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Found 5 results

  1. Simple question couldn't get more simple. Well, it is one of those things people don't want to talk about it seems but as things turn out, it is something important to be wary of. What I believe is that if this is left untreated somehow, it can accumulate over time. if allowed to reach a certain level, it can really mess with your mind. So then let us all know, how do you cope with such feelings? Or at the very least, how is it that you tend to respond? What's apparent to me is that acceptance is what dispels shame. Finding acceptance in spite of my faults or wrongdoing is how I attempt to dispel my own shame. So how do you do it?
  2. So i have a hangover which is unusual for me to have. I soon have come to find out i drank too much alcohol last night. My friend said it was interesting to see me go through different moods while drunk. He said first i was super happy and funny but soon declined to a depressive state that worried him as i continued. I'm jst glad i didnt do or say anything i might regret later. Unless you count the fact that im somehow wearing underwear. Whelp, thats my little warning to y'all. know your limit or you might end up wearing girls underwear.
  3. I will confess something, something horrible, something awful, something so shocking it will rock your world. I used to play MapleStory. And I had several characters. And I just spent a little work using a character simulator called BannedStory. to rebuild how these characters looked a little. Where does this tie into. As many of you may no, my dead pony OC wears an orange shirt. And subsequently, any character of mine would share this characteristic. Green eyes, blue hair, and orange shirt with black sleeves. it’s a thing. Now you are wondering? Why? When I was playing. whenever I was around friends just chilling out, or when I was helping out someone lower leveled than me. I would wear some noob gear I kept around, but also a level 11 t-shirt. The funny thing about it, nobody else wore it. Simply because everyone else would get a job at level 8 or 10 and immediately switch to job specific gear. Instead of buying this stupid tacky thing. Now another thing to consider is I cheated a little. My assassin isn’t a Bandit, and certainly wouldn’t wield that, but on some private servers I loved being a Bandit. so that’s who he would be now, in my mind. And girls couldn’t wear the shirt. But screw the rules I have blue hair. Anyway, that’s it for story time. The specific hair alterations were done because it would match the character. Honestly the pirate with the bound hair and the Dawn Warrior with the blonde hair, looked amazing. And that’s the story. I did develop the look myself. It is mine, do not steal. (cross post from Tumblr)
  4. So i was sent to the moon for a week for doing something stupid. There was only me to blame. In turn i blame my bad memory for it. Any who, while i was away i had time to think about my fan fics and my roleplays and i think they are going to get 10.67% better. That remains to be seen but if i dont think im good i will start acting like im no good. So now i have a badge of shame and im pretty sure people are going to avoid me now. Oh well
  5. So i was at school. I was taking a little beating for being bi. But you know what? I didn't really care! This is who i am! Once I was open about my 'bronieness', people freaked. They started saying stuff like "You're just a faggot!" and "You're such a loser!" but the funniest insult that i heard was "You like My Little Pony? You're gay!" i could stop laughing. I didn't understand how this was an insult because i was open about me liking the same gender. I realized that they are just spewing out insults left and right because they were afraid of me. They felt threatened about how i didn't care for their insults. The next Monday i can to school wearing a Fluttershy T-shirt. One bully came up to me and started pushing me. I told him to stop. He pushed. I pushed. He shoved. I grabbed his arm, kicked him in the groin, twisted his arm and pulled him the ground, and kicked him in the leg to get him on the ground and walked away. I didn't fight him. I only defended my self. I now that this story seems to lead to nowhere, but i just home that somepony can take some information from it and use it to better themselves in the face of their enemies. Thank you for reading.