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Found 3 results

  1. What are you expecting from the season finale? While we may still be fairly early on into s5, before we know it, the finale will be upon us. And judging from how the s5 premiere ended, our newest antagonistic villain will be making a comeback. This was the first villain in MLP:FIM's history that made me cringe and left with an unsettling feeling, thanks to her brainwashing/ concentration camp tactics. However, Starlight's biggest error in her debut was holding the Mane 6 captive and not separating them, like the might've done with the villagers that she brainwashed. This is what I think could be done differently, during the finale, when she returns, since she seems like the type who learns from her mistakes and is careful not to repeat them. One thing, personally, I'd want to see from the finale is a 3-parter, if possible. This could shake things up from the “standard” two-parter, allow more time for good pacing and buildup, character development, and all that jazz. Seeing as how Starlight, as creepy as she and her tactics were, did provide an interesting means of attack and control against not just the Mane 6, but other ponies through separation of their cutie marks, I'd like to see this taken up a notch, but with additional twists. First, I'd like to see a battle of wits and strategy from Starlight, perhaps against Twilight, first and foremost. I'm talking Sombra-esque foresight and planning with traps and countermeasures; first separating the Mane 6 from each other, (maybe utilizing the powers of the Smooze, to prevent their powers from being used against her), then taking their marks again, with Twilight's mark being taken last, and makes her getaway, with it being up to Twilight to follow, while Smoozed, get through the traps laid out for her, and find a way- without magic and without her friends or others to help- to save the day. But ultimately, she fails in the mental game, getting stuck, and with a plot twist, it's the secondary group leader, the resourceful and level-headed Apple Jack, who manages to escape, catch up with Twi, reassure her, and continue the chase against Starlight. With how her friends are like family to her, and her determined, “I'll take on anything” attitude that we saw when she tackled the flame geyser swamp and chimera to save Apple Bloom in “Somepony to Watch over me”, I would love to see her taking the heroine role with her friends in danger (especially since many seem to think she's a “background pony”). And further set in stone that she's the secondary leader of the 6. With the theme of this season is “cutie mark magic”, I'd like to see the finale wrapped up with Starlight managing to use Twilight's cutie mark, merging it with her own, or simply taking off her own and replacing it with Twilight's, becoming an alicorn (like I thought she would, with Twi's mark, in the premiere), and ultimately, AJ realizing she's outclassed, about to get defeated, but Celestia (since many people seem to demand more from her =_= ) taking measurements to recall her former student, Sunset Shimmer, who takes Starlight on, horn to horn, reclaims the mane 5's cutie marks (which could possibly still home the spirits of friendship within them, since their friendship came about through their cutie marks, according to “The cutie mark Chronicles”), and defeats Starlight; returning the cutie marks to their owners, making peace with Celestia, and (hopefully) staying in Eqestria, being given over to Luna, by sunbutt, as her student/ protege. But what are you guys' thoughts on how the season 5 finale will go down? What elements do you want to see from it? Guest characters? Continuity?
  2. I believe everyone deserves a Sunstache Shimmer! So... Here y'all go! X3 I just decided to do this, cuz I was watching Equestria Girls & I thought of moustaches & how Sunset Shimmer was sinister evil... x3
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I figured since Sunset Shimmer so far is special to EqG this would be the best place for this discussion. Before I continue, let me just say that I am not saying we should have another go at EgG or have another look into their world, nor am I saying human SS should appear or that this should necessarily be included in season 4. I'll also add to have an open mind here, because my suggestions may seem "out there" to some. I really liked SS for the fact that her back story is incredibly intriguing to me. I've always known Twilight as Celestia's student so to know there was one before her...well, it could've been obvious but to have her referenced in any way really interested me. I want to know more about her. I love new ponies and especially ones with juicy background stories. I'll talk about this more later. She was hardened after her teachings with Celestia and her thirst for power went unquenched. But what was she like before this? Was she a nice, normal pony like TS? I assume she was, if she was under Celestia's "wing" so to speak. But let's say...that in S5, if there is a season 5 that is, the portal opens up. Maybe not in the show as to not reference the movie...but either way, after being redeemed and learning about what it is like to have frtiends in the human world SS comes back to Equestria to make amends. Specifically with Celestia and Twlight. This is the part where it gets kind of crazy, so proceed with caution. What if SS became a mane pony? Like one of the mane 6?, 7? Twilight is a princess and while that wouldn't change her roll in the show or her friends, she could easily take on a student of her own and who better than SS, the one she 'defeated' and got to admit to her wrongdoings? And now SS is back to learn about friendship. And I know what you're probably thinking. The mane 6 are more than friends, they are the elements of harmony. What if (in some way that I'm not talented enough to think up) there could be another element added? A new one, perhaps humbleness. And Twilight could help guide SS to understanding this magic and making friends in Equestria. It could also teach kids acceptence and maybe taking those who are damaged in some way, or are new to their area and teaching them how to be kind and make friends with others like TS would with SS? You know, since its a kids show and morals and stuff. tl;dr I'm crazy and want SS to be a mane pony but It'll most likely never happen, but how would everyone react if SS became a character (not necessarily a 'mane' character) on MLP:FiM?