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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 22 results

  1. So I'm drawing a little filly illustration and I was just wondering if I got the shading right. If you can see any improvements I would love to hear your thoughts
  2. Vendi

    OC drawing

    So I made this for my signature and it turned out really good I think. and here's a speedpaint:
  3. Autumn Velvet

    Visual Art my non pony art

    I hope you think it is good
  4. Vendi

    Rainbow Dash

    So I did this Vector of Rainbow Dash, it's just meh.
  5. Intenzifier

    Art request

    Well its been sometime since I took my break from this site but I'm back already working on new pieces of art, I was requested by ~ Royalty ~ to make a pic featuring her OC Wolf and Natsu and here is how it turned out. It feels good to get back to making some art after such a long time. (From left to right: Natsu, Wolf)
  6. Vendi

    Angry Twilight

    ...VERY angry Twilight. This is my first vector with shading. EDIT:
  7. Comrade Courage

    Shading attempt

    I had been wanting to do this for a while and I really love the way it turned out!! I know the shadings not perfet but all in all as a first try at shading I think it worked out. I also like how my Ponysona worked out I am still trying to work out my own style I will get there anyway enjoy comments and critiques welcome!
  8. Intenzifier

    Octavia Drawing

    Here is a drawing of Octavia that I spent the last couple days working on, she is one of my favorite background ponies so I decided to give her a draw.
  9. Hello everypony! Just a warning, I suck at shading. So, I would like anypony to help me, please. I want to get better at shading, but I need to know what to improve on. Thanks in advance!
  10. Kurai

    First Shading Attempt

    This is the first time I have ever attempted to shade a pic Ive drawn. If anyone knows any good guides or have any tips, I would must appreciate the help
  11. ~ Indigo Windigo ~

    My Random Pinkamena Art

    So I don't know what I'm doing but I just drew a Pinkamena Art with shadings on MS Paint... I know... Just random...But tell me what you like and dislike about it. I'm not going to fix it 'cos I'm lazy, just deal with it... 100% Original, the proof is my signature. (FaceWhamArt) I hope u like it! And..I'm too lazy to make a background
  12. literally The same as the title, how do i shade neatly and properly, i've been having some trouble with it

    sevooh ypred (shading practice)

    Prepping myself for future, much more worthwhile projects. Until then, have this weirdness. Like, comment, and subscribe if u like it. Please. What Citrus listened to while making this:
  14. Practice, practice. The fruits of me working on perspective and shading today. Also poking fun at myself for staying up late so many nights doing the arts’n’stuff. I hope you enjoy!
  15. This is a pretty lame excuse, but I couldn't draw much recently because I lost my pencil sharpener and all my pencils were dull. Anyways, have some Princess Luna:
  16. OK, so I decided to make some artwork of a random OC I came up with to test out shading. The original drawing was made on paper, then it was scanned and I traced it on Paint.NET and finally, I did some shading on Paint Tool Sai. Tell me what you think of it and please don't be too harsh with the criticism as it is my first attempt.
  17. A. Hesediel

    Feld0 sketch #2.

    I'm sorry for the long wait magnificent and almighty Feld0, but now I've completed the second sketch for this memorable day. In my opinion it's better than the first one, even if the muzzle looks queer and his left wing is bigger than his right one, but for the rest it looks pretty good to me; I hope you'll appreciate this gift even if it's not a big present for this fantastic day. In the next sketch I'll start the Cutie Mark Crusaders with Sweetie Belle. Behold the powerful Feld0 in all his splendor! Previous sketch: Feld0 sketch #1: Next sketch: Sweetie Belle.
  18. A. Hesediel

    Princess Twilight Sparkle sketch.

    So here's the last sketch of the princesses, Princess Twilight Sparkle (or Twilicorn I think), and here I tried to do some shading. As always now I'll list the most evident mistake: her eyes look queer (they make me think of an alien's eyes and also like when she looked mad in some episodes), her right bent leg is clearly wrong, the dress also was a little hard, her muzzle is odd, the sheet has several folds, but maybe this time the proportions are a bit right (I hope). As I mentioned, this time I tried to do some shading (probably I exaggerated), which I don't know if looks good or bad. Concluding, It has more mistakes than the others, but at least the shading (may) looks good, so I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Princess Cadence Next sketch: Feld0.
  19. Hey so I just drew a picture of the plush that I just ordered and I want to add color. Problem is, all I have at my disposal is small tip crayola markers, and out of habit I did the drawing with the detail needed to make said plush look somewhat three dimensional. How does one go about coloring in a drawing with shading with markers, when said plush is predominantly black?
  20. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Slightly Older Scootaloo

    So, I drew older Scootaloo, once shaded, once unshaded. She's old enough to have stronger wings, butbshe still doesn't have her cutie mark. Tell me which you like best? Constructive criticism appreciated
  21. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Shading or No?

    I realize Firebolt did something similar recently, but I have the same question. Should I continue shading my drawings or not? This took a little under one hour (Click for a clearer, larger view) And this a little over two (Again, click) So, is the shading worth it? If you need more to decide off of, take a look
  22. Silver Octave

    Luna drawing (+Shading!)

    Hello my fellow Bronies/ Pegasisters, tonight, before I slumber, I will upload a drawing I've done in the last 30 minutes of Luna. You know I always appreciate positive feedback and I thank you all for it. It has some shading in it and tomorrow I'll probably upload the rest of my drawings that have yet to be uploaded, so I'm looking forward to that :] Enjoy the Luna, my friendly ponies. -Steel Hooves