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Found 8 results

  1. I'm looking for someone to roleplay an 1x1 Sherlock roleplay. I just started watching it, so I'm on the first season and don't know much. But I'm open to doing multiply roleplays of this with different people. So do you want to?
  2. I mean, since they had a Dr. Hooves pony, wouldn't it be great to have a sherlock holmes pony? I would say yes cause i would be fine if he just had a small cameo or something. It would be hilarious! He'll just keep making cameos on the show with a pony version of Dr. Watson too! And Sherlock would be wearing that silly hat!
  3. Sherlock told us how he faked his death. But is he telling the truth? Share your ideas on how he might have pulled it off.
  4. (btw, this is pretty much just gonna be a "Ask Sherlock" from the movies, not the original stuff) Holmes: (looks off into the distance smoking his pipe) Yes, tis' I, the great Sherlock Holmes, here to answer any and all questions that you may have reguarding me or my assistant, Dr. Watson, but let's do try to keep them short, I have many cases piling up on my desk. (smiles) Watson: (puts his hoof to his temple) Holmes, you haven't had a case in months, don't lie to the ponies here. (sighs) How do I always let myself get dragged in to your little games? (shakes head, then looks at topic title) Since when am I your ASSISTANT? Oh, well, I may as well play along and answer any questions that I get as well. Holmes: (claps Watson on the back) Now, there's a good fellow, now all we must do is wait patiently for any questions to arrive.
  5. This is the topic for posting anything and everything related to the TV show Sherlock. I just finished watching it last week and am now, like every other fan, dying from the 2 year hiatus. BUT ANYWAY. Images yay! And for some reason I can't yet identify, Mycroft is becoming my favorite character. Something about that freaking umbrella he carries everywhere...
  6. The first episode of Series 3 aired last night and I still can't see a thread for it. For shame, MLPForums... for shame... EDIT: Unless there is, in fact, a thread for it and I'm being blind. In which case, this would be very awkward.
  7. See, I can draw humans/timelords! Sorta. Maybe. Not really. This looked a lot better when I was not drawing it. That's when things went downhill.