the butt. Also, whenever I try to pursue a hobby or any interest of mine, thinking that maybe this might be my career, I always burn out on it. Looks like I'll be a busboy for the next 40 some years. However, if there's one thing I want to accomplish, it's a relationship... which, of course, I'm also failing miserably at. Maybe I should just embrace my loneliness... no, I can't give in loneliness! I actually did start a new hobby last year in the form of Musical Manslaughter, in which I rant on music. However, I don't think that'll last long as my other hobbies... There are a lot of other things wrong with me, but I don't feel like explaining every single one. These include: Bad communicating Bad (or selective) memory Laziness Sensory issues (don't tickle me) Addicted to the Internet (especially here at MLPForums) Difficulty feeling empathetic/sympathetic Easily frustrated and overwhelmed Low Self-esteem So that's wrong with me. This is something I've wanted to get off my chest for a while now and I'm glad I did. I can breathe again. This is not the lowest I've been in my life, that was 2010-2014. Now before you ask, no, I don't need your help. It's not like you can come to my house and hug me (though that would be nice.) These are things I should deal with on my own. Sorry for my incessant rambling but I felt like I needed get this out of the way. Woohoo out.
  2. Today’s topic: Open up your eyes, from the MLP movie soundtrack. Now, I know you might be thinking, the theme of the song isn’t the most constructive in what it’s conveying, but there’s one line or two I think you can take something from, or at least, I know I can. “If you depend on others, you’ll never find your path” in the context of the song, sure, it’s about “being alone is the best” but if you take it on its own, there’s at least one other way to interpret it. If you depend on others to make a path for you, to pull you along, you’ll never be able to find what you need for yourself. In other words, be selfish once in a while, follow your own path, not someone else’s. Or, at least, that’s what I took from it. anyway, that’s all for now, maybe a part two will come one day. Bye for now!
  3. During the last 2 years i always tried to be the best guy that i could be and i always try to help anyone out if they have any sort of problems. But then there are these episodes that i have from time to time, where i feel like that nobody appreciates me and then i feel totally different. I sometimes have a feelng that i could just stand up and feel angry, because i feel like the whole world has turned against me and that the whole world is talking badly behind my back. And then there are other moments, where i have the same thoughts and i just feel a very deep depression inside me and i am afraid that i could lose everything that i hold dear, or maybe these people never liked me in the first place. I really work hard to get rid of these feelings and i really improve myself. But then they come back and i feel i screwed up everything that i have accomplished. I then wish that someone comes to me, saying how much i mean to them and what not. It's a really terrible feeling. I know that i should always trust my friends, but it's not always easy to battle with these inner demons.
  4. So a recent article came up on EQD that has caused a MASSIVE flame war that 4chan would be proud of. (I goti into it too and finally crawled out alive lol) At BabsCON, Jeremy Whitley brought up the possibility of female/female shipping (aka lesbianism) in the show. Image proof: Instead of starting another flame war on this topic, please fill out my form below. If you'd like me to fix any errors you find in the form, please reply and I'll respond as soon as I can. Form link (just copy-paste it into a new tab): Peace out, Shabb3r
  5. Shift

    Grey or Gray

    A lifelong debate that has been spread throughout generations. Is it Gray? Or it's distant cousin, Grey? Please contemplate your life and your decisions before casting your vote into the poll.
  6. I started a thread, some lets see, yesterday was thursday, and that was week from... a long time ago is when I made it. In that topic I asked my fellow community members (hey, thats you) if they liked to analyze the show, or if they treated it as a sunday morning cartoon. More or less how seriously they took Friendship is Magic. I was surprised at the amount of contention between the two sides, and even more staggered by the amount of people who felt they werent extreme enough either way.So here I am, here you are. Do you think people, mainly bronies, need to start taking the show a little more seriously, or do you think that people take it too seriously already and need to tone it down? Unlike my last thread, where I was generally apathetic towards choosing a side, here I have some things to say. I think bronies need to take it more seriously. Now I am NOT saying we need to catch every plot hole (hehe) or treat it like Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire if you prefer), but I do think people are too quick to dismiss it as more than a simple cartoon. Because (yes because can be used to start a sentence) it is obviously more than just a cartoon. Gumball, Teen Titans GO, and Spongebob are cartoons. They are shows we watch if we turn on the TV and its there. Bronies actively tune in each and every Saturday morning to watch it, the same way people tune in to watch The Walking Dead, CSI, or the aforementioned Game of Thrones. If we are so quick to throw it to the wind, then who are we to say that people outside the fandom cant? Why are Anti-bronies wrong when they do it, but we are justified because "we watch the show." I dont know about you, but MLP is one of the best shows I have seen in my life. It has such good writing, excellent characters, complex world, interesting lore, genuinely funny comedy, and has created a fandom to rival Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, and Sonic. Does that not deserve a grain of respect? But enough of my babbling, this is a thread after all. What do YOU think? Is the show taken way to seriously by some bronies, or vice versa?
  7. So ive been on a bit of an Adam Sandler kick, and ive found out he can be a REALLY good actor when he wants to be. I loved The Cobbler. The movie Click made me cry more than Snowdrop (thats hard because im pretty sure i made another ocean during that). But then he also makes stuff like Grown ups and Jack and Jill. Yaaaaaaaaa, no explanation needed. So i was wondering what are some of his more dramatic roles like Click or The Cobbler? I want to watch more, but id like to avoid crappy comedies like the Grown ups, and watch more comedy/dramas that hes good at.
  8. There are some people who, upon hearing anything attacking or mocking the show or fanbase, would get mad and scold at whoever who does the mockery, or vehemently defend the show. There are also others who will go into an uproar whenever they find certain changes to the show (such as the Alicorn saga, EqG, etc. -- I'm not asking for you to delve deep into those dead issues). Do you take the show very seriously, like these folk?
  9. Hey guys. I originally didn't wanted to write this blog,and just made a status update and a few changes on my About Me(what a twist),but,recently,a lot of changes have been affecting my life,and I thought that it would be a good chance to make a few things clear,and to update my current state. Without more hesitation,here it comes: Don't go sending me random friend requests: I like to talk to new people,that's something that I want to make clear. There're very few exceptions about which people I won't talk to,but I think that I don't need to explain them all here. Just..don't go sending me friend requests without even trying to talk to me. Sometimes I may delay a bit on answering PMs,but that's because I tend to use the mobile version of MLPForums. After all,it's not really hard to press that button who says Send Message,right...? About Skype: Until now,I had my Skype shown to the public. I still use it,and it's my main method of contacting people,but,from now on,I'll have it hidden,and I'll only give it to people that I really I'm friends with. I don't want more spam,trolls,or people that just says one-liners. Sorry if I offended anyone with this change,but this is the truth. Don't go thinking that I'm stupid Really,I'm not pointing at anybody on this forum,and nobody here did nothing that made me go 'angry',but this is a thing that I would like to make clear just for the future: I'm not stupid My most common place for posting is the Cloudsdale Colliseum,specially on the Forum Games and Forum Lounge,where I make a topic about something each few days. I like being a bit silly,and I like to have fun with other members,and give other members reasons to have fun(which is the point of my topics,because people has fun while they last),but I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO JUDGE ME JUST FOR THOSE POSTS. Even if 90% of my forum time is spent there,I like talking,and I enjoy culture and reading. I can write lenghty posts when the situation calls for it,and I can also defend myself efficiently on a debate,so don't go thinking and telling everyone that i'm just "A stupid person that only knows how to post stupid things" My gender and my sexuality: This was the point about me making this blog,and the reason of why I want you people to read it,please. Lately,i've been having a few gender issues that made me rethink about my own gender,and caused me to look inside me and realize what I am really,so,without hesitation,let me explain myself. -I'm biologically male,but I'm Gender Fluid. The gender that I feel related the most is Female,and I would prefer to be treated like that unless new adverstiment. -My sexual orientation is Demisexual, which means that I'll only develop feelings for people with which I have a deep emotional bond. This is a heads up for both people that knows me and people that I start to talk from now on,and I would like you all to respect my decision,thanks. Wait,does that change something about you? Of course not! I'm still the same person as before,and I still do like the same things as before(people that really knows me will get the reference),but now I'm just part of the opossite gender,and this change may be for better or for worse for some,but,for me,it's what I really want to be. <3 And that's all that I wanted to make clear for now. There's not much else that I want to say now,except that I wish you a good day to you all,and I hope that you respect my thoughts and opinions that I just stated on this Blog. <3
  10. Can you take a MLP FIM fan fiction seriously? Seriously as in fan fiction that deals with more mature themes (more mature themes than the story would deal with) like death, war, suffering, war of survival, tragedies and general hardship? Not that you would get upset about the story, but you won't just dismiss the entire story, just because it has MLP Ponies in it. Or would the fact that MLP FIM is a cartoon, therefore you can't take any 'serious' MLP FIM fiction seriously? Personally, I can take a MLP FIM story quite seriously (if written well too) as long as it doesn't directly reference its a cartoon in the story.
  11. So, I have been away from the forums for a bit, because reasons aaaand I decided to come back, because I wanted to ask you guys this thing. As most of you will prabably be aware of, pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire have been out for some time now. I totally love the game... I'ts my favourite gen with all the advances and awesomeness that gen 6 brings to the table. Now, seen the fact I have played gen 6 and as I have completed ORAS today, there is a little something that I noticed... The story is getting darker and more serious, or at least that is how I experience it. Without spoiling anything for anyone I will leave the details out, but as it seems... both X and Y and the ORAS delta episode seemed to bring up a lot of pretty grim topics, mainly: Mass death, sacrifice and even a form of genocide (X&Y). The characters in the story also get more and more character development (even though it still isn't that much). So, are there more people who think this, or am I over analyzing the games? Anyway, I think it would make a good conversation topic.
  12. Can I log in to my account on a different computer cause I tried doing that on another website and they ended up banning me.
  13. Life is one of the oldest games on the market. It's the best free game IMO, but it's still received much critique over the years, and people are conflicted about the backtory. Today I shall be reviewing what is perhaps my favorite game. The genre of real life is unique, most people guess it's either an RPG or MMO, but nothing conclusive has been decided. _________________ Graphics This is one of the strong points of real life. It literally has microscopic detail. I can't even see the pixelation, it's amazing. And yet, it doesn't sacrifice frame rate because of it's superb graphics like some games (I'm looking at you, Crysis). The graphics have aged well, so much so that it still has better graphics than all games on the market. However, the Xbox One or PS4 might change that, we'll have to wait and see. I love the variety of colors in the game, in addition, all of the characters have unique models and textures, it's really amazing and innovative for the time the game was released. The render distance is absolutely fantastic. Distant land actually renders quite clearly. New models, textures, and characters are being added all the time. Although I do have a problem with rendering, it's implied that this is an intentional part of gameplay and not a glitch. 10/10 _________________ Gameplay The gameplay is one of the most heavily critiqued aspects of real life. It's a mixed bag, really. Some people say that the levels are fun and intuitive, some say it's boring and repetitive, and some say it's horrible. Despite this, life maintains a steady and huge player base. Player controlled characters are abundant, with some choosing good morale and some choosing bad. Life has many things to do, playing sports, playing video games, writing, reading, listening to music, it's really amazing. However, you have to look out for some actions that grant temporary stat boosts but lead to a game over later on (Smoking, being a hit man, etc..). In addition, sometimes Moderators have to step in and stop players from breaking the rules, by giving them a temporary or permanent ban.. Bans are unique in this game in that you still have the ability to interact with other banned players (Sometimes). That leads me to the next biggest problem with life. Once you reach the game over screen, you cannot replay. So far, nobody has found a way to get around this by glitching or hacking but people have been trying to find a way to do just that for the longest time. Nobody has been successful yet (As far as we know). The gameplay is really a swing and miss, tons of memorable and unique moments will occur. I think a great thing about life is that it's unique on each playthrough (Although you can only playthrough once).However, there are years of possible gameplay which makes up for the lack of a replay option. It does lack a save feature, which is kind of disappointing, as that's a huge dissappointment in and of itself. Especially since sometimes unfavorable events occur and it would be easier if we could revert our save data back to an earlier state. Some have claimed that most players are actually just in the loading screen for the real thing, I'm not too sure about that. I've tried to ask the developers but they have thus far been unresponsive. If this theory is true, than it is only reasonable to assume that life has the worst lag issue of any game ever created. However, since we cannot confirm this as of yet, I'm not going to hold it against the game. My character has high charisma, intelligence, and strength stats but also has a few negative traits here and there. This adds a good balance to the game. 8.5/10 __________________________ Sound Effects The sound effects are varied, crisp, and clear. I only really take issue with two sounds, Nailsonachalkboard.OGG and CryingBaby.OGG, these two have been shown to agitate a large portion of the player base. 7.5/10 ____________________ Controls Some players report completely (Such as myself) clear and easy to use controls, with a wide variety of features. However, some players have reported unresponsive controls for certain actions and some have reported that no controls work for anything, this either happens during or at the start of gameplay. I however have experienced some problems where the player controlled character fails to perform certain tasks even when instructed to complete them, this does however add a good bit of challenge to the game. 8.5/10 _______________ Story The exact backstory of the game as a whole remains known, but many fan theories about the matter have arisen over the time the game has been released. The developers have not personally stepped in to confirm or deny any of these theories, so the truth is still unknown. As for personal story lines, some players report heartwarming stories while others report heart breaking stories, it varies from person to person. Negative experiences are made up for the fact that each storyline is unique (Although they are all intertwined). Generally play-throughs last up to eighty or so years (It varies depending on the location you spend the most time at). Certain actions affect the length of your play-through but it is not known exactly what causes expanded play time. Players who have chosen the medical perk have long been trying to figure out exactly how to cheat and obtain infinite playtime, but so far nobody has succeeded. Each play-through is packed with emotional moments, and there is no exact balance, each player's play-through is guaranteed to be different. Personally my play-through had tons of bad experiences earlier on with a more balanced experience later on. I joined a very pleasant faction that increased my social stats considerably. 9/10 ________________ Summary The game is a true classic. In a way, it is really a precursor to the Sims. It's not right for everybody, yet it maintains a huge player base with many things to do and many places to explore. New things to do and see are often being added. It's so much fun, life will make you laugh, life will make you cry. Life is by far my favorite game of all time. Overall Rating:10/10
  14. Now before you say anything, yes this is a serious moment so if your here for the silly and random Scoots you've come to the wrong place. After a few weeks, I've been rising up from my depression and I feel that I've angered some people on the forums. With school coming closer to starting, I'll have to cope with the anger. Cutting this blog short, so that's about it.
  15. So, for anybody expecting something funny/witty/clever/random, turn back. This blog post is not what you're looking for. So, let me start out by saying that I love these forums, these forums have one of the most varied and lovely communities out there, but now let me continue and say that it has some serious problems. Problems that need to be addressed. Let me also start out by saying that I will never give up on this community, I will continue participating in and helping this community until I have been put in the ground. So don't worry about this by thinking that it is that type of blog posts. This is more like a long string of feedback. The first thing I'd like to mention is that for the longevity of the forums, the "Address problems when we feel like it" model of operation will not work out in the long run. Don't laugh or think that's some kind of joke or poking fun at the forums, that kind of thing actually works on a small scale, but as the forum grows, more systematic moderation will be required to simply keep up with the amount of content being produced. I would recommend making some kind of system where there is at least one moderator always online, maybe by hiring moderator from varied time zones this will work out. Another thing I've noticed is that the Administration does not seem to take the recent problems with the forums' public image very seriously. That is unfortunate, because unless we take steps to enhance that public image, the forums will simply become more and more hated, and users will keep leaving. I recommend we fix this by hiring some kind of section of site-staff meant specifically to address problems with public image. They could do trivial things that in the long run will make the forums look better publicity wise. This solution might not seem necessary, but think about it, do you know how many more users, would, for example, stay on the website if we had staff members that helped them at home by doing things like replying to their welcoming plaza posts, handling issues with name changing so that the Admins do not have to. I would think they'd be a step from between Poniverse staff and moderation. You might think of this as trivial but keep in mind that this would help the mods and Admins by freeing up their time that they would have spent on trivial things like this. Some recommended titles might be things like "Community Representative" or something similar that gives people the idea that these users represent the things that the forums are really about. On to the next problem, inconsistencies in rule enforcement. It should not be set up in such a way that several minor infractions could lead to permanent bans. An example would be making it so that the most ban time a minor offense like backseat moderation or pointless/off topic could only add up to a week ban maximum, while excessive vulgarity could add up to a month maximum, and so on. You might say that users could abuse this, but here's the thing, I don't mean that it could never end up perma banning a user, I simply mean that the severity and intent of an action should be considered. Somebody well-intentioned should not be banned permanently for the site because they simply don't understand what they're doing. In addition,this would help silence those who say things like "It's so easy to get permabanned here", and again, this would help the forums' public image. We should only be perma-banning long time-repeat offenders if they commit minor violations and permabanning extreme things like those who post NSFW content or trolls, etc. The last problem I would like to address is the staff-selection process. The problem is that only staff have a say on somebody's promotion into the staff. The reason this system will fail in the long run is that it means that if it gets to a point where there are a lot of bad mods/admins, no good mods/admins will get added. In the long run, a better alternative would be user-nomination by other members, and then the staff would vote on these nominations. That way, the public could express their support for a user's promotion, but the staff would still have the ultimate say in the matter. There should be some kind of fail-safe in case of staff corruption where if the general user consent is that this user should be promoted, they will at least have to be considered. For example, the staff will receive a notification about it so that they know it would be a good time to make a final decision about it. That way, the staff will not become a completely totalitarian 'Cool kids table' type high school-clique like it would if the staff can only grow by it's own will to do so. I mean, if a user isn't cut out for the job, they can always be demoted at any time. But we should at least give them a shot if the community in general believes they deserve a chance. I mean, the forums needs to put at least some trust in the judgement of it's own members, otherwise, the staff team will seem detached and distant, thus further decaying the public's perspective of said staff team. ----------- In closure, I would like to say that these steps would ultimately help the forums and continue to help it grow and prosper, as opposed to stagnate (Even if the start of Season 4 makes the forums become more active, unless steps are taken, our increasing negative reputation will do much harm) like it is currently starting to do. I am very passionate about this community, and am just worried about it, I want to see it continue to grow and expand it's horizons. I remain cautious but optimistic that the forum can become even better if only we set it on the right path. I love you guys, and want nothing more than to have this forum continue to succeed for years to come. -Harmonic
  16. Before posting. Please take the time (if you so chose too) to watch this video as it will help you to understand what it means to "Enrich lives". It links to a video from the series "Extra Credits" Some games are entertaining. Some have changed how we think about the world. What games have enriched your life? For me it was the first game I ever preordered, my very first Zelda game. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came out in my early teens. I was still very much maturing as a person. I also have a younger sibling so the game really spoke to me as an older brother. The game taught me something very important about responsibility. Link in the game had saved his sister, but he battle was not over. Link was set to defeat the evil that started his adventure in the first place. For those who have the power to defeat evil, it is their duty to do so. The strong have the duty to protect the week because their nature of strength calls them too.
  17. This is my first entry into my more serious blog. I will post here when I got more mature matters to speak of that would be inappropriate for my silly fun blog. Well, lately, I have been falling back into the vices of depression, and I think several factors have contributed and have made me realize things about myself. I am not in a good place now. I am managing diabetes poorly, I am failing everything in school with 15 days to get up, and I can't crackdown because I find myself deep in apathy. I can't find the motivation to do anything productive. And I will probably fail the 10th grade for it. It is this overwhelming nature in life that I find myself getting depressed. For the obvious reasons, and for a more stupid one. I was a Sonic fan years before I was a brony. I had daydreams and fantasies of being in that world, doing awesome stuff like that. And now I fantasize about being in Equestria. Not as a human either. Mainly as a griffon. And I have these daydreams of a peaceful life there and find myself getting depressed that that will never happen. It is stupid to get depressed about that, but I can't help it. Then there was Key Gear's resignation and how all these people are really good friends with him, and I only really talked to him I think twice, and I realized I don't have any friends at all. Not really. I share a laugh with a few people, have a good time RPing, but I never message these people or chat with them outside of that. So now it seems like I have no IRL friends or online friends. I have a few contacts on Skype, most of them being offline all the time. The only people that are consistently online are the people I added during the Skype call in Marco's stream. And whenever I try to message one of them, I can't think of anything to say. So really, it is like not having any contacts. Because I am too anxious to message anyone. This wasn't the only thing that Key Gear's resignation showed me though. He was dealing with a lot of personal grief and stress, so he needed a break to regain strength. I asked myself if I would do the same in his shoes. I wouldn't. And I realized why. He has self worth. I don't. I have no respect for myself. I love making others happy, and making their lives better, but have a low opinion of myself. So in Key's position, I would've worked to bring happiness to others until I was a broken shell of myself. Because again, no self worth. Just take my happiness and energy. Not like I am making good use of it. But I can't code worth shit, and got a pretty crappy computer, couple that with several other factors, and I feel helpless to help anyone. I can't even do that. Sometimes, I just feel worthless. Like I am just consuming resources and money. Maybe that is why I want to be a mod. So I can at least have SOME worth. So I can help in some fashion So I am not completely worthless. I just want to be able to do something productive for once in my pathetic life. Even now I am just bitching on a forum with people I shouldn't be weighing down with my own petty problems. But here I am, doing it anyway, because, despite my best efforts, I am a selfish lazy asshole. Might as well post this, seeing as it is near 2500 characters. TL;DR I have no friends, self worth, or usefulness. And am swimming in self pity like an asshole.
  18. Untitled Pony Online Predicted F.A.Q. What is this untitled game? Simply, just say that this is an MMORPG pony game made in 3D. The game is about a war between the Lunar Republic and Solar Empire. The story will be told later, but it's done already. The player will be given a chance to join a faction, and organize a massive war (massive PVP) with their mates against the opposing faction, and win a global bonus for their faction. New factions will be added as the game grows. We're planning to let the player to stay neutral between two factions, but we're afraid that this will be implemented late. We haven't gotten the right title. We once used "Tale of Equestria" but later we found out that it's used already. Maybe we will use "Equestria Online" since the previous "Equestria Online" project has changed its name. Any idea in this is welcomed. Well, then how is the game play? This game adapts the hack-and-slash game play. We understand that click->auto attack system brings boredom faster and isn't interactive nor realistic, which doesn't fit our motto: "We create the world, you live in it." You will be able to move freely. You can use your weapon to block, or jump aside to avoid attacks. You can walk, run, and if you're a pegasi, you can fly. You will rely on your skill to survive, not only mere attributes and skill level. You won't win if you just click at your enemy once and wait for it to die. We want you to drop your sweat when playing this game. Gaming is healthy. You can eat muffins, cook some cupcakes, and develop any skill you like. What? Develop any skill I like? Aye. Anything wrong with that? We implement a non-job system, not like most MMORPGs you can find today. Why? We understand that sometimes you want your character to be unique, and job-system prevents you to do it. Just say, you imagine that you have a character who fights with a sword, and is good at healing with herbal medicine, but there's no job "Herbalist Swordman" in the game. Maybe you want your character looks like this? Especially in a pony MMO. I bet you want your OC to be unique. To be different. They have a back story. Of course. Maybe your OC is an archer who's skilled in music, or cooking? Who knows? That's why we implement this system. We provide you with the skills, you choose it. Won't this non-job system make the player over-powered? Nope. We've planned about this already. Developing any skill you like doesn't mean you can rise the skill freely. You will spend skill points to rise your skills, and everything will be balanced. Also, there will be some attribute limits in rising your skill. If your OC is really that powerful, we challenge you to make it. Again, we make the world, you live in it. Then, what kind of people ponies do you need? Now, we're only recruiting ponies who can do : Concept Art. Description: 3D Modeling. Description: Texture Mapping. Description: Bump Maps. Description: Please note that we're not recruiting musician, voice artist, programmer or story board YET. We don't want to recruit a bunch of people at once without making sure that they will be assigned to a job as soon as they join the team. We've planned about this. We will recruit people when we need help, and keep the project as efficient and effective as possible. Also, we won't recruit any official tester to the team. We're on glaring at your skill in particular things. We're looking for dedicated people. Everypony can learn to be better at their things as they join this project. We only need some handful hoof-full ponies to help. How about the current team? At the moment, we only have three active crew. They are : @shadok2012: Leader/ Concept Artist/ Modeler/ Texture Artist/ Developer.He's the leader of the team. Our only modeler. He's pretty talented in this. If you know an old project called "NLR" he revived the project. You will see some images which are made by him soon. His dedication in this project is unquestionable. He's the leader, and he was working all alone before I joined him. @Sky Warden: Programmer/ Database Manager/ Network Builder/ Website Maker/ Story Writer/ Supervisor.This is me. I'm not the leader of the project. I just help Shadok in making the recruitment thread. I handle the computer thingy, as you can see above. Just like Shadok, I won't pull back from this project. At least not until we finish the alpha. A concept artist who's an IRL friend of Shadok. He doesn't have a forum account. He's working directly with Shadok, and is a useful concept artist.For a record, I'm not the leader. I'm just a supervisor who assigns and maintain the crew jobs whenever Shadok is off. Isn't that too few for an MMORPG project? Why of course! That's why we're recruiting now. Even so, almost everything is covered already. We have a pony for almost every position needed to finish this game. The progress is slow, I must admit, but it keeps moving and we just need a time. We will recruit more when we need it. Everything has been planned. A long period planning has been set. How's the progress? At the moment, we've done it very well. Shadok has finished the basic pony model, and almost finish an epic map of Ponyville which will be the place where the alpha takes place. Example of his works : The base pony model. The map of Ponyville (from above). And he asked me to put this one. The game database is almost done. I just need to set some foreign keys, security thingy, and then the database will be ready to be filled. I haven't worked with the website at all. I won't do that until we finish the alpha. We're focused in that at the moment : Finishing the alpha. The basic concept of the system is done. Even though it's still 'Build One' I guarantee it can work. I just need a time to write it. Ah yes. I write it in Python. What software are you using? We're using Unity 3D. Shadok uses its terrain tool. If you're a programmer and may want to join when we open the next recruitment, you can use C#, Boo (similar to Python) or Java. I just use the humble nano in my Linux. Do you know about Hasbro? They may shut you down, especially because it's a violence game. We do know about it. In fact, that's our biggest concern at the moment. We've planned to contact them for permission to release the alpha when it's done, so we may need a silver tongue when the time comes. As for violence issue, it's not that big. The game is wrapped in a cute cartoon 3D world, and there won't be blood, intense sharp weapons, gore, sexual contents, or any other NSFW stuff. What are the playable races? There will be Unicorn, Earth pony, and Pegasi. Every races has its own strengths and weaknesses. Other races like Zebra will be added as the game grows. Alicorns are just for admins. Deal with it. How's about the items, weapons, armors, skills, attributes, and monsters? Hold on. This post is long already. PLEASE DO NOT: Join just because you want your name written in the credit part. Offering yourself for an official tester position. Join then leave before the sunset. Join and only chat with the other crew without doing anything productive. Talking about your awesome skills to be accepted and leave soon after you join. Join just because you want an Alicorn character. Game Summary : Title: Untitled Pony Online. (seriously, help me with this one.) Genre: MMORPG. Modelling Engine: Unity 3D. Game Play: 3D Hack and Slash. Main Features: No-job system. Races. Massive PVP. (for glory! For freedom!) Military rank system. (ponies who're respected can be selected to be a military leader for various ranks, and then they can manage for a war.) Magics. (you don't bucking say?) Quests lines. Self-upload Cutie Mark. (every Cutie Mark will be approved manually by some admins, so don't worry about NSFW Cutie Marks) Relationship system. (RP yeah!) Item crafting. (*hitting an anvil with a hammer* Hayayaya~) This game will be bucking free to play, and perhaps there won't be any premium account thingy. I will add more information when I remember, so keep watching this thread if you're interested. I have a bad memory. If you're willing to join, specify your skill and which of the available positions do you want. You may launch some questions as well. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Wardy.
  19. So first of all is Metroid's arm gun attached to his arm or his suit? Also, Metroid Other M is the best game ever. And Metroid X Master Chief Super Metroid is a horrible game And Metroid should be online multiplayer on Zbox liv.