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Found 4 results

  1. -WELCOME TO STYGIAN AKA PONY OF SHADOWS FAN CLUB- In the season seven finale Shadow Play, the six "Pillars of Old Equestria" with Mistmane, Flash Magnus, Somnambula, Rockhoof, Mage Meadowbrook, and Star Swirl the Bearded, representing the Element of Strength had a thousand-year-old friendship problem that only Starlight Glimmer realized. Long ago, the Pillars were brought together by the unicorn colt Stygian to battle a great evil as known as the sirens. When Stygian later turned into the Pony of Shadows, the Pillars acrificed themselves to imprison him in limbo. In present day, Applejack retrieves Rockhoof's shovel for a ritual to free the Pillars from limbo. When the Pony of Shadows is freed along with them, the Pillars team up with the Mane Six to separate Stygian from the darkness and ban it to limbo once again. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Stygian/Pony of Shadows). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Stygian / Pony of Shadows thread, please only post here about him.
  2. So... Where do I begin? There's something I've been wanting to confess for a while, but I haven't been able to get up the nerve. It's kind of embarrassing and certainly unusual; which is precisely why I've been hesitant to share. Moving on... Anyone who knows me (here or elsewhere) knows me only as "Ziggy," but there's a second, secret element to my personality that I've kept hidden from everyone. While it isn't something I'm necessarily proud of, it isn't something I think I can conceal any longer. Okay, here goes: In addition to my default and true personality, I possess an alternate personality that sometimes irresistibly pushes my true self aside. And that alternate personality is, believe it or not, that of a presumably-high school age Japanese girl with serious anger issues (and a preference for shotguns) named Zigneeta. I know: This is surprising. It was a surprise to me, too. There were times when I'd black out and wake up in a dirty, ill-fitting sailor uniform, covered in empty boxes of Pocky. Times when I'd find myself halfway through a bowl of ramen or picking at a bento lunch (you know, like with the cute little edible octopuses) that I had no recollection of ordering or preparing. There was that one time when I came to with a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu album gripped firmly in another. It was frightening, and I didn't know who I could talk to. *Takes a deep breath. Exhales.* It feels really good to be able to say all of this. You don't know how good. I mean... It's possible that I've shot someone during one of these episodes (or at least shoplifted a music CD), but it feels good to get this off my chest all the same. By the way: No one contact authorities; I don't know what Zigneeta is capable of. o_O
  3. So, I felt I should share the comic that's pretty much been my mainstay for a while, though crafting the next page is somewhat of a chore, as I have to contend with brand new angles every time I want to see what I can do. THIS is Shadows of Abaron, set in the fictional world of Forosia. Abaron, the Mage Kingdom, and Vladis, the Steam Kingdom, are but facets of the greater world which will be revealed through my comic. Note: Forosia is actually my own world, so there's a whole world to explore with it. Note 2: Shadows of Abaron is completely hand-drawn, and shall remain so. There's something... beautiful about drawing with pencils and other tools. The link above will take you to the first comic, allowing you to see the story from the beginning. The comic is currently at 13 pages so far (8.5x11 pages, to be exact. I use up entire sheets of paper making it.) As should be, I would like some comments, if possible, from you guys. The picture below is from the most recent page, just for you guys to take a gander at.
  4. This is my First Music piece and is only the first draft just curious what you think of it I found some nice sounds although the arrangement has probably let me down #