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Found 16 results

  1. Spike had alot of good solo episodes for season 6, but he hasn't had alot of episodes in the series where he shares an episode with another main character. He did share alot of episodes with Twilight and Rarity respectively, and also one episode with AJ, and one with Discord and Big Mac! The latter was really an awesome one! Now how about if he shares episodes with other characters he hasn't had an episode with yet? There's Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Starlight, and the CMCs. I know he doesn't have many common interests to some of them, but it wouldn't hurt seeing them happen anyway to see how it plays out! Let's say Spike has one solo episode next season and two shared episodes. What might he share those episodes with? I know half of you are gonna say Rarity and Starlight! But I could be wrong! :3 Me, I think he should have one with Fluttershy next season, and one with Starlight. Fluttershy, because of their interaction in the beginning of the series, I wanna see their friendship with a little more detail, and possibly why Fluttershy has such a fascination with baby dragons, but is afraid of bigger ones. And Starlight, because mainly how they interacted in the Crystalling, I wanna see their friendship explored a bit as well!
  2. Pandora radio is great. I thought it would be nice to see what you guys are listening to, and maybe to create a place for folks to find new stations to listen to. Share your favorite Pandora station here and I'll check it out. Right now, my favorite station is The Clash radio. It's got a bunch of great stuff including The Clash (obviously), David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Sex Pistols, Violent Femmes, The Who, The Cure, and even more. All bands I love.
  3. Looking for Roommates for Whinny City Pony Con. Send me a message if you are doing the same. Looking to join a group or person with a hotel room. Willing to get a hotel room myself if I need to and add people if interested.
  4. Hi people while i'm new around here, and to USA in general i'm going on 3 week trip to USA and will stop at Whinny Con to meet with a friend from USA on general i try to keep my budget low (3 weeks is a long time) so we are looking into finding people to share a room with on the 1-3.4 we plan to book 2 nights for the con. if anyone is interested we expect it to be around 50~60 USD for the 2 nights (as in 50~60 total)
  5. With Christmas just around the corner. I thought it would be a cool idea. For anyone who are celebrating the holiday, to share there Christmas trees. Post your tree below. Here's a picture of my tree. Happy Holidays!
  6. This user has left the fandom. They've been exposed to the horrible underbelly of it and the poisonous culture, including the racism, rampant pedophilia, and lack of care to do ANYTHING about it. This fandom began on 4Chan. It shows. I hope you can get out too.
  7. I was thinking, I'm sure most of us were raised with cartoons and by cartoons, wether it was something from the 80's, 90's or something that's timeless (like tom and jerry, some old disney and Warner brother's sketches) they brought to tons of fun and laughter, and they even gave us lessons No matter what's the language of the opening, because I'm sure that as we're from different countries we have different intros, let us share I'd like this topic to be a pleasant exprience, show we can remember things from our childhood and learn about other's childhood, so, I'll start by giving people some openings from portugal for some animes So, please share And if this infringes on the cophright rule then please close the topic, I don't want to break any rules Oh, I couldn't post more than two links, so I'll just put some more here, and hopefully this post will the merged with the last one. Those were the shows I watched, I also watched some kiddie shows, but I can't remember the names, so I won't put them here
  8. I Made a topic soo you can share you strangest Dreams! soo go Ahead! I won't Judge you .
  9. As it says in the title. Share your amazing ponysonas. All are welcome we do not judge I will start it off with my ponysona Steam
  10. Have you ever watched a YouTube video that's left you in tears or doubling over from your sides hurting so much? If the answer is yes then please share your experience below and a possible URL link Mine is: WARNING, SEXUAL INNUENDOS ARE INVOLVED IN THIS CLIP! Anyways enjoy everyone else's humor
  11. Thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could share our healthy food alternatives. For a quick and healthy snack that satisfies a protien and sugar craving- Peanutbutter and Banana. A bit of peanutbutter inside of a sliced banana is a great and eas-to-make treat. You can even add rasins
  12. Hey guys! I love music and I'm pretty sure a lot of you do too. So I created a community in just for MLPF! We can share and play music and chat! Fun right? Don't be afraid to share your favorite songs! JOIN NOW
  13. Hello everyone, TheBronyHeart here! Welcome to The Piano and violin music thread, where you can post and talk about all things Piano, and Violin.(Especially when they are combined. <3 ) I feel that many of us can agree that no other instruments can come close to the emotions that can be conveyed through pianos and violins. I'll start by posting some of my favorites.
  14. I just wanted to see what everypony thinks about this video.I think it can bring up some interesting debates and discussions. I personally love this video,it satricizes 1950's American Culture,and it's pretty cool to see the Fat Man at the end.(The Mini-nuke,for those who didn't know) What about you guys?
  15. I apologize if there is already a topic like This but I couldn't find one. Post Any YouTube video you would like to share here!
  16. I have been thinking for a while now... If I wanted to show a episode to some of my friends what would be the best way to go about showing them? When you tried showing an episode to a friend what was their reaction? Or what was their reaction to you being a brony??