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Found 1 result

  1. There have been a number of events lately involving inappropriate sexual content in private roleplays here, enough to the point where I need to touch on a few important points with the community at large. The Global Rules are truly global, so they extend to personal messages as well. For the most part, personal messages are private, and the staff doesn't monitor them. However, if someone reports a message, or if we have a strong reason to believe that something harmful is going on, that privacy is voided and we will review the situation. Roleplaying via PM is welcome here, but please keep the content in PG-13 territory or milder. This is not the place to carry out pornographic roleplays and/or cybersex with others. There are many sites that allow such interaction, and we aren't passing a negative judgement on it by any means. We just want this site to be safe and appropriate for a more general audience. On that note, engaging in sexual relations with a minor is never appropriate. This includes cybersex and sexually-fueled fictional roleplays. This does not extend to romantic roleplays with little or no focus on sexuality. Engaging in any form of sexual interaction with a minor here, including through fictional roleplays, will get you permanently banned immediately. You could also potentially face legal trouble. It doesn't matter if it's public or in a personal message. Don't do it. On a more general note: sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated here, and any instances of it will result in harsher penalties than simply breaking the NSFW content rule. To summarize, MLP Forums is not the place for sexually explicit roleplays regardless of whether or not they are private. Romantic roleplays are welcome, but please keep it PG-13. Do not get into any form of sexual relations with a minor, including sexually-oriented fictional roleplays. Do not sexually harass anyone, and respect people's boundaries. Please remember that some members of this community are as young as 13 years old. They should be able to have a safe and friendly experience here, as should everyone else. Thank you.