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Found 31 results

  1. Ok so, I know that apparently years ago, there was this big ass map of Equestria some team built in Minecraft. It had like...I think pretty much everything that was explored in the show, such as Ponyville, the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, etc. I think the server address (or at least the website to see the map) was like... or something Anyone know what happened to that?
  2. Realm of Equestria Is very newly started up PonyRP/DarkRP the theme being MLP. We server with custom content for map. Fully ponyfied town for you run around in with your very own pony OC. Made in the player curator mod PPM2 and further customization with use of PAC3. Map is actvily being work on by Sig Hoovestrong and Jes. Jes being the owner and also guy in charge of most game addons being use on server. We are looking people just like to hang out mostly and have some casual chill RP ones in awhile. In style of every thing from Ponies just living there town live to conflict RP between the government faction and the criminal faction. Many other ways you may RP on server but first check with server rules first before starting anything. In a sense it's a playground people come to gather just meet up with some friends and have some fun to gather our meet new interesting people. Server Rules (recommand reading) Sever Address Steam Group Webpage Discord Addon List (Recommended strongly to Download before joining the server)
  3. Why doesn't the Equestria server work? I've tried to do /spawn Equestria and I've tried going through the portal, but it doesn't work!
  4. hey, so i just barely tried to log into the server today and it says i've been banned because I'm an "Alt of TMA_1". I am not. I do, in fact, know TMA_1 but he should not be able to access my account. Whatever he's done, I have nothing to do with and have no intention of doing or being banned. It said to come here and appeal but I really don't know how to do that so i hope this is okay,, , ,, ,,, ,
  5. Hello, everyone! So one of my friends from back when I was still a member of Equestria Daily has recently started a Discord server for people who are interested in writing, called the "Anything Goes Writer Workshop", and since the server is pretty inactive currently, I have decided to help her out a little and give you all a server invite: If you are interested in writing, and own a Discord account, I would highly recommend you visit the server!
  6. The discord server for mlpforums is corrupt. I was recently banned with no further interaction with any of the staff. I suppose I was banned on the statute that I was disobeying staff. But not once did the moderators ask me to stop until seconds before I was banned. What are your thoughts on this MlpForums? Has this happened to you as well?
  7. My brother gave me the idea of starting a Brony Discord server (Discord is sorta like TeamSpeak but better imo) I was thinking about it and I couldn't seem to find a server anywhere that already exists (Maybe I didn't look hard enough), so I was wondering if anyone would actually join? so I'll post this and depending if anyone wants to join, I'll start a server up. Discord website (Also, sorry if this is on the wrong section, couldn't find anywhere more fitting)
  8. Hey guys just wanted to know what happened to the server. Just tried to log on and it BungeeCord 1.8, 1.9 and that it's out of date. Whats going on? ~Diemond
  9. im starting my own server, and would like to know what plugins, or mods, anything, you guys are using over at the poniarcade minecraft server, ive been on there for about two or two and a half years, and would really like to know, as the simple layout and all really pleased me, thanks in advance, -Cocoa_Surprise
  10. I was wondering if we have any sort of mlp forums Minecraft server, kind of like has. If not, I think it would be pretty cool to get one started. Preferably, I am looking for a good survival brony server, but it doesn't have to be for mlp forums specifically. Does anypony know of a good, active brony survival server that I may be able to join? Thanks!
  11. So, I am posting here to tell all you ponies out there of a minecraft server that I currently run. It's just been started, and I am looking to you guys to help build up the community in it. The server is hosted by Beastnode, and currently runs on 3GB of RAM. It's a Tekkit Lite server, so there should be a lot of interesting things to do there. Currently there is no permissions plugin, so teleports are to be requested atm. As soon as I get permissions working, I will post the update. The IP for the server is - no specific port needed. Hope to see all you lovely ponies there!
  12. What hardware and software run Poniverse and the forums? I'm curious to know all the nuts and bolts.
  13. Hello everyone. Was just wondering if anyone here plays Gmod. I have been working on starting up a small server for use of me and some freinds. I was wondering if anyone here would want to play on it. I am new to this and the server is a work in progress. I have added many maps and game modes so it can be changed around if people wanted to change the game. As of right now there are some bugs with some maps and I am currently trying to solve an issue that I need some very minor help with. People let me know if you would play on it!
  14. I'm working on creating a minecraft server that everypony can play on. It supports 1.7.x - 1.8.x ip --> is is in beta so expect there to be bugs
  15. Just Add Me On Steam "{Para} WuBz_Da_Boss If You Wish To Join. One I Have Accepted You, You Will Get A Link Download All The Addons In The Collection To Get 0 Errors Have A Nice Day This Is Not A 24 Hour Server This Is Just Hosted By Me.
  16. Hey all Bronies! I know that before I've posted topics looking for people to play with on Smite, and other games. But now I'm asking for Minecraft. I'm wanting to get at least 3 people to play with, that all have Skype, have mics, and are able to talk (on weekdays from 1000 to 1600 CDT (10AM to 4PM Central Daylight Time). I would just want to do survival, no creative or pvp or any of that BS. Just normal survival (probably on Hard difficulty). We'd be using the OreSpawn mod (plugin?) on the server, so we get extra gear, biomes, and dimensions to explore. Ok, so that's it. If you're interested, PM me on here or reply to this. Doesn't matter which. Fellow Gamer Brony, ~ Alicornification ~
  17. This Minecraft server is dying, because nobody goes on it anymore. I just talked to a lead moderator and he said that the owner is going to move the server to a different game if things stay like this. It's too bad, because it's a very fun server. It's only server I know that has creative worlds that don't use plotme. I have an idea. Maybe we could all populate the server and practically take it over and turn it into a brony server. ip:
  18. If MLP Forums Has A Minecraft Server Or Any Brony Has A Cool Minecraft Server That I Can Join Tell Me And Post The IP In the Replys/Comments. THANK YOU, GOOD DAY /) BROHOOF (\
  19. Since about last night a virus has been spreading through hundreds of GMod servers and it appears to infect both the server and the player. It doesn't seems to be too serious (I think all it does is just spam a cough sound on the server), but I think the mere fact that this happened is worrisome enough. I mean, what if someone uses this same exploit to steal people's Steam wallets or passwords? Scary stuff
  20. Hey everypony! I'm here to announce a brony friendly server on tf2. Sure, we're really more of a trade server, but we've got some cool stuff now, and I'm hoping to add more cool stuff to the map after I get donations. That reminds me! Donors get quite a few privileges, and I'm adding more and more commands to the donor menu as the server comes along. Current features: Grooveshark plugin! Listen to mlp music! Donor privileges, such as noclip, resizeme, !robot, !glow, !dark, more ammo shots in clip when you spawn, etc. Custom map made by a friend of mine! Donators get access to a cool pony room which they can hang out in, and chill! There's even a hidden button that play music. This room is only accessible to donators, mods, admins, etc, those who have noclip. Now, our group isn't just limited to bronies! This server is for everyone, actually. Feel free to join our group! We've already got quite a few people in it, and I'm excited and hopeful we will get even more people. Be sure to read the rules! Also, feel free to add me! Let me, my co-owner, or an admin know if you wish to donate. Currently, the server isn't up because I have to go to the doctor after school, but I'll let everypony know when it is! I'm looking forward to seeing a few new faces on there!
  21. Has anyone played Rust? It's a survival sandbox pc game. It's still in alpha right now but it looks like it would be fun to mess around in. Anyway what are your opinions on it? It'd be cool to have a brony server up/mlpforums server up for the game if we could get enough players.
  22. Anyone know of a good Brony server for minecraft? I have been looking for one that is not over run by trolls and has good staff. The one i played on before had very abusive staff and i couldn't continue playing there. Also it needs to be bukkit, i dont have hamachi.
  23. Does anypony know a good mine little pony server ASIDE from Not to say that there's anything wrong with that one, it just seems a little intimidating (yes I realize how stupid that sounds) Am I the only one who felt that vibe from the YouTube instructional video? Anyways, I digress, anypony know a good server?
  24. As the title says, I been playing Terraria every weekend or so but I have no idea of any good Server in which I can play with people.... So do any of you Guys know about a Terraria server that I can go hang out in? Preferebly a Brony server. Thx!
  25. I've just had a crazy idea for song-serving for something like a randomized radio-server, (if doing a Pandora-like server is waaaayyyy down the road). How about an "advanced" preferences window where one could set percentage sliders for how frequently songs from each specific genre would play? (Or even a slider for frequency for songs with each number of end-user / moderator-critic quality-stars ?) Oh! And of course, a checkbox for "allow repeats before all possible songs played," (or maybe a numeric input -- allow repeats after n-number of minutes/hours"! Oh Oh! And maybe allowing users to save their slider-settings in a limited number of presets like on old car radios! Fun!