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Found 10 results

  1. My ponysona/main OC is bisexual like myself. Y’all?
  2. What do you value in a person more when in a serious relationship? Their physical appearance or their personality and behavior? Of course that means if you value personality over appearance you don't need to reject the latter. For me, i look for desired personal similarities, intelligence, and similar interests more than physical attractiveness, that being said, it's always a plus if i come across someone who inhibits both positive traits
  3. Let me first start off by explaining why this thread needs to exist; due to the fact that some of you may be wondering why a thread like this is not merged with the LGBT Support Thread. Bisexuality is different than both hetero and homo sexuality in that it, by it's very definition, means the attraction to both male and female genders. This has lead to false stereotypes and discrimination not only throughout society, but also throughout the LGBT community as well. These stereotypes include bisexuals being promiscuous, greedy, confused, ect... And if you're still in doubt that bisexuals face discrimination within the LGBT community, then watch this video by, one of my favorite YouTubers, TheNotAdam where R.J. explains how he experienced biphobia at a pride parade in L.A. Do to the fact that allot of these particular issues effect solely bisexuals, I felt compelled to make this thread. That being said, this thread is open to anyone and not just bisexuals. I want everyone to be able to join in on the discussion. Lastly, I'll end on this. This thread is also meant to be a safe haven for people who are bisexual. Any bullying will be reported to a moderator or administrator. Thank you for your corporation! ~Cyber Spartan
  4. I'd like to talk briefly about the idea of sexual virginity. I believe that the very concept of "virginity" is one that we could do without. I believe virginity to be a flawed idea that does more harm than good. What words and images crop up in your mind when you hear the word "virginity"? What sort of ideas do your hear associated with virginity? Virginity has long been portrayed as a sacred, precious thing, a thing of great value that must be cherished, and that somehow diminishes the person when lost. Having one's virginity tends to be thought of as being pure and untainted. Virginity is depicted as something that must be safeguarded, something that makes you a more noble or virtuous person so long as you still have it. I don't think I should really need to explain the problem with this way of thinking, but I will attempt to do so nonetheless. As I have argued many times on these forums, sex is not inherently dirty, corrupt, or immoral. Unfortunately, it is used to hurt people, but that doesn't mean that any one person needs to attach a feeling of corruption to sex with respect to themselves. I am a very sex-positive person. I view sex as a beautiful, wonderful expression of love. That's what it is to me. Whatever it is to anyone, it is not inherently immoral. The concept of virginity implies that it is immoral, and that abstaining is a virtuous choice. The concept has caused people to feel ashamed of themselves for having sex outside of marriage, even when it's with a committed partner whom them love very much. The concept of virginity also tends to make people feel that once they lose it, they are tainted, and "damaged goods". This is where our old friend the gender double standard rears its ugly head once again. It cannot be denied that, throughout history, and even still today, virginity is placed at a higher level of value for women. Women are thought to be much more impure than men once they've lost their virginity. In many cultures, and at many points in history, men desire a virgin mate/wife, as if that makes their partner better. Often times, men are actually praised for sexual promiscuity, while women are ridiculed and shamed. In the traditional marriage ceremony, the bride is supposed to wear a white dress only if she is a virgin. I can see no other reason for the origin of this tradition other than to advertise, like a giant flag, that the bride is still pure, and if she's not, it becomes a source of shame. These ideas cannot be jettisoned soon enough. We need to outgrow this idea that sex is inherently dirty, and that virginity is pure thing, and keeping it until marriage automatically makes you noble and virtuous. Sex can be one of the most beautiful things in life, and yet, to my despair and dismay, humanity has done an exemplary job of dragging it through the mud and making people feel ashamed of sex, ashamed of desiring it, ashamed of losing their virginity, and ashamed of their own bodies. A healthy individual, this attitude does not make. Of course, these unhealthy views of sexuality all come from religion. Where else would they come from? People aren't born automatically thinking that their private parts are evil and should be avoided at all costs. That said, I also want to make it perfectly clear that there is nothing wrong with waiting, with abstaining, with keeping your virginity, etc. That's completely fine. There's nothing wrong with waiting until marriage, and nothing wrong with being asexual, either. Whatever makes one comfortable. And I will be the first to admit that sex is absolutely a big deal, and should be treated accordingly. It carries risks, and requires the proper level of maturity and education. The point is that we need to stop treating virginity as an inherently precious thing that needs to be safeguarded. This just leads people to believe that losing one's virginity diminishes them in some way, which isn't true at all. To my knowledge, sexuality is the only thing in life that we attach such a concept to. There is no other area in which we have a term for someone who hasn't done something, such that that unblemished record needs to be safeguarded to keep the person pure. We need to let go of the very idea that having sex means you've lost something. I argue that when it's with someone you truly love, having sex means that you've gained something precious.
  5. Yet another "Cry for Help" post. I feel like somebody's got to think that this is getting old. But this one concerns thoughts I've had for a while. I'll just get to the point... I Believe that I'm an Aspie I know I repeatedly express this feeling, but I feel this need to express my belief that I have Asperger's. I don't know what that need is about (probably the anxiety surrounding it), but I just can't not express it. I have a lot of symptoms that perfectly fit including, but not limited to: social awkwardness, developmental issues (shoe-tying, bed-wetting, and handwriting development in particular), repetitive behaviors, a select number of specific interests, emotional issues (particularly anxiety and depression) and issues expressing them outwardly, repetitive twitches and spasms, talking to myself more than I do with other people, sound sensitivity, an extreme sensitivity to physical pain, social isolation, and being proficient at only specific things. This has caused serious problems in my own life, including communication problems with my teachers and a lack of initiative applying for jobs. I need to get help for this I think, but I'm unfortunately incapable in my current circumstance. It has really, really harmed me, but what can I do if I can't afford anything or go anywhere to get real help, you know? My Gender Identity Issues My gender identity was a frequent topic of discussion when I was on my old account. I was transgender, then I was bi-gender, then I was non-binary, then I just dropped the whole gender thing completely. I'm not entirely sure what I am now. The thing is that I've found that logic and reasoning kind of eliminates the whole idea of multiple genders. I used to believe that there were 11 genders in total, but now I only believe there's 2. But the thing is, my past experiences and my feelings don't jive with logic here. I've always felt at least sort of like a woman in at least some fashion and have always felt sort of off-put by my masculinity. To be honest, it disgusts me in a lot of ways. I know that the people who say "there are only two genders" will tell me that I'm just trying to get attention, but the truth is that I'm not. This is a real issue for me, not feeling right in my own body. Feeling as conflicted and awkward as Stevonnie (Steven Universe) looks. I'm just so uncertain about it all. I feel like I want to express myself more, but I also feel like I shouldn't for the fear that it just won't feel right. Sorry for wasting everyone else's time again with these dumb blog posts I keep making. Seriously, they accomplish nothing in real life. I know they bring me a sort of relief of some of my anxiety (some meaning a lot in normal people terms and a little in my terms), but nothing really comes out of them. Why do I keep posting these instead of writing a suicide note? At least that will bring some relief to everyone else if I ultimately decide to end it all. They'll understand my emotional pain much better, and won't just think of my suicide as some sort of random event without reason. I know there must be an answer to that if I just keep on suffering like this... Right? If there weren't, I'd have overdosed on Ibuprofen by now. I don't know if that question was rhetorical or not anymore.
  6. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A NSFW POST. Personally I will admit I am in love with Rarity. Her hairstyle, her bright wide eyes, her charming accent, the ample amounts of generosity her heart possess...I just love everything about her. A thought then crossed my mind - is there a certain aspect of how Rarity's body curves and facial features that make some bronies fall in love with her? Has Rarity been deliberately designed to look visually appealing? So what you guys think? Is Rarity sexy? Or is she just another pony? Give me your thoughts!
  7. So a recent article came up on EQD that has caused a MASSIVE flame war that 4chan would be proud of. (I goti into it too and finally crawled out alive lol) At BabsCON, Jeremy Whitley brought up the possibility of female/female shipping (aka lesbianism) in the show. Image proof: Instead of starting another flame war on this topic, please fill out my form below. If you'd like me to fix any errors you find in the form, please reply and I'll respond as soon as I can. Form link (just copy-paste it into a new tab): Peace out, Shabb3r
  8. Alrighty, let's try not to be obscenely offensive this time around. I don't think what I'm trying to say this time should come off as offensive, but I'm not exactly the best judge of that (clearly), so if it is, please let me know and I'll amend the post or take it down. So I've been around this old Internet of ours a couple times, and I've had many debates with many people about sexual orientation and whatnot. And the stance I take on the issue often leads others to pose the question, "So what are you saying? Is everyone just born without any sexuality, then?" And the question has often stumped me. I happened to see a similar conversation between others in a comment thread somewhere on the Web, and it got me thinking about the question. And you know what? I think that is what I'm saying! I don't know about y'all, but I don't know too many newborns who are terribly interested in sex. Admittedly, I can't exactly ask them about it, so that's just speculation, but let's take four-year-olds, as they're getting to the point of being able to at least express their thoughts. I don't really know any of them who talk or think about sex, either, or behave in such a way as to lead me to believe that sex is on their mind, or that they're sexually attracted to the other four-year-olds. As sexual orientation is oft compared to handedness in terms of its innateness and whatnot, I'll use that example, too. Personally, I wasn't born better at writing or throwing a ball or punching or... well, anything with my right hand than my left. I didn't have any such skills whatsoever, with either hand. I learned them all with my right hand first, so to this day I'm better at pretty much everything with my right hand. But that's just it: it's because that's what I learned first. I may have learned with my right hand first because of some genetic inclination, or because the first ball I picked up happened to be closer to my right hand, but that's all it seems to be. I just learned things with my right hand first. Similarly, it seems to me that people aren't born with any specific sexual orientation, but with the blueprints for sexuality in general. It's not until later that our sexual orientation actually develops in full and we find ourselves fulfilling our growing sexual appetite in certain ways rather than others. Maybe it goes one way because of some genetic predisposition, or maybe it's just because of what we were thinking about the first time we played with ourselves. Or any number of other reasons. I dunno. So yeah, just a thought I was thinking. Don't have any scientific evidence to back it up or anything, just speculation. And I'm sure I probably got it skewed on some level. But hey, I'll never see where my ideas are wrong if I don't share them with other people!
  9. Sooo. Today, in the new episode, Rarity was mooning over Trenderhoof, and Trenderhoof was mooning over Applejack. Rarity starts acting like Applejack, than AJ acts like Rarity to show Rarity how ridiculous she was being. At the end of the episode, Rarity realizes to not change herself, as we all knew the lesson would be. Interesting is the fact that Trenderhoof also learns the lesson. But anyway, so far I've only said the obvious. How is this reading deeply, BalanceBrony? Here's where I'm going to shoot in the dark. When AJ tells Trenderhoof that he can't stay at Sweet Apple Acres, he goes "Ohh, in disappointment." Applejack guiltily begins to confess... Something. I quote: "Uh, Look, you're a fine pony, but uh, well, I'm uhhh..." What could it mean... I kind of feel like Rarity cutting her off was intentional, to leave us thinking, so I just want to start this discussion. Do you guys think this could be any indication of something else? Also examining the context of the rest of the episode too, we could really have some interesting discussion Keep in mind guys, even though I'm implying that homosexuality is impliied, this thread is NOT about whether or not homosexuality should be depicted. There are more than enough threads on that subject. Instead, let's stick with this specific case, and let the head-cannons go off!
  10. I have hear that some people say that you are/it is gay if you like MLP. I think it's not wat you like that determines wat sexuality you have. Please tell me what you think about it. please leave a comment. I think its a realy important subject to talk about.