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Found 6 results

  1. I honestly don't think that men face sexism and double standards like how women do. If they do, then why don't they complain about it like how woman do?
  2. Whether you were born in the most privileged part of the US, or the hellhole of Iraq, it seems to be a common sentiment that being a woman in this world is to be unlucky in some regard. Historical patriarchy has had its clear effects on women, which are still felt today. For the purpose of this essay, I'm disregarding the worst places in the world where women are truly denied the most basic of rights. Right here in my home of the US, it's commonly said that women have to fight and work twice as hard, and "play the game better", in order to be respected. Today, I'd like to explain why being male isn't always sunshine and rainbows. In this morning's newspaper, I read an opinion article by a woman who believes that Donald Trump's alleged treatment of women is completely unsurprising, and furthermore a non-issue, because "most men don't respect women." She then went on to cite the existence of strip clubs and Hooters restaurants as evidence of this. I'm not going to weigh-in on my opinions of these sorts of establishments at the moment. The point I want to focus on is specifically this woman's impression of men, and the fact that this sentiment appears very common among women. She says "most" men disrespect women. Most. By definition, "most" means, at minimum, over 50%. I wouldn't be surprised if she was implying considerably more than that--say 2/3 or 3/4. But I'll grant her the largest concession possible, and go with just over half. Over half. She believes that over half of all men disrespect women. (And keep in mind, she's not from Afghanistan, she's from California.) Could this figure really be true? Is every other man you see on the street an objectifying disrespecting, sexist scumbag? Surely not, but the actual numbers are irrelevant to the purpose of this essay. The point is that she simply feels this way in the first place. The point is that many people have this impression of men. As a desperately lonely man, I feel like the game has been rigged against me. I feel like I am constantly labeled as a villain. I feel like wherever I go, women regard me with mistrust and suspicion, and assume that I am shallow and objectify women. I feel like I have been lumped in with the bad guys without being given a chance. I greatly resent being male for this reason. Women often say that they have to fight and work twice as hard in this world in order to be thought equal to men. (Or even half as good, as you sometimes hear.) But I feel like I have to fight and work twice as hard in order to be thought a decent human being, and not a shallow, chauvinistic australopithacine. For my whole life, I've felt like no one has ever looked at me and just seen me, without looking through this pool of poison. I am only viewed through the clouded lens of prejudice created by the bad members of my sex. Any acceptance of me comes with caveats and comparisons to other men. To all women who feel like they've been dealt a bad hand, please know that the grass isn't always greener; it's dead on both sides of the fence.
  3. I'm probably going to get a little backlash for this, but don't judge until you read the entire paragraph... A lot of people, both inside and outside the fandom, talk about how male Bronies are basically defying gender roles. They're watching a show about colorful ponies, after all, in a society where men are expected to like violence, blood, and boobs. It's a good point, of course. But what I've noticed is that male Bronies (most of them) aren't really defying gender roles at all. Let me elaborate: Yes, they watch a show full of colorful ponies, something thought to be for females only. But I've seen Bronies trying to defend their love for the show by pointing out how manly it supposedly is underneath the girly stuff. Remember that Twilight vs. Tirek battle from the season 4 finale? Half the comments on YouTube were something along the lines of "If it has an epic battle in it, there's no way it's for little girls", heavily implying that anything with a cool battle scene in it is automatically masculine and "proves" that the show can be for men as well. The same thing happens with all battle scenes in MLP that are posted on YouTube. At least half of the comments are male Bronies trying to use the battle scene as proof that the show can be enjoyed by men. In other words, they're just aiding the traditional idea that men are supposed to like violence and explosions, rather than pointing to the show at large and saying "This show is well-written". I know not all Bronies are like this, but there are a decent few. My main point is that not all Bronies are defying gender roles. Quite a large number of them are just trying to make the show fit into their gender role. Your thoughts?
  4. From the first few episodes of MLP:FiM I've noticed a distinct difference in how jobs and placement in society are assigned to male and female ponies. And yes, I understand this is a show marketed towards girls, so naturally the female characters should have a more prominent role. As a feminist myself, however, I believe in gender equality, and that female supremacy is not actually a good thing. In MLP: FiM males seem to be put down and held back over and over again. Small disclaimer: I don't take the show seriously enough that this actually bothers me, for me MLP is a way to unwind and get in touch with my inner child. But as a female brony, I am very curious about what you men have to say about this and what effect it has (if any) on your opinion of the show. Let's look at some examples: Big Mac - barely speaks, manual labor only Flim and Flam - practically villans, sleazy con men that get what they deserve Snip and Snails - uncoordinated, easily manipulated, blissfully unaware of their own failures Prince Blueblood - high status, but he's a jerk Shining Armor - probably the strongest male character in the show, but always secondary to Cadence. His primary role is loving, supporting, and being saved by her. Spike - forced to stay a baby because his female friends/providers/captors (we don't even know how they got his egg in the first place) would rather he remain obedient and manageable instead of completing a natural life cycle It was brought to my attention that Spike was growing because of his greed, not purely by nature, making this point moot. Unless anyone has a theory on where his egg came from. Finally my favorite: "Over a Barrel" Season 1 Episode 21 - in the first few seconds we see four male ponies pulling a train carrying the Mane 6. (I have looked for more train-pulling scenes, this seems to be the only one. ) I wouldn't be bothered by any of this if the females were given the same treatment. Even the females that are easy to dislike (Trixie, Glinda, Diamond Tiara, etc) all have a decent amount of strength and prestige, and they only clash with, or are defeated by, other females. Also all small-time service jobs in the show are dominated by males from taxi-pulling to waiting tables. This is especially discouraging because it reinforces the negative stigma of those jobs having lesser value along with female supremacy. One more side question: According to the Brony Study, a very high percentage of male Bronies value traditional gender roles. Despite that, why does a female-dominated society appeal to you? I hope I'm not raising any sensitive topics, I love MLP and I love all of you. If I'm being honest, one of the main reasons I love the Brony movement is because of how fabulously unique it is. I just want to get inside your heads!
  5. Why is it that boy's are potrayed as slaves in the show? Why is it that the majority of ponyville is women? If so how do the pony's reproduce? I find this as an issue in the show really, It would be good for both the community and the show if a gender equality was made so it portrays both the genders in the right way. So why does it keep on doing this? For a more bigger female fanbase? MLP Tales did it right, So why not here? I feel like this is what is blocking me for becoming a true brony but the more it insults the male gender, the more I hate the show and the more of the feeling I want to forget about it and get away from the brony culture all together...
  6. Mature discussion Ahead Eastern vs Western. It’s a common discussion amongst video-games these days. A lot of gamers do not like the Eastern market of video-games as much as they tend to stick to a specific art style, direction, and way of story-telling that Western style games do not. A prime example of this would be how each culture dictates their RPGs. Japanese RPGs are typically turn based games with an anime-style influence (there are exceptions, of course) that have a cliché cast of characters such as the aggressive tom-boy, the pretty boy, the silly hyper girl, and some character who is usually flirty – either male of female. The common complaint is that the men are very feminine looking and the girls are sometimes too silly and can be annoying. Not to mention the whole “Emo-Hair/Personality” critique. Western RPGs on the other hand are usually a lot more action based. They prefer having vast explorable worlds with tons of nifty weapons to customize your character along with skill-trees and large-scale boss battles. In these games the males are usually depicted as massive, beefy battle tanks while the women are scantily clad amazons who somehow get more defense boosts by wearing chainmail bikinis than full fledged armor. These games focus a lot on player choice to dictate how the game goes. To each their own. I, honestly, enjoy both Western and Eastern games. Japanese games tend to give me that quirkiness, craziness that I love so much while Western games provide me with a feeling of being some kind of hard-core badass. It’s a win win. However, there has been something that I noticed when it comes to these two specific styles of game development and that is how Critics and Journalists treat these games. It has become more and more apparent that these critics have been judging the Japanese games a little harsher than the Eastern counterparts – especially when it comes to sex. Allow me to explain. Earlier this month Suda 51 released his newest game, Killer Is Dead – a psychedelic action game where the main character has the chance to upgrade his cyborg arm by sleeping with women he picks up at a bar. To sleep with these women, he must sneak glances at their cleavage, crotch, and legs. If the character has a special pair of sunglasses, he can actually see their underwear and figure out their likes and dislikes in the hopes of picking them up. Now this little side-game (optional, by the way), has garnered a crazy ton amount of controversy in the reviewing community. Many critics have declared the game sexist, obscene, and disgusting because of this optional side-question. Some have gone so far as to calling the entire CULTURE sexist. However, I have recently noticed that some of these same reviewers and gaming websites have never really found issue with games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, God of War, Mass Effect (although FOX news sure made a huge stink about it), or Saints Row for their portrayal of women. Here is a quote from one Beyond the incredibly uncomfortable nature of what you're being asked to do - which is objectify a simpering, submissive woman, look at her V for as long as you can get away with for, sigh, points, before giving her cash for sex... actually, there isn't a lot beyond that, is there? It's total shite. Oh, and she's called a 'target' on the pre-mission screen. I would like to point out there is no nudity. You aren't staring directly into a woman's privates, only her crotch. Here’s the problem I see. In Killer is Dead, you never see the women naked. Only stripped to their underwear. The game cuts out before any sex really starts also so you don’t see anything. However, GTA5 and God of War shows full frontal nudity, involves sex mini games with these women, and even lets you murder the prostitutes after you bang them. Hell, if you google GTA5 stripper, there are entire tutorials on how to have sex with girls, get oral sex, and so on. ME has sex that reveals a bit more nudity that Killer is Dead while Saints Row has you rescuing whole boat-loads of whores and strippers for the sole purpose of pimping them. Let's take a quote from one article about KILLER IS DEAD. Why would going on dates with women result in them giving Mondo an upgrade for his cybernetic arm? They wouldn’t. There is absolutely no reason for these missions to exist other than to titillate, inflame and underline just how out-of-step some developers can be when the issue of gender is at hand. It’s both counter-productive and counter-progressive at the same time. Okay, so there is a point to be made but really what's the problem? The same exact thing happens in God of War where you can have sex with women near the start of every level and that a lot of the female character are completely topless. Why is having sex with three women at one (who show frontal nudity and have you actually mash buttons to have sex with them) okay but not this? Hell, I can go as far as bringing up the whole “Metroid Other M is sexist” just because Samus takes orders from a superior officer *Gasp* when no one seems to care if a Western female protagonist needs to take orders from a guy. So, what’s the problem here? Why is it okay to show full frontal nudity in Western games but if a Japanese game shows a woman in undies or in a cheerleader outfit, it is not okay? I have to wonder what really the difference here is. Could it be due to Japan’s history of sexual dating simulators that automatically puts a bad taste in people’s mouths when they see something remotely sexual in a Japanese video game? Or is it something else? Could the overall game be the cause for this? Meaning that if the game is mediocre (as many reviewers claim for Suda 51’s games – as an example), it is more likely to get the sexist label slapped onto it. It is much easier to get away with criticizing a so-so game than the AAA title of the month, right? I am assuming no website wants to be “That Guy” and bring up how lewd a game like GTA5 can be (and is). Are “Great” games that come from big-budgeted studios and pay massive amounts of dollars for advertising immune to this claim by the gaming reviewing community? Thus meaning these lower-budget, niche, smaller titles are an easier target? IE “Don’t pick on the popular jock! Let’s target that geeky foreign kid instead!?” Or is truly because Japanese-made games are truly more demeaning towards women despite the full fledge nudity and sex games in some of the more popular AAA titles? Tell me your thoughts and let’s have a good ol’ discussion!