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Found 6 results

  1. Here is mine. Of course, I use my laptop for schoolwork too,.
  2. I recently made a video called Funniest Moments of MLP Season 1 Episode 1 because I wanted to be more of a part of the fandom. But while I was creating it I felt like my setup was a bit choppy. First I had to play through the episode to find a clip, watch the clip, rewind to the start, think of something to say, click record, say it, and play the clip. I felt like I had done a really bad job on the video. Anypony got any ideas? Here the link if you need it
  3. Hey guys! I recently finished my personal camera rig. My primary camera is a Sony A5000 with a stock lens. My secondary camera is a GoPro Hero 3 Black. I use a Sutefoto S-40 stabilizer to get those buttery-smooth shots. My mobile editing workstation is a 2015 MacBook Air 13 inch (base model with an Intel Core i5, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD). And my home editing workstation is an old Dell StudioXPS 8100 (top-tier model with an Intel Core i7, 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD). Finally, I use three kinds of headphones/earphones to monitor my videos: a Sony MDR-NC60, a Logitech G930, and some Apple Ear Pods. (Recently pre-ordered the iPhone 6S, so I'll be shooting in 4K soon!) What's your filming rig?
  4. Here's a place to show off your setup, or to just stalk other people and see what their gazing at while they post about ponies My desk is a bit messy at the moment sorry
  5. Recently, I got an Elgato Gaming Capture Card in hopes of it helping out in video quality. The thing runs fabulously, but I've been having issues with audio, lag, and other technical issues of the sort. Most of my problems are in the audio category, though. For anypony who has an Elgato, could you tell me what you'd recommend as a good setup for recording?
  6. What is your general weapon preference on shooter video games? Do you like to run and gun or are you a stealthy sniper? Describe your play style and give an exact setup as example. I am a high damage, high fire power, destroy everything, monster. I like to be a walking Juggernaut. EX:MW3 class setup M60 red dot and rapid fire. Desert Eagle tactical knife. C4 Emp Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro/Quickdraw Pro Steady Aim Pro Assault point streaks. Predator Missile Attack Helicopter Reaper Drone Dead man's hand.