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Found 20 results

  1. Spike had alot of good solo episodes for season 6, but he hasn't had alot of episodes in the series where he shares an episode with another main character. He did share alot of episodes with Twilight and Rarity respectively, and also one episode with AJ, and one with Discord and Big Mac! The latter was really an awesome one! Now how about if he shares episodes with other characters he hasn't had an episode with yet? There's Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Starlight, and the CMCs. I know he doesn't have many common interests to some of them, but it wouldn't hurt seeing them happen anyway to see how it plays out! Let's say Spike has one solo episode next season and two shared episodes. What might he share those episodes with? I know half of you are gonna say Rarity and Starlight! But I could be wrong! :3 Me, I think he should have one with Fluttershy next season, and one with Starlight. Fluttershy, because of their interaction in the beginning of the series, I wanna see their friendship with a little more detail, and possibly why Fluttershy has such a fascination with baby dragons, but is afraid of bigger ones. And Starlight, because mainly how they interacted in the Crystalling, I wanna see their friendship explored a bit as well!
  2. Hello, and welcome to the Redraw Group (I may need to come up with a better name for this). I'm starting this as a way for people to improve their skills as artists by using the art of others as a guide for drawing their own original pieces, or redrawing the original as practice. The idea is that posting something here gives permission to others to redraw your artwork or use it as a guide for the purpose of this thread. The artworks can be anything unless it's NSFW. Both traditional and digital art are allowed. I'll start by posting some of my own work. Keep in mind, art that is posted here is only for the uses listed above, use in any other way is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated by the owner of the work. I would like to see some of your work so I can try to improve my skills as well. The goal here is to share our work with each other and inspire each other to try new things. The Rules: - List the name of the original artist of the work you are duplicating. Their name on the forum (or whatever website they are best known at) A link to their website, artpage or Youtube Channel A friendly mention that this is beyond a reasonable doubt THEIR work and your duplication is inspired by such - Be sure to the original work can be found in your post and proper credit is given to the original artist for that image as well. Add a link to the original artwork if it is on another page or website. If it is on the same page indicate which item it is on that page (check after posting to see if your post started a new page. If it did, add the link to the page the image was on.) Information about whose work the link leads to must be included. - Keep your advice friendly and your criticism constructive. Don't insult anyone. Don't claim to be better than someone else, that is a matter of opinion. - Try not to offend anyone. Don't post NSFW content here. Don't post anything that is hateful or mean. - You are still on MLPforums and must also abide by their global rules.- You MAY NOT for ANY REASON use an image posted here outside this thread unless the artist says otherwise. Example: You may NOT use another artist's drawing of your OC as an avatar.- While MLP related art would be preferred, it is not required.- If you are posting your own, original artwork, you should label it as such to avoid any confusion. - This group is always open to new members, and there is no need to ask permission to join as long as you follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules above, your post will be reported. If it continues, further action may be taken. My originals: First, Seamore Sandwich and Ink/Quill (Ink and Quill are identical twins, you can never be sure which one you are looking at). Links to their bios are in my signature. Then it's the Dimond Spider. I am granting special permissions with this one. If you want to use it as an enemy in your Roleplay, you may, and for that purpose you may copy and paste the following image into the Roleplay. Just be sure you give me credit for it if you do, and please keep the creature as described in the following link. If you choose to redraw it and use the redrawn image elsewhere, remember to properly credit me for the creature's design there as well. Keep in mind these permissions do not extend to any other content in this thread. Diamond Spider Sadly, I could not find my old dragon drawings. I know I still have them somewhere. They were on a level far above these drawings. I guess I will just have to draw them again.
  3. I want to see some art of Non Pony Ocs or even of a Pony OC turned into a Non Pony o u o Minotaur Mostly I want to See
  4. Hey, everyone; I have seen these kinds of threads (for other genres, of course), but I have yet to see one for the lovely genre: ambient. To fix this, I have decided to create one. So yeah, if anyone out there is a fan of ambient music (anyone is welcome though); here is a place to share songs you enjoy in the genre, and discover more. Also, downtempo and post-rock will be accepted genres here as well. And don't worry about whether or not the song you want to post counts as ambient. As long as you think it belongs, it's good. Please don't tell other members that their posted song isn't one of the accepted genres either. I'll start with one of my favorites from Stellardrone, and a very relaxing song from Aphex Twin:
  5. So, I've gotten bored a few times recently and created a few one line text arts. I would love to see what you all can come up with. Here's mine, and feel free to tell me what you think: Sofa. h~~r| Pack of smarties. >{[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]}< Campfire. £}X And my favorite, the s'more. ]0|[
  6. Every kid draws something at some point, and most parents are happy to hold on to it for a very long time. If you have any old artwork from when you were a kid, wether it's a drawing, a sculpture, a poem, or anything else, share it here. It is important for us all to remember where we started, and to remember a time when it didn't matter what your art looked like, only that you made it. A time when your imagination was completely free. If you don't know where your childhood art is, ask your parents, they most likely saved something. The holidays are coming, and this thread will still be here, so if you're going to see family, you can share those memories with them and here with us. My submission: This is a picture I drew in elementary school. We were told a story about a family going out into a forest and putting apples and popcorn on strings onto a tree for Christmas. We were then told to draw the scene, given instructions to shade the side of the trees. I believe I was in either second or third grade when I made this. Please excuse the glare from my camera flash, the lighting here isn't that good.
  7. So as the title suggests, I want to see everypony's OC and here their OC's backstory. It doesn't matter if it's a description of how they look; It also doesn't matter if you don't have a back story. P.S. I'm new tot he forums (Not the fandom) So this will be my first post ever on here. =3
  8. OKAY guys now this is probably not your everyday thread but hear me out (sorry for my english skills, im german): did you ever have an MLP-lesson-like realization? like the ones Twilght has at the end of most episodes (the onese she sends letters about)? I CERTANLY did have one yesterday and i wonmdered if anny of you have come to some interresting and meaningfull conclusions since you joined the fandom. i would like to learn from your experiences and realizations and i am sure there will be some interresting poste below. so i will start off by posting my realization. so yesterday i was discussing religion and science with a freind of mine. and he had just finished his sentence qand i was eager to prove my point untill i suddenly stopped because i just realized that what i was about to say would hurt him emotionally. after that thought it came to me: If you need to hurt someone to prove your point, your point is not worth proving. so after realizing this i went a different way (and in that argument and the argument ended more civilized than most do on the internet ^^) im really looking forward to your "Dear princess celestia..." moments ^^ (also please don't just quote something you have read online i would really apprecieate actural, genuine and honest experiences =D )
  9. Okay, here is where I'd love to see some of your favorite tunes from the video games you've enjoyed. Post all you like; I'm interested to see what pops up here. I'll start with what I consider to be one of the best soundtracks of the NES era: Here's another of my favorites... n-joi.
  10. Title says it all, I thought we needed one of these and I can't find one (though I haven't looked very hard.) Share your Elder Scrolls OC's, I'd love to see them, share backstory, a picture if you want, maybe how you play them in game, there race personallity etc. Don't be shy now, we're all friends here. I'll srart. Name: Formerly Siltal, now Raven Sex: Female Age: 19 Race: Altmer (High Elf) Birthday: Tirdas, 1st of Suns Dusk, 4th era 182 (Birthsign: The Atronach) Residence: formerly Summerset Isles, and Cyrodil, now Skyrim Backstory: She was born as Siltal (Altmer don't have surnames) to Anrine (mother), and Tragri (father), in the port town of Skywatch in the Sumerset Isles. She had two siblings, an older sister named Taarum, and a younger brother named Athell, Her father was a soldier for the imperial legion, and her mother tended the small house they owned, life was good until one day, when Siltal was 12 a clan of Redgaurd bandits stormed the city killing the too young and the too old to work, and raping many of the town's women, her father died trying to protect the town, and her mother put up a fight but her throat was ultimately slit, they killed her brother on sight, and on her sister's orders Siltal hid the house's cellar safe from the bandits, until she heard her sister scream, she peaked out from the basement to find her sister tied up and gagged, she ran from the basement armed with only her fathers elven dagger in hand, she slashed wildley at the bandits, eventually cutting into the retina of one of them, blinding him in his left eye, the elf immediately killed her sister, pinned her to the ground and cut a large gash into her cheek with his dagger, he then tied her up and loaded her onto the boat they arived on. They took her to Cyrodil, where she was sold as a slave to the Dark Brotherhood, the Brotherhood trained her as to be an assasin, using her as free labor whenever they recieved a new contract. Eventually the Brotherhood grew to like her, even offering her a full payed position, which she gladly accepted. Do to her tendancy to hide in high up dark areas and snipe her enemies with a poison tipped arrow, the Brotherhood eventually decided on her new name Raven. With the gold she was earning from her work for Dark Brotherhood Raven dedicated her life to finding the one-eyed bandit who killed her family, operating out of the Dark Brotherhood HQ in Cyrodil, A lead eventually brought her to Skyrim, but on attempting to cross the boarder she stumbled into an ambush on some Stormcloak rebels carried out by the empire, they loaded her, along with a few of the rebels into the prison cart, mistaking for one of them. She was about to be executed in Helgen when the first dragon attacked and the rest, well you know the plot of Skyrim. She joins the companions and the Thieves Guild, and falls in love, and eventually marries Aelea the Huntress of Whiterun, and though she never formally joins she supports the empire in the civil war strongly. She currently resides with her Wife Aelea in her home in Falkreath. Personalitly: She is sarcastic and ruthless, but cunning and isn't afraid to call people on their bullshit, she is somewhat cynical and is immature. She devotes an uhealthy amount of time to tracking down the Redgaurd, and tends to get angry and make rash decisions. She is gifted in the art of speechcraft ad bartering, and can easily presuade or intimidate her foes with her silver tounge. Though she doesn't activley presue them, she is interested in and has dabbled in both illusion magic and alchemy. Though she will always say she does things based on her own values, really she would trade them in for a septim in a flash. That's basically my character, she is a cold, trained assasin with a soft-side, kinda steriotypical, I level her 1/2/1 and her weapons are a crossbow, and her Elven Dagger as a combo, and her gear is the Nightingale aromor. I'd love to hear you guys's, please share.
  11. Thread is for sharing any music you think needs to be heard. (Seen a few threads for posting songs of specific genres and your favourite songs and whatnot. But none for posting music in general. Hopefully its not too similar to the others : P)
  12. Hello! So I do 3D modeling as a hobby and I usually like to have one big project that I am working on at a time, otherwise I just get bored or distracted. In the past I have made various models, such as dragons or demons, and at one point I made Discord, But now I am wondering what would be something interesting to model, I was thinking about making tirek but before I started I thought I would ask around and see if there was anything better or more interesting that I could make. It doesn't have to be mlp although I would probably prefer it. Some things I have made previously are below. I think this could be an interesting thread not only for me but for others who want to work on something as well or want to share something that they have made. So feel free to share models in a reply or something. Thanks!
  13. Hey everypony, thought I'd start a thread for us to all get to know each other better. So here's me, saying hi to all of you! This one's a thank you to all my best ponyfriends on here. Post your own hello vids! I'd love to see your smiling faces!
  14. Welcome to the MLP:FiM Mobile game tips thread. Feel free to share some useful tips and tricks. 1 I know is that you can keep shaking trees to get wheels for the crystal minecart mini game but you probably knew that already.
  15. Introduction Project Under One Roof is about trying something different to what we have grown up thinking about housing and family. Because it is about at least two families sharing a single household building in order to reduce the individual burden of finance and upkeep, such an undertaking is sure to have challenges of its own. We must be prepared to think that some of the challenges that we’ll run into along the way will be unforeseen or underestimated. One proposal is to break things down into smaller steps where the stakes start low and work our way up only when we’re ready to do so after adapting to the present iteration. The principle is just that: that this be an iterative process of development. In this essay, three phases are outlined. Vision While this idea started because of me, to constrain the development of this project solely to my own vision and comfort zone would not only be selfish and go against the imperative of compromise, it would also undermine the project’s potential – especially in the long run. My opinion shouldn’t matter any more than anyone else’s. In fact, my argument is that opinion should play a minimal role and that we instead follow a set of principles which hopefully have broad enough applications to have enough of an influence on project development and sustainability. The ultimate goal is to become less dependent on society’s iffy financial-market economic system through sustainability and to promote our wellbeing which includes the quality of social relations. Principles Because opinions are often at the root of conflict or division at the very worst, the argument is that taking a more empirical approach is to be taken in matters where action or inaction will have real consequences. This hopefully and indiscriminately reduces the weight of people’s opinions in matters that are important. The idea being that not one of us knows what is ultimately best for the project and so it becomes important to have a method or a set of principles to help us figure that out because there certainly is a lot that needs to be figured out as we develop and scale up. The more we figure things out, the better we get at doing what we’re set out to do. In theory this means that it will make us less and less vulnerable to hiccups in the surrounding economic system as well as becoming a more stable and adaptable group of people with a common goal where exploitation is very minimal – especially relative to the surrounding society. What that will ultimately look like or how exactly it will work, only time will tell. Phase 0: Dialogue and Planning The phase we’re currently still in. At this point in time, too many of us are still in college and without income. In the meantime, it’s good that we try to figure things out. Because this idea isn’t all that new or unique, it is recommended that we talk to other people as well about this and not just between ourselves. What’s more, each of us have our own set of ideas that could be put to use which in itself poses a challenge for us to compromise. The will seems to be there but skill is still lacking as communication has been very limited due to the circumstances. The only time we can really get talking about this is when I return home from studying abroad. Communication through online means hasn’t proven very helpful due to sporadic availability time of each of us. Writing essays like these is also part of it – exchange of ideas and all that. Phase 1: Renting a House At this point it would be unwise to design a house when we’re not entirely sure what kind of design will be best suited for our needs. What’s more, the stakes are very high when lack of experience is taken into account. By renting a house and sharing it, we will hopefully get acquainted with the most fundamental challenges while the stakes are still low. The best we will be able to do within these constraints in order to move towards decreased dependence on the economic system would be conservation through sharing. The most challenging area is believed to be how our money gets handled and how to keep things fair in this regard. More fundamental is learning to compromise in what is likely to be a less-than-optimally-suited house. As we go through this experience, we can really start to talk about what the design of our household should include to make things easier. Further preparing for the next phase, we can save our money in order to need a smaller loan to pay for the more adapted house as well as being able to pay off the mortgage more quickly, saving us a lot on interest payments. Only when we get there can we really gauge how much was saved from the financial system. Phase 2: An Adapted Home Aside from being better suited for multi-family housing, here we will also experiment with technologies and/or practices that make us even less dependent on the market. This could range from collecting rain water to having solar panels for our energy to permaculture. There will be constraints as to what can be done on a given plot of land. At its core, what I can say for now though, is that it could be pictured as an ordinary house with an extra bathroom and more bedrooms. Things could look different when we get there. Possibilities For Upscaling This is all projection and I can’t really tell you what’s going to happen here with any shred of certainty. It could be a bigger household building to house a larger number of families or it could be more of a complex with more specialized compartments. It starts to look more like a community than a household and that’s going to require some serious organization. It is likely to be self-sufficient when to comes to food, water and energy. It’s improbable that our horizons for sustainability would be limited to just those three things at that point. Who knows how much the importance of income would have dwindled by then. Personally, I do look forward to seeing this happen but we have a long road ahead before we get there. Looking forward to feedback.
  16. I'm too dang lazy to see if this thread has already been made, and if it has I hope the two merge. I feel this is necessary, though. Any kind of jazz is accepted. Modern, smooth, big band, swing, dixieland, latin, rock, etc. I'll start off with the if-you-haven't-heard-this-you're-on-the-wrong-thread piece.
  17. Hello there. Before I get started on what this actually is, I'll first have to explain certain things that need to be made clear from the start. Most importantly, this is a project that's already under way, since before I got into bronydom even, and it strictly involves me and my IRL friends. Somewhat sadly, we've mostly been in the "figure things out" phase but we've made some progress and changes during all that time. In any case, construction can only really begin once enough of us have an income and that's surely once I graduate from college and find work. Now for the idea behind it. It struck me as I was thinking about the household my mother grew up in. While I don't know exactly how many of her siblings, 11 including the half-siblings, lived in my grandmother's house as they grew up, what struck me was how my house is actually a little bigger than my grandmother's house. The pros and cons will be explained later so it's the realization that matters right now; they lived much more efficiently than we are doing. To really understand what's going on here, you need to look at us not as families or as parents and children but as consumers. In theory, this would not change an individual consumer's requirement for nourishment but if we're talking about land occupation, electricity usage, water usage for anything other than bathing and food preparation and occupation of materials, the entire picture changes. You see, my grandmother's house housed about as many people as me and my neighbor's family combined. Indeed, me and my neighbor's family take up twice if not more space and materials as individuals. No matter how few people live inside a house, it's still going to need one living room, one kitchen, at least one bathroom, at least one bedroom, one car, etc. Would a house built for eight people really need two kitchens? Would a house built for eight people really need two living rooms? Would a house built for eight people really need two washing machines and two dryers? Would a house built for eight people really need to be as big as two houses built for four people? If you answered "no" to all the previous questions then it's a good indication that you're understanding the benefits of living in multiples under one roof. Alright, we understand that it'll be critical that we get along. What might fall under idealism before are now what success or failure hinge upon. So... that sounds nice and all but don't think we're just going to assume that being nice to each other is going to meet all the challenges. See, there's this thing called reality and having a good understanding of it will get us off to a good start. What's been proven time and again is that no matter how idealist people are, they are all going to fall apart if those people were to find themselves in an environment that does not support or make room for those ideals. The most obvious example being the question of what "thou shalt not steal" really means to a starving person desperate to get food somehow. The point to be taken here is that if there is deprivation, be it physical or psychological (more on that soon), people will do whatever it takes to try and fill those voids and no colorful mantra is going to stop that. So, on to the topic about human needs as I currently understand them. We all know the physical needs that include healthy food, water, shelter, sleep and exercise. Not to be neglected are the psychological and social needs for companionship, to be loved, to be seen, to be received for who we are. Living in the first world will still not guarantee fulfillment of even all of the physical needs where the modern epidemic of obesity as well as the emerging epidemic of sleep disorders makes evident. Western culture actively goes against our psychological wellbeing because through advertisement it keeps telling us that we are not worthy or wanted as we are or for who we are because we don't have enough stuff. We're aware of all this so it gets us thinking about how we're going to secure our needs to maintain a peaceful environment as well as the perspectives we need to take on to ensure we don't feel threatened over something we shouldn't feel threatened over. Well, that gives you an idea what it's about as well as a generalized line of thought for how is it we plan to live together under one roof as well as how we might plan to meet the challenges that come with them. I'll be posting more blog entries about how development has been and is going.
  18. Yo, I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite blogs on Tumblr. So yeah. Here's a list. It's in no particular order. -Always Having Juice: A blog featuring a redesigned and ever-so-slightly characteristically changed version of the Sonic universe. Sonic is Jewish, Knuckles doesn't speak much English, Amy is no longer a damsel in distress, Dr. Eggman ISN'T evil, Vector and Espio are a gay couple, etc. It's a really well-done alternate-universe ask blog. -Garfield Minus Garfield: It's a collection of Garfield comic strips where none of the main characters exist except Jon Arbuckle. It's a really depressing and interesting look into the psyche of the guy. -Magics Time: An ask blog for Photo Finish. It's really funny. -Every Day Louie/Drawing A Day/The Art of Louie Zong: Unique minimalistic artwork every day! :D -Trolling Chris Brown: What can I say? It's a blog on trolling Chris Brown! Sadly it's not updated nowadays. -A Moment of Archie Sonic: A blog making fun of the sillier moments of the Archie Sonic comics. Not updated anymore either. That's about it, really! I don't wanna clutter this post up, so I'll keep it at this. Later, guise.
  19. I thought it would be cool If we had a thread that was for general chatting about makeup, where we could share tips, discuss brands and products, share how we do our make up (if you wear makeup) and how we look before and after makeup. I have really been getting into makeup recently and wanted a thread to discuss this in. I did not see any threads about makeup that were as open ended as this so I thought I would start one. Anypony interested?
  20. Greetings! Some of you may know those, some of you may not - But I feel like I should share it, because it made me laugh until I started getting cramps, which doesn't happen too often, so I have to spread the joy. One of the hilarious aspects - it's all made in the game engine and all the lines are actual edited audio from the games. Warning: Contains strong language and humour some may consider ... Distasteful. Skyrim (6 episodes I believe): Mass Effect (3) (5 episodes): I'm linking you only the first of each "series" I'm sure everyone knows youtube well enough to navigate to the rest, should that be your desire after seeing the first part. I higly recommend to do that, since they seem to get better, gradually. Either way, enjoy and cheers.